The Story of Minglan Episode 29 Recap

One more episode before the thirties. Story of Minglan episode 29! Gu Tingye is off to the South so I’m guessing these next episodes will focus on Minglan and her sisters.

Especially when it comes to planning their marriages. Who do you think Molan and Rulan will marry? Now that Yuan Ruo is out of the picture?

Story of Minglan Episode 29 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan gets sick during the time Old Madam He comes to visit
  • Madam Wu invites the Sheng daughters to another polo event
  • Old Madam Sheng wants her granddaughter to consider other options for marriage

What will Molan do if she sees Madam Wu aiming for Minglan? Or does Molan have other options?

Let’s find out in the Story of Minglan episode 29 recap!

Old Madam He Visits

Wang Ruofu eagerly welcomes Old Madam He as she gets off the carriage. Because Old Madam Sheng has been looking forward to her visit.

Once in Old Madam Sheng’s courtyard, Old Madam He tries out a new tea.

Old Madam He comments that it’s good tea. Then notices that she hasn’t seen Minglan around.

Old Madam Sheng informs her that Minglan is sick and Old Madam He wonders why she didn’t tell her sooner.

But then Old Madam Sheng believes her grandson will take care of it. And Old Madam He comments that she’s so sly.

LOL these two grandmothers playing match maker.

Minglan appears to be moping in bed and Xiaotao reports to her that He Hongwen is waiting for her in the reception hall.

He prepared some fish soup for her to enjoy and she wonders where the fish came from.

He brought it with him from Youyang. Apparently it’s her favorite.

He Hongwen watches as Minglan tries the soup. She comments that it’s the fresh fish from Youyang and wonders how he did it.

He Hongwen explains how he fished them in Youyang and brought them over in a large water jug. Keeping them alive by adding fresh water.

Then when he heard she was sick, he immediately made some fish soup to bring over.


Hmm, I can’t read this guy. Does he really like Minglan? Or is he kind to her because of how close his grandmother is with her grandmother.

He tells her to drink more otherwise she will waste his fishing efforts.

But then he admits that he just bought them from the marketplace, he didn’t really fish them.

Meanwhile, Danju and Xiaotao are off to the side, eavesdropping.

Opportune Moment

Minglan heads to the monastery to visit her aunt and make tea so she can be at ease.

While her aunt doesn’t understand her motives.

The aunt knows that Minglan’s father won’t help them enact justice so she’s worried that they won’t be able to get revenge.

But I think Minglan is just waiting for an opportunity.


On the way back down to the carriages, Minglan bumps into Madam Wu.

Who is eager to see her.

Thinking that it’s fate.

Madam Wu comments how the weather is getting nicer now so she wants to invite Minglan over for polo matches.

Considering how great she is at polo. But Minglan states that she hasn’t been feeling well so she won’t attend.

Madam Wu then realizes it’s words within words and there’s a hidden meaning.

So Minglan tells her that she’s learned her lesson from last time and it’s better if she stuck to reading and writing.

Madam Wu understands her difficulties so she decides to send an invite to all her sisters.

When Wang Ruofu receives the invitation, she believes that Madam Wu is interested in Rulan.

But her close maid, Nanny Liu, thinks differently. She’s been observing that Madam Wu is close to Minglan lately.

Wang Ruofu doesn’t mind because she believes Madam Wu likes Minglan because they share the same interests.

But when it comes to arranging a marriage to your children, it’s a different story.

Meanwhile, Madam Lin is helping her daughter pick out outfits for the event.

Molan initially protests but then realizes that it’s another chance to get closer to Liang Han (Madam Wu’s youngest son).

So she agrees to go.

Madam Wu’s Favoritism

At the polo event, Minglan plays for a bit before falling off her horse.

When she heads into the booths to rest, Madam Wu gives her some fresh fruits to taste. Personally lifting the bowl to her.

Molan eyes the gesture with jealousy and Rulan notices with a smirk.

Rulan later comments that there are some people who just want to obtain things out of reach.

While Molan responds that there are also people who try so hard to get something but end up not being able to get it.

Liang Han is also playing polo as well and then match ends quickly so he gets off to go to a poetry gathering.

Seeing him leave, Molan excuses herself to get changed.

But Minglan trails behind and calls out to her. Asking why she’s all the way out here.

Molan explains she’s looking for the changing tent but Minglan comments that she’s seen the tent before.

Is she lost now?

Then warns her that if she keeps going forward, she will bump into the men who are doing poetry.


Then Minglan tosses some mud at Molan which ruins her chance of meeting with Liang Han.

Because she actually has to change now.

On the way home, Madam Wu insists that her son ride in the carriage with her so they could chat.

She wants her son to interact with Minglan but he purposely avoids her. He doesn’t think she’s interesting at all.

Beside being good at polo, there’s nothing else.

Liang Han calls Minglan a block of wood. Hmph.

Liang Han also points out that Yuan Ruo is interested in her so the Qi household may want her as a concubine.

Madam Wu’s Intentions

So he doesn’t want his mother to waste her efforts.

Madam Wu doesn’t believe the rumors and think that the Sheng household would never stoop that low. To let their daughters be concubines in another noble’s household.

She wants her son to marry a main wife first then he can have any woman he wants.

But Liang Han isn’t interested in Minglan. If he HAD to marry someone from the Sheng household, he’d rather marry Molan.

Madam Wu flat out refuses. She knows perfectly well what type of person Molan is.

If he continues to interact with Molan, she will clear out the women in his courtyard.

Meanwhile, Wang Ruofu finds out that Madam Wu was targeting Minglan all along.

So she gets so furious that smashes cups and plates. Which leads to Madam Lin finding out.

Wang Ruofu doesn’t want Minglan to end up marrying in to the Wu household.

Because Liang Han appears to be a great catch. He may not be the heir but he has access to the household’s wealth.

Man, both Wang Ruofu and Madam Lin just care about wealth and status. Their insight is so narrow.

But Rulan doesn’t care at all.

Her mother then says she’s disappointed in her.

Rulan reminds her mother that her older sister is not happy at all in a Count’s family.

She played the dutiful wife, gave birth to a son and yet the mother-in-law is still unsatisfied.

And this is a family of three sons. Since Liang Han is from a family of six sons, wouldn’t it be worse?


So Rulan refuses to marry into that family. Nanny Liu then reminds Wang Ruofu that even if Minglan marries, she’s still considered a child of Wang Ruofu.

Molan and Minglan’s Marriages

Molan panics because she thinks that her chances of marrying into the Wu household are gone.

But Madam Lin tells her daughter to calm down. Even if Madam Wu likes Minglan a lot, there’s still the son’s opinion.

And the son likes Molan so it’s not over yet.

Since Wang Roufu decided not to accept the invite because Rulan is sick then Madam Lin will plead with her husband.

That night, Sheng Hong looks uncomfortable as he sees his wife prepare to go to bed.

When his wife finally gets into bed and is about to sleep, Sheng Hong tells her that he has something to ask of her.

And she grumbles that he had ulterior motives for staying in her room tonight.

Sheng Hong asks why she didn’t accept Madam Wu’s invitation for the flower arrangement event.

Wang Ruofu replies that Rulan is sick and cannot attend. Then comments that she needs to be fair.

So if Rulan can’t attend, neither can her sisters.

Sheng Hong then comments that as the main wife, she needs to consider Molan and Minglan’s marriage prospects as well.

After enough convincing, Wang Ruofu decides to go with Minglan, revealing that Madam Wu never invited Molan in the first place.

Sheng Hong is surprised.

Old Madam Sheng Thinks Its Odd

The next morning, Minglan takes off for the event and Molan approaches her.

It looks like she wants to say something but she criticizes Minglan instead.

Minglan riles up Molan before she leaves and Molan gets even more frustrated.

The day drags on and Molan is worried that Minglan has already seduced Liang Han.

While Madam Lin appears to be getting a headache from Molan’s antics.

Oh Madam Lin you are very capable when it comes to your own matters but your daughter didn’t inherit any of your skills. She’s prone to panic easily and cannot stay calm.

Moments later, Sister Zhou reports that Wang Ruofu summons Molan to go give her greetings to Old Madam Sheng.

Molan doesn’t want to go because she can’t bear to see Minglan and Wang Ruofu show off.

But her mother tells her that she has to go. And pretend that she doesn’t care.

So she reluctantly goes.

As soon as Molan enters, Wang Ruofu is eagerly telling Old Madam Sheng how grand the event was.

While off to the side, Rulan comments how Minglan received so many gifts.

Minglan gives one to Rulan and Rulan mentions how someone is so sensible and sisterly.

Then Minglan tells Molan that she has something to share with her too. But Molan refuses as she states she already has those accessories.

Someone’s clearly jealous and forgot her mother’s teachings already.


Rulan wonders why Minglan is speaking this way and off to the side, Old Madam Sheng wonders as well.

Minglan passes it off as learning lessons from Madam Wu but Old Madam Sheng believes otherwise.

Meanwhile, Molan can’t stand this anymore. And tells Old Madam Sheng she will excuse herself because she’s not feeling well.

Minglan’s Motive

At night when Minglan is assisting her grandmother to bed, her grandmother tells her to stick around for a bit.

And asks her why she was acting oddly today. Each one of her words were purposely jabbing at Molan.

Which is not how she usually does things. Minglan responds that she didn’t want to endure the verbal jabs like usual so she wanted to fight back.

Then Old Madam Sheng wonders if Molan bullied her recently.

Minglan brushes it off and tells her grandmother not to worry about it. She wants to stay by her grandmother’s side forever.

But Old Madam Sheng says that’s nonsense (knowing that Minglan is still upset about the issue with Yuan Ruo).

She wants Minglan to move on and consider other options.

So Old Madam Sheng brings up He Hongwen.

How He Hongwen’s been coming over lately and bringing her fruits and other things she likes.


Minglan listens but is reluctant so her grandmother tells her that she won’t force her.

But she wants Minglan to consider it carefully.

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This Story of Minglan episode 29 feels like the calm before the storm. Minglan’s aunt is anxious and wonders how they plan on getting revenge.

While she doesn’t know that Minglan’s plans are already in motion. Minglan is just waiting for people to take the bait.

We see hints of this when Minglan goads Molan to reveal who she thinks Minglan is “seducing”. Molan says Liu Lang (aka the Wu family’s sixth young master, Liang Han) won’t fall for her tricks.

Minglan knows that Molan plans on marrying into the Wu family through him.

I think she wants Molan to be anxious because Molan is the type of person to act on emotions and not think logically. Compared to her mother.

How far will Molan go to get Liang Han in her clutches? We shall see in the next coming episodes.

But in the midst of all this, Old Madam Sheng knows there’s something going on with Minglan. Because this is not her usual behavior.

He Hongwen seems like a sweet guy but I don’t see the attraction between him and Minglan. It’s like they could be good friends and that’s it.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 29? Leave a comment below!

P.S. One more episode until we get to the 30s! (ノ^o^)ノ

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3 years ago

I wonder if anyone will be willing to rescue the eldest sister from the house in which she’s currently suffering. Or has the family just given up on her And left her to her fate?
Yet another episode of “game of marriages”

4 years ago

I loved Rulan in this episode! It seems she is learning from her sister’s bad marriage and doesn’t see the need to marry into a well-off family. She also managed to stay calm during the exchanges with Molan, good for her!

4 years ago

Woot woot! You are like the little engine that could lol. Small explosion impending for next episode. Small pressure release before we go back to building up again. That’s the way of this show though. Small explosions to take your attention away from the underlying building tension so you almost suffocate from the built up tension when you notice it again. Such a good show. Love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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