The Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 9

This CDrama series is sooooo addicting! We’re now on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 9! But I’ve seen some people binge watch it for several days straight. Omigosh!

Now what will Chen Qianqian do when the characters around her start to make their own decisions?

Romance of Tiger and Rose Episode 9 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shuo decides to work behind the scenes to help Chen Qianqian become the Crown Princess
  • Chen Qianqian gets to the semifinals in the martial arts competition
  • Pei Heng finally realizes his feelings

Let’s find out what happens when story moves on its own and in a different direction! Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 9!

Technique to Beat Lin Qi

Han Shuo tells Chen Qianqian that he will teach her one move that will ultimately decide the outcome of the match.

But before that, Han Shuo wants Chen Qianqian to start with the horse stance.

And asks her to try out a few moves. But each time Chen Qianqian falters, Han Shuo smiles and catches her.

She thinks he’s messing around with her.

After two times, Chen Qianqian gives up and wants to leave but Han Shuo tells her to come back.

And whispers the secret move in her ear.

romance of tiger and rose episode 9, secret move
oh lalala, love is in the air ~

Before pulling away, Han Shuo locks eyes with Chen Qianqian.

Chen Qianqian decides to meet up with her storyteller advisors again. But wants their advice about the Crown Princess examinations.

They all kneel as a result. Explaining that they can’t help her win. But Chen Qianqian tells them that she wants to lose.

Not win.

In a manner that doesn’t seem too suspicious.

And they all let out a sigh of relief. Winning is too difficult but losing is very easy.

She just needs to let things happen naturally. Because as long as she’s herself, she will lose.

Since Chen Qianqian is normally bad at the literary arts anyways.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo tells Minister Yang that he wants Chen Qianqian to become the Crown Princess.

Because that way, it will be easier for him to take control of Huayuan City.

And Minister Yang agrees because Chen Qianqian is much simpler than Chen Chuchu.

So she will be easier to control.


The first test begins and Pei Heng ministers the test.

Chen Qianqian nods off to sleep several times. And pretends to write a few things.

But she’s bored nonetheless.

Man, it’s tough to pretend to take a test when you’re planning to give a blank test? Hahaha

Halfway through the test, Chen Qianqian asks Pei Heng if it’s okay to turn in the test early. But Pei Heng denies her request.

While Chen Chuchu smiles off to the side, thinking her sister is up to her usual antics again.

Later the gong rings, ending the exam. So Chen Qianqian draws a character before turning in her exam.

And the official who takes it shakes her head before swapping it with another piece of paper.

When Zi Rui asks how Chen Qianqian did, she comments that she drew it beautifully.

Next up is the martial arts exam.

Chen Qianqian reluctantly gets up on stage and signs the life and death disclaimer.

romance of tiger and rose episode 8, disclaimer

Before the match begins.

The rules are announced to the fighters and Chen Qianqian starts getting nervous.

While Bai Ji tells his lord that everything is in motion.

Including the people Lin Qi bribed, Chen Qianqian should have no trouble getting to the finals.

And the match ends with Chen Qianqian winning because the opponent charged at her and flew off the stage.


Chen Qinqian realizes that her opponents may have been bribed. To allow her to win.

And Sanqi reports to the City Lord that Lin Qi won’t let Chen Qianqian lose to anyone else but her.

But he worries that the Third Princess will suffer in the finals. The City Lord believes Han Shuo will help her.

In the meantime, they should just enjoy the show.

Martial Arts Semi-Finals

And Chen Qianqian enjoys defeating all of her opponents with one hit kills.

romance of tiger and rose episode 9, bribed acting

While commenting that this level of acting is high-end.

Another opponent gets on stage and since it’s happened several times already, Chen Qianqian gives her opponent a wink.

And warms up for another act.

But Bai Ji notices that this opponent isn’t someone they’ve already bribed. Which means Chen Qianqian is in danger.

Han Shuo tells Zi Rui to warn Chen Qianqian but Chen Qianqian refuses to come off the stage.

Thinking she has this in the bag. But when the opponent attacks, Chen Qianqian gets pushed back.

And realizes this is a real opponent.

So she runs around the stage with the opponent chasing after her. Until one of the exam proctors announce that fighting cowardly will automatically lose.

Chen Qianqian pauses for a breath and secretly unhooks the ropes behind her.

And when the opponent lunges to attack her she dodges and kicks her off the stage.

Hahaha. Well played!

Chen Qianqian wins and gets to go to the finals. Lin Qi smirks, eager for the chance to defeat Chen Qianqian.

Making a Wish

At night, Chen Qianqian wonders if she can really win against Lin Qi in the finals.

Because she wanted to show her older sister that nothing is impossible.

Han Shuo comes over and tries to comfort her.

romance of tiger and rose episode 9, next day's match

If things get too out of hand, he will ring the truce gong for her. So she can forfeit the match.

But Chen Qianqian doesn’t want that to happen. Since she’s already promised her older sister that she will win.

So she can focus on rehabilitation.

Han Shuo then tells her about a custom in Xuanhu city. How if you make a wish during a full moon, it’s more likely to come true.

And he uses his qi gong (flying skills) to carry her to the rooftop.

Because now that they are closer to the moon, the more likely her wish will come true.

So cute!!!

On the day of the final matches, Zi Nian wonders if Chen Yuanyuan is going to watch the martial arts competition.

But Chen Yuanyuan comments about the harsh weather on her skin. So she doesn’t plan on going.

Su Mu shows up and greets her. Telling Chen Yuanyuan that he’s here to convince her to go.

But she tells Zi Nian that she wants to read some medical books instead. Su Mu watches her leave.

Martial Arts Finals

Meanwhile, at the competition, Lin Qi flies onto the stage with her qi gong. And waits for Chen Qianqian to get up.

romance of tiger and rose episode 9, lin qi eyes match

People in the audience believe Lin Qi is going to get her revenge. So the Third Princess will definitely lose.

Han Shuo comments that they are too noisy so Bai Ji chases them off.

Lin Qi and Chen Qianqian both sign the waiver but before the match begins, Chen Qianqian orders Zi Rui to bring her protective gear.

And she puts it on right in front of Lin Qi.

Afterwards, Chen Qianqian proposes a different way to fight. So it’s not as boring.


Moments later, Lin Qi realizes she’s been duped and attacks with ferocity.

When Chen Qianqian lands on the floor, she grabs Lin Qi’s leg with shamelessness.

And the two end up on the floor.

It’s becoming a dog fight XD

As the fight progresses, it’s obvious that Chen Qianqian is not Lin Qi’s match.

Was it me or did it kinda look like Chen Qianqian had some martial arts skills? When she kicked off from the ledge?

Pei Heng wants to ring the truce gong while Han Shuo continues to watch, counting the number of times Lin Qi has whipped Chen Qianqian.

The two bicker back and forth until Lin Qi causes Chen Qianqian to spit up blood. Pei Heng rushes to ring the truce gong.

But Chen Qianqian refuses to acknowledge it. Ruining Pei Heng’s reputation in the process.

The match continues but Chen Yuanyuan hasn’t shown up yet.

A servant reports to Chen Yuanyuan that her sister isn’t doing too well in the match.

So Chen Yuanyuan rushes over and sees her sister lying on the floor of the stage.

She wants Chen Qianqian to give up so she can live.

Outcome of the Match

But Chen Qianqian doesn’t want to give up. Since her sister is now watching her, she summons up the last bit of strength and grabs Lin Qi with her own whip.

Before running towards the end of the stage.

The two end of outside the ring.

Chen Qianqian wins by a small margin.

Later, Chen Yuanyuan helps her sister put on medicine while Han Shuo orders Bai Ji to punish Lin Qi with the same amount of whipping.

But Chen Qianqian calls for him and tells him not to punish Lin Qi.

She knew what he was planning to do, hahaha

Because she has an even better punishment for Lin Qi.

Then later that night, Pei Heng visits her. And Han Shuo watches from a distance.

romance of tiger and rose episode 9, pei heng visits

Pei Heng doesn’t say much while Chen Qianqian explains that she didn’t mean to reject him in public.

It was just that she had to win the match.

When Pei Heng leaves her to rest, he comes across Han Shuo. Who is waiting for him just outside of Chen Qianqian’s room.

Han Shuo wonders what Pei Heng’s intentions are because he plans on being with Chen Qianqian until old age.

And advises Pei Heng to give up on what has already passed.

But instead Pei Heng questions Han Shuo’s intentions. He doesn’t believe Han Shuo really cares for Chen Qianqian.

And the gloves are off!

Han Shuo comments that he won’t be easy on him going forward while Pei Heng admits the same.

Before taking his leave.

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Ugh the martial arts match was tough to watch. In most transmigration novels, the body you occupy remembers the skills.

But I guess in this case, Chen Qianqian is just like a modern day person.

I would love for her to start kicking butt though.

But that’s my inner fondness for wuxia speaking. XD

The City Lord brings up an issue that’s worth thinking about. Do women need someone who truly understands them or someone who genuinely cares for them?

Based on how she phrased it in Chinese, they are not mutually exclusive.

What do you think?

And what were your thoughts on Romance of Tiger and Rose episode 9?

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3 years ago

Sorry for long time no commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚ I finished the series already and it’s such a satisfying and refreshing drama! Definitely one that I will rewatch in the future (probably a lot). Thanks to your recaps I can refresh all the moments in my mind, I love reading through your insights! The episode 9 is a critical one. Han Shuo was possibly so preoccipied with his own plotting (and his jealousy towards ever-so-annoying Pei Heng) that he altogether ignored Qianqian’s hints that she definitely doesn’t want the City Master position. Little do our protagonists know that this will have dire… Read more ยป

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