The Story of Minglan Episode 30 Recap

Woohoo! We’re now on Story of Minglan episode 30! Almost at the half way point. Remember when Minglan was in awe how Madam Kong schemed so patiently to get the results she needed?

In the last episode and in the next coming episodes, we see Minglan putting this into play. She’s not someone to be messed with.

Story of Minglan Episode 30 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan continues to interact with Madam Wu and Molan gets extremely jealous
  • Sheng Hong then reveals his plans about Molan’s marriage
  • Old Madam Sheng secretly investigates what Minglan is up to

Molan may be her mother’s daughter but she doesn’t have the brains to think like her mother. What kind of trouble does Minglan have in store for her?

Let’s find out in the Story of Minglan episode 30 recap!

Stirring a Hornet’s Nest

Rulan examines the white jade bracelet that Minglan generously gifted to her.

She comments that Madam Wu is so generous despite no guarantee of a daughter-in-law yet.

So how would the treatment change if she marries over? (“she” likely referring to Minglan).

Would all the cutlery and utensils be made with gold?

Wang Ruofu comments that this all could have been hers if she tried harder.

Rulan then scoffs and points out that her older sister isn’t enjoying her life at the Count’s household.

So she doesn’t care for this at all.


If a count household can treat a legitimate daughter badly how will a marquis household treat a concubine born daughter then?

Rulan will let whomever wants to enjoy that suffering.

Nanny Liu then comes over to deliver another gift Minglan got from Madam Wu. It’s a type of oil that Rulan normally uses to nourish her hair.

So she accepts it greatfully.

Wang Ruofu asks her maid if Molan received gifts as well. Nanny Liu nods and points out that Danju is delivering them.

Rulan doesn’t care but Molan will see this as Minglan showing off.

She comments that as long as Rulan’s path isn’t hindered, she doesn’t care.

Back in Molan’s room, Molan finds a jade bracelet that looks exactly like the one Minglan gifted to Rulan.

Then she throws it harshly on the ground, breaking it to pieces.

Someone can’t control their temper. Tsk Tsk.

Moments later, one of servants come in to deliver some animal pelts.

Courtesy of Minglan.

Molan takes it off her hands and flings it to the ground. She doesn’t want to accept Minglan’s gifts.

Thinking if she accepts them, she has lost.

Triggering Jealousy

The servant then takes the bundle and tosses it out of the courtyard and Danju is just nearby.

She takes it and starts narrating how close Madam Wu and Minglan were today.

Then mentioning the carriage full of gifts.


I wonder if Danju is in on the plan as well.

Molan overhears and comes out to lecture Danju.

But Danju has a lot of words for Molan too. Pointing out how Minglan’s elegance made her very likable in front of others.

So everyone wants invite Minglan to other events.

Compared to Molan who pretends to be meek in front of others that she wants to curry favors with.


Molan slaps Danju for those words and then takes off towards Minglan’s courtyard.

She intends to give Minglan a piece of her mind.

When she arrives, Minglan greets her sister and says this is all a misunderstanding.

But Molan is seeing red and believes Minglan is flaunting off in front of her.


You can see Molan stewing in anger, until Minglan gives her another push.

Minglan understands now. She tells Molan that the next time she gets an invitation, she’ll remind Madam Wu to invite Molan as well.

And Molan loses it. Slapping Minglan in the face.

They both tumble to the ground and things break.

Molan takes a piece of porcelain and uses it to scratch Minglan’s face.

Wang Ruofu then shows up, hearing the ruckus.

She orders everyone to stop.

Minglan is clutching her face while Molan looks livid.

Wang Ruofu sees the damage and orders the servants to get a doctor for Minglan.

Minglan heads into her inner room to check out her wound.

Meanwhile, Wang Ruofu asks for the disciplining stick to punish Molan.

Derailing the Truth

But then Madam Lin strides in. Molan clutches at her mother’s robes for help.

Madam Lin stresses that this is no big deal, siblings fight all the time. There’s no need to enact punishment.

Before Wang Ruofu and Madam Lin argue further, Nanny Fang shows up. (Nanny Fang is Old Madam Sheng’s head maid).

Nanny Fang tells Wang Ruofu to go rest and both Madam Lin and Wang Ruofu are under the impression that Old Madam Sheng is going to let this slide.

After Wang Ruofu leaves, Nanny Fang tells Molan to head over to Old Madam Sheng’s courtyard.

Just in case she has injuries.

Later that night, Sheng Hong returns and sees the injury on Minglan’s face. And then the two of them get summoned to Old Madam Sheng’s courtyard.

Sheng Hong lectures Molan while she pleads innocent.

Minglan tells her father that she thinks Molan hit her because of what she did at the polo event the other day.

However Molan argues back and says that she hit Minglan because the latter called her mother a whore.


Madam Lin also looks hurt by the words and Sheng Hong immediately turns on Minglan.

The witnesses agree with Minglan too but Madam Lin points out it’s because the servants were all from Minglan’s courtyard.

So of course they would agree with her.

Old Madam Sheng then flares up and tells Madam Lin to shut up.

Then allowing Minglan to continue.

Minglan mentions how she threw mud on Molan’s clothes at the polo event the other time.

And Sheng Hong wants additional details.

Looks like she doesn’t want the truth to come out

Molan Gets Punished

Minglan admits that she threw the mud on purpose but that was because she wanted to prevent Molan from heading over to the men’s gathering.

Referring back to Madam Kong’s lessons of how everyone is in this together. If one falls, they all fall.

So she wanted to prevent Molan from hurting the Sheng family’s reputation.

Molan then gets agitated and argues back.

Old Madam Sheng orders servants to hold her down and to check the piece of porcelain against Molan’s palm.

It’s obvious that she used it to harm Minglan.

But she’s done asking questions. She wants Sheng Hong to make the judgement.

However she reminds him that one was raised by her own birth mother while the other was raised by her.

Basically warning Sheng Hong that whatever he decides will inherently voice his opinion. Is he going to give face to his mother or his mistress? Hmm….

Sheng Hong makes his decision to punish Molan. 20 smacks on the hand and kneeling in the ancestral hall.

Molan cries and whines but it’s no use.

Meanwhile, Danju tells Minglan to endure while she puts ointment on her facial wound.

And Minglan hisses in pain.

Why Madam Wu Chose Minglan

Old Madam Sheng chimes in asking her that if she’s not careful, her hopes of entering the Wu household will be crushed.

Danju and Xiaotao give them some privacy.

Minglan admits that she never intended to marry into the Wu household.

After attending so many events and letting Xiaotao ask around, Minglan finally understood why Madam Wu chose her.

It turns out Liang Han created a mess with his harem and Madam Wu needs her son to marry a wife to sort it out.

It looks like Liang Han got someone pregnant before getting married.

Since Minglan resembles Madam Wu, Madam Wu believes Minglan can help Liang Han sort out his harem.

Old Madam Sheng is proud to here Minglan figured out the situation in the Wu household.

And wonders if Minglan knows the identity of the pregnant woman.

Minglan responds while smiling because it’s quite complicated after all.

The woman is the Liang family’s eldest illegitimate son’s wife’s sister-in-law’s illegitimate sister’s illegitimate daughter.

(庶长子的媳妇的表姨母的庶妹的庶女 – Shù zhǎngzǐ de xífù de biǎo yímǔ de shù mèi de shù nǚ) LOL such a mouthful, no wonder they are having a good laugh. In other words, this woman is Liang Han’s distant cousin.

Old Madam Sheng wonders why Minglan is still instigating Molan since she knows the truth.

Minglan responds that she’s just defending herself from Molan’s attacks.

Minglan’s Behavior

Later that night, Old Madam Sheng asks Danju for additional insight.

Danju reports that Minglan wanted to take this chance to deflate Molan’s arrogance and didn’t realize things would get out of hand.

So Old Madam Sheng reminds her to apply medicine for Minglan every day. And when she gets married to a good family, Danju will benefit too.

But Danju replies that she doesn’t need any benefits since the Old Madam Sheng and Minglan treat her like family.

On another day, Minglan gets a report that He Hongwen stopped by to deliver medicine.

Minglan wants to personally thank him but He Hongwen knows how embarrassing it must be for a woman with a damaged face.

So he leaves his gifts at the door and promises to come back another time to make fish soup for her.

He Hongwen is wooing Minglan with food, lol.

Meanwhile, Molan is still kneeling at the ancestral hall. She complains that it’s been three days why hasn’t her father come to see her yet.

A servant reports to her that her father’s been extremely busy with court affairs and her mother hasn’t gotten a chance to plead for her.

Once he’s back, her mother will do something.

Madam Lin pleads with Sheng Hong to no avail. Because between Minglan and Molan, he’s never seen Minglan act unruly.

So Madam Lin tells him that she will kneel on Molan’s behalf but as soon as she steps near the door, she collapses.

My gawd, this guy is so gullible

She claims she is dizzy and leans on Sheng Hong. Pleading with him to forgive Molan.

Sheng Hong relents. He tells her that Molan doesn’t need to kneel anymore but she’s grounded for three months.

Molan’s Marriage Candidate

Madam Lin argues that the weather’s good lately and this is usually the time to outside. If Molan can’t go outside, she won’t be able to find a good husband.

But Sheng Hong reassures Madam Lin that he will definitely find a good husband for Molan.

The next morning, Sheng Hong tells Madam Lin that he has a husband candidate in mind for Molan.

A promising scholar whose family owns agricultural land.

Named Wen Yanjing.

The family isn’t a noble family but they have a good reputation. Plus they own enough land that they would never go hungry.

Madam Lin complains because she doesn’t think this is good enough for her daughter.

But Sheng Hong argues that when considering marriage, one must consider reputation and personality.

Not just status.

Need to Fan the Flames

Xiaotao wonders if they should stop because Minglan risked her face and her future and the result was sub-par.

But Minglan believes that they need to create bigger trouble. Something that cannot be swept under the run.

Then a servant reports that He Hongwen stopped by with some gifts.

A while later, Xiaotao and several servants carry gifts to Minglan’s courtyard. And Molan notices them.

She wonders what’s in those boxes and asks her servant to inquire about them.

But ask Xiaotao and no one else. Because she’s the most dimwitted one.

Or at least that’s what everyone believes.

Molan’s servant reports that Madam Wu frequently comes over to visit so Xiaotao and the others must wear bright colors.

Molan is concerned that Madam Wu is intending to have her son marry Minglan.

She then tears up asking herself since Yuan Ruo abandoned her, will Liang Han abandon her too?

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Yay, Story of Minglan episode 30! We’re almost halfway through the series!

Minglan manipulates Molan to act on her impulses, knowing that Molan does not think before she acts.

After observing her for so long, Minglan understands Molan completely. And knows just how to push her buttons.

But I don’t think she foresaw Molan using broken porcelain to scratch her face though. Thank goodness for the He family’s special medicinal cream. So her face won’t scar.

Both Madam Lin and Wang Ruofu believe the Wu family is such a good catch but chances are they didn’t investigate Liang Han’s backstory.

If they knew he got someone pregnant, would they still let their daughters marry over? Yes, he has wealth but do they understand his personality?

Sheng Hong points out a good point when selecting someone for marriage.

But Madam Lin doesn’t care. She just wants her daughter to marry up so she can trample on Wang Ruofu’s pride.

It looks like Minglan is subtly fanning the flames. How will Molan respond?

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 30? Leave a comment below!

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4 years ago

Another excellent episode. Again an episode that really shows how much Minglan has learned. Molan tried the same tricks she’s used in the past to switch the blame onto her little sister but Minglan played her like a fiddle effectively getting her to own up to doing something wrong without actually saying anything. Something Madam Lin noticed when she told Molan to shut it during the questioning.

Is Minglan good enough too pull off the whole plan to catch her big fish Madam Lin in her net. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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