The Story of Minglan Episode 15 Recap

Story of Minglan Episode 15 recap! WOW, I’ve surprised myself! Just about a week ago, I was on episode 5 and now I’m on episode 15. I guess I write faster than I thought.

Well I delayed recaps on this show for so long because I got distracted with RL stuff. A shoutout to Krystal (one of the readers) who motivated me to pick this up again!

Anyways, I hope I can finish these recaps soon and showcase how great this show is!

Story of Minglan Episode 15 Recap Highlights:

  • Sheng Hong wants his mother to take over the household management but she recommends someone else
  • Minglan gets her own courtyard and some additional servants
  • A friend visits Old Madam Sheng and brings along her grandson

Without further adieu, let’s jump into the Story of Minglan episode 15 recap!

Household Management

Sheng Hong comes to his mother with a request.

After telling his mother what Wang Ruofu and Madam Lin have done behind his back, he can’t trust them with the household affairs.

Old Madam Sheng asks if he would like her to manage again. And Sheng Hong admits he does but knows that it would burden her.

She jokes with him a bit.

Then tells him that she has someone in mind.


And gets someone to grab a journal of some sort.

A servant gives the journal to Sheng Hong for review. He immediately recognizes the handwriting. It’s Minglan’s.

He does a double-take and is surprised that his mother is recommending Minglan.

Old Madam Sheng explains that Minglan is neutral because Rulan grew up with Wang Ruofu while Molan grew up with Madam Lin.

And because she is neutral she will hold the household’s interests at heart.

Plus, she also helped get Sheng Hong out of his predicament. So the matter is settled.

Minglan will manage the household affairs.

That night, Old Madam Sheng notices that her granddaughter is pretty quiet.

And asks her if she’s not happy with her decision.

But Minglan shakes her head.

Instead, she replies that she is reluctant to leave her grandmother’s side.


But her grandmother tells her that everyone grows up eventually. Leaving their homes and starting their own families.

So Old Madam Sheng has to harden her heart and let her grow. Despite wanting to dote on her forever if she could.

Minglan tells her that she understands why her grandmother is doing this.

And she appreciates it.

Minglan will give it her best and if she needs help, she will reach out to her grandmother.

New Courtyard

Awww. Minglan and her grandma are so close! I love how her grandma supports her. XD

In Minglan’s new courtyard, servants diligently clean while Minglan reads a letter from her aunt.

Her aunt discovers that the former physician who looked after her sister’s (Minglan’s mother) pregnancy is missing.

So she continues to follow up on leads.

Minglan contemplates something for a moment before Danju asks her where to put a particular flower vase.

That was gifted by her second brother, Changbai.

At the same time, she asks what Molan gifted her. It’s a painting of a cow licking her calf (symbolizing a mother’s love for her child).

She then tells Danju to put this painting next to her mother’s painting. So she never forgets.

To never forget her revenge?

Then she burns the letter telling Danju that it was a copy of her bad handwriting.


Danju shares her concerns that this courtyard doesn’t have enough servants. But Minglan reassures her that someone will send some over.

In the upcoming days.

Over at Wang Ruofu’s courtyard, Wang Ruofu complains how Old Madam Shen was so picky on the arrangement for Minglan’s courtyard.

Despite Minglan temporarily assuming rights to manage the household.

But her head maid tells her that at least this way, the management rights don’t go back to Madam Lin.

Meanwhile she suggests that they send over two maids to Minglan’s courtyard. One of which is her biological daughter.

As gratitude, when her daughter comes of age to marry, Wang Ruofu will add to her dowry.

Minglan’s prediction is coming true ~

Minglan arrives a little late for the greeting to the main wife. And apologizes for the delay as she gets in line with her sister.

Old Minglan is Back

Molan remarks how Minglan was held back by Old Madam Sheng (being favored) while the rest of them were dismissed early.

Rulan chimes in and tells Molan that of course grandmother favors Minglan. That’s why she’s managing the household affairs now.

So what?

Then Minglan finally responds. She analyzes Molan’s words and questions her intentions.

Even if she’s late, the main wife can’t punish her since she was with her grandmother. Because if she’s punished then Wang Ruofu would be blaming Old Madam Sheng.

If Wang Ruofu doesn’t punish her then it seems like she’s afraid of her grandmother.

And by slandering her, she’s disrespecting Old Madam Sheng and criticizing Wang Ruofu.

Minglan questions her intentions for using words that attack all three individuals. Is she killing three birds with one stone?

Well technically Rulan was like you’re fighting back now?

Rulan is surprised to hear Minglan fight back.

Molan is stunned with Minglan’s words and stomps off in front once Wang Ruofu is ready to be greeted.

The three daughters greet Wang Ruofu and are allowed to sit.

Then Wang Ruofu gifts some ginseng soup to Minglan to try while she worries about her getting too tired with managing affairs.

So she presents two maids to help her out.

Afterwards, Minglan reaches out to Molan to explain why she verbally fought back.

It’s her first day with management rights so she needs to represent her grandmother.

Besides, Molan has everything else. Looks, smarts and even the favor of their father.

Minglan convinces Molan that she’s doing this just temporarily. And eventually someone else will manage the household affairs.

Someone who has the Sheng family interests at heart. So Molan looks appeased, thinking she’s referring to her mother.

Minglan knows how to handle Molan so well.

Redeeming Changfeng

Molan reports this back to Madam Lin. Stressing that the future someone could only be her mother.

But speaking of Minglan, Madam Lin wonders if Minglan has been thinking of her birth mother recently.

Molan thinks not.

Because it was so long ago.

However, Molan believes they should assign some maids to Minglan’s courtyard.

Since they can’t trust her words. So Madam Lin asks Molan to pick some from her brother’s courtyard.

Because he has too many maids in his courtyard and can’t focus on his studies.

Ugh, this Changfeng is like Gu Tingye back in his playful days. Playing with women in his courtyard?

Madam Lin knows the perfect way to do this. She heads over to Sheng Hong’s study and acts pitiful to appeal to him.

Using her traumatic past. That Sheng Hong saved her from.

Then tells her husband that Changfeng wants to send some maids over to Minglan’s courtyard to help her out.

Sheng Hong approves. Thinking that the beating cleared his mind.

So Minglan gets more maids, courtesy of Madam Lin.

Sister Zhou drops them off and on her way out, she bumps into Old Madam Sheng’s trusted maid.

Who’s also sending over some help.

A high ranking, skilled servant named Cuiwei.


Cuiwei introduces herself to Minglan and tells her that she used to be a high ranking servant under Old Madam Sheng.

Grandma Sheng wants to make sure Minglan has backup ^^

Sister Zhou scoffs and rushes back to report to Madam Lin.

Old Madam Sheng Has Tricks Up her Sleeve

That night, Madam Lin tells Sister Zhou that “she” was very smart.

Because Minglan didn’t ask for any servants from Old Madam Sheng. So Madam Lin and Wang Roufu first sent some over.

Then Old Madam Sheng sent over hers.

A high ranking one to help Minglan control the new servants.

For Madam Lin to be able to analyze this so thoroughly is scary.

Meanwhile, Cuiwei puts down some rules in place for the new servants.

There are a total of five rules.

After narrating all of them, a new servant named Jiu’er speaks up. Asking if she can report someone giving her trouble.

Jiu’er is from Wang Ruofu’s courtyard.

What is considered purposely causing trouble? Cuiwei states that she’s doing that right now.

The punishment is hand strikes. And Danju grabs the beating stick.

In the background, Minglan is hard at work and making calculations in the books. While Xiaotao wonders if all the new servants will listen to Cuiwei.

Minglan tells Xiaotao that it’s up to themselves to listen.

Cuiwei then continues to ask everyone to coordinate with her while serving Minglan.

Sister Zhou is amazed that Minglan has this kind of foresight because the whole time, Sister Zhou was under the impression that they were talking about Minglan.

But Madam Lin argues that Minglan would never think of this. It must be Old Madam Sheng.

She wants to silently warn everyone not to scheme against her precious granddaughter.

Then Madam Lin sneers how Old Madam Sheng has changed after she started raising Minglan. She’s healthier now and plans on living long enough to pave a road for Minglan.

How was someone who was so close to death able to bounce back?

Oh wow, this Madam Lin is such a b**** to target the elderly now!?

An Old Friend

Hualan rushes back to her maiden home and meets up with her mother.

Concerned about her grandmother’s wellbeing.

Hualan enters her grandmother’s courtyard with her mother and finds out that she’s fine.

Old Madam Sheng is chatting with another elderly madam and comments how Hualan rushed here after hearing she was ill.

The elderly madam tells Hualan to pick some fabric that she brought so she can make beautiful outfits.

Old Madam Sheng then tells Hualan that she fibbed a little so she can escape the Yuan household.

She’s a prankster too. hahaha

Then introduces the elderly madam next to her as Old Madam He.

Old Madam He on the left

Who also brought her grandson along.

He Hongwen.


After Hualan greets Old Madam He and her grandson, her mother tells her to go look at the fabric.

And so everyone gets up to go look except Minglan and He Hongwen.

Both grandmothers are playing matchmaker. LOL

Minglan tells He Hongwen to sit down while they wait. And she asks Xiaotao to serve tea.

But the atmosphere is awkward between the two of them.

They start with small talk which opens up more conversation. Because He Hongwen thinks that if his grandmother was a man, she would be more renown.

Because her medical skills are extraordinary yet she’s stuck managing the household and teaching this unworthy grandson.

Minglan disagrees.

She tells him that his grandmother would be so touched to hear that he understands her struggles. While also commenting that he has successfully opened a clinic.

So he can’t be unworthy.

He Hongwen then warns her to not drink too much cold wine before bed.

And Minglan wonders how he knew.

Humble, understands women’s difficulties and knows how to crack jokes. Hmm, do we have a ship in the making?

A Wife’s Duty

Didn’t he tell her that he was a good physician?

Old Madam Sheng later tells Hualan to listen to Old Madam He and nourish her body so she can focus on having a second child.

Is that because Hualan doesn’t have a son yet?

Forget about managing the household affairs, having a child is a wife’s duty.

Wang Ruofu worries about giving the management to someone else and her mother-in-law shares some insight.

Hualan’s husband will never be heir so there’s no point for Hualan to shoulder all of the household’s affairs.


Besides, Hualan’s mother-in-law did this on purpose because she wants to tire out Hualan.

And Hualan comments that the accounts are indeed messy. Causing her to use her own funds to clear them out.

When Wang Ruofu hears this, she threatens to sue the other household.

Old Madam Sheng tells her to calm down and think of the bigger picture.

On another note, Hualan had heard that Madam Wu is hosting a polo event and wants her siblings to attend.

After Hualan and her mother leave Old Madam Sheng’s courtyard, her mother complains that she should have mentioned the polo event secretly to her.

But now that it’s out in the open, all three girls can attend.

Minglan is fine but Wang Ruofu grumbles about Molan.

Goodwill Should be Repaid

Because all of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes will be attending.

If Molan finds a good match through this event, Wang Ruofu will be so pissed off that she will cough up blood.

Hualan then tries to make her mother see this in a better light. Like helping Minglan find a good husband.

Because if Minglan finds a good husband, Old Madam Sheng will be pleased.

Hualan tells her mother that they must repay Old Madam Sheng’s goodwill.

Since Old Madam Sheng asked her good friend, Old Madam He, to stop by and help examine her body.


Ever since Hualan had a daughter, she hasn’t had much luck conceiving. But now with help, she should be able to have another child.

So they should repay Old Madam Sheng for this favor.

Wang Ruofu is reluctant but agrees.

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This Story of Minglan episode 15 was more of a set-up for things to come. As least in my opinion.

Minglan gets her own courtyard (finally!) and starts to establish herself.

She will have backup but this will test her skills and what she has learned throughout the years.

Old Madam Sheng is making plans for Minglan’s future. She allows He Hongwen and Minglan to chat privately but with maids observing. He’s probably one of the husband candidates Old Madam Sheng had in mind.

We don’t get to see much of Hualan since she was married off at the beginning of the show. But she’s very sensible and good hearted. I think she has the best qualities of Wang Ruofu and Sheng Hong.

Plus she learned from Old Madam Sheng for a bit. In contrast, Rulan, her younger sister, is too much like her mother.

Quick tempered and easily riled. While Changbai is too much like their father. A stickler for rules and the norms.

And the grandmothers playing cupid were TOO obvious.

What were your thoughts on this Story of Minglan episode 15? Leave a comment below!

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Aww thank you for the shout out. Next episode is one of your favorites. Can’t wait to see that recap and hear your thoughts on it. I love discussing shows and stuff so this is fun for me too reading your recaps and replying. Some days are harder for me than others as I’m working and having to reply via my phone but still lots of fun. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on 16 I know it’s one of your favorites and we get to see Minglan shine again.

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