The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 8

In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 8, it’s back to the Crown Princess examinations! Chen Qianqian was extremely lucky in the last episode.

Who knew she could discover petroleum?

Meanwhile, Chen Chuchu is burning with jealousy and wonders if she’s better off without her sister.

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 8 Recap Highlights:

  • Pei Heng and Han Shuo help Chen Qianqian prepare for the Crown Princess examinations
  • Chen Qianqian decides to bet against herself
  • Chen Yuanyuan becomes affected by her younger sister’s words

The story remains relatively light hearted so far.

I hope it remains that way!

Without further adieu, let’s jump into Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 8 recap!

Chen Qianqian’s Heroic Tale

Chen Qianqian’s hands are injured so Han Shuo helps feed her.

In a nearby restaurant.

The wrappings are so thick that her hands are like mummy hands. Bwhahaha

Starting with some fruit. As Chen Qianqian munches on some grape, she wonders what the background noise is.

And takes a look.

A storyteller is narrating the Third Princess’ heroic tale.

romance of tiger and rose episode 8, storyteller

Chen Qianqian nods her approval as the storyteller narrates how she dug with her bare hands.

To rescue the miners. Then Han Shuo grins when his name is mentioned.

How he came to the Third Princess’ rescue with a powerful sword.

Blood flowed like a river.

The storyteller leaves the tale unfinished as he leaves questions for his audience to think about.

Why is Han Shuo so powerful and who is his teacher?

Chen Qianqian heads back to her seat to enjoy her food. She eagerly eyes the pastries and urges Han Shuo to pick one up for her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 8, pastry attack

But she wants to eat it herself.

So he places it on her wrapped hands. And Chen Qianqian munches on it with enthusiasm.

While Han Shuo eyes it with a pout. He tells her that he wants a bite too. So Chen Qianqian offers it but pulls it away just as quickly.

And taunts him with the pastry in her mouth. So Han Shuo goes on the attack.

Omigawd!!!!!! I just had to make a gif about this part. ^^

To get a piece of it for himself.

And Chen Qianqian is STUNNED.

Han Shuo comments that it’s pretty sweet.

Comforting Pei Heng

Meanwhile, Lin Qi slams her chopsticks in anger at the food in front of her. While her servant comments that she should still eat it.

And avoid getting into conflicts with the Third Princess. Because they’ve been losing very badly.

Back at her own mansion, Chen Qianqian admires her own handiwork. She saved the miners, discovered the black water mine and solved her own problem.

All in a day’s work. However, none of this was performed by the female lead.

romance of tiger and rose episode 8, fixed problem

If only she could convince Chen Chuchu more at the time.

Because it would help Chen Chuchu with the City Lord position. And Pei Heng overhears that last part.

Praising her for thinking about others.

He believes Chen Qianqian deserves to be the Third Princess. Because all the citizens admire her now.

She knows and says that they “all” say that. Pei Heng believes she is referring to Han Shuo.

And comments how he envies the men in Xuanhu city. For being able to lead soldiers and fight. Since Han Shuo was able to fiercely protect her.

Chen Qianqian tries to comfort him. Telling him that in future he will have a very prominent role.

Because she doesn’t believe roles should be determined by gender.

Pei Heng then comments that it’s no wonder the City Lord wants him to help her become the Crown Princess.

As long as he’s here, he will definitely help her ace the examinations.

Preparing for the Exams

Pei Heng gives Chen Qianqian several study books and Han Shuo refuses to sit on the sidelines.

Because he also wants to help Chen Qianqian.

Someone is eating vinegar (aka being jealous).

So Han Shuo starts with helping Chen Qianqian on her words.

Chinese calligraphy can be pretty difficult T_T

After Chen Qianqian writes the character for “heart”, Han Shuo comments that it’s her who’s on his heart.

Chen Qianqian doesn’t get it and wants to get started with lessons.

So Pei Heng offers a thick book of previous test questions on the literacy test.

While Han Shuo retorts that Chen Qianqian doesn’t have the time nor the brain capacity to memorize all of these.

Then offers a smaller book.

Chen Qianqian gets offended but Han Shuo just smirks.

Pei Heng takes this chance to urge Chen Qianqian to prove Han Shuo wrong.

But she surprises him by admitting she can’t memorize all those questions.

Han Shuo and Pei Heng then tug Chen Qianqian back and forth. To prove who knows Chen Qianqian best.

romance of tiger and rose episode 8, love triangle

Chen Qianqian gets irritated with the both of them and takes off.

She ends up in a betting hall. And sees other people betting against her for the Crown Princess election.

So she wants to bet on Chen Chuchu winning as well.

But how is it a bet if everyone bets on the same side?

Han Shuo and Bai Ji find her in the betting hall. Chen Qianqian tells Han Shuo that she purposely came out here to buy him roasted melon seeds.

While Bai Ji scoffs at the excuse. Chen Chuchu promises to head back to review the study materials and takes off.

But Han Shuo wants to bet on Chen Qianqian.

Speech and Debate

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian heads over to her second sister’s residence.

And explains that she bet on her because she has no interest in the competition.

Then mentions how their mother is strict on her because she has high hopes for Chen Chuchu.

romance of tiger and rose episode 8, high hopes

Chen Chuchu laments how she neglected the miners. So Chen Qianqian comforts her.

And then tells Zi Rui to bring the study materials she prepared for her sister.

Chen Chuchu reviews the materials while Zi Zhu wonders if Chen Qianqian is really that nice. Because Han Shuo was originally suppose to be hers.

Yet she snatched him away.

Chen Chuchu reprimands Zi Zhu for his thoughts and comes to Chen Qianqian’s defense. She doesn’t believe Chen Qianqian can do any harm to her.

Meanwhile, Zi Rui reports to Chen Qianqian that “he” is coming so get ready. So Chen Qianqian sits up straight and pretends to be working on study materials.

And Han Shuo strolls right in with Bai Ji.

After Bai Ji checks the work and nods that it’s okay. Han Shuo decides to move onto the next set of lessons.

Speech debate.

Chen Qianqian wants to skip it so Han Shuo makes a bet with her. If he wins, she kisses him. If she wins, he kisses her.

OMG I can’t, this is tooooo funny XD

romance of tiger and rose episode 8, speech debate

Han Shuo gives an innocent look while Chen Qianqian just looks at him.

It’s on.

And he proposes the topic.

Chen Qianqian defends her point quite well so Han Shuo accepts his loss. Then attempts to kiss her.

So Chen Qianqian uses her hand to block it before escaping.

While Han Shuo smiles at how cute she is.

Before Chen Qianqian goes too far, a male servant approaches and asks a question.

She Doesn’t Want to Participate

Because apparently, Han Shuo told everyone that they could question her.

To help with her exams skills.

But Chen Qianqian doesn’t want to participate in the Crown Princess competition.

Chen Yuanyuan hears how everyone is betting on Chen Chuchu. And can understand where Chen Qianqian is coming from.

So she decides to head over but has second thoughts. Before Zi Nian, her aide, tells her that she’s just making excuses.

Chen Yuanyuan stops for a moment and decides to pay a visit to her sister.

Meanwhile, Chen Qianqian tells Han Shuo that she doesn’t want to be the Crown Princess.

Because no matter what she does, she’s still worthless. Just then, Chen Yuanyuan happens to listen in.

And she agrees as well.

Arghhhh such bad timing!

Later, Su Mu informs Chen Qianqian that Chen Yuanyuan hasn’t been attending classes.

So Chen Qianqian decides to head over to her elder sister’s place to explain that the words she said were meant for herself.

Not her.

But Chen Yuanyuan doesn’t want to listen even though her younger sister gifts her a rehabilitation guide.

That night, Chen Qianqian feels guilty and wants to get drunk off of fruit wine.

But the alcohol content is too low.

Han Shuo comes over and offers his apology with two gifts.

romance of tiger and rose episode 8, apology dolls

But despite retorting that she’s no longer a child, Chen Qianqian takes the gifts.

Han Shuo admits that he was wrong to have forced her. Then points out that the dolls look like them.

One represents him and the other for Chen Qianqian. When Chen Qianqian accidentally breaks one of them, she shares her unhappy thoughts.

While Han Shuo tries to comfort her because she was the one who cured his heart disease.

So he knows that nothing is predetermined.

Good and Bad News

Chen Qianqian recalls how Chen Yuanyuan reacted earlier today and wonders if she can win the competition without martial arts.

On another day, Lin Qi decides to bride one of the officials monitoring the martial arts competition. Because Lin Qi wants to personally defeat her.

Han Shuo shares this news with Chen Qianqian.

Before telling her that he has a plan to make her win.

Later, Chen Qianqian heads over to Chen Yuanyuan’s residence and announces that she will win the martial arts tournament.

In return, her sister must promise her to perform the rehabilitation exercises.

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Was it just me? In Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 8, I just could not stop squealing at that adorable scene with the pastry cake. (ᗒᗨᗕ)

Chen Qianqian was being mischievous and Han Shuo just went for it!

She was KO’ed instantly. *side effect stunned for 30 seconds*

I think this was one of those moments that wasn’t planned between the actors and actresses. There’s no way you can plan for that moment.

No. Freaking. Way.

I can see Pei Heng starting to realize his feelings for Chen Qianqian but he only started falling for her after the author took over.

I don’t think he would have loved the original Chen Qianqian.

While Han Shuo got a brief glimpse of the original and then it was Chen Xiaoqian taking over.

What were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 8?

And are you guys Team Pei Heng or Team Han Shuo? Leave a comment below!

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