The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 7

Just when one disaster is avoided, another one comes knocking! In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 7, the citizens in Huayuan city are enraged. Because Chen Qianqian decided to sacrifice the Dragon bone for her own selfish desires.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 7 Recap Highlights:

  • Chen Qianqian realizes the whole city hates her for destroying the Dragon bone
  • A mining incident causes various individuals to make difficult decisions
  • Fortune favors the bold

Since Chen Qianqian is now living inside her own script, will she remember to put the story back on track? Or will she become too involved and cannot let go?

Let’s see what happens in Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 7!

Grounded in Her Residence

Zi Rui oohs and ahs while checking the account ledgers. For Han Shuo’s assets.

While Chen Qianqian stretches out her body.

Zi Rui is utterly amazed at how much money they have now. Courtesy of Han Shuo.

romance of tiger and rose episode 7, riches
We went from broke to RICHES!

Chen Qianqian comments that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because male leads always have riches.

She wants to head out to eat and watch a play but Zi Rui tells her that Han Shuo has orders. Whatever she wants will be delivered to her.

Meaning she’s grounded and cannot go out.

Chen Qianqian doesn’t believe Han Shuo can cage her in if her mother was unable to do so. So she sneaks out from the back door.

And Zi Rui accompanies her.

But after a few steps, he has a feeling that something is wrong. Because several people are squatting outside of her residence. Then seeing it’s her, they get up and shuffle towards her.

They way the individuals slowly rise up and shuffle towards her reminds me of zombies XD

Chen Qianqian senses some hostility from them.

And once they get close enough, they throw vegetables and various other things at her and Zi Rui.

Three Birds with One Stone

Chen Qian sits in front of her storyteller experts as they praise her for fixing the story with a brilliant move.

The banana is indebted to the orange so he won’t attempt to kill her anymore. While the orange is also no longer hindering the apple from her ultimate goal.

romance of tiger and rose episode 7, hostility in life

But Chen Qianqian believes the orange will be living in a hostile environment.

While one of the storytellers comment that all characters must go through hardships before attaining happiness.

And besides, since she’s the Third Princess, she’s smart enough to overcome this.

I’m sure by now the storytellers know the orange is the Third Princess. Hahaha

romance of tiger and rose episode 7, hardships dilemna

So Chen Qianqian wants some advise to fix her current predicament. Another mentions if only another treasure could appear.

Chen Qianqian believes that’s a great idea. But it will take just about some thousand odd years.

Which Chen Qianqian doesn’t have.

Time will solve everything in time. Chen Qian wonders how she can get back into her home.

Because the individuals from earlier are barricading the entrance. She decides to hide her face and pretend to be one of the dissenters.

But the people are curious who this person is. When Chen Qianqian gets closer to the door, they find out it’s the Third Princess.

And start throwing things again.

Chen Qianqian gets pulled into the entry way just in time by Han Shuo. Before the crowd starts using eggs.

Such a waste of FOOD! How dare they!?

Han Shuo comforts her and holds her close.

Divine Punishment

Meanwhile, Lin Qi hears how Chen Qianqian was attacked by the common people. And had to disguise herself to return her residence.

While cursing herself.

But moments later, Lin Qi’s servant brings bad news.

The heavens have issued divine punishment for ruining the Dragon bone. Not on Chen Qianqian but on them.

Their family mine has exploded.

Lin Qi does a double-take and asks several times for confirmation.

romance of tiger and rose episode 7, disbelief

The servants tells her that lightning has struck their mine. Making it explode on the spot.

She curses Chen Qianqian for inflicting this on her. Because the heavens were suppose to punish her.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian gets the news from Zi Rui. And rolls on the floor with laughter.

romance of tiger and rose episode 7, karma

It’s karma for picking on her.

But Chen Qianqian can’t enjoy the moment too long. A servant comes in to report that there’s more people in front of her residence.

And they look like they’re going to barge in.

Chen Qianqian and Zi Rui take off to investigate.

Meanwhile, the City Lord asks the court if the families related to the miners have been settled peacefully.

Chen Chuchu reports that the matter has been settled. Except for the miners still trapped in the mine.

Those 100 miners cannot escape because the only way out is blocked by rocks.

But the rescue mission hasn’t started yet. The only way to rescue these miners is to bomb the rear and create a new opening.

However, this method poses a risk to the Huayuan’s fortune lode. That has provided Huayuan a rich deposit of minerals.

So they beg the City Lord to reconsider. At the same time, a petition gets presented to the City Lord.

To sacrifice Chen Qianqian in order to placate the heavens.

The City Lord refuses to sacrifice her daughter.

romance of tiger and rose episode 7, offering Qianqian

Plans to Bomb the Fortune Lode

But several officials kneel and beg.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian finds out that the citizens want her to sacrifice herself to appease the heavens.

Back at court, the City Lord tries to stand her ground while various officials beg her to issue the order.

To sacrifice Chen Qianqian. And Chen Chuchu kneels with them.

But Minister Yang offers a different solution for the time being. Explaining that the Third Princess is barricaded in her own residence.

So Chen Chuchu offers to take her troops to secure Chen Qianqian. And the City Lord gives her a gentle smile.

Sigh, the only way Chen Chuchu can get any recognition from her mother is by protecting Chen Qianqian.

Then orders Chen Chuchu to securely watch over Chen Qianqian.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo tells Chen Qianqian not to take the citizens’ words to heart.

But she wants to help them.

Han Shuo then pulls out a map of the landscape around Huayuan city.

And starts discussing the terrain with the inner workings on the mine structure.

The only solution is to bomb the fortune lode. And the only one who can shoulder this crime is the female lead. Despite Han Shuo offering himself.

Chen Qianqian rushes out to find her.

Once Chen Qianqian sees her second sister, she shares her plan with her to rescue the miners.

But Chen Chuchu refuses to act on it because she might get blamed for ruining the only treasure left.

romance of tiger and rose episode 7, deposed by mother

Hmm this is a great example of how Chen Qianqian wants to influence the plot but the characters themselves have their own thoughts. They’re not like chess pieces that you can easily move!

Chen Qianqian tries to explain that the citizens’ hearts are more important than their mother’s recognition.

But Chen Chuchu retorts bitterly.

Seeking Help from Someone Else

It’s different when you don’t have that recognition in the first place.

Chen Qianqian sees that her sister isn’t willing to help so she leaves. And Han Shuo suggests she get help from a man.

So Chen Qianqian decides to look for Pei Heng.

When Pei Heng arrives, Han Shuo leaves the two of them alone.

As he sulks.

romance of tiger and rose episode 7, sulking han shuo

Han Shuo doesn’t believe they can bomb the fortune lode without his help.

Later Chen Qianqian sneaks out of the residence with Pei Heng’s help. But Chen Chuchu stops by with some snacks.

And finds out Chen Qianqian snuck out.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian tells Pei Heng her plans to rescue the miners. Despite Pei Heng telling her that they are all men.

The City Lord finds out that Chen Qianqian went to the mine and storms off towards the Lin family’s mine.

And Chen Chuchu wonders if her mother only cares about Chen Qianqian.

At this rate, Chen Chuchu is going to turn dark. Sigh T_T She’s the neglected child who yearns for her mother’s love and recognition.

Look at Han Shuo looking so smug. XD

Han Shuo tails Chen Qianqian and waits for the opportunity to offer his help.

Because he knows her plan won’t succeed without him.

Zi Rui recites the various people who may have explosives.

Chen Chuchu – nope not happening.

Minister Pei – can’t give him trouble.

Lin Qi – as if she would help Chen Qianqian.

While Han Shuo waits with impatience and sees that Chen Qianqian never thought of him.

romance of tiger and rose episode 7, who has explosives
tick tock… I’m waiting…

Han Shuo decides to give Chen Qianqian a big hint. By tossing over a bamboo tube.

Then hearing her shout with a lightbulb moment, he decides to come out.

However, Chen Qianqian thought of a store owner who may sell explosives.

Rescuing the Miners

tsk tsk Chen Qianqian is soooo dense. I burst out laughing here. (ᗒᗨᗕ) And almost spilled my drink. Nooooo

So Han Shuo and Bai Ji walk up to Chen Qianqian. And since she’s so dense, Bai Ji points out his lord to her.

Which forces Chen Qianqian to recall that Xuanhu city has always produced explosives.

Han Shuo offers to help because this is a life and death matter.

But refuses to let Chen Qianqian go in there alone.

The two bicker back and forth before deciding to go together.

Once Chen Qianqian approaches, Lin Qi shows up with her men. And attempts to start a fight.

But Pei Heng shows up to back up Chen Qianqian. Telling Lin Qi that her people are no match for his soldiers.

And then Chen Chuchu shows up with her guards.

She can easily subdue Pei Heng’s people.

The City Lord shows up as well.

Who harshly reprimands Chen Chuchu for attempting to capture her own sister.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian notes how many people are involved and remarks how she’s never written such a costly scene.

Zi Rui reports that they found the miners. So Chen Qianqian rushes to help out.

It takes all night but all the people are out.

And all the miners thank Chen Qianqian for her benevolence.

But the fortune lode is now gone. So Lin Qi begs the City Lord to punish Chen Qianqian for her reckless actions.

Unless another treasure shows up.

Then the miners beg the City Lord to spare the Third Princess.

Black Water Mine

Chen Qianqian then accidentally steps on some petroleum oil.

And asks Zi Rui for a lighter.

Petroleum aka black water is more valuable than the mine.

So Han Shuo takes this opportunity to announce that the heavens have blessed them with a black water mine.

Because the Third Princess showed her benevolence.

Minister Yang suggests the City Lord to reinstate the Third Princess’ rank because the heavens bestowed them the black water mine.

The City Lord agrees and Chen Chuchu looks like she swallowed a bug.

In the city, Chen Qianqian gets gifts from the citizens in return for her generosity.

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In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 7, Chen Qianqian acts on her feelings again instead of going by the original script.

At this rate, she might as well enjoy it and let nature run its course. But knowing Chen Qianqian, she’s going to try to correct the story again. I hope she hasn’t forgotten that she wants to return to her world.

With so much eye candy (Pei Heng and Han Shuo) she might as well forget hahaha.

I don’t think Chen Qianqian knows how much she is indirectly pushing Chen Chuchu to the dark side.

Zi Rui is hilarious and a perfect sidekick like usual. He and Bai Ji are soooo similar.

And Han Shuo is completely whipped. I love how he pouts and sulks when Chen Qianqian considers everyone except him.

What were your thoughts about Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 7? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I just love all the meta references, I laughed so hard at Qianqian’s comment that the ML is always rich and later that she’s never written such an expensive scene :D. This is what I came here for and the show keeps delivering! Poor Han Shuo, he is having a hard time in this episode! But to Qianqian’s defense: she is just counting on him being exactly as she has written him – calculating and cold. Han Shuo she has envisioned would totally abandon the “weak and useless” princess in favor of the one who could actually help his efforts… Read more »

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