The Story of Minglan Episode 10 Recap

Woohoo! We’re now in the double digits! Story of Minglan Episode 10!

We’re getting closer to my favorite episode and I can’t wait! (★^O^★)

Story of Minglan Episode 10 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan gets dragged into another conflict between Molan and Rulan
  • Madam Kong gives Sheng Hong advice about how to manage the household
  • Old Madam Sheng teaches Minglan lesson on managing a household

I was just re-reading my earlier recaps and am planning on rewriting the old ones because I was just getting started back then.

Anyways, let’s jump into the Story of Minglan episode 10 recap!

Legitimate vs Concubine Born

Madam Kong introduces flower arrangement to Minglan, Rulan and Molan.

She then tells the three of them to give it a try while she observes.

Molan works quickly so Madam Kong observes her arrangement first and makes a few comments.

But Molan takes this opportunity to hog her attention. So Rulan has trouble asking Madam Kong for questions.

Every attempt was blocked by Molan so Rulan gets frustrated. Then Madam Kong tells the girls that she will take a brief break to get something to drink.


However Madam Kong doesn’t go far and observes from a distance.

Since Madam Kong is not present, Rulan lectures Molan for taking up all of Madam Kong’s time.

Despite being not initially invited.

She points out that Madam Kong was invited here just for herself and Minglan.

Here she goes again, dragging Minglan into this. T_T

Molan starts to whine saying that Rulan is bullying her because she’s the daughter of a concubine.

Then Molan starts to cry which irritates Rulan even further. Because that’s how she usually gets away with things.

When Minglan tries to reason with Molan, Molan doesn’t listen and implies that Minglan is bullying her as well.

So Molan threatens to hit herself on the pillar.

Minglan tries to stop her while Rulan tells everyone to ignore her. Knowing that this is a ruse Molan is using to gain sympathy.

Later in the day, Old Madam Sheng wonders why Minglan hasn’t returned for lunch yet.

And one of her trusted servants report that all girls are being punished to copy book scriptures.

Including Minglan. It wasn’t her fault but she got dragged into a mess again due to her sisters.

Old Madam Sheng sighs but admits this is a good opportunity for them to learn.

Getting to the bottom of this

Madam Kong also invites Sheng Hong, Wang Ruofu and Madam Lin to the same hall where the daughters are being punished.

To share some advice.

As soon as Sheng Hong arrives with his wives, Madam Kong gestures for them to sit down.


Madam Kong tells Sheng Hong that these matters must be resolved before they cause even bigger issues.

And Sheng Hong agrees. Ordering his daughters to kneel.

But Madam Kong surprises them by having cushions ready for them.

She knew this was coming. Haha

However, she lets Sheng Hong lead and asks if it’s okay for her to question the daughters.

Because they cannot just take punishment and not understand their wrongdoings.

So she starts by asking Molan if she admits to hogging all of her time.

Like Rulan says.

Molan knows she’s in front of her parents so instead of answering, she acts pitiful and weak.

She blames herself for hogging Madam’s Kong attention but she expresses that it was only from her desire to bring honor to the Sheng family.

Madam Kong knows Molan is acting as such on purpose and cautions her.


Sheng Hong squirms in his seat, clearly uncomfortable that his favorite daughter is being lectured.

Madam Kong tells Molan is being punished for two reasons:

  1. Molan’s speech. – She keeps on harping about concubine and legitimate born yet she has the privilege of being raised by her concubine mother. And her father treats her so well. Molan has no reason to raise this issue other than to purposefully incite others.
  2. Molan’s withheld intentions. – She keeps saying she wants to bring honor for the Sheng family. Does she mean only she can bring honor? She’s not the only daughter in the family but by saying this, she’s purposely bringing her sisters down.

Raising this issue to Sheng Hong

Madam Kong then continues telling Molan that each has their own fate.

One must not covet what isn’t theirs.

She then explains that even though the dispute appears to be instigated by Rulan. It was actually started by Molan.

Then Madam Kong cites Rulan’s wrongdoing. Warning her about her temper and in her opinion, she should be punished the moment.

Molan silently sneers.

While Minglan didn’t do anything wrong, her sisters did. So by association she’s wrong as well.

Madam Kong warns that favoritism will cause great families to fall so even though Minglan didn’t do anything wrong, she must be punished.

So that each daughter is treated the same.

However Madam Lin steps in even though she has no place to do so. And pleads on Minglan’s behalf.

To pretend to be a gentle and gracious person as usual.

But Madam Kong sees though her white lotus act and harshly reprimands her. Saying that even though she knew she has no place to speak up, she did so anyway.

Her fault is knowing she is wrong yet doing it anyways.

And Wang Ruofu is elated. Seeing the woman being put in her place.

Wang Ruofu looks so smug, while Sheng Hong is in a difficult position

The punishment is 10 hand beatings from a piece of wood.

And each girl takes their punishment silently. With the exception of Molan, crying out loudly.

Afterwards, everyone heads back to their rooms, including Minglan.

But on the way, she is called out by her father who feels like he has wronged her.

He tells her that if she has any grievances in the future, she can reach out to him.

The Main Wife Lectures the Concubine

Minglan nods and the two of them share a moment.

Just before Changfeng rushes over and pleads his father to save his mother.

Sheng Hong leaves Minglan abruptly while Minglan faintly smiles.

She comments that it’s already too late. He wasn’t there when she needed him the most.

And now she doesn’t need him anymore.

Wang Ruofu takes this chance to enact punishment on Madam Lin. While her maid servant shakes her head, warning her not to do this.

But Sheng Hong rushes in just in time. And glares at his wife.


Husband and wife bicker and argue. While the concubine cries and begs for mercy.

The scene tugs at Sheng Hong’s heartstrings and he argues for their behalf. He puts his foot down and Wang Ruofu has no choice but to relent.

Meanwhile, Old Madam Sheng helps Minglan nurse her wounds from the punishment earlier.

Minglan comments that she has learned an invaluable lesson.

Because Madam Kong was brilliant with her strategy. She let Molan and Rulan bicker in the open until it became more serious. Then stepped in and used this as an excuse to raise awareness to Sheng Hong.

Causing to him to rethink how he should be treating his wives. Because in the worse case scenario, his position may get comprised.

While Minglan continues to share what she learned from the lesson, everyone else is just nursing their wounds and venting out their frustrations.

This is why Madam Kong loves Minglan. She understands the most important points.

Old Madam Sheng adds on and comments how Wang Ruofu was always on the losing end with Madam Lin.

Wang Ruofu is quick tempered and a straightforward person. Plus she’s been spoiled since young. So she must always have her way.

A Lesson for the Future

When everything goes smoothly, one becomes blind and deaf. Not knowing how to deal with difficulties.

Minglan is truly fortunate to learn from this wise woman. Knowledge is power and Minglan is slowly accumulating it.

Wang Ruofu is back in her own room and realizes her mistake. She shouldn’t have poked at Sheng Hong’s old wounds.

Because he was birthed by a concubine as well.

Within Minglan’s room, her aunt gets an idea.

She believes Sister Zhou is suspicious because she was concerned about her leaving.

If she wasn’t guilty, why would she mention that?

As they both wonder what the motive is, Minglan gets an idea.

And she asks her aunt to her return to Yangzhou (her hometown) tomorrow.

Whoever is guilty will follow and when Minglan asks what her aunt would do if she discovered a snake. She realizes the plan.

So the aunt leaves early in morning before the sun even rises.

When Sister Zhou reports this matter to Madam Lin, the latter orders her finish up loose ends in Yangzhou.

To cover up any possible issues.

The next day, Madam Kong is escorted out of the Sheng household with carriages of gifts.

As she has stayed long enough and taught all she could.

Everyone is present to send her off.

Before Madam Kong leaves, she believes the three girls with will eventually bring honor to the Sheng family.

One’s Conscience

Back at the Gu household, Gu Tingye greets his father before leaving but his father stops him.

Questioning if he’s truly learning anything from the Sheng family. Because out of all the scholars he could have picked, he chose the one teaching the Sheng family.

Gu Tingye counters that he is currently learning the principles of starting one’s family.

Then asking his father what he thinks of it.

The father responds that in order to start a family one must have a clear conscience and upright character.

Gu Tingye questions if his father has anything to confess. His father doesn’t answer and sees it as Gu Tingye questioning his authority.

So he leaves abruptly while Gu Tingye questions himself.

Wondering why he was scared of hearing the answer.

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And that concludes my recap for The Story of Minglan Episode 10! What was your favorite moment in this episode?

I really liked this Madam Kong. Old Madam Sheng is a good judge of character.

No wonder she’s bosom buddies with her.

I also think Minglan learned a lot from Madam Kong and it may be helpful in the future.

Sheng Hong was made aware of his doting on Madam Lin but will he cut back later on? I highly doubt it. Just like Minglan has pointed out, you cannot awake up someone who doesn’t want to wake.

And Sheng Hong may not want to wake. Maybe he feels like he can redeem his past if he showers Madam Lin and Molan with the attention he never had.

Sheng Hong and Minglan’s moment was somewhat bittersweet. If it weren’t for Madam Kong, he probably wouldn’t realize how good Minglan is.

But alas, it’s too late. The daughter has grown and doesn’t need the father anymore.

As for Gu Tingye and his father, I feel like there’s too many misunderstandings between these two. They are both too stubborn.

There’s also no one to help communicate between the two aside from Madam Gu. But I feel like she’s just making it worse.

Any thoughts on Story of Minglan Episode 10? Leave a comment below!

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Great recaps

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Oh God yes Madam Gu is like the mistress of ensuring bad communications. She wants the relationship between father and son to remain fractured for her own son’s benefit. I thought Madam Lin was protesting on behalf of her own daughter not Minglan now I’m gonna have to go rewatch again. Maybe it’s because I have the later episode where she wants to be punished on behalf of Molan in my head that’s what’s sticking for me IDK. Madam Kong is definitely one of my favorite characters along with Nanny Chang. When it comes to secondary characters and cameos they… Read more »

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I’m on tumblr for most of my blogging so I wish that was an option for your sharing. I did share this post to my twitter feed but I don’t tweet a lot like I said I’m mostly on tumblr. I did figure out a way to share the link and some of the pictures on tumblr but I don’t know if that counts in your share count lol.

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I’ve been on tumblr for a couple of years now. Had to restart my blog after the explicit purge some how my blog got labeled explicit and no matter how much I appealed it I couldn’t get it changed so I had to delete my blog and start over but other than that I love Tumblr. I mostly was blogging about American shows agents of shield, game of thrones, doctor who but a couple of months ago I stumbled onto a Korean drama The Moon Embraces the Sun which led me to Viki and the greater world of Asian dramas… Read more »

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