The Story of Minglan Episode 14 Recap

Story of Minglan Episode 14! Woohoo!

There’s a Chinese saying that when you speak of Cao Cao, Cao Cao appears. Because Cao Cao was an infamous person in history. (The English equivalent of “Speak of the Devil”).

Old Madam Sheng thought that internal conflicts would arise. And of course she’s right. XD

Story of Minglan Episode 14 Recap Highlights:

  • Wang Ruofu accuses Madam Lin of adultery and selling her properties to escape with him
  • Sheng Hong responds to the emperor with Minglan’s insight and is let go
  • Sheng Hong feels disappointed in his wives

Are you excited? Let’s jump into the Story of Minglan Episode 14!

Madam Lin Gets Caught

Madam Lin and Sir Xu are both tied up with ropes and have cloths covering their mouths.

Before being shoved into a carriage. While onlookers question and gossip. Wondering what had happened.

A man and woman alone. What else could it be?

Wang Ruofu’s head maid thinks they should lock up the man until the madam says otherwise.

She knows this is just a ruse but she follows orders anyways. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Old Madam Sheng hears about this.

How Wang Ruofu has accused Madam Lin of adultery.

Old Madam Sheng blinks for a moment and then clutches her chest.

Did she just pretend to have a heart attack?

In Wang Ruofu’s courtyard, four maids use force to make Madam Lin sign a confession.


With this confession, Old Madam Sheng won’t blame Wang Ruofu.

But that’s not enough, Wang Ruofu wants to sell off Madam Lin.

Molan barges in trying to save her mother and Madam Lin voices her dissent. She pleads innocent and asks that Wang Ruofu bring the man here.

So the two of them can face off and demonstrate their innocence. Because she was not committing adultery.

Wang Ruofu’s plan is so flawed. She’s so eager to get rid of Madam Lin that she cannot see the bigger picture.

Moments later, Minglan arrives and Wang Ruofu wonders where her mother in law is. So Minglan explains that her grandmother fainted from anger and cannot attend.

So Wang Ruofu is free to make the decision herself.

Madam Lin thinks it’s strange that Old Madam Sheng happens to be unavailable at such a crucial moment. Complaining that this was all planned.

Later on, Wang Ruofu arranges to have someone come to facilitate the selling of Madam Lin.

The Ruse Gets Out of Control

Changfeng attempts to pull Sir Xu out from where he is currently jailed.

And faces opposition from the guards. But he ultimately succeeds on getting him out.

So he pulls him to Wang Ruofu’s courtyard to clarify the issue. Sir Xu tells the crowd that he was negotiating business with Madam Lin.

About shops and land.


But Wang Ruofu refuses to let this opportunity slip away.

So Madam Lin orders Changfeng to go report this matter to the officials. But he tells his servants to do it.

Wang Ruofu’s head maid warns her about letting the situation get out of hand. Because if Sheng Hong returns and finds out about this, he will be furious with his main wife

Meanwhile, Old Madam Sheng is getting updated on the current situation.


Since Old Madam Sheng is currently “ill” they can’t order servants to prevent the officials from being notified.

But luckily Changbai is at home and chatting with Gu Tingye.

So Minglan suggests that they request Gu Tingye’s help.

And they successfully prevent this case from being officially reported.

But Wang Ruofu is still causing a scene with Madam Lin in her courtyard.

So Minglan acts as the messenger again. Telling Wang Ruofu that Madam Lin will be punished with 20 floggings.

Afterwards, the two of them must remain in their respective courtyards.

And not leave.


Wang Ruofu smirks gleefully, feeling like the matter is still within her control.

And then orders Changfeng to flog his own mother.

Wang Ruofu has taken this too far. Madam Lin will hold a grudge for sure.

Sheng Hong Returns Home

Apparently, Hualan has returned to the Sheng household as well. She tells her mother that she went too far this time.

Her grandmother told her to watch over the house. Not to take this opportunity to get rid of Madam Lin.

But Wang Ruofu doesn’t regret. She doesn’t believe Sheng Hong will divorce her for this.

FYI. Being divorced in this era is a shameful thing and not pleasant at all. Even more so for the female as they usually don’t get anything from the divorce. Plus, their reputation goes down the drain.

Wang Ruofu then changes topics and asks if her daughter had any update on her husband.

Hualan shakes her head. This was the reason why she rushed back but then found out about inner conflicts between her mother and Madam Lin.

The next morning, Sheng Hong gets released from the palace. Before he steps onto his carriage he bows in the direction of the palace.

Sheng Hong then stumbles and requires his servants’ help to get on the carriage.

The first thing he does when he gets home is to report to his mother.

But Wang Ruofu is notified as well by a servant.

She rushes into Old Madam Sheng’s room and is relieved to see her husband well and safe.

Sheng Hong looks exhausted but relieved to be home. He doesn’t mention why he was detained in the palace and Old Madam Sheng doesn’t ask.

He then excuses himself to wash up and catch up with his daughters.

That night, Sheng Hong rests at Wang Ruofu’s courtyard and catches up with Hualan.

Because he hasn’t seen her since she married over to the Yuan household. But before they can discuss further, a servant comes over to report that the Yuan household wants her to return.

The Real Reason Why Sheng Hong was Detained

Telling this family reunion that there’s a host of things for Hualan to take care of at home.

Sheng Hong then tells his daughter to endure for now while Old Madam Sheng thinks of a plan.

Because they won’t let her suffer at in her-laws.

Hualan, bearing that in mind, gets escorted out by her mother.

Wang Ruofu is about to return to the room when she encounters Madam Lin and her two children.

Madam Lin inwardly sneers. She believes she can turn the tables back on Wang Ruofu if she pleads with Sheng Hong.

But Wang Ruofu tells her to scram. Left with no choice, Madam Lin calls out to Sheng Rong and barges in anyway.

Saying how she’s so relieved to see him okay. Molan chimes in as well.

But Sheng Hong doesn’t share the same sentiment.

Then Changfeng pokes the sleeping tiger by asking how his father was at the palace.

And doesn’t recognize the sarcasm.

Sheng Hong kicks Changfeng and threatens to beat him to death.

Clarifying that he was detained all because of him. Changfeng was out drinking with his friends.

And dared to discuss Prince Yan’s succession in the public. So the emperor heard about it.

It’s taboo to discuss the kingdom’s succession.

Using Minglan’s Insight

Sheng Hong recalls what it was like being trapped in a study room for at least a day and a night.

Not knowing what’s to come.

He said it felt like having his head on the chopping block the whole time.

Then when the emperor finally visits Sheng Hong, he asks him if he slept well in the study room.

Sheng Hong replies that he did not and pleads the emperor to clarify what he did wrong.

So the emperor tells him that he did not sleep well either. Because the nation has no heir.

Yet his son went to a restaurant and started a discussion with his friends about Prince Yan. How they believe Prince Yan is so capable and will become the heir.

Since the Sheng household is so clear about the heir why don’t they tell him?

Sheng Hong pleads for his innocence and recalls Minglan’s words from before.

Telling his liege that he has always taught his children to be loyal to the nation and that to be a simple subject is ideal.

The emperor then allows Sheng Hong to be freed.

After reminiscing how he barely got away, Sheng Hong flogs Changfeng for a bit.

Before asking servants to pull him away for some more beating.

Internal Conflicts While He Was Gone

Wang Ruofu takes this opportunity to accuse Madam Lin about selling off her properties and eloping with a man.

Madam Lin begs for mercy and then reveals Wang Ruofu’s secret.

How she helped her maiden family with a separate interest account. By pulling funds from the Sheng family. And issued them as loans.

Sheng Hong sarcastically remarks to Molan how great this family is. Both women have issues.

Wang Ruofu issued private loans which is illegal while Madam Lin sold properties as if she wanted to run away.

Sheng Hong tells them all to shut up.


Each and every one of them were looking after themselves and didn’t care about him.

If something really did happen to him, would they even follow him?

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I don’t feel sorry for Sheng Hong at all. He brought this upon himself. Spoiling the concubine and then neglecting the main wife.

Causing resentment between the two. In his time of need, it was only Minglan’s words that saved him.

How ironic that the daughter he neglected for YEARS is the one who helped him.

Wang Ruofu tends to overdo things, and she went rabid on Madam Lin when she realized she held the power. But Madam Lin showed Wang Ruofu that she knows her secrets too.

It’s almost like a dog/cat fight. The two can’t get along. And Old Madam Sheng conveniently became ill.

Then when Minglan was acting as the messenger, no one seemed to believe her words. Even though she was escorted by the servants closest to Old Madam Sheng?

Madam Lin likes to do things in secret but she plans it well while Wang Ruofu likes to do things out in the open.

The two women are so different. Minglan’s been getting moments to shine. It’s like she was a hidden pearl tucked away. Now she’s almost polished enough to show off.

What did you think of this Story of Minglan Episode 14? Share your thoughts below!

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4 years ago

This was a really good episode as it showcased both main wives flaws and in some ways their strengths. Madam Lin hoards information like a miser waiting for the best time to use it, where as Wang Ruofo is open and forthright. Minglan observing them learns from them in a different way than she learns from Old Madam Sheng. Getting closer to your favorite episode, the episode where Minglan really starts to shine bright. I do enjoy that episode but as I’ve said previously I prefer episodes that have Tingye and Minglan interacting the best and those don’t start happening… Read more ยป

4 years ago
Reply to  Coco

I can give you one after you get there lol. I just have to figure out exactly where in the 40’s their

took place cause those are some fantastic episodes as well.

4 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Lol I can always give you a goal a week if you like. But yes if you can maintain this pace with your recaps you should have no problem finishing Minglan by the end of May. I believe in you.

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