The Story of Minglan Episode 22 Recap

Story of Minglan Episode 22! Minglan gets an unexpected surprise and needs to take a break with her grandmother. So they go on a trip.

Story of Minglan Episode 22 Recap Highlights:

  • Duchess Qi pays a visit to the Sheng household but it’s not for the reason Yuan Ruo wanted
  • Minglan and Old Madam Sheng go on a trip
  • The trip is not as smoothly as one thought

Yuan Ruo is cute but he’s not strong enough to be a decent second lead. And this episode highlights one of his weaknesses.

Ready for another episode? Let’s talk about the Story of Minglan episode 22!

Some Things Must be Done

Old Madam Sheng wants Minglan to share her thoughts about what she thinks she did wrong.

So Minglan starts with Changbai.

Since her second brother treats her so well she shouldn’t have included him in her scheming.

If she forgets who she is while plotting these schemes, she will end up like Madam Lin.

Who has no bottom line.

Old Madam Sheng nods in agreement then asks if Minglan is afraid of her scolding.

But Minglan remarks that she is. However, Old Madam Sheng’s scolding makes her feel reassured that she’s on the right path.

Then Old Madam Sheng asks if Minglan would do this again if Changbai was her brother from the same mother.

Minglan responds that she would be protected instead. So what about being born under Wang Ruofu? Under Madam Lin?

Then Minglan states that she would be protected either way. So no further action on her part.

Old Madam Sheng finally praises Minglan for a brilliant move. She’s not angry with her at all.

She’s just upset that Minglan was tossing and turning about her decisions.

When in life, you must do what needs to be done.

Because you must walk your own life.

If Minglan could turn back time, would she do it again?

Minglan says she would.

And Old Madam Sheng slams her hand on the table. Yes, she should!


I felt like Old Madam Sheng’s message was like Minglan don’t hesitate to fight back! Her granddaughter endured so long and she shouldn’t feel guilty about fighting back.

Old Madam Sheng then mentions that Changbai’s wedding is coming up in two days.

Afterwards, Minglan will find out what her future holds (Because Yuan Ruo will have his mother bring up marriage on the wedding day.)

Pins and Needles

Yuan Ruo rides alongside his mother’s carriage and escorts her into the Sheng household.

He’s full of smiles with expectations on what’s to come.

Wang Ruofu then escorts Duchess Qi through the Sheng premises before leading her to a separate hall to chat.

Old Madam Sheng and all three Sheng daughters are there.

Duchess Qi makes small talk with Old Madam Sheng and Wang Ruofu. While Minglan, Molan and Rulan sit off to the side, patiently listening.

The discussion revolves around how one good son is better than many unruly sons.

Because if Yuan Ruo was just like Gu Tingye, Duchess Qi may get angered to death.

Old Madam Sheng is so calm while Wang Ruofu is on pins and needles. The latter believes that Duchess Qi is here to propose marriage I believe.

Duchess Qi asks her servant to call in Yuan Ruo to thank Old Madam Sheng for her praise.

Meanwhile, Duchess Qi praises Rulan for having the air of a dignified legitimate miss. And Wang Ruofu beams in response.

Moments later, Yuan Ruo rushes in. Then composes himself before greeting Old Madam Sheng.


He sits down and then lets out a big sigh. To ease his nervousness.

OMG is it happening? Will his mother ask for marriage like he thought?

Duchess Qi then starts discussing how Wang Ruofu is so fortunate to have more than one daughter. Because they can help the mother pick out rouge and powder.

So then she calls out to Yuan Ruo. Who reponds back wondering what she will ask next.

Unexpected Outcome

Duchess Qi then states how Yuan Ruo has always wanted a little sister so why don’t they take this opportunity to recognize one of them as his real sister?

Mother, what did you just say? Yuan Ruo’s expression is priceless

Yuan Ruo gets up and asks if his mother is drunk. Because he can escort her to a side room to rest.

But his mother responds that she’s not drunk. She brought presents today for exactly that purpose.

Duchess Qi’s servant brings in some pearls that are suppose to be the gift. And Yuan Ruo is ordered to help his sisters wear the gift.

Then Old Madam Sheng chimes in and points out that Minglan is the only one who doesn’t have an actual brother. So it would be an honor for her to call Yuan Ruo her brother.

Minglan walks over to Yuan Ruo and greets him as an older brother.

Yuan Ruo has no choice but to accept her greeting and give her a pearl necklace.

That night, Rulan scarfs down a piping hot bowl of dumplings(?). She complains that she can never eat her fill at banquets.

But at least this time, she got a pearl necklace.

Wang Ruofu is preparing to turn in for the night as well and comments how Duchess Qi brilliantly shot down any hope of the Sheng daughters marrying into the Qi household.

Her daughter didn’t care at all so it’s back to the drawing board for marriage prospects.

But she would LOVE to see Madam Lin’s expression right now. Because Molan was obviously devastated with today’s turn of events.

Meanwhile, Old Madam Sheng is outside of Minglan’s room, inquiring if she went to bed yet.


She orders nearby servants to keep a close eye on Minglan’s courtyard.

So gossip doesn’t occur.

A Faint Wish

Old Madam Sheng returns to her own residence that night and criticizes herself for not seeing clearly. She should have known Yuan Ruo would never be able to convince his mother.

But she had hope.

And thought it would be nice if Minglan had someone who could dote on her.

Especially since Minglan has been walking on eggshells for most of her life.

She then tells her maid to use a rod to beat anyone from the Qi household who dares to mention the topic of brothers and sisters.

Grandma Sheng truly cares for Minglan and I love how fierce she can be XD

Old Madam Sheng comments out loud that she needs to help Minglan plan a great marriage prospect.

So Minglan can live comfortably and away from schemes.

A trip to a former hometown

In the morning, Old Madam Sheng gets notified that Minglan fell ill and is sick with a fever.

Most likely from crying too much the previous night.

So Old Madam Sheng orders for a physician and then asks her maid to call for her son.

To eat breakfast together.

At breakfast Old Madam Sheng brings up their relatives from the first branch of the Sheng family. How one of their sons have gotten married.

Then she mentions that one of their madams has been meaning to catch up with her. So she wants to pay them a visit in Youyang.

Sheng Hong thinks that someone should accompany her. And each person he brings up is rejected.

So Old Madam Sheng tells him that she’ll take Minglan along.

And return the household management back to Wang Ruofu. Since it’s been long enough that she was punished.

When Old Madam Sheng finishes eating, she tells Sheng Hong that when he’s done, he should go see Changbai’s new bride.

Shen Hong doesn’t look like he finished eating though, but stops at his mother’s request. LOL

Changbai and his new wife greet Sheng Hong and Wang Ruofu.

Hai Zhaoyun on the right

Wang Ruofu puts on airs as a mother-in-law and reminds her daughter-in-law to follow the rules and act appropriately.

Heading to Youyang

The trip to Youyang is by boat and Old Madam Sheng is resting within her own quarters.

Minglan comes in suggestion that they reach out to the other boats with their name plaques so they can look out for each other.

Nanny Fang (Old Madam Sheng’s head maid) heads out to do so.

Minglan asks if her grandmother still feels dizzy while the latter asks her if she’s more open minded now.

If she’s accepted and moved on from the disappointment.

So she replies that she’s taking this opportunity to enjoy the scenery and let go of the past.

Old Madam Sheng is glad to hear Minglan has moved on.

When they get a chance to land, Minglan should grab a bit to eat and rest her legs. So Minglan brings up that she might as well grab some honey too.

Since her grandmother can’t finish the bitter medicine otherwise. But Old Madam Sheng points out that just the other time, she was able to. After sucking on a dried plum.

Love these granddaughter and grandmother moments!

Nanny Fang returns and mentions that one of the boats nearby is from the Qi household.

And Yuan Ruo wants a word with her.

Else, he will follow her all the way to Youyang. Old Madam Sheng comments how lovely youth can be.

Having the energy to vigorously pursue something. But in the end, if you cannot accomplish it, there’s no point in spouting more words.

Even if you use a thousand words or ten thousand words.

But things must end cleanly so Old Madam Sheng tells Minglan to meet with Yuan Ruo to close this gap.

She can’t be like Yanran who’s been sheltered by Old Madam Yu and cannot deal with matters that come knocking down her door.

Spoken Promises

Yuan Ruo and his carriage secretly follow behind Minglan’s.

And they find a place to meet.

Yuan Ruo explains that he didn’t expect things to happen like this.

So he will try again and get his mother to agree. He promises that once she returns from Youyang, there will be good news.

Because aside from her, he doesn’t want to marry anyone else.

Minglan tells him that they are currently siblings now so why even bother.

And she turns to leave. But Yuan Ruo has a gift for her.


It’s a pair of matching dolls. And he has the other one tucked safely away.

Nanny Fang helps Minglan take it.

Back on the boat, Minglan is lost in thought.

I wonder if she wants to give Yuan Ruo another chance?

Xiaotao comments how Yuan Ruo wants to marry her but can he do it? Minglan tells her he can.

So Xiaotao says she’ll give Yuan Ruo another chance.

At night, Minglan recalls her latest meetings with Yuan Ruo and tears up.

She knows that the difficulty is really high but it’s too late now. Because he has given her hope.

Hope that he can be with her.

Seeing her tears, Xiaotao lends her a shoulder and sings a song to comfort her.

Water Pirates

But then they are interrupted by screams from across the water. Nearby they see water pirates attacking one of the boats.

Minglan orders Xiaotao to inform everyone to snuff their candles while she heads off to look for her grandmother.

Nanny Fang is trying to get her madam to wake but she’s in a heavy stupor.

Minglan tells them that they must take action now instead of waiting it out.

So she tells Nanny Fang to arrange a small boat to carry them offshore.

Because the closest patrol is nearby.

But there’s only one boat left so Minglan tells Nanny Fang to leave with her grandmother.

Nanny Fang knows she intends to stay behind but there’s nothing she can do.

After they leave, Minglan tells everyone to stay indoors and stay quiet.

Hopefully, they can get through this.

But as soon as she and Xiaotao close the doors, hooks burst through the screens, startling them.

The water pirates have discovered this boat.

Xiaotao shivers in fright and clutches onto Minglan who tells her to get up quickly.

They run to the top of the boat and try to hide.

The two of them overhear the pirates asking about valuables from servants of the Sheng family.

And they reveal that they have nothing because their old madam already left on a small boat.

So much for loyalty, when it’s life or death most people are selfish for their own lives.

But the pirates stab the servants anyway. After they leave, Minglan tells Xiaotao to jump into the water.

It’s their chance.

Xiaotao jumps into the water while Minglan knocks some things over to deter the pirates coming to the top of the boat.

While Xiaotao is wading in the water, the pirates see her.

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Oh Yuan Ruo, you are too naive. And I guess you don’t know your mother that well.

Poor Minglan, she didn’t want to expect anything but Yuan Ruo kept pursuing her and giving her hope.

Even Old Madam Sheng was hoping for it too. She knew the chances were slim but she wanted to believe that Minglan could be elevated to a better status for a better life.

And when it failed, she thought she should have known better.

I love how wise Old Madam Sheng is and how well she raised Minglan. If she were like Old Madam Yu, Minglan may turn out differently.

Because Yanran’s been sheltered so much that she cannot handle tough situations.

Changbai’s new wife looks like a decent person, time will tell.

In the meantime, how will Minglan and Xiaotao get out of this sticky situation?

Thoughts on this Story of Minglan episode 22? Leave a comment below!

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4 years ago

Great recap as always. So psyched that the next one. Don’t mind me I started the Korean Drama Goblin and it’s really good I’m only on episode 2 and I’m enjoying it alot. If you ever decide to venture into K-drama’s I recommend it even if i haven’t finished it yet. This episode always felt like more of a filler episode. It’s there for us to meet Changbai’s wife, to be told Minglan turned over the keys to the household back to Wang Roufou and the let us know that Yuanruo wasn’t going to give up. Nothing of note to… Read more »

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