The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 5

This is show is soooo funny and there’s a lot of cute moments that make me squeal. In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 5, we see Chen Qianqian take things to the next level to push the plot.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 5 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Qianqian plans an elaborate act to get Han Shuo cured
  • Lin Qi proposes a martial arts competition
  • Han Shuo gets suspicious of Chen Qianqian

How will Han Shuo react to Chen Qianqian’s acting? Let’s find out in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 5!

Crown Princess Competition

The City Lord watches as Chen Chuchu practices her archery skills. And nails a bullseye with one shot.

Sanqi comments that Chen Chuchu’s skills have gotten better in time. And reminds him of the City Lord when she was younger.

The City Lord beams in response.

Clearly proud of Chen Chuchu.

Meanwhile, Lin Qi strolls by and praises Chen Chuchu for her skills as well. And promises to support her when she becomes the new City Lord.

romance of tiger and rose episode 5, competition

Then Chen Qianqian leisurely walks into the practice grounds. Greeting everyone.

No one noticed she used English? It was faint but I heard her say “Hi”

Lin Qi wants to compete with Chen Qianqian but Chen Qianqian complains that her shoulder hasn’t recovered yet.

So Lin Qi recalls how she easily subdued Chen Qianqian awhile back ago. It’s like Chen Qianqian lost her martial arts skills.

And Lin Qi gets an idea.

At court, when everyone greets the City Lord, Lin Qi proposes adding a martial arts competition to the Crown Princess examination.

romance of tiger and rose episode 5, court

Because this way, Chen Qianqian can at least win at something. Chen Qianqian argues that it would be unfair to the others because her skill is way above the competition.

But the City Lord agrees. Since this is the only thing Chen Qianqian is good at.

Then dismisses them before she leaves.

Chen Qianqian glares at Lin Qi while Chen Chuchu tells her not to take it easy on her.

Why didn’t her martial arts skills carry over? T_T If Chen Qianqian merged with Chen Xiaoqin then wouldn’t it make sense that the body remembers the skills?

Chen Qianqian plans on getting Han Shuo to help her.

Who’s currently debating whether or not to proceed with Bai Ji’s plan.

Bamboo Tubes

But then Bai Ji comes in to report that his investigation about the bamboo message tubes has shown results.

Bai Ji continues to tell Han Shuo that he found several of these bamboo tubes in the backyard kitchen.

Because Zi Rui ordered them.

And Han Shuo is stunned. So it turns out Chen Qianqian was playing him for a fool.

Using special tactics to get him to lower his guard.

Han Shuo crushes the bamboo tube in his hand and gets incredibly angry. While Bai Ji warns him that he must calm down.

Because with his condition, he cannot get angry. Han Shuo gets so angry that he faints.

Just then, Chen Qianqian rushes in and comments how she doesn’t want to participate in the competition.

But her words taper off as she sees Han Shuo collapsed on the side.

Bai Ji threatens Chen Qianqian if anything happens to his lord. And Chen Qianqian springs into action.

Checking Han Shuo to see if he’s breathing.

Then asking Zi Rui to help her place him on the bed. Before chewing a medicine pill in her mouth and feeding Han Shuo by mouth to mouth.

Love how the roles are reversed here. XD Bai Ji calls Chen Qianqian a beast for taking advantage when Han Shuo’s unconscious.

Han Shuo coughs and wakes up.

Chen Qianqian tells him she’s relieved to see him awake. But Han Shuo believes it’s another scheme of hers.

romance of tiger and rose episode 5, false sincerity

Chen Qianqian then looks around and sees the crushed bamboo tube on the around.

And comments about it. So Han Shuo shares how he nearly fell into a trap.

With no other way to explain, Chen Qianqian kneels in front of him and admits she’s wrong.

Getting the Dragon Bone

It was all a ruse.

Chen Qianqian explains that she purposely told her sister about a spy. And it was a lie.

Zi Rui backs her up and Chen Qianqian realizes how Han Shuo found out about this.

So the plan was to falsely capture Han Shuo so Chen Qianqian could rescue him.

romance of tiger and rose episode 5, explaining bamboo tubes

Because Chen Qianqian wanted to get into Han Shuo’s good graces.

Han Shuo refuses to believe her and suggests they have a banquet tonight.

With some wine, while hiding the jar of medicine into his sleeve.

Chen Qianqian realizes the situation has gotten worse.

And assembles an emergency meeting with the storyteller experts.

Explaining her situation.

If only the orange could cure the banana’s heart disease, the orange would be safe from harm.

Then she thinks of the Dragon bone and blurts it out loud.

The story tellers warn her not to do this. But Chen Qianqian has decided that this is the best way.

So she heads over to the treasure vault to find the Dragon Bone. The guardians of the vault comment how the Dragon bone is Huayuan City’s most precious treasure.

While she rummages through the various boxes and checks their reactions to it.

Until she finally finds it.

And decides to boil it into medicine.

But the smell is atrocious.

Who knows if it’s really a Dragon bone?

Some strange concoction is cooking

It’s so bad that everyone who smells it is tempted to throw up.

And Bai Ji comes over to report that the banquet for tonight has been prepared.

So Chen Qianqian assembles her team to tackle this.

She uses a daikon as a makeshift mic, hahaha

As they all head over to the stage, Zi Rui reminds everyone that the fireworks will be the signal.

Chen Chuchu’s Evening Mission

While Chen Chuchu assembles her team for an evening mission.

The signal will be fireworks.

Dun dun dunnnn

romance of tiger and rose episode 5, evening mission

She comments how this is their chance to capture the spies in Huayuan City so they cannot fail.

And they set off.

Meanwhile, a servant reports to Sanqi that Chen Qianqian boiled the Dragon bone.

Sanqi becomes flustered and stumbles to pass on the news to his lord.

Who wonders what could possibly be wrong.

And the City Lord finds out how her daughter took the Dragon bone.

She plans on punishing her daughter tonight.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian heads over to meet with Han Shuo for the banquet.

Han Shuo wants Chen Qianqian to drink the cups of wine but Chen Qianqian delays it.

And tells him how she prepared the Dragon bone for him.

In the kitchen. If he doesn’t believe her, he could head over there to check it out.

Han Shuo takes off towards the kitchen and sees the foul smelling medicine.

While Bai Ji comments that it must be precious since it stinks so much.

So Han Shuo wonders if Chen Qianqian is truly sincere but then Bai Ji reminds him about the wine.

At this time, Chen Chuchu tells her team to be careful. And strike when the fireworks go off.

Chen Qianqian prepares her tears and fake blood, completing it just in time before Han Shuo rushes over to catch her.

As Chen Qianqian pretends to become weak.

While Zi Rui queues the sad music.

And prepares the fireworks.

Chen Chuchu gets ambushed while Han Shuo cries out to Chen Qianqian. Telling her that he doesn’t want her to die.

Curing Han Shuo

The City Lord arrives at Chen Qianqian’s courtyard and heads into the kitchen to check on the Dragon bone.

But it’s already melted and turned into medicine.

She plans on punishing her daughter but gets a report that her daughter’s been poisoned.

So she heads over with Sanqi carrying the Dragon bone.

romance of tiger and rose episode 5, doctors

The doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with Chen Qianqian.

While Chen Yuanyuan believes her life isn’t in danger.

But either way, the City Lord wants to use the Dragon bone medicine to save her daughter.

And Han Shuo takes it to Chen Qianqian. Then seeing how she’s still unconscious, decides to feed it to her mouth-to-mouth.

Which causes Chen Qianqian to jerk awake.

The doctors know that Chen Qianqian isn’t really poisoned.

But she must continue her act.

So Han Shuo can drink the rest of the medicine.

Without making it seem like she purposely did this.

After Han Shuo drinks it, Chen Qianqian faints again.

And the City Lord urges the doctors to check up on her daughter.

The screenwriter is better at acting than writing the story, hahaha

The City Lord ends up watching over her daughter all night. Until she wakes up.

romance of tiger and rose episode 5, mother watches over her

Chen Qianqian advises her mother to go rest but her mother comments that she finally knows how to worry for her mother.

Then Sanqi comes over with some soup that the City Lord personally feeds to her daughter.

She promises to protect Chen Qianqian no matter what.

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Chen Qianqian (Chen Xiaoqian) is still doing whatever she wants in this world. Thinking that she must fix the story to go back to its original plot.

However towards the end, when the City Lord worries over Chen Qianqian, I wonder if Chen Qianqian knows how much the story has changed.

Doesn’t she realize that it may not be her story anymore? That these characters are actually real?

Or does she still think that this is all still a dream?

In this Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 5, I thought it was hilarious how Chen Qianqian assembled a troupe to set up everything.

And turn the tables on Han Shuo.

But while she focuses on winning over Han Shuo, she doesn’t realize that Chen Chuchu had plans tonight.

Which is interesting because she already told the storytellers that the “orange” knows everything that will happen.

And what’s realistic about this transmigration into the story is that while Chen Qianqian may know everything, she CAN’T act on everything.

Leading her to end up changing the story, will she realize this in time? Who knows.

What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 5? Leave a comment below!

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4 years ago

The plot slowly thickens! I was facepalming so hard when Qianqian rampaged through the Ancestral Hall in the search of the Dragon Bone! I know, I know, she needed to hurry up to save her life AND more importantly to gain Han Shuo’s trust (so he would stop trying to kill her XD). Still, her approach was quite heavy-handed…fortunately she combined it with some top-notch acting, so she managed to somewhat salvage the situation and save Han Shuo as planned…   What she doesn’t seem to see yet is, that as she’s getting closer to Han Shuo, she is distancing… Read more »

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