The Story of Minglan Episode 27 Recap

Just one episode away from a defining moment! Story of Minglan episode 27! Madam Gu decides to host a gathering of several noble families in the midst of this chaos. Minglan gets a chance to talk to Yuan Ruo.

While Gu Tingye believes Yuan Ruo won’t give up everything for Minglan.

Story of Minglan Episode 27 Recap Highlights:

  • Duchess Qi explains who plotted against Rong Feiyan
  • Madam Gu hosts a gathering of ladies from various households
  • Yuan Ruo makes a misstep that takes someone’s life

We haven’t seen Madam Gu in awhile, I wonder what’s she up to? Let’s find out in Story of Minglan episode 27!

Bringing Up the Past

Madam Lin would rather be safe than sorry.

Because Minglan has a backer (Old Madam Sheng) now.

However, she knows that husband hates bringing up the past. Since it undermines his previous decisions. And can affect the Sheng family’s honor.

Once Molan marries into a noble household, Madam Lin wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore.

And speaking of marriages, Madam Gu plans to hold a gathering. Almost everyone that has prestige is invited. Including the Qi household.

So Madam Lin wants Molan to attend and find other potential marriage prospects.

She doesn’t want her daughter to pin all her hopes on just one household.

Meanwhile, Minglan is kneeling in front of the ancestral tablets at the ancestral hall.

Sheng Hong thinks it’s odd that she’s here.

But Minglan tells him she received a dream from her grandfather, complaining that none of the grandchildren have paid respects lately.

Sheng Hong then comments that she’s the most sensible out of all his children.

Minglan takes this moment to ask her father if he still remembers her birth mother.

Commenting that her mother died in a wretched way.

Sheng Hong sighs and mentions how women go through hell with each labor.

So Minglan wants to propose a ceremony to make sure her mother’s spirit rests in peace.

And Sheng Hong approves but refuses to participate or donate some blood for rewriting the mortuary tablet.

Eventually he leaves and Minglan is disappointed in her father.

Sigh. Sheng Hong never really had feelings for Minglan’s mother in the first place.

Madam Gu’s Banquet

Several noble families attend Madam Gu’s banquet. There’s a singer, music and plenty of food.

Floating on water imbedded in a table in front of the guests.

It’s like a sushi conveyor belt but with water. ^^

Look at this two faced woman play a gracious host…

Madam Gu thanks everyone for attending this banquet. Then apologizes for the lack of decorations because the mourning period is not yet over.

But a noble consort, Consort Yong, comments that it’s understandable.

Minglan continues to enjoy the food while Molan and Rulan look around. When Molan sees the Liang household’s sixth son, she excuses herself.

Yanhong (Yanran’s third sister) takes this opportunity to sit next to Minglan.

Minglan greets Yanhong but Yanhong scoffs. Knowing that they are definitely not friends.

She tells Minglan that Duchess Qi plans to have Princess Jiacheng as a daughter-in-law because she’s the daughter of Prince Yong.

Who is rumored to be the next Crown Prince and soon to be emperor.

Yanhong keeps trying to rile up Minglan but she doesn’t fall for it. LOL

Meanwhile, Consort Yong from earlier sees Minglan at the end of the table and wonders who she is.

Madam Gu points out that she’s from the Sheng family.

Duchess Qi starts to look uncomfortable.

Yuan Ruo’s mother values her pride and reputation so much. Sigh.

The noble consort wants to call Minglan over to take a look but Duchess Qi brings up something she thought was funny.

Despite her story, Duchess Qi’s words are hinting at how some do not know their place.

Wanting to obtain something that’s outside their reach.

Minglan finally finds Buwei and excuses herself. While Madam Wu overhears the conversation between the two noble madams.

She believes they can’t see a hidden gem.

Madam Wu Likes Minglan

Madam Wu catches up to Minglan who’s taking a walk outside.


She came outside because she couldn’t stand the ladies inside, lashing out with hidden words.

Then she tells Minglan that she wants to invite her to an upcoming polo event because Minglan is good at polo.

Buwei is off to the side waiting but Madam Wu doesn’t want to leave. So he asks a nearby maid to pass along a message.

Madam Wu is convinced to leave but she doesn’t forget to remind Minglan to come.

Buwei tells Minglan that Yuan Ruo is here. Off in the distance, Duchess Qi notices something.

Uh oh. Did she see Buwei lead Minglan somewhere?

Meeting Yuan Ruo

Minglan enters a side courtyard and sees Yuan Ruo waiting for her. He brought a snack with him.

To give to her.

Because he hired a new chef from Yangzhou.

And the two of them sit next to each other to chat.


Yuan Ruo promises her that he won’t marry anyone else. And plans on using his life to force his mother to agree.

He doesn’t believe his mother will watch him die.

But Minglan doesn’t want him to do that.

So Yuan Ruo plans on asking the emperor for an imperial edict to marry Minglan. Since there’s a Spring banquet that upper nobles attend.

He tells Minglan to believe in him as he promises not to disappoint her.

Oh Yuan Ruo. You are too naive. Do you really think it’s that easy?


Minglan finishes eating the snack Yuan Ruo brought to her off to the side. While sharing some with the maids.

Xiaotao wonders if Yuan Ruo will succeed against his mother and trails off.

While Minglan chimes in saying that this was something impossible in the first place.

Xiaotao asks why it’s so difficult and shares her concern that Yuan Ruo won’t be able to convince his mother.

Then Minglan replies that if Yuan Ruo moves forward, so will she. But if he gives up, she will do so as well.

Play Reference

Gu Tingye then chimes in and agrees with Xiaotao. He comments how Yuan Ruo looks like he’s going to collapse at any minute now.

Minglan is surprised to see him here. And asks why he’s here.

Gu Tingye responds that he came back to retrieve something that was his.

He makes himself comfortable and gives Minglan an innocent look.

Triggering Minglan to question how much he’s heard.

Gu Tingye replies with a play reference (Hall of Longevity – 長生殿 Changshen Dian) and Minglan realizes he heard everything.

Hall of Longevity was a play written during the Qing dynasty describing a love story between two lovers and a promised token. It’s also written as literature.

But Gu Tingye reassures her that he won’t let others know.

So Minglan complains that he used a reference to incite her. Gu Tingye then explains that the logic is the same despite different characters.

Emperor Ming and Consort Yang were just like Yuan Ruo and Minglan.


But in the end, the emperor abandoned Consort Yang in order to preserve his own life and nation.

Minglan retorts that Yuan Ruo doesn’t have a nation to protect.

Gu Tingye argues back that Yuan Ruo needs to shoulder his family’s honor. Because he’s the only descendent left.

Love how these two bicker back and forth again. XD

And continues. Yuan Ruo is a good person, talented and has potential. But he wouldn’t be able to handle such a complicated task (referring to getting Minglan married to him).

So Gu Tingye warns Minglan that she will be subjected to pain and heartache.

Look at him looking so sauve! He’s like Minglan, pick me instead!

Minglan refuses to believe it and thinks Gu Tingye is paying her back for ruining the marriage with Yanran.

Family Treasure

But Gu Tingye chuckles to himself and shakes his head.

Someone isn’t taking his words seriously. Tsk tsk.

Nearby, someone is calling out to Gu Tingye so Gu Tingye tells Minglan to leave.

Because someone is here to catch him.

I thought someone didn’t care? Hahaha

Minglan wonders if he would be okay. And volunteers to hold the spear for him.

But Gu Tingye reassures her that it’s fine. It’s his home and they can’t do much to him.

Minglan leaves from the back and Gu Tingye heads off to see who’s looking for him.

He finds several servants blocking his way. And Gu Tingyu right behind him, admonishing him for coming back.

Gu Tingye tells his older brother that he wants to take this spear with him.

That was originally in the ancestral hall.

Because the current emperor bestowed it to him when he showed off a spear dance.

If it weren’t for him, the Gu family wouldn’t have this spear.


The brothers argue back and forth. But in the end, Gu Tingye returns the spear back to them.

He warns them that one day, they will present the spear to him. Because he will return in glory.

Duchess Qi Knows

At the Qi household, Duchess Qi asks if Buwei was the one helping Yuan Ruo pass messages between him and Minglan.

Buwei denies it but Duchess Qi will punish him anyway. She orders the servants to drag him outside and beat him to death.

As Buwei gets dragged outside and gets strapped to a wooden plank, he calls for his lord.

Yuan Ruo rushes in to plead for Buwei and begs his mother to release his close aid.


Duchess Qi flares up in anger and lectures Yuan Ruo for arranging a secret meeting where Prince Yong’s network could easily find out about it.

Because Consort Yong was attending the banquet as well. Did he know just how dangerous it was?

Duchess Qi wants to punish Buwei as an example so other servants will know not to help do these kinds of things in the future.


Yuan Ruo continues to beg but Buwei still screams in pain.

Until finally, the screams stop. A servant reports that “he” has stopped breathing.

Yuan Ruo pales and rushes out to his aide.

He calls out Buwei’s name and checks his breathing. Seeing the blood on his hands, Yuan Ruo faints.

Poor Buwei. T_T He only wanted to help his lord fulfill his heart’s desire. He knows that Yuan Ruo only has eyes for Minglan and no one else.

What Happened to Rong Feiyan

Later that night, Yuan Ruo mumbles Buwei’s name and jerks awake.

With his mother at his side.

He flinches from his mother’s touch and comments how he feels suffocated here.

This place doesn’t feel like home anymore.

Buwei was his closest aid, confidant and dearest friend. By killing Buwei, his heart is also gone.

He doesn’t want to stay here any longer. If his mother doesn’t allow him to be with Minglan, he will do it anyway.

And he feebly gets out of bed. He’s going to head over to the Sheng manor to propose marriage.

Duchess Qi warns Yuan Ruo that if he does this, his mother and father will die.

So Yuan Ruo pauses at the doorstep while his mother sits down to explain.

But first, she asks him if he knew why Rong Feiyan died?

It’s all because of him.

At the polo event, Princess Jiacheng fell in love with him at first sight.

But Rong Feiyan already had intentions to marry him.

So she begged her sister, Consort Rong to propose marriage on her behalf. And Duchess Qi was summoned to the palace.

More than once.


Duchess Qi didn’t want to agree but she couldn’t offend the imperial family. So she purposely dragged the matter on.

Until eventually Princess Jiacheng wanted to marry him too. Princess Jiacheng is Prince Yong’s only daughter and he pampers her on everything.

Whatever she wants, she shall get.

Duchess Qi was in a difficult predicament so she told Consort Yong the truth. She didn’t think this would happen.

Rong Feiyan was kidnapped and then dropped into the streets.

Which led people to wonder what happened to her. Her reputation was definitely ruined.

A beauty that caused the fall of two cities

Yuan Ruo is exasperated and wonders why the emperor didn’t intervene. And it turns out the emperor has been ill for more than a month.

Depressed over the issue of an heir.

So Duchess Qi warns her son that they cannot offend Prince Yong.

Especially since it’s rumored that he will be the crown prince and eventually be the emperor.


Plus, Consort Rong also hates the Qi household for causing her beloved sister to die.

The Qi household has very few descendants so they must tread carefully.

Yuan Ruo makes a reference to Baosi and Daji (two beauties that caused the fall of their countries).

Who knew he could cause issues just by being handsome? And attracting two princesses?

He thinks his death will solve the problem.

And asks his mother to respond back to Consort Yong. If she wants him to marry her daughter, sure but that’s only if they want a corpse.

Duchess Qi refuses to allow him to do this.

Because Yuan Ruo is the only heir left.

Then a servant rushes in to report that the Duke’s carriage is back.

But the Duke is missing.

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(>﹏<) Oh Yuan Ruo. Your hands are tied.

The ship barely set sail and now it’s sinking. Not that he had much of a chance anyway. Yuan Ruo doesn’t fit Minglan at all.

Who knew that by helping Minglan he attracted trouble? Sigh.

Meanwhile I like how Gu Tingye was warning Minglan about Yuan Ruo’s troubles. But Minglan doesn’t listen.

Their roles have changed. Before Minglan warned Gu Tingye about Manniang and he didn’t listen. And now Minglan isn’t listening.

But their bickering was cute!

RIP Buwei. He’s a casualty in Yuan Ruo’s relationship with Minglan. I like how this episode highlighted two sad romance stories.

One that Gu Tingye mentioned and one that Yuan Ruo mentioned. Which hints at how prevalent literature was during this time.

It looks like things will be heating up soon in the following episodes. What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 27?

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Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago

I hate that yuanruo’s mother issue with buwei’s beatings was easily forgotten due to her mentioning rong feiyan case

3 years ago

I cried when poor Buwei was killed. that princess is a very evil woman. No life is precious to her except that of her own son. What a horrible character.

Funny how Prince Yong will never deny his own children anything, but Princess Pingning will not only deny, but kill anyone who gets in the way of what she wants for her child

Is prince yong the one that everyone says is good? or the one that everyone says is bad? can’t keep track

4 years ago

This was such a sad episode! First Minglan discovered that she cannot count on her father with investigating her mother’s death and then the whole Yuanruo drama (RIP Buwei!). Minglan seemed a bit careless to me in this episode, meeting with Yuanruo when she KNOWS that many eyes are watching her. Sigh, but she is young, in love and hoping, so I can’t really blame her. Duchess Qi is ruthless, but her position is hard. It seems that she kept her son in dark about imperial matters for a long time, so he is not used to such high scheming.… Read more »

4 years ago

RIP Buwei!

Another highlight or foreshadowing when Rulan is discovered meeting with her scholar she throws herself over her maid to take some of the beatings and saved the maid from death that never even occurred to Yuanruo he kept arguing with his mother till it was too late. He learns too late the words don’t work you sometimes need actions
. Next episode has two more of my favorite conversations first between Yuanruo and Tingye and then between Tingye and Minglan. Can’t wait for that recap.

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