The Story of Minglan Episode 25 Recap

Story of Minglan episode 25! Another damsel in distress, and Gu Tingye to the rescue!

This show highlights some of his good traits which is why he’s the male lead for our beloved Minglan. Someone is getting inspiration from those martial art dramas. Where the hero saves the damsel and the damsel falls in the love with the hero…

Story of Minglan Episode 25 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan successfully helps Shulan divorce her husband
  • During a funeral procession, bandits attack and Minglan is on the run only to be saved by Gu Tingye
  • Minglan and her grandmother head back to the capital by carriage

I broke my two episode a day streak yesterday but still chugging along XD

What happens in Story of Minglan episode 25? Let’s jump right into the recap!

Amicable Separation

Minglan, Pinlan and He Hongwen rush back to the Sheng manor on their horses.

Because time is of the essence.

At the Sheng manor, the situation is getting out of hand and Eldest Old Madam smashes a tea cup down on the ground to grab attention.

The situation doesn’t look too good.

But Pinlan arrives just in time with the registration deed.

She passes the deed to her father and steps off to the side. With a smile on their face.

With this, they can get the result they need.

Because Sun Xiucai/Sun Zhigao forgot to obtain BOTH deeds that represent the prostitute’s freedom, she is technically still tied to the brothel. And for a promising scholar like Sun Xiucai, disgracing his legal wife for a prostitute hurts his future prospects.

So Shulan’s father threatens to complain to the academy of scholars about Sun Xiucai’s misdeed.

As a scholar, he is well aware of the norms and is intentionally trying to break one now.

Old Eldest Madam proposes that they separate amicably.

In return, Sun Xiucai can have half the dowry.

One of the Sun clan elders thanks Old Eldest Madam for her generosity.

While Madam Sun nudges her son, saying that half the dowry is already good enough.

She doesn’t want to do any more manual labor.

Oh how the tables have turned! Take that, Sun Xiucai!

Sun Xiucai knows he has lost. So he agrees to separating amicably.

The documents have already been prepared. All that’s left is the signatures.

Sun Xiucai signs first with his thumbprint. Then Shulan goes next.

But instead of using the same ink, she bites her finger and signs in blood. (Implying that whatever he touched is so dirty that she doesn’t want to touch it as well.)

Preparing for the Inevitable

However, Sun Xiucai can’t help but remark how he and Shulan were a bad pair.

So he advises her to be more virtuous the next time she gets married. And Shulan walks over to spit on him.

What did she ever see in him anyways? He was so cocky to pass the exams at 12 and he’s still stuck as a Xiucai. So much for future counselor-in-chief. Hmph!

That night, Old Madam Sheng lectures Minglan for taking such a huge risk. But Minglan comments that she was very careful.

Wearing a veil to hide her face and everything.

It was all worth it because Shulan was able to be free.

Old Madam Sheng then comments that with this most recent event, Minglan has learned a lot more about the ways of the world.

Especially when it comes to internal family affairs. Eldest Old Madam was strict yet flexible when negotiating the outcome. And the Sun family had no choice but to accept.

However, Old Madam Sheng warns that if Shulan was married to a more noble house and the son-in-law was just like Sun Xiucai, the issue would be very difficult to handle.

She wants Minglan to take these experiences to prepare for the inevitable.

Because there’s no guarantee what would happen.

In contrast, Molan and Rulan are missing out on these lessons. Molan is getting educated on how to honey trap a man while Rulan isn’t learning much except to consider her status. (What is Rulan learning from her mother anyways?)

Old Madam Sheng tells Minglan that she sincerely wishes Minglan to be married in a simple household.

So that her life can be smooth.

Before they can chat further, Nanny Fang bursts in.

Eldest Old Madam isn’t doing too well.

Losing a Kin

Eldest Old Madam calls for Shu’er. And everyone wonders who that is.

So Old Madam Sheng clarifies that it’s actually Sheng Shu. A deceased aunt from their family.

Eldest Old Madam threatens to sue Sheng Huaizhong for favoring the concubine and neglecting the wife.

No wonder why the Sheng family stresses so much on this.

Before passing away.


Days later, it gets even colder and snow falls.

Minglan finishes writing her letter to her aunt and asks Xiaotao to send it out. There’s no postal service so they need to ask someone to deliver it by boat.

Meanwhile, she gets prepared to attend the funeral procession.

Old Madam Sheng stays behind because it’s too cold. While the young ones continue ahead.

The funeral procession heads toward the burial site but they are attacked by bandits.

Hearing the ruckus, Minglan peaks outside from her carriage and sees the bandits.

So she tells Pinlan and Shulan to get ready to flee.

Minglan leaves in a separate direction from the other two and they get separated in the chaos.


Moments later, soldiers jump into the fray just as Minglan heads for the hills.

A soldier on a horse rushes to rescue her and pulls her onto the horse.

Minglan takes her hairpin and stabs at the soldier’s leg, not knowing it’s Gu Tingye.

She stops stabbing him after he tells her that it’s him.

And Gu Tingye takes her to safety.

Meanwhile, everyone else that attended the funeral procession returns to the Sheng manor.

Shulan’s father explains that there were bandits so they couldn’t bury his mother properly.

Then Old Madam Sheng notices that Minglan is missing.

And orders them to find her immediately.

Gu Tingye’s Rank

Meanwhile, Minglan and Gu Tingye are resting at a small shop on the outskirts of town.

Shitou arrives and reports that the bandits infiltrated the city from the side.

Because it was loosely guarded. But they will get rid of them soon enough.

Then notices Minglan and comments they meet again. What a coincidence.

Gu Tingye signals Shitou to leave but before Shitou does, he salutes Gu Tingye by his rank: Yuhou.

Yuhou is the rank for the military who guards the mountain passes.

Minglan comments that he would be promoted faster if he was on the front-lines.

And Gu Tingye asks her why she thinks he’s not there.

Minglan guesses that he achieved victory too quickly so he was sent here.

And she’s right.

Minglan understands him very well. Hahaha I think Gu Tingye is amazed by her and starts thinking that no one sees this hidden gem.

Gu Tingye comments that he wants to build his own honor and status through his own merits.

And eventually live a carefree life. Minglan rises to give him a toast.


Because she admires him.

Gu Tingye believes she can do it too but Minglan says she can’t.

The conversation is cut short when Shitou returns and informs them that the streets are cleared of bandits.

So it’s time for Minglan to head back.

Alone. But Gu Tingye gives her a spring-loaded device that spits arrows (Xiu Jian).

Just for her safety.

Escorting Minglan Home

On the way back, Minglan encounters one bandit but she uses the xiu jian to strike him in the leg.

But he still tries to attack her until she shoots it again. The bandit realizes she’s dangerous so he runs away.

Minglan moves forward not knowing that Gu Tingye is behind her.

It turns out Gu Tingye shot the bandit, not her.

Minglan’s aim was wayyy off.

Shitou wonders why they are secretly escorting her. And Gu Tingye explains that her reputation is at stake.


Because people will gossip if he escorts her home. Then he comments that internal affairs is like it’s own battlefield.

Minglan returns home and her grandmother is so relieved.

She didn’t think there would be bandits here so she plans to leave before New Years instead.

Because the emergence of bandits suggests chaotic times ahead. Especially in the capital.

They will return to Bianjing (the capital) by carriage.

Members of the Sheng family send them off.

Gu Tingye follows close behind as well.

When Minglan and her grandmother make a pit shop to rest, Gu Tingye and Shitou set up a camp fire.

Rongjie wonders why they’re not over there eating as well.


Shitou snickers in response and Gu Tingye tells him to scram.

Awww Gu Tingye’s just not honest.

Then Ronjie requests they travel faster so they can see Nanny Chang sooner. But Gu Tingye tells his daughter that his head hurts from the cold.

So he can’t travel that fast.

Shitou chokes on his water in laughter.

Rongjie asks if they’re going slow to escort the big sister that fell into the water whom they rescued.

Rongjie is such a bright child and super cute too.

Gu Tingye doesn’t answer but tells Rongjie to call Minglan auntie.

Arrival in Bianjing

Shitou comments that hierarchy is all messed up.

At another resting spot, Minglan and her group are unaware of bandits who are eager to rob them.

But Gu Tingye takes care of them when they refuse to let this catch go.


These bandits are no match for Gu Tingye and off to the side, Shitou asks Rongjie to recite a piece of literature.

In moments, Gu Tingye has beaten them all up.

And several days later, Minglan and her grandmother arrive in Bianjing.

Sheng Hong and several others greet them as they get off the carriage. They were waiting for them here at the monastery.

After seeing them enter the monastery, Gu Tingye decides to head home as well.

After several bouts of knocking, Nanny Chang decides to open the door. And is surprised to see Gu Tingye at her doorstep.

Nanny Chang is thrilled to see him and welcomes him in.

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Five more episodes to go until we hit the 30s! Woohoo!

In Story of Minglan episode 25, we see just how difficult it is to get a divorce. When marriages don’t work out.

You have to get the clan elders involved and discuss it. It’s not just husband and wife. Bu thankfully Shulan has Minglan’s help and insight.

She may be divorced but at least she did it in a way where she can get married again.

Gu Tingye and Minglan’s private moment made me gush with happiness. Minglan catches him off guard when she tells him she admires him.

And when he hears that she can’t do the same, I wonder if he feels like he wants to protect her?

Either way, I think this is the start of something. Gu Tingye has always been observing her, watching her grow up in the face of adversity. It’s so tough for Minglan but she doesn’t give up.

I also thought it was funny when Gu Tingye wasn’t honest with Rongjie. Shitou knows what’s going on ^^

What were your thoughts on this Story of Minglan episode 25? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

That spit scene was epic! I had to rewatch Doctor He would be such a good match with minglan! The two of them are so intelligent and can read people easily. That spit scene was epic! I had to rewind it three times That scene of the widest eldest Grandma passing was so sad. I really wonder what the story is behind the aunt who’s name she was calling out as she passed away This countryside is fraught with peril. Bandits everywhere!! So scary I like how minglan’s character is not afraid to rescue herself. Whether fighting off bandits on… Read more »

3 years ago

I loved these episodes in another Sheng household and I am so enjoying these longer interactions between Gu Tingye and Minglan, especially when she guessed the reason for his low status in the army right away! Hopefully, things will start turning up for our poor Tingye now! Also I loved the bit when Tingye called Minglan “open-minded and refined” only in his heart <3. Shitou knows what's up! 😀 By the way, he introduced himself as "Baiye" to the person he rescued and later to the commander, right? Is it another of his names or is he hiding his true… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Yup, it helps, thank you for your insight! 🙂

3 years ago

This episode is so amusing in a lot of ways, but mostly because of Shitou subtly calling Tignye out on his BS. When Tingye is shaking his head at Minglan while he and Shitou follow her and talking about how he praised her as being refined and open minded only for her to turn around and behave like that. Shitou is all really you said that cause I didn’t hear you maybe you said it in your heart.

Also Shitou’s comment about wondering if Tingye is aiming for Minglan as a reward which Tingye brushes off as BS but Shitou is definitely aware that something is going on there.

I love how Minglan points out to her grandmother that her aunt thought she was marrying Shulan into a simple household and it turned into the mess it was.

definite foreshadowing of the issues that will hinder her marriage to He Hongwen lol not the Tingye had anything to do with that or anything
Both know what they want out of their future partner for Minglan and each thinks they know who is better Minglan thinking its Yuanruo who is going against his mother for her and grandma Sheng who thinks He Hongwen who knows well about women suffering and leads a simple life.
In the end it’s neither of these men who live up to expectations of protecting and fighting for Minglan

I loved Tingye’s fight scene. I mean I take it with a grain of salt about believeability wise but I still loved it. I also loved how Shitou is shielding Rong’er from the battle by having her look away and recite literature to drown out the sounds of battle.

Breaking the streak was bound to happen eventually. Real life interferes with us all.

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Yup I’m already to episode 28……..dun dun dun lol. I have to work and teach dance tomorrow so not watching for me tomorrow. I’ll just be commenting on whatever episode gets posted tomorrow.

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