The Story of Minglan Episode 13 Recap

And we’re back for Story of Minglan Episode 13! I’m getting closer to my favorite episode, can’t wait!

You’ll see why it’s my favorite episode soon enough!

Story of Minglan Episode 13 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Tingye shares his shortcomings with Nanny Chang and Manniang and the two of them react differently
  • Manniang takes a risk
  • Sheng Hong is called into the palace and cannot leave

Like Minglan has mentioned before, if you’re patient enough, people will reveal their true colors.

Let’s jump into this episode and discuss what happened. Let’s go: Story of Minglan Episode 13!

Gu Tingye’s Struggles

Gu Tingye immediately rushes into his older brother’s room and grabs him by the collar.

Confronting him and asking if he was the one who revealed his ramblings about Scholar Yuandong.


Gu Tingye didn’t think his brother could be this heartless and stunt his future career.

While the latter, Gu Tingyu struggles against his younger brother. Swearing that he didn’t.

And Gu Tingyu’s wife chimes in, saying that her husband is frail and weak. He would never be able to go that far from the house.

To be able to spread rumors.

Gu Tingye refuses to believe that it wasn’t him. He was only 12 at the time when he was learning to write words with his brother.

But no matter what he did, his older brother always framed him.

And his father always chose to believe his older brother.

Marquis Gu doesn’t help either. He lecturers Gu Tingye for speaking out nonsense in the first place.

If he didn’t speak about it first, how can it be spread?

Disappointed, Gu Tingye finally understands that his father will never take his side.

So he leaves.

Gu Tingye informs his close family

He returns to the residence he bought outside of the Gu manor. And has been drinking ever since.

Nanny Chang wants him to stand up again.


Because he still has to live out the remaining days. Just because he failed the exams doesn’t mean he stops living.

So Gu Tingye explains what happened to Nanny Chang.

While Manniang is inside, fanning the children to sleep.

She seems anxious about something and tells Rongjie (her daughter) that her father cannot become an official.

Rongjie – so cute!

Murmuring to herself, Manniang wants to take a risk.

Since Gu Tingye cannot become an official and his father doesn’t like him, he won’t be financially stable.

She takes off a metal lock off of Rongjie and decides to do something with it.

Outside, Nanny Chang comforts Gu Tingye as he voices out his frustrations. Wondering if his mother would be disappointed in him.

Nanny Chang tells him that all his mother wanted for him was to be safe and happy.

Nothing else. So Gu Tingye decides that they should head back to Yangzhou and live peacefully. Away from all these troubling matters and schemes.


Nanny Chang agrees.

Manniang’s Scheme

The next morning, Gu Tingye tells his wife that he will be grabbing his mother’s belongings from the main manor.

So they can leave this place. He doesn’t see any point staying here if the Gu household can’t tolerate him.

They will move to the rural areas of Yangzhou and Manniang faintly smiles.

But she tells Gu Tingye that she will follow whatever he decides because she only desires to stay by his side.

*Eye rolls, this lady should get an award for acting.

After Gu Tingye leaves, Manniang attempts to sneak out the back door. But Nanny Chang tells her to do her chores instead.

Manniang then hears an outside vendor hollering candied hawthorns for sale and Rongjie tells her mother she wants some.

But the back door is locked.


So Manniang secretly unlocks the door while telling her daughter that if she diligently packs her stuff she will get some later.

Then she returns to her room and waits.

This woman won’t even hesitate to use her own daughter in her schemes. ಠ_ಠ

Rongjie unattended leaves through the backdoor when the vendor hollers again about the candied hawthorns.

The candied hawthorns look like this. Yum!

Manniang Takes A Risk

When Nanny Chang notices that Rongjie is missing, Manniang takes this chance to run after Rongjie.

While Nanny Chang chases after her, asking her to come back.

Manniang finds Rongjie but continues to run, pretending that she’s still looking for her daughter.

They end up arriving in front of the Gu manor. Manniang tells Rongjie that her grandfather lives here and eventually they will too.

Dun Dun dunnnnn. So this woman hooked up with Gu Tingye for his status and wealth. I wonder if that was her plan all along?

She whispers loud enough that nearby servants report her presence to Madam Gu.

Then Manniang leaves Rongjie’s locket on the ground while she takes Rongjie back home.

Or tries before they are surrounded and then brought back to the Gu manor.

When Gu Tingye returns, Nanny Chang reports that Rongjie is missing.

And so is Manniang.

Father and Son Separate

Gu Tingye has a feeling where they are.

He barges into the Gu manor and sees his wife and child kneeling in front of his father.

In the main hall.

But the moment he walks in is when he hears his father ordering people to throw her out.

I have a feeling Madam Gu is involved again. Earlier we saw Manniang get forcibly kidnapped and now Marquis Gu is throwing her out? Something doesn’t add up.

Gu Tingye tells his father that he will marry this woman no matter what.

And he turns to leave with her while his father warns him that if he leaves, he can never come back.

Ordering men to beat him with sticks. Gu Tingye shoves them aside and takes one of the sticks.

Presenting it in front of his father and snapping it in two before tossing it at his father’s feet.

Implying that the two of them are done. They will no longer be father and son.

At the same time, he tells his father that his mother was tricked into marrying the Gu family.

Marquis Gu counters that she wasn’t.

Gu Tingye doesn’t listen and continues telling his father that his mother died from blood loss in child birth.

Almost like he wants his father to feel guilt?

Then he puts the nail in the coffin. Leaving for real this time and telling his father that he will never believe what he says again.

Marquis Gu appears baffled for a bit as his expression seems strange.

Is he aware that something is odd?

But he wonders who could have possibly told his son.

Wait, there IS some truth to this!???

Sheng Hong Kidnapped

Gu Tingyu and his wife watch as Gu Tingye leaves as quickly as he came. His wife comments that Gu Tingye is fearless when provoked.

While Gu Tingyu tells her that if they shared the same mother, he wouldn’t mind him as an ally. Heck, he wouldn’t mind giving everything to Gu Tingye.

But because they are from different mothers, he is his enemy. Gu Tingye’s mother drove his own mother to death.

Which is why they are enemies.

Gu Tingyu regrets marrying his wife because he feels like she could have done better. Instead she’s stuck with a man who is so sickly and frail.

But she doesn’t regret it at all.

At the palace, court session just ended and all the ministers are leaving.

Just as Sheng Hong shows up, a nearby eunuch calls out to him. Telling him that he has been summoned privately by the emperor.

Sheng Hong is baffled then asks the eunuch if he knows why the emperor has summoned him.

But the eunuch tells him that he wouldn’t dare question the emperor’s thoughts.

So Sheng Hong follows.

And ends up being locked into a private study.

Guarded by the imperial guards.

Meanwhile at the Sheng household, Wang Ruofu wonders why her husband hasn’t returned.

Because it’s passed the time when court usually ends.

Rulan doesn’t think much of it and tells her mother to see her new sleeve accessories (to tie the sleeves back).

Since Madam Wu invited them to a an outdoor event with polo matches and other sport like activities.

It’s getting close to lunch time and Wang Ruofu frets some more.

Reasoning that if her husband was running let, he would send someone to notify them.

Something feels wrong.

Finding Out What Happened

A day passes and Sheng Hong has yet to return home.

So everyone in the Sheng household get into action to find out what happened.

Xiaotao reports to Minglan that the one who called Sheng Hong away was an internal official (aka an eunuch).

And Minglan wonders if it was the emperor.

But her father is not even ranked that high.

Meanwhile, Changbai reaches out to Gu Tingye for help but the one with better connections is Gu Tingye’s older brother.

And since Changbai is friends with Gu Tingye, Gu Tingyu may not be inclined to help him.

Changbai thanks him anyways and takes off in a rush.

In another part of town, Danju (one of Minglan’s close maids) meets up with Buwei (Yuan Ruo’s close servant).


Buwei has been waiting for Danju the whole time and reports some news to her.

Minglan rushes to report to her grandmother what she heard. But before she can do so, Wang Ruofu barges in, pleading with her mother-in-law to save the Sheng household.

Old Madam Sheng tells Wang Ruofu to calm the f*** down.

Wang Ruofu reports that Changbai found out from Duchess Qi that the emperor has locked up several ministers because he’s angry.

Including Sheng Hong.

Wang Ruofu fears that her husband will be locked up for several days to a month. And worries her husband will starve to death.

While Old Madam Sheng thinks she’s ridiculous because even criminals locked up in jail are fed meals.

Shen Hong wouldn’t starve to death.

But why was Sheng Hong locked up? Duchess Qi didn’t know either.

Old Madam Sheng shares her insight. The current emperor has never killed any scholars in his ruling and is known to be magnanimous.

Wang Ruofu vs Madam Lin

Wang Ruofu looks unwilling

So she tells Wang Ruofu that in these times, she needs to take the mantle.

Wang Ruofu leaves but as soon as she’s far enough, she complains that Old Madam Sheng is heartless.

Because if Sheng Hong was her real son, she would be more worried.

Instead, she’s getting lectured for making a scene.


Suddenly, Wang Ruofu gets an idea.

It’s a great opportunity to get rid of Madam Lin if she starts acting suspiciously.

That night, Old Madam Sheng asked Minglan what she wanted to report early in the day.

Before she got interrupted by Wang Ruofu.

She says it’s nothing but her grandmother gives her a look. So Minglan reveals that she wanted to report her father’s situation.

Since she got the news from Yuan Ruo. Old Madam Sheng reasons that if Duchess Qi was able to obtain the news from the palace that easily. Then the matter is not that serious.

So they just need to wait until the emperor finishes venting his anger.

Instead, Old Madam expresses her concern over internal conflicts inside the household.

She hopes their family can get over this.

At Madam Lin’s courtyard, Sister Zhou tells her mistress that they can’t sell the properties without her presence. She must show up in person.

Sister Zhou questions if her mistress is acting too hasty. But Madam Lin tells her that she’s experienced this before.

And she doesn’t want to go through this again.

Caught in the Act

The next morning, Madam Lin heads out with her trusted servant to finalize the transaction.

In a secluded location.

A gentleman who looks like a noble asks for Madam Lin’s identity before proceeding. But she refuses to answer. Wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible.


The gentleman, Sir Xu expresses his concerns that the deeds in her hands are fake.

So he wants some safety. Madam Lin attempts to leave but he forcibly pulls her back for some tea.

And then servants barge in.

Led by Wang Ruofu’s trusted maid.

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Tsk tsk Manniang, you have shown yourself to be a sneaky sneaky woman. Gu Tingye is going to be devastated when he finds out.

Then Nanny Chang will have a “I told you so” moment XD

Old Madam Sheng is truly wise. She knows that Wang Ruofu and Madam Lin have always been at odds with each other. So this would be the greatest opportunity to make a move.

However, she hopes that this wouldn’t happen. Because they have more pressing issues to deal with.

To make sure this household can get past this. Instead of following Old Madam Sheng’s advice, Wang Ruofu sets a trap for Madam Lin.

She is so eager to get rid of Madam Lin that she fails to see the bigger picture. Sigh. It’s only during difficult times, that people reveal their true nature.

What were your thoughts on this Story of Minglan Episode 13? Leave a comment below!

P.S. Three more episodes to go before we hit 16! ^^

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4 years ago

This is such a good episodes. So much happens! I can’t leave much here gotta go read the next one. I’m so glad I challenged you. I will challenge you each week if I get these types of results lol.

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