The Story of Minglan Episode 16 Recap

It’s here! My favorite episode! Story of Minglan episode 16! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

We’ve seen some of Minglan’s moments but this time, she shows it off out in the open. Letting everyone know that Minglan is not to be underestimated!

Story of Minglan Episode 16 Recap Highlights:

  • Madam Wu hosts a polo event and Minglan attends with her sisters
  • During the event, Yanran faces some difficulties and Minglan rises up to help
  • Yuan Ruo gets involved and catches the attention of many eligible princesses

I’m so excited that I can’t wait to jump right into the recap! Story of Minglan Episode 16!

Madam Wu’s Polo Event

The Sheng family members have arrived to an open space outdoor area. Where Madam Wu is hosting her polo event.

Changfeng is filled with excitement and starts naming off the families and individuals he knows.


Before taking off to meet with Gu Tingye.

Molan thinks her brother is so shameful, complaining that he likes to get curry favors with people.

Wang Ruofu complains about Changfeng too but it’s more about how he’s not being productive while her son toils away in his new position.

Rulan then speaks up that she also wants to take off and play.

After Rulan leaves, Minglan points out to Wang Ruofu that Yanran has arrived as well. So Wang Ruofu tells her to go play.

It’s rare for their family to attend these events anways.


Minglan runs over to where Yanran is and greets her with a big hug.

She then tells the progress of an embroidery project she’s helping her with.

Because Yanran’s step mother forced it upon her.

Looks like Yanran has family problems of her own.

Yanran hugs her in thanks and promises to gift some Cuiren wine to her.


Meanwhile, Molan strolls around the seating area and wonders why Yuan Ruo hasn’t showed up yet. She was looking forward to seeing him here.

Then her servants point out Princess Jiacheng and Rong Feiyan.

Since they’re here, Yuan Ruo may be coming as well.

Princess Jiacheng is obvious but I wonder what Rong Feiyan’s background is.

Yanran and Minglan continue to chat while Minglan notices that Yanran’s sister and brother are here too.

Lady Rong, aka Rong Feiyan is in the teal blue robes
Yanran’s third little sister

Poetry Skills

Yuan Ruo shows up with a young master from the Liang household. He’s the sixth son that Madam Wu brought over to the Sheng household before.

He asks Yuan Ruo to compose a poem for freshly caught fish.

After Yuan Ruo recites a sad but beautiful poem, Molan comes in and praises Yuan Ruo’s poem. But volunteers to change it a bit because it sounds too sad.

And Liang Han, the young master from the Liang household becomes interested in Molan.

Some nearby scholars remark how Molan’s revisions have ruined the poem and Yuan Ruo faintly smiles.

But Liang Han brushes them off, telling them that they’re not good enough to criticize.

At the same time, a servant whispers into Lady Rong’s ear and she briefly glances at Yuan Ruo.

Looks like Yuan Ruo is very popular.

Yanran shares her worries with Minglan if she gets married off. Because her grandparents came to settle her marriage.

Once she’s married, they will return to their home town. And she will be all alone aside from Minglan.

Yanran then laments that not having a mother is like not having a father either. So Minglan tries to cheer her up.

Telling her that the two of them are supported by their grandparents.

Besides, Yanran’s grandpa is the IMPERIAL tutor. What’s there to be afraid of?

The third miss from the Yu household wins a polo match and earns a jade bracelet.

Yanran’s siblings, on the left is her third sister and the right is her second brother

A Lost Belonging

For the next prize, a servant walks around out in the open and shows it off.

It’s a golden hairpin.

Yanran stops the servant and picks up the hairpin. She recognizes that it’s one of her mother’s former belongings.

And she’s not sure how it ended up here.

It has her name carved on it and she definitely wants it back.

Minglan understands but tells Yanran that polo matches are played in pairs.

One man and one woman.

So who would Yanran play with? Yanran then recalls that one of Minglan’s brothers is here. Asking for his whereabouts.

And Minglan rushes to grab Changfeng from where he is sitting with Gu Tingye.

But not forgetting to greet Gu Tingye.

Gu Tingye watches with interest as Minglan pulls her brother to help Yanran.

Gu Tingye then asks the lady next to him about Yanran. She explains that Yanran is from the Yu household.

He counters that he’s acquainted with the young master from the Yu household but has never heard of her.

So she elaborates.

Yu Yanran is the only child from the former wife of Lord Yu. And Lord Yu remarried to another woman who then had two children.

This Yu Yanran is then neglected because she’s the outlier. However, she is known to be virtuous and gentle.

Gu Tingye starts getting ideas.

Meanwhile, Changfeng tells Yanran that it’s been awhile since he played polo. So he can’t guarantee that they will win.

Yanran’s younger sister and brother line up next to her.

She pleads with them to give her the hairpin if they end up winning.

But the younger sister refuses.

Before taking off to start the match.

This younger sister is such a brat. Probably pampered by the mother.

Polo Match for a Hairpin

The match begins.

First point goes towards the younger sister.

While Yanran and Changfeng are playing polo, Minglan is watching the match.

And Yuan Ruo walks over to greet her. He wasn’t aware that she liked watching polo.

Yanran’s younger sister scores another point and the match looks grim.

Yuan Ruo makes small talk with Minglan. He tells her that he’s tucked away the knee guards she made for him.

And Minglan denies it because they are in the public. They argue back and forth causing Minglan to raise her voice.

Yuan Ruo then reveals how much effort he put in to get her to come here. He sent an invitation to her older sister because he knew that if she got the invitation, she would invite her sisters.

If she didn’t come to today’s event. There would another event.

He would indirectly keep sending invites until they can meet.

And if they can’t meet at these events, there’s still the lantern festival.


Aww. Yuan Ruo. Such dedication!

Minglan is stunned by his words and asks if he’s drunk.

At the same time, Yanran’s sister scores another point.

It’s currently 3-to-0.

Minglan tells Yuan Ruo to stop telling her these things when she hears the gong again.

Another point for Yanran’s sister. With half of the time remaining.

And the gong rings again.

Yanran knows it’s hopeless to win so she begs her sister to yield the prize to her.

But she rather have it for herself just because Yanran desperately wants it.

What a b****

Minglan Steps Up

Yanran gives up and heads back to Minglan crying to her that it’s hopeless.

She’ll never get that hairpin.

Seeing how desperate she is, Minglan tells her she will take her place. And asks her maids to help her get ready.

Yuan Ruo calls after her wondering how she can take her place if she cannot even ride a horse.

While Gu Tingye continues to watch with interest.

Yanran’s sister sees Minglan step up and starts the polo match.

Minglan takes off with her horse and surprises Yuan Ruo with her skills.

Everyone watches as Minglan takes to the field. Minglan shows great polo skills and scores a point.

The gong rings.

Yanran’s younger brother argues with his younger sister, wondering why she attempted to pass it to Minglan.

But the younger sister clarifies that she didn’t want to pass the ball. She wanted to hit it.

Gu Tingye overhears their conversation and thinks the match has become very interesting.

His lady friend comments how Minglan lives like the sun. And he responds that she (Minglan) has had a harsh life.

Gu Tingye has been watching her all this time. XD

Madam Wu watches the match with enthusiasm, thinking how Minglan reminds her of her youth.

And wants her son to watch as well. But he’s occupied with Molan.

Who Madam Wu eyes with distain.

Yu family’s third miss gestures for her brother to pull a dirty trick to get Minglan to fall off her horse. But he fails and ends on the ground himself.

Another point scored. Minglan has almost evened the score.


The injured second brother from the Yu family pretends to be heavily injured and volunteers Gu Tingye to play on his behalf.

Gu Tingye agrees but he will only play with his left hand.

Yuan Ruo Takes the Field

Changfeng mocks Gu Tingye for using his left hand and sees Gu Tingye make a goal without much effort.

Then he pales and gives up.

However Minglan still wants to play even if she’s all alone. Madam Wu can’t stand for this and volunteers to play alongside her.

But Yuan Ruo speaks up as well.

Minglan tells Yuan Ruo that he cannot play with her since he’s an outsider.

But he argues that Gu Tingye is an outsider as well. Seeing her reluctance, Yuan Ruo asks if Minglan still wants the hairpin.

She does so the matter is settled. He will play alongside her.

Princess Jiacheng in pink

So now it’s Minglan and Yuan Ruo versus Gu Tingye and Miss Yu.

All the girls get excited hearing that Yuan Ruo is playing.

Yuan Ruo looks so handsome on horseback and the girls swoon.

The match is intense and on the side, everyone else has their own thoughts.

Wang Ruofu wonders why Yuan Ruo is helping Minglan and asks Rulan.

Rulan sees it as Yuan Ruo being nice because he can’t bear to see someone bullying the weak.

So Rulan is happy as long as Yuan Ruo never looks at Molan.

With not much time left, Minglan makes the final point.

And the match ends with a bang.


Minglan’s team wins.

Madam Wu graciously offers the hairpin to Minglan who gives it to her friend.


Gu Tingye returns to his seat and doesn’t mind losing to Minglan and her friend.

That’s a second time now Gu Tingye. You’ve lost to Minglan twice.

Because he saw how desperate Yanran was to get that hairpin.

Besides if Yanran owes him a favor, that’s not bad either.

Yuan Ruo and Minglan?

On the way home, Molan criticizes Minglan for playing polo with a male outside of their family.

Minglan explains that it was purely a coincidence because her brother left the field. And Yuan Ruo pitied her.

Then counter argues.

If Molan helped convince Changfeng get back to the field instead of flirting with the young master from the Liang household, then it wouldn’t have happened.

Ohhhhh burn. Molan has nothing against Minglan. She only won before because Minglan never verbally fought back.

In another carriage, Yuan Ruo asks Buwei if he found out where Minglan will be resting along the way.

And Buwei reports good news.

All because Molan and her maids were so eager to spill the beans.

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We made to Story of Minglan episode 16! I love how Minglan stood up for her best friend Yanran. She sees herself in Yanran because they both lost their mothers.

And are treated unfairly in their own households. The only ones truly good to them are their grandparents.

Gotta love Yuan Ruo’s devotion and dedication. Who’s heart wouldn’t sway because of that? Minglan is surely touched. Will she take a chance?

Madam Wu is so straightforward too. She eyed Molan and was like “what’s so good about false pretenses and a beautiful face?” Not understanding what her son sees in Molan.

I know she wants to pair her son with Minglan but I don’t think they’re a good match at all. She wants someone who can probably control her playful son.

Minglan would be so miserable fending off all the women this son collects like trophies. If Molan wants to do that, go right ahead.

Ah Molan. If Molan knew that Yuan Ruo doesn’t have any interest in her, wouldn’t she burn with rage? XD

She’s always determined to be the best at everyone and yet Yuan Ruo only has eyes for Minglan. Hahaha I feel like that’s karma.

Gu Tingye secretly helped out to fulfill Minglan and Yanran’s wishes. Sure, he may have another motive (getting into Yanran’s good graces). But he saw how desperate they looked and wanted to do some goodwill.

He has a good heart but everyone else just sees the surface. And judges him based on that.

Alright! Since I’ve reached Story of Minglan episode 16, I’ve met my goal for the week. But I will continue on until I finish this series!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I had to go home and rewatch this episode before I commented because I couldn’t remember for the life of me who was sitting with Tingye in the booth. My memory wanted to say it was Manniang but I kept thinking that couldn’t be it other wise why would she

react the way she does when Tingye makes the formal offer for Yanran’s hand and seriously I’m looking forward to those recaps and that first real interaction between Tingye and Minglan. Yeah it’s an argument but it’s still the first time they’ve ever talked without the mitigating presence of her siblings so it still made for an interesting argument along with his comment about offering for her and her saying she’d never marry him. Famous last words
Prostitute Wei, his confidant and I believe the head madam at maybe the Fan house can’t remember. Gah this was such a good episode. Poor Yuan Ruo you really feel his sincerity but he doesn’t seem to understand the position he keeps putting Minglan in with his attentions. Both Rong and Princess Jiaying wanted to know who the girl he was playing Jijiu with was and Rong at least didn’t look to pleased with the fact that he was playing with Minglan at all.
Qi Heng just doesn’t seem to comprehend the different worlds they live in or the enormity of the effort he would have to take to actually make Minglan his wife. I can’t remember if it was Danju or Xiatou who scolds him later for leading Minglan on then saying he had no choice when he married Jiaying instead. His heart is in the right place but when it comes to actually fighting for what he wants well that part is tricky since he’s never had to fight for anything before in his life. It’s ok when it’s just his parents he’s fighting against but when it becomes more people he caves. Which is why gah I just love that scene between Yuanruo and Tingye where he offers to do all the fighting for Yuanruo so that Yuanruo can marry Minglan all he has to do is give his consent and he won’t do it. It’s heavy with so much unsaid, between the lines innuendo that makes so much more sense after you get to the part where Tingye works so hard to make Minglan his bride. That was Yuanruo’s one chance to have Minglan and he gave it up no second chances from Tingye.
I really can’t wait till you get to that episode. OMG we are getting to so many of my favorite moments soon I can’t wait.

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Tingye rescued the damsel in distress while looking like a bearded pirate. Rongjie is adorable. Minglan and Tingye have and actual conversation that doesn’t entail him accusing her of foiling his future prospects and he starts looking at her seriously as a future prospect. Its a really good episode for the change in their relationship which has gone from aquaintances to enemies to now approaching friends in episode 23

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