The Song of Glory Episode 1

I’ve heard LOTS of good things about this show so I decided to check it out. Just from first glance, the costumes are GORGEOUS and breathtaking. And in The Song of Glory episode 1, we are introduced to a whole host of characters.

How will the story unfold?

The Song of Glory Episode 1 Recap Highlights:

  • Meticulous plans are underway that involve Prince Peng Cheng and Minister Lu
  • Prince Peng Cheng hopes that he can elevate the Sheng family
  • Li Ge’s Senior Brother warns that their target isn’t easy to take down

Let’s jump right into The Song of Glory episode 1!

Fish Has Taken the Bait

Li Ge prepares her makeup in front of a mirror as her companions do the same.

And the stage is set.

the song of glory episode 1 li ge
Li Ge

A younger kid runs in looking out of breath and announces that “he” is here.

Lu Yuan is here.

But Li Ge tells him and everyone else to stay calm. They expected him to come and it’s time to reel in the fish.

Moments later, Li Ge and her sisters go on stage to perform.

the song of glory episode 1 lu yuan
Lu Yuan

Close by, Lu Yuan sips his drink as he enjoys the show. But he’s waiting for someone.

Omigod! The costumes are so pretty!

One of his servants comes over and reports that these people are clean. They are traveling performers.

Lu Yuan comments that this dance is no ordinary dance because it’s a replica of a dance performed for the previous emperor.

But then his servant also reports that a prestigious guest has arrived.

It’s Prince Peng Cheng.

Prince Peng Cheng

Prince Peng Cheng eagerly toasts Lu Yuan and offers him a seat to drink with him.

Even though his close servant warns him not to drink so much. Down below, Li Ge continues to dance while observing.

I can already sense that Prince Peng Cheng is pretending to be a prince who drowns himself in wine and pleasure. He doesn’t seem that simple.

After the performance, Lu Yuan meets up with Li Ge and seems very pleased with her performance.

He wonders how she knows about this particular dance and she explains that her father recorded it when he used to work in the palace.

And it appears as Lu Yuan accepts this explanation. Because Li Ge then tells him how she wants his backing so she could ascend to wealth and riches.

Prince Peng Cheng’s Troubles

the song of glory episode 1, getting close
You want to get close to Prince Peng Cheng?

Appealing to his innate desires how interesting.

It looks like Lu Yuan agrees before he leaves.

Later, Li Ge tells her senior brother that the fish has taken the bait. But he warns that their target this time isn’t easy.

It’s Prince Peng Cheng.

The stand-in ruler of the current city and he’s assisted by Lu Yuan.

Li Ge’s Senior Brother

Li Ge is determined to get her revenge for her family. So they review the plans.

They only have one chance to get rid of these corrupted officials.

As Li Ge shares a bath with A’Nu, she recalls how her master told her that Prince Peng Cheng killed her parents.


A’Nu shares how she wants this to be over quickly. So she can go find her parents.

With her wrist bracelet.

Since she’s always carried it with her. If they find her parents, A’Nu promises to share her family with Li Ge.

How cute, but this feels like a death flag…

On another day, Lu Yuan pays a visit to Prince Peng Cheng, stating how he’s worried about his health.

So he wants to the physician to examine his pulse. Prince Peng Cheng conveniently gets a cloth with blood from his servant and coughs into it.

Highlighting how sickly he is.

Lu Yuan shows a satisfied smirk at the results.

Later, Prince Peng Cheng meets with someone from the Sheng family who reports that General Sheng is about to finish the battles at the border.

Prince Peng Cheng can’t wait until General Sheng returns home with a victory. So he can elevate him to a higher rank.

Taking the opportunity to suppress Lu Yuan. As Lu Yuan has become more and more audacious.

With his rank and position.

Sheng Family’s Missing Daughter

Sheng Le Qing on the left with Madam Sheng on the right

Madam Sheng walks in carrying some treats from the orphanage and meets up with her daughter, Sheng Le Qing.

Sheng Le Qing wonders if there’s been any update on her missing older sister and Maid Song nearby shakes her head.

Madam Sheng states that it’s not that easy to find someone who’s been missing for 18 years.

At night San Bao, Prince Peng Cheng’s close aide, delivers medicine that can help Prince Peng Cheng hide his condition from the imperial doctors.

But it will harm his body.

So he’s not really sick?

When a servant reports how his wife wants to spend time with him, he refuses under the guise of being sick.

Prince Peng Cheng’s official wife

Day of the Performance

On the day of the performance, everyone gets ready.

the song of glory episode 1, grand consort sun
Grand Consort Sun

Grand Consort Sun waits with anticipation as she looks forward to the performance.

It turns out Lu Yuan is Grand Consort Sun’s nephew.

Because he addresses her as aunt.

After the performers get on stage, they greet their audience and are about to start.

But then they pull out their hidden weapons.

And Prince Peng Cheng realizes something is wrong. Li Ge arrives from another angle and makes an attempt on Prince Peng Cheng’s life.

But his sixth younger brother takes the hit instead.

Meanwhile, Li Ge’s Senior Brother waits for news and his master shows up.

Li Ge and her senior brother’s master

The master believes it’s finally time Li Yi Kang (Prince Peng Cheng) to die.

Meanwhile, Lu Yuan arrives on the scene with his soldiers and asks a chance to redeem himself.

While Li Ge continues to make attempts on Prince Peng Cheng’s life.

The fight scenes here are very nice! Li Ge is soooo badass!

But a young man from the Sheng family shows up to oppose Li Ge.

Prince Peng Cheng continues to escape and ends up in a study room with another attempt on his life.

He and San Bao fight off the assailants but they set off a fire. And they are trapped.

Li Ge continues to fight against the young man from the Sheng family but she’s slightly outmatched.

And when Lu Yuan shows up, it’s even more unfavorable to her.

Final Mission

But she manages to escape and meet up with A’Nu. Who is severely wounded as well.

A’Nu passes her bracelet to Li Ge and asks her to help find her parents. Before she takes off.

Li Ge realizes that she’s going to sacrifice herself for her. And tries to stop her but her senior brother shows up to prevent her from doing so.

Telling her to calm down.

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In The Song of Glory episode 1, we are introduced to several characters. There’s Prince Peng Cheng, Lu Yuan, Li Ge, Grand Consort Sun, etc.

That’s a LOT! And we are just thrown into the story. There are so many questions I have.

Why do people think Prince Peng Cheng is evil? We get hints of how Lu Yuan is abusing his position but Prince Peng Cheng?

So far, we see him acting like a sick Prince but is in fact ruling for the time being. Where’s the emperor?

Is he sick as well? Hmm….

Also, this assassination attempt was organized way too meticulously. The people involved even planned on lining all the scrolls in the study room with flammable oil.

In case the assassination failed, what is the master’s background??

I also feel like the master is a bit sketchy too. He told Li Ge’s Senior Brother that essentially they must succeed or they must burn everything.

Costumes are really beautiful though! And the fight scenes! I will have to continue watching to get my answers answered.

But I also think I can predict what will happen. If this show is that predictable, I may drop it. Or watch it just for the costumes and action scenes.

What were your thoughts on The Song of Glory episode 1? Leave a comment below!

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