The Story of Minglan Episode 26 Recap

Minglan is now back in the capital. And she starts to move her plans for revenge further along in Story of Minglan episode 26. She finally finds out how her mother died so she knows who to target.

Nothing will get in her way for revenge!

Story of Minglan Episode 26 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan meets up with her aunt and an old acquaintance
  • Gu Tingye decides to enroll Rongjie in school
  • During a festival, Rong Feiyan gets kidnapped

How will Minglan plan her revenge? If it’s truly Madam Lin, Minglan will have to tread carefully. Let’s find out in the Story of Minglan episode 26 recap!

Catching Up

Inside the monastery, Sheng Hong tells his mother it’s great to see her safe and sound.

Despite the long journey.

Then Wang Ruofu shares some good news. Hualan was able to get pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.

Which means Hualan has secured her position now. She gave birth to an heir so the in-laws shouldn’t give her that much trouble anymore.


Old Madam Sheng takes an opportunity to let Minglan pay respects to her deceased mother.

Since they’re here at the monastery anyways. And off to the side, Sheng Hong looks like he has a bad taste in his mouth.

Hmm, so after so many years, Sheng Hong doesn’t care for Minglan’s mother.

Minglan takes her leave and carefully walks down the stairs outside since it’s raining.

Someone rushes towards her and conveniently slips while passing her a message.

Very smooth.

Then Minglan informs the other servants accompanying her that she promised to recite sutras in front of her mother’s mortuary tablet.

So they don’t need to accompany her.

After they leave, Minglan heads into the hall where mortuary tablets are placed and reads the message she received.


It’s from her aunt and she has important news to share.

So she will be coming to the capital and will meet her at their usual place.

Minglan then burns the message.

Planning for Rongjie

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye is catching up with Nanny Chang. The latter comments how both Gu Tingye and Rongjie have gotten skinnier.

Gu Tingye shares that he wasn’t able to find Changge and Rongjie was stuck with him the whole time so she experienced some hardships.

But he came back because someone told him that he shouldn’t ruin Rongjie’s future.

Hahaha that “someone” is obviously Minglan. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

So he plans on having Rongjie stay here with Nanny Chang so she can be raised properly.

While attending school, because the more educated you are, the less likely you will be swindled.

Just like he was.

But Nanny Chang knows nothing about schooling. Not to worry. Gu Tingye mentions that he will ask his friend Changbai tomorrow morning.

The next morning, Changbai comes over to eat breakfast with Gu Tingye.

Gu Tingye brings up schooling for Rongjie and Changbai considers it. He recalls that the ladies from the Hai household have private schooling.

So he could bring Rongjie to attend those lessons too.


Gu Tingye thanks him for this favor.

Love the friendship between these two!

And calls over Rongjie to thank Changbai too.

Changbai finishes his breakfast and needs to leave because court affairs have been busy lately.

But while he is leaving, Rongjie remembers that Changbai is brothers with the “auntie” they escorted.

And Gu Tingye failed to cover her mouth before she spoke.

Changbai looks at Gu Tingye strangely while Gu Tingye explains.

Then remarks that Gu Tingye is such an odd person. He doesn’t tell people his good deeds but when it comes to bad deeds, he takes the heat for them.


Madam Wu’s Intentions

On the way to the monastery, Madam Wu waits in her carriage until a maid comes back to report the news.

There are several carriages waiting to pick up Old Madam Sheng and various other Sheng family members. So they can’t pass for now.

Madam Wu wants to take this opportunity to greet Old Madam Sheng and take a look at Minglan.


She rushes over to and calls out to Wang Roufu, saying that it’s such a coincidence they met.

While greeting Old Madam Sheng.

Madam Wu tells the group that she’s here to help pray for her youngest son. Since he’s the only one yet to marry.

And she hopes for a great daughter-in-law and happens to glance over at Minglan.

Then she asks Wang Roufu if she’s heard the latest rumors lately. About how Yuan Ruo and his mother are at odds with each other.

With the former abstaining from food until his mother relents.

Madam Wu is talking to Wang Ruofu but she wants Minglan to hear this as well.

After the group excuses themselves, Madam Wu talks to no one in particular but hopes that “she” understands. It’s easier to enter her household than the Qi household.

Man, Madam Wu really wants Minglan for her son. But doesn’t she see that her son doesn’t like Minglan?

Minglan’s Intentions

That night, Old Madam Sheng summons Minglan.

She mentions Madam Wu’s words and knows that the two of them understood who the words were meant for.

And wonders what Minglan is thinking.

Seeing her deep in thought, Old Madam Sheng wonders if she still has hopes for this marriage with Yuan Ruo.

And warns that if Minglan wanted to be back out afterwards, her parents would never offend Duchess Qi for her.

Would Minglan then want this old bag of bones to fight for her?

Old Madam Sheng then sighs remarking how Minglan has forgotten all of her teachings just for a man.

Minglan explains to her grandmother that she feels like a traitor if she doesn’t hang on.

Because Yuan Ruo is willing to fight for them. When he never had to fight for anything in his life.


Minglan tells her grandmother that she knows the dangers of entering that household. And what difficulties she’ll face.

But she’s willing.

Old Madam Shen then sighs, she warns her that there will be many hardships ahead.

Days later, it’s the lantern festival.

Minglan, Rulan and Molan get a chance to head out and enjoy the lanterns. Once Minglan and Xiaotao are out in the streets, Xiaotao informs Minglan that they need to look for someone wearing a ghost mask.

But it looks difficult because almost everyone is wearing a ghost mask. Moments later, someone dressed in all black with a ghost mask approaches them and leads them to a nearby alleyway.

Xiaotao informs the guards that Minglan’s hairdo needs to be redone. So they need to maintain their distance.

Minglan sees that the person in disguise was Buwei.

A Promise

He reports to her about Yuan Ruo’s condition. How he has been refusing to eat and drink because he wants to defy his mother.

Buwei wants Minglan to pass along a message to his young lord so he can stop tormenting himself.

But before Minglan can reply, Xiaotao reports that patrol guards are telling people to return home.

Ending the event early.

So Minglan quickly makes a decision. She promises to wait for him if he doesn’t disappoint her.

Buwei beams in happiness and quickly leaves. While Minglan’s guards tell her to return home as well.

Chaos in the Capital

The next day, Sheng Hong heads home and reports to his mother that the reason why the lantern festival ended quickly was to capture spies.

Because someone declared themselves as an emperor and is planning to attack the city.

But Wang Ruofu heard differently from her family connections. It turns out Consort Rong’s little sister, Rong Feiyan was abducted during the lantern festival.

Sheng Hong warns everyone to be careful.

A few days later, a carriage runs through the city and drops off an unconscious woman. It’s Rong Feiyan.


Who did Rong Feiyan offend to end up like this?

That night, she commits suicide by hanging herself.

And the imperial family orders guards to help catch whoever did this.

Meanwhile, Minglan is wondering if there’s any new news from Buwei.

But there’s nothing so Minglan must stay calm for now.

And might as well go meet with her aunt at the monastery.

After burning incense for her mother. She heads off to one of the side rooms.

The room opens and Minglan’s aunt lets her in.

She tells her that she brought someone.

An Older Xiaode

Minglan tearfully embraces Xiaode who was her mother’s trusted servant.

Xiaode remarks that Minglan has grown up so much and has gotten so beautiful.

Then she takes out a bracelet that she’s kept all this time. To return to Minglan because it’s one of her mother’s former possessions.

Minglan’s aunt mentions that she also brought a doctor along too. The doctor from back then.

They found him.

What Really Happened

After some careful consideration, Xiaode believes that Madam Lin was involved.

There couldn’t have been anyone else. Minglan’s aunt drags a doctor in who complains that he still has a lot of patients to treat.

Yet he was dragged all the way here for something he no longer remembers.

Minglan apologies on behalf of her aunt but hopes that the doctor could share some insight on something that has plagued Minglan for years.

The doctor wants to help but he cannot remember.

So Minglan describes how she remembered that at that time, a young lord was missing in the water. And everyone was looking for him so soldiers were passing through her household.

Memories in the doctor’s mind get triggered.

He now remembers what happened. The doctor tells them how he went to examine a woman who was ready to give birth but her stomach was quite big.


So he advised the madam to eat lightly flavored meals and walk often.

But Minglan remembers that everything was the opposite.

And she sits down in shock.

While the doctor wonders what’s going on. So Minglan tells him that the mother died.

Because someone kept feeding her heavy, nutritious foods and prevented her from moving much.

The doctor exclaims that this treatment would cause a difficult birth.

Minglan asks the doctor to swear that all this is true. And he swears to the heavens.

Back at the Sheng household, Madam Lin thinks it’s suspicious that Minglan left the house again.

But Sister Zhou informs her mistress that the doctor they’ve been watching hasn’t had any movement.

If there’s no evidence, they can’t do anything.

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That’s it for Story of Minglan episode 26! Omigosh, the truth is OUT! Minglan knows and will target Madam Lin for revenge now.

Minglan’s been carefully and carefully researching what happened in the past. Even going behind her grandmother’s back.

Maybe her grandmother has a feeling but I think she doesn’t know what Minglan is doing.

Meanwhile, the city is in chaos. Rong Feiyan is one of the princesses that was interested in Yuan Ruo. I wonder if her kidnapping had something to do with that?

The ministers at court have warned their liege that if he doesn’t name an heir, things will get messy. And of course, he dragged it on.

So now we have someone in the south declaring themselves as Emperor Zhaode. While something is happening underneath the current in the city.

If you recall, the emperor was deciding between Prince Yan and Prince Yong. Changfeng was out drinking with his friends and they all thought Prince Yong would succeed.

It’s definitely the calm before the storm. What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 26? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

This episode is good in a lot of ways for the exposition it gives and foreshadowing. You have Madam Wu and her laser sights set on Minglan dropping hints about other houses it’s likely to get her way in the future she’ll drop more gossip but will it be accurate gossip or not?

Minglan promises that so long and Yuanruo fights for her she’ll be loyal to him. This is an interesting statement because in reality he’s not fighting for her, he’s fighting for his own right to choose, the name of his bride is theoretically interchangeable with any woman who is lower born.

This gets made extremely evident in episode 28 when Tingye lines out a plan of attack for Yuanruo to fight for Minglan, even going so far as to put his own reputation and life on the line by saying he’ll be the one to commit all the actions and Yuanruo can’t commit to it thoroughly disappointing Tingye who believes Minglan deserved better
. What will happen if Yuanruo disappoints her the way Grandma thinks he will? Guess we’ll find out.

The truth is out there finally. We can see the wheels turning in Minglan’s head and as Sherlock would say the game is afoot now.

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