The Story of Minglan Episode 31 Recap

Story of Minglan episode 31! Tensions rise as Minglan continues to push Molan’s buttons. Using Madam Wu’s intentions as bait.

When Molan feels like her future marriage is threatened, what will she do next?

Story of Minglan Episode 31 Recap Highlights:

  • Old Madam Sheng points out that He Hongwen has been bringing over gifts to her lately
  • Madam Lin gives her daughter advice on how to capture Liang Han
  • Wang Ruofu witnesses something that would knock down Madam Lin for good

Things are still building up and the trap is closing in on Molan. Let’s discuss what happened in Story of Minglan episode 31 recap!

Liang Han or He Hongwen

Minglan dusts off the dust from her mother’s painting while Danju tells her to check out the gifts Madam Wu sent over.

There’s so many that there’s no place to put them.

But Minglan assures her that pretty soon they will have to return them.

Danju asks if Minglan should reconsider because Madam Wu and her get along quite well.

But her son is a different matter.

Right? Her son is the person she will be marrying.

Xiaotao then chimes in saying that He Hongwen is much better.

Danju retorts that Xiaotao is too young to understand.

Minglan orders Danju to record all of the gifts the Liang household gave them so they can return everything back eventually.

But Xiaotao wonders about the jade bracelet and animal pelts Minglan gifted to Rulan and Molan respectively.

Minglan then clarifies that those were bought with her own money. And Xiaotao rushes to quickly check.

Noticing that her money has been squandered to scheme others.

Madam Lin’s Protests

Rulan is out in the courtyard making flower wreaths with her servant. While the servant reports how Molan has been fuming with jealousy.

Each time Madam Wu comes over with gifts for Minglan. Then the servant reports that her father has been inviting scholars over.

Under the pretense of discussing issues. But it’s actually for Molan.

Rulan knows her sister won’t accept a poor scholar.

Then the wind blows Rulan’s handkerchief away until it lands at a scholar’s feet.

New character! Is he the scholar Sheng Hong has in mind to marry Molan?

The scholar holds out the handkerchief to Rulan but she pauses.

And he understands that her reputation is at stake. So he leaves her handkerchief hanging on a nearby tree branch.

It looks like Rulan fell in love at first sight?

Rulan picks up her handkerchief and reveals a smile on her face.

At night, Madam Lin serves her husband during dinner and subtly brings up Minglan’s potential marriage with the Wu household.

But Sheng Hong argues that Minglan’s marriage will be determined by Old Madam Sheng.

So until she says a word, nothing will happen.

Then Madam Lin brings up the scholar Sheng Hong had in mind for Molan’s marriage. Commenting that she doesn’t believe Molan will be happy if she marries him.

Sheng Hong realizes that Madam Lin was intending to tell him that she disagrees with his choice. And he becomes upset

So he leaves abruptly.


Molan was eavesdropping the whole time. And cries in frustration that her father won’t help her.

Madam Lin promises to help her daughter figure this out.

Old Wounds

Minglan visits her aunt at the monastery and gives her some money because she’s been here awhile.

Her aunt refuses to take it because she’s used to a hard life. She just wants to see this to the end.

So she can return home to Yangzhou.

She then tells Minglan that Madam Wu and her son will be here on the 15th to perform a big ceremony.

But Minglan isn’t going. Instead she tells her aunt that she needed bait.

Want to guess who’s the fish?

Minglan then leaves her aunt and is on her way out of the monastery when Xiaotao suddenly puts the umbrella in front of her.

Claiming that the wind and rain are fierce. But she wanted to block Minglan from seeing Yuan Ruo and Princess Jiacheng.

Minglan then notices them in the distance.

While Xiaotao tells her not to be sad.

Yuan Ruo and his wife are here to pray for children.

Princess Jiacheng asks Yuan Ruo what he prayed for. But the various answers he gave didn’t satisfy her. She wonders if he also wants to have children with her.


Princess Jiacheng is clearly upset that he didn’t wish for children so Yuan Ruo makes another prayer.

Out loud. Asking the gods to bless him with offspring. Satisfied, Princess Jiacheng walks out while Yuan Ruo makes one more prayer.

For Sheng Minglan.

Asking the gods to ensure her health and have all things go smoothly for her. And for her to find a good husband.

We don’t get to see much of Princess Jiacheng’s personality but I believe she’s a spoiled, pampered princess. Who doesn’t know anything.

That night, Old Madam Sheng comments how He Hongwen has been diligently bringing gifts.

Minglan tells her grandmother that she understands.

Fish Takes the Bait

Sister Zhou reports that Minglan will head to the monastery on the 15th. Which happens to be the same day the Liang family members will be there.

Madam Lin didn’t think Minglan would be this shameless despite how proper she normally looks.

While Molan worries that she has no hope left.

So Madam Lin proposes that her daughter risk everything. Because if she doesn’t then her father will marry her off to a poor scholar.

Molan refuses to marry a scholar because it will mean they have lost to Wang Ruofu and Rulan.

Madam Lin advises her daughter not to waver anymore because this was how she entered the Sheng household.

If back then, she wasn’t pregnant with Changfeng then she wouldn’t have gotten all this luxury.

So Molan agrees. She will risk it all because she believes it will be worth it.

On the 15th, Molan disguises herself as a maid and heads out with another maid.


Oh Madam Lin, THIS was the plan you could think of to secure Molan’s future?

Madam Wu and her son are at the monastery praying for good fortune.

She tells her son to make up his mind quickly. Because his mistress is about to give birth soon.

And no noble family will marry their daughters over if they knew he already had a mistress who is pregnant.

*Cough, he’s like another Gu Tingye except he can’t control it in his pants.

Madam Wu then takes off to look at the nearby scenery while Liang Han heads off in a different direction.

Molan and her maid can’t find Liang Han but Minglan’s aunt points them in the right direction.

With a warning.

Molan decides to go for it.

Liang Han is thrilled to see Molan here and eagerly embraces her.


Borrowing a Hand

Old Madam Sheng invites all three granddaughters to sit and chat with her. But comments how hot it’s been lately so she tells them not to visit so often.

Minglan subtly hints how Molan’s been asking her servant Yunzai to head out more often.

Then steering Rulan to think about how Yunzai and Molan look so similar from the back. If they both turned around, she wouldn’t be able to tell which is which.

Molan seems to be uncomfortable in her seat.

But then Minglan brings up Hualan’s son is growing up quickly and can be shown to everyone now. So she tells Rulan that she made some outfits for her nephew.

And asks Rulan to help her bring them over.

When Minglan leads Rulan into her room to pick up the outfits for the nephew, Rulan notices these large urns.


Minglan tells Rulan that she met a Daoist in the monastery who told her she need more water in her life to balance her elements.

In order to secure a better future and marriage.

And Rulan shares this with her mother who thinks that Minglan is clever enough to plan for her own marriage.

While Rulan is still this easy going about it.

So Wang Ruofu decides to check out this Daoist at the monastery.

Might as well check up on Rulan’s fortune and prospects.

On the way to the monastery, Wang Ruofu notices two maids from Madam Lin’s courtyard.

And wonders if they are here to curse her behind her back. So she heads over to investigate but Nanny Liu will do it instead.

Nanny Liu follows behind and observes how one of them stands guard while the other is actually Molan.

Molan enters a room and a little while later, Liang Han enters as well.

Reporting to Sheng Hong

Nanny Liu rushes back to report this to Wang Ruofu.

Wang Ruofu knows what this means and is more than eager to catch them in the act.

A man and a woman all alone in a remote room.

But Nanny Liu warns Wang Ruofu not to startle the snake. They must plan this carefully.

Because otherwise they will lose this chance to knock down Madam Lin.

So Nanny Liu proposes that they tell her husband and have him personally inspect this.

That night, Sheng Hong is surprised to hear this from Wang Ruofu.

Thinking that she’s purposely slandering Molan.

But Wang Ruofu tells her husband that Nanny Liu saw them with her own eyes.

Sheng Hong still refuses to believe it. So his wife proposes he secretly follow them and catch them in the act.

He refuses to do something like that but Wang Ruofu attempts to convince him.

Even going as swearing that if she’s wrong, may her daughter Hualan continue to suffer under her in-laws and Rulan never getting a good marriage.

Sheng Hong walks out to question Madam Lin and Molan but ends up returning.

He then slumps near the doorway. Hoping that this isn’t happening.

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In this Story of Minglan episode 31, we see how thoughtfully Minglan plans her revenge against Molan.

She knows Molan is desperate to marry into the Wu household and Liang Han is not a good person.

So taking these factors into consideration, she weaves an intricate trap. Minglan first incites Molan with Madam Wu’s gifts and how it seems like Madam Wu would choose her for her son.

Then she investigates when the Wu family will be around and passes this along to Molan when she’s so desperate to hook her claws into Liang Han.

But indirectly. I’m guessing Minglan could foresee Madam Lin telling her daughter to do something risky.

And finally she borrows Wang Ruofu’s hatred and grudge against Madam Lin to use Wang Ruofu against Madam Lin.

If Minglan was Madam Lin’s daughter, I think she would be so proud of this manipulation.

Things are going to be intense the next episode. How will Sheng Hong react when he finds his daughter meeting Liang Han secretly?

Thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 31? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

Seems to me that her maidservant Danju is a little too concerned about Doctor He….hmmm. does she like him? meanwhile, I can’t believe Yuanruo went through with marrying that awful princess. What kind of wife threatens to kill your loved ones if you don’t marry her? Even if he married her, I thought he wouldn’t get close to her at all, but the fact that she’s praying for a child means he was willing to have relations with her. He really lacks backbone what did molan and the sixth liang son do exactly in that garden? what is dripping water… Read more »

4 years ago

Had Minglan been Madam Lin’s daughter she wouldn’t have had to do this plan for revenge as was pointed out in an earlier episode. Had Minglan been born to either of the other wives instead of Mistress Wei she would have had protection either legitimacy or being doted on instead she has to protect herself and seek justice for herself.

Next episode it’s going to come to a head then we get our ML back in episode 33 so looking forward to that.

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