The Song of Glory Episode 2-5

And we’re back for the Song of Glory episode 2-5! The show’s pacing is actually pretty quick which is great because (hopefully) the plot won’t drag.

I really like the fight scenes that Li Ge participates in. It makes her look so awesome!

The Song of Glory Episode 2-5 Recap Highlights:

  • Prince Peng Cheng is acting as the substitute ruler and there’s no signs of the emperor
  • Li Ge recovers from her wounds in an orphanage where the head maid recognizes her bracelet
  • Madam Sheng recognizes Li Ge as her long lost daughter
  • Li Ge attempts an assassination on Lu Yuan
  • Shen Le Qing starts showing signs of jealousy towards her long lost sister
  • Lord Sheng returns from his military assignment
  • Prince Peng Cheng informs the Sheng family his intentions of marriage

Lots to cover so let’s get started!

The Song of Glory Episode 2 Recap

Prince Peng Cheng has Many Enemies

A’Nu ends up being caught by Lu Yuan and dies very slowly in front of Li Ge and her senior brother.

Because Lu Yuan stabs at a point in her neck, letting her bleed out slowly.

Prince Peng Cheng wants to punish Lu Yuan for failing to investigate the performers carefully but Grand Consort Sun steps in and shoulders the blame.

For requesting this performance and Prince Peng Cheng reluctantly backs off.

Very interesting dynamics here, Lu Yuan is the nephew and his aunt helps him out. Which means Prince Peng Cheng doesn’t have as much power as he should.

the song of glory episode 2, grand consort sun protects lu yuan

Li Ge feels extremely guilty that A’Nu died for her sake and wants revenge. But her senior brother holds her back and asks her to recover from her wounds first.

Why did A’Nu have to die here? Didn’t make sense, it’s not like Li Ge was caught yet, she was injured yes but I think they all could have escaped fine.

Once she recovers from her wounds, Lu Yuan’s servant announces that they will display the performer’s corpses out in public.

So Li Ge and her colleagues work together to at least burn the corpses (That way the spirits can rest in peace, instead of having a mutilated corpse).

the song of glory episode 2, burning corpses

Lu Yuan becomes furious that he was bested not once but TWICE. And vows to take down these foes who slip out of his grasp.

Back at the orphanage, a maid who recognizes Li Ge’s bracelet (the one she got from A’Nu) informs Madam Sheng.

And so she comes over to take a look. Then claims Li Ge as her long lost daughter. (The one who was kidnapped 18 years ago.)

But it’s been 18 long years, how could you tell by just the bracelet lady???

Members of the Sheng Family

Li Ge reluctantly follows Madam Sheng back to the Sheng family.

She meets her younger brother and older brother.

Sheng Feng, the younger brother
the song of glory episode 2, shen zhi
Sheng Zhi, the older brother

Madam Sheng smashes the bracelet to prove Li Ge is her real daughter.

Revealing a special type of bracelet underneath.

So Sheng Zhi accepts her but keeps his doubts to himself.

Sheng Le Qing is actually the daughter of a relative. But because the relatives died early on, Sheng Le Qing was adopted by Madam Sheng.

This Sheng Le Qing seems too nice, I have a feeling she’s a white lotus (aka someone who pretends to be kind and gentle yet will backstab you).

Well she was definitely shocked when her mother shoved her aside to prevent her from bombarding Li Ge with questions.

Dun Dun Dunnnn

The Song of Glory Episode 3 Recap

Settling In

Li Ge realizes that the Sheng family missed A’Nu very much and wonders if it’s right to take her place.

As Madam Sheng reveals so many things that were meant to be hers.

Even Sheng Le Qing shows jealousy. Despite trying to hide it.

She hides and observes when Li Ge returns after meeting her senior brother. Because she wants to know Li Ge’s backstory.

Prince Jing Ling wants to help his brother with corrupted officials but Prince Peng Cheng leaves him out of it.

This might come back to bite him later.

Which leads him to think that his brother doesn’t trust him. Later, Li Ge attempts to assassinate Lu Yuan.

When she gets injured, Prince Jing Ling rescues her.

the song of glory episode 3, li ge gets injured

Meanwhile, Prince Peng Cheng gets some evidence to drag Lu Yuan down. Because Lu Yuan is hoarding additional military supplies.

And plans on selling it to their enemies.

The Song of Glory Episode 4 Recap

Turning the Tables

Prince Peng Cheng easily maneuvers his officials to bring up accusations against Lu Yuan.

Who denies those claims.

the song of glory episode 3 recap, lu yuan's craftiness

And counters that the confession must be forced.

When they bring in the witness, they see he’s heavily punished. So Lu Yuan easily turns over the tables.

And Prince Peng Cheng has no choice but to use the witness as the scapegoat. Prince Jing Ling can’t help but swallow his grievances as well.

However, Prince Peng Cheng is able to leverage Lord Sheng’s return to take away some of Lu Yuan’s authority.

Lu Yuan continues to investigate the performers who attacked Prince Peng Cheng that day. And he has one survivor to interrogate.

GASP. Who is this!???

I don’t recognize her from the former performers

Meeting Once Again

Prince Peng Cheng and Li Ge meet once again in the city. But Li Ge denies recognizing him.

She was on a mission that day.

A mustache as a disguise? Really Prince Peng Cheng?

Sheng Le Qing helps Li Ge prepare for Lord Sheng’s return but sabotages the musical instrument.

That Li Ge planned to play.

the song of glory episode 4, lord sheng
Lord Sheng

Li Ge exposes Sheng Le Qing’s deeds but everyone refuses to see the truth. So Li Ge attempts to leave, causing Madam Sheng to black out.

The Song of Glory Episode 5 Recap

Madam Sheng’s Illness

Madam Sheng’s illness has gotten worse over the years. Her hysteria was getting better but then she suffered another stimulation.

Li Ge gets her senior brother to write down a prescription that may help. However, it’s very risky.

Lord Sheng and Sheng Zhi decide to give it a try.

And things seem to get better until Sheng Le Qing brings in her scriptures.

Li Ge doesn’t expose her until they are alone together.

She knows that Sheng Le Qing purposely brought in something that would trigger her mother to cough up blood.

Because the prescription is very peculiar and the patient cannot be exposed to certain smells or ingredients.

Li Ge threatens Sheng Le Qing but Sheng Le Qing is determined to bring her down.

And an enemy is born. Li Ge should try to get rid of this white lotus before it’s too late.

Marriage to Prince Peng Cheng

To strengthen his authority, Prince Peng Cheng offers marriage to the Sheng family.

And since Sheng Le Qing wants him, she offers to go instead of her older sister.

the song of glory episode 5, love at first sight
Sheng Le Qing fell in love at first sight, just because he gave her a handkerchief!???

Sheng Le Qing also has an uncle who wants her help to bring down the Sheng family.

Because they caused her family’s death.

Such a shady uncle

He will also help her get rid of Li Ge. By hiring some assassins.

Since Li Ge is going on a trip until the marriage with Prince Peng Cheng is settled.

Assassins target Li Ge and she bumps into Prince Peng Cheng in disguise. During the fray, both of them fall of a cliff.

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Long lost daughter trope? Check

Mistaken identity trope? Check

White lotus younger sister? Check

What else is this show going to check off? I hope they won’t use the amnesia plot device, that would be toooo predictable.

Sheng Le Qing is one nasty sister, she was raised by Madam Sheng for how long? And this is how she repays her?

Leveraging her health to win over some sympathy points? Lord Sheng noticed her cut hand when she happened to take action to help Madam Sheng.

But it was her scriptures that caused her to cough blood in the first place!

Prince Peng Cheng’s encounter with Li Ge was cute. He happened to be there when she wanted to kill Lu Yuan so he witnessed her being so badass XD

And then Prince Jing Ling saw her being injured too and admires how she was willing to take action to take down corrupted officials.

So essentially both men fell in love with her for the same reason.

Well they both grew up in the palace, so they’re used to women who sit and look pretty I guess.

And Li Ge is a breath of fresh air? I wonder how this love triangle will develop. Will Prince Jing Ling turn evil because he believes his brother mistrusts him?

And he starts working with Lu Yuan? Hmmm….

What were your thoughts on the Song of Glory episode 2-5? Leave some comments below!

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Great recaps, too bad only 5 episodes(((

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