The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 6

Was that really the Dragon bone? I find that hard to believe, considering how the precious treasure was out in the open. In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 6, we find out the repercussions of Chen Qianqian’s actions.

Can Han Shuo and her get away scot free?

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 6 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Qianqian uses the poisoning as an excuse to explain why she lost her martial arts skills
  • The City Lord orders her soldiers to capture Han Shuo
  • Chen Qianqian offers a compromise and ends up being targeted by Lin Qi

I hope the show doesn’t become too serious too quickly. I quite enjoy this light-hearted humor.

Let’s find out what happens in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 6!

Han Shuo’s Plans

The City Lord leaves Chen Qianqian’s room and thinks about how Han Shuo is an ambitious man.

Commenting how Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo have yet to consummate their marriage. But Chen Qianqian’s feelings for Han Shuo are so strong.

Strong enough to steal the Dragon bone medicine for him.

romance of tiger and rose episode 6, planning punishment

However, she can’t stand to see her daughter being taken advantage of.

So she plans on punishing Han Shuo.

In the city, Minister Yang greets Han Shuo in secret and congratulates him for curing his heart disease.

With the Dragon bone medicine.

romance of tiger and rose episode 6, fireworks
Minister Yang on the right

Then reports how she passed on the news to Xuanhu city as well. While Han Shuo comments how news travels quickly.

Is Han Shuo feeling guilty now? Hmm

Minister Yang thanks Han Shuo for the fireworks show last night. Because they were able to foil Chen Chuchu’s plans and meet today.

Han Shuo explains that it wasn’t his idea but Minister Yang believes that he’s just being humble.

Oh Chen Qianqian, you’re already altering the story by getting involved.

Their plan is almost complete. And once the armies from Xuanhu come invade Huayuan, the black stone mine will finally change hands.

Despite being a woman, Minister Yang wants to work for Han Shuo. And help Xuanhu city succeed.

Han Shuo just wants one favor. To have Minister Yang help the Third Princess no matter what.

Minister Yang agrees.

Meanwhile, Zhi Zhu helps Chen Chuchu with her wounds. And shares the latest gossip with her.

And concerns.

Because there are too many coincidences. Obtaining the Dragon bone despite not being the heir and setting off the fireworks.

Is the Third Princess really not a rival?

Chen Chuchu contemplates in thought.

romance of tiger and rose episode 6, suspicions

Martial Art Skills are Gone

Chen Qianqian slowly peeks out the door and sees Han Shuo coming her way.

So she heads back inside to her room. Han Shuo rushes in when he hears her yell (over an expensive vase) and Chen Qianqian elegantly falls to the floor.

With Zi Rui tumbling down with her.

Zi Rui is such a comedic sidekick.

Chen Qianqian comments that her martial art skills are gone now. While Han Shuo and Bai Ji look down in shock.

Before Han Shuo glares at Bai Ji who innocently replies that he wasn’t aware of this side effect.

Chen Qianqian wails that she’s doomed.

Have to give Chen Qianqian the oscar for the year for this acting. Hahaha

And gets up a bit before fainting into Han Shuo’s arms.

So he carries her in his arms and places her gently on the bed. Chen Qianqian pretends to be frail and weak.

While suggesting Han Shuo side with her sister instead. Because she’s now worthless and has no future.

But before Han Shuo can voice his thoughts, Zi Rui chimes in how Chen Chuchu got injured the other day.

romance of tiger and rose episode 6, chen chuchu's injury
Zi Rui, can you at least coordinate with Chen Qianqian!?

And explains how the fireworks were used as the signal. Then Han Shuo tells Chen Qianqian that he won’t leave her.

If she wants anything, she can ask. Han Shuo then decides to have a chat with Bai Ji.

And leaves.

Welp, that didn’t work.

Since that method didn’t work, Chen Qianqian decides to take a rest for now. But a servant reports that Sanqi is here to deliver an edict.

Han Shuo’s Punishment

Sanqi reads the edict and Han Shuo’s punishment is a forceful removal of a rib bone.

To replace the Dragon bone medicine he coerced Chen Qianqian to steal for him.

Several soldiers hold down Chen Qianqian as well to prevent her from resisting.

And the City Lord arrives.

A human rib bone as punishment? Isn’t that too harsh?

Chen Qianqian begs her mother to stop but it doesn’t stop the servants from stabbing Han Shuo while he’s unconscious.

So she decides to become his shield and offers to take his place.

But the City Lord refuses and orders people to pull them apart.

However, Chen Qianqian stubbornly protects him despite several soldiers trying to pull her apart.

Han Shuo wakes up and decides to demonstrate how strong he is now that he’s cured.

Cue the badass music! After a sad melody LOL

And busts open most of his constraints. Except for the chains.

Han Shuo heads over to Chen Qianqian’s side and notices her crying.

He doesn’t want her to cry and complains that his heart disease might act up again.

Awwww, so cute! He’s definitely smitten.

Then he offers to have Chen Chuchu take his rib bone. If no one will blame Chen Qianqian afterwards for the Dragon bone.

Chen Chuchu takes a step closer and asks if Han Shuo is truly willing to sacrifice his life for Chen Qianqian.

But Chen Qianqian stops the two of them and offers another solution to her mother.

To strip her noble title.

And turn her into a commoner.

Sanqi advises his lord to consider it. Because things may get worse.

But the City Lord asks Chen Qianqian if she’s sure.

Chen Qianqian replies that she will be fine. Because she has Han Shuo.

Paying Back Debts

Later that day, the City Lord announces how the Third Princess will be a commoner henceforth.

And all the officials wonder if Chen Chuchu will become the future City Lord.

In the city, news spread quickly. Su Mu reveals it to Pei Heng while classmates back at the academy gossip around Chen Yuanyuan.

romance of tiger and rose episode 6, more humane

Her close aide wonders why she doesn’t worry about her sister. And Chen Yuanyuan comments that if she was able to steal the Dragon bone, there’s nothing she fears.

Why worry about her?

Besides, this way, she seems more humane.

Hmm, was the original Chen Qianqian cruel to her own sister? It was mentioned that she was arrogant and bossy.

Then she feels cold, and asks her aide, Zi Nian to get her coat. Chen Yuanyuan finds an interesting book and reaches out for it.

But fails to get it. And Su Mu helps her pick it up. But another servant reprimands him for approaching nobility.

With his lowly status.

romance of tiger and rose episode 6, other ship

Chen Yuanyuan defends Su Mu and the other servant leaves.

Because she believes Su Mu treats her differently.

Another ship in the making ~

Meanwhile, Lin Qi leads a crowd to collect their debts from Chen Qianqian.

And it turns out Zi Rui knows all about it. Because he retorts that it’s their honor if the Third Princess orders from them.

But Chen Qianqian wants to clear all the debts. And allows those people to take whatever they want.

While she sits off to the side. However, Lin Qi decides to mock her by sitting next to her.

With a smirk.

romance of tiger and rose episode 6, every dog has his day

When everything is taken away, Lin Qi warns that it’s not over yet. And someone stumbles over with a broken leg.

He complains that Chen Qianqian hit him on her horse.

He will Support Chen Qianqian

On the day she snatched the groom.

Chen Qianqian refuses to admit to the crime but changes tune when she sees Han Shuo coming over.

So Han Shuo tells everyone that he will settle her debits. But then Pei Heng comes over as well.

Commenting that he’s still Chen Qianqian’s fiancee.

So all debts can be collected from him. Lin Qi complains that Chen Qianqian is no longer worthy of him.

But Pei Heng explains that Chen Qianqian is still the most honorable woman in the city.

Lin Qi becomes so frustrated that she pushes Chen Qianqian over to the side.

Who tumbles onto a large water jug right below the deck. Breaking it in the process.

That night, Pei Heng helps tuck Chen Qianqian into bed. After giving her a mini heater.

romance of tiger and rose episode 6,

Team Han Shuo or Team Pei Heng? Ughhhh so difficult!

But since Chen Qianqian can’t sleep, Pei Heng decides to play the guqin for her.

Because that’s what she wanted from him when they were younger.

After Pei Heng leaves, Han Shuo walks in with some medicine. He feeds Chen Qianqian a big mouthful that causes her to choke.

And retorts that he can’t play the guqin. But Chen Qianqian comments that she doesn’t need him to.

Ahhhh is Han Shuo pouting? Sooooo cute!!! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Because she’s already thankful to him for taking care of her.

Since she used to be alone when she’s sick. And Chen Qianqian starts mumbling about not being able to finish a script in time for production.

And getting mocked by actors.

Han Shuo wonders if she’s mumbling nonsense from being sick.

After Chen Qianqian finishes the medicine and plops down to rest, Han Shuo orders Bai Ji to prevent anyone from disturbing her rest.

Including Pei Heng.

Managing Finances

Lin Qi gets frustrated in being unable to take down Chen Qianqian but her trusted servant reminds her of more important matters.

Like the family’s finances.

Because they haven’t been doing that well.

But Lin Qi doesn’t believe there’s anything to worry about.

As long as she has her family’s mines.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian is enjoying her peaceful life. Despite losing her title and status.

And Han Shuo comes over with some food. Explaining that he has more than enough funds to feed her.

But Chen Qianqian thought that he brought over the dowry when he came over to marry.

Han Shuo argues that it’s the bride price. So Chen Qianqian wants to clarify if the money is the dowry or bride price.

Dowry is the money that the “bride” brings over with her when she marries. While the bride price is the money the bride’s family gives to the groom to accept the bride.

Han Shuo refuses to call it a dowry and tells Bai Ji to hand over the ledgers for his funds.

While Bai Ji urges him to reconsider.

Han Shuo gives him that look. So Bai Ji leaves to get them.

But in return, Han Shuo wants Chen Qianqian to call him hubby.

He doesn’t want to rush her but he eyes her carefully as she munches on a drumstick.

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In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 6, we see small tidbits to remind the audience that Chen Qianqian is from the modern world.

Just in case we forgot. Her mumbling when she’s sick and her casual comments to Zi Rui are evidence of this. But Chen Qianqian herself is also derailing the plot.

She can’t help but come to Han Shuo’s rescue and prevent the characters from taking out a rib. Well what moral person would do the opposite?

It’s a human life we’re talking about here!

Zi Rui is hilarious as usual and is a great addition to the light hearted comedy in this show. And I love Han Shuo’s poutiness! It’s soooo cute!

But I’m torn between Pei Heng and Han Shuo! Well since Huayuan city allows women to be in power, can’t Chen Qianqian have both?

At the same time, I think Chen Chuchu feels like she lost out on a highly desirable husband.

What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 6? Leave a comment below!

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