The Story of Minglan Episode 32 Recap

In Story of Minglan episode 32, we see the beginning of Minglan’s revenge!

Molan has no idea she landed in a perfectly placed trap. Because she believes that she can finally hold her head high.

Meanwhile everyone else is trying to figure out how to resolve this issue before the Sheng family’s reputation goes down the drain.

Story of Minglan Episode 32 Recap Highlights:

  • Molan kneels in the ancestral hall to reflect on her actions
  • Wang Ruofu discusses marriage plans with Madam Wu
  • Old Madam Sheng works out an arrangement with Madam Wu

Just a few more episodes until we get to the halfway point. Without further adieu, let’s jump into the Story of Minglan episode 32 recap!

Getting Caught

At the monastery, Molan shares her concerns with Liang Han about sneaking out too often.

She’s running out of excuses and so is he.

Someone is getting tired of someone already

But Molan believes Liang Han has it better than she does. Because he’s a male and she’s not.

Molan threatens to kill herself and Liang Han tries to placate her.

Then all of a sudden, the doors burst open.

And Sheng Hong rushes in. Once he sees the two of them, he hollers in frustration.

So it’s true. He then orders his servants to tie up Molan and take her with them.

Molan is kneeling in front of her father awaiting his judgement. But then Madam Lin comes in and pleads with him to forgive her daughter.

However Sheng Hong appears unmoved. Because the servants have already confessed.

So Madam Lin faints at the drop of a hat. On the side, Wang Ruofu complains that she did it again.

When Sheng Hong orders servants to drag Madam Lin, she miraculously wakes up again.

He scoffs at her acting.

Madam Lin explains that Molan made a mistake because they were panicking about her marriage prospects. But Sheng Hong gets even more furious.

Because he told Madam Lin he would personally pick a husband for Molan.


A servant reports that Changfeng is outside kneeling for leniency. Madam Lin then uses this opportunity to plead for mercy again.

Using Changfeng as an excuse.

Poor Changfeng. He barely shows up and when he does, it’s to help these two.

Sheng Hong issues his judgement. Molan needs to kneel at the ancestral hall and contemplate her wrongdoings.

While Madam Lin cannot leave her courtyard.

All servants involved are to be detained while waiting for their sentence. Sister Zhou pales in response.


Everyone knows

Wang Ruofu feels elated because she was finally able to knock down Madam Lin a peg or two.

And she wants to celebrate with some hot wine.

But then a servant reports that Hualan is back.

Hualan rushes in and asks if the matter between Molan and Liang Han is true.

Wang Ruofu does a double-take.

How did Hualan find out about it?

Hualan explains that everyone in Bianjing knows about Molan slipping off the steps at the monastery and having Liang Han assist her back up.

But the two of them were too intimate for comfort.

While Wang Ruofu thought they were gossiping about the affair.

So it turns out the news was already leaked? Hmm, was this part of Minglan’s plans too?

Hualan complains that this will affect her reputation. And Wang Ruofu faints in response.

Meanwhile, Sheng Hong confesses that he brought trouble to his mother.

Sheng Hong admits that he’s wrong. But Old Madam Sheng lets him have it. She explains that this was the result of him pampering his concubine for at least twenty some years.

So Madam Lin thinks she can get away with anything. While Molan has learned to lie and derail the truth to get what she wants.

This time, Molan didn’t even care for the reputation of her sisters. Shaming the whole Sheng family.

Meanwhile, Changfeng isn’t any better either. He wasn’t careful with his words and ended up causing his father to be caged in the palace.

Did he forget this too?

It looks like Sheng Hong really did forget.

He then excuses himself and leaves.

Sheng Hong heads over to Madam Lin’s courtyard to question her.

Madam Lin pleads mercy and then asks Sheng Hong to help arrange the marriage between their household and the Wu family.

Sheng Hong is Disappointed

Because everyone is already gossiping about it.

And Sheng Hong wonders how she knows this already. Because she was caged in here the whole day.

It turns out that she spread the news.

But instead of admitting she’s wrong, Madam Lin turns the tables on Sheng Hong. Blaming him for picking any random scholar as Molan’s potential husband.

Not noticing that these words pierce through Sheng Hong. Shocking him to his core.

Madam Lin continues on, commenting how they only need to add additional dowry to get Molan married over.

And maybe Old Madam Sheng and Wang Ruofu can chip in.

Sheng Hong heard enough and lectures Madam Lin for not knowing any shame.

Madam Lin feels offended and points out how in the past, the two of them secretly became intimate.

So she wonders who was the shameless then?

He wants the truth.

Because he pitied her back then and heard her house was going to be raided.

And now she says something different. What did she treat him as?

Sheng Hong heart breaks.

Realizing what he has done.

What he has brought to this household.

A vicious, conniving woman who doesn’t think about anyone but herself.

Madam Lin threatens Sheng Hong to take care of this marriage, otherwise everyone else related to the Sheng household would be ruined.

They will all flourish together or die together.

Sheng Hong is in disbelief and staggers off in shock.

Proposing Marriage to the Liangs

Wang Ruofu wonders how things have come to this. Because now everyone knows about Sheng family’s shameful laundry.

She wonders if Hualan will be affected. And Hualan appears unusually dispirited.

It turns out her son has been given to someone else. And one day, no one bothered to look after him.

So he also got burned by fire if it weren’t for his sister rescuing him. But Hualan’s daughter is injured.

Jeez, what are Hualan’s in-laws thinking? She gave them an heir and is a dutiful wife. What more could they want?

Wang Ruofu knows they need to resolve Molan’s issue as quickly as possible.

Because everyone affiliated with the Sheng household is affected.

So Wang Ruofu heads over to the Liang household to prose marriage.

Madam Wu wonders who the candidate will be.


Wang Ruofu explains that Molan’s birth is low but she’s not that much different than Minglan.

However Madam Wu shares her thoughts. She liked Minglan because of her personality and disposition.

She didn’t care if Minglan was legitimate or a concubine born.

But Molan is a different story.

Ohh burn. Molan is unwanted.

So Madam Wu offers a compromise. She wants Minglan to marry over as the official wife and Molan as the concubine.

When Old Madam Sheng hears about it, she slaps the table in anger.


She raised Minglan with utmost care and refuses to let Sheng Hong and Wang Ruofu to sacrifice her.

Old Madam Sheng doesn’t believe they can’t resolve this with her.

Hualan delivers food to Molan and tells her the Liang family doesn’t want her.

So the alternative is to beat Molan to death. But then Molan reveals that she’s pregnant.

Dun Dun Dunnn, is she really though? Or bluffing?

Old Madam Sheng Negotiates with Madam Wu

Hualan exchanges barbs with Molan until Hualan can’t stand it anymore. But Zhaoyun, Changbai’s wife, holds her back.

Then comments that even though Molan and Minglan are born concubine born.

The Liang family wanted Minglan.

Zhaoyun leaves Molan to chew on that.

While she leaves with Hualan.

The two of them report this issue to Old Madam Sheng. She knows that she must make a trip to the Liangs.

Because otherwise all the other girls’ reputation and future is at stake.

Afterwards, Zhaoyun visits Molan again and informs her that the Liang family agreed.


Molan thinks she has finally won against Rulan.

Despite Zhaoyun trying to warn her that the Liang’s aren’t that simple.

But Molan doesn’t listen.

So Zhaoyun wishes her good luck.

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The emotions between Sheng Hong and Madam Lin were pretty intense! This whole time he thought she was a gentle and kind soul. But it turns out that she was always a sly fox.

He truly loved her and seeing her do all these things behind his back broke his heart.

I would say this is karma. For all those years he’s neglected Minglan and favored the wrong woman.

I wonder if Minglan knew Molan would go this far. Since she told her grandmother that she didn’t mind marrying, maybe she did?

Sigh. Poor Hualan. No matter what she does, she’s still down upon at her in-laws. It’s a long road ahead so I hope things look better for her soon.

If not, that’s a tough life. And she’s the legitimate daughter. How will Molan fair at a count’s household? Not much better I think. Maybe even worse.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 32? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

The next episode link needs fixing – it links to this episode (32) not 33.

3 years ago

I have to admit, the Big Madam and Concubine Lin are amazing comedic actresses. Their comedic timing is spot on. That “faint and miraculous” revival sin was HILARIOUS! None of the concubines in this show have a good reputation. the Lin woman, Manniang etc… They’re all scheming and manipulative…really makes you wonder. The lin concubine had a point about shame though. The scholar had no issue cheating on his wife with her, so who is he to lecture her about shame?That scene between her and her husband was so powerful. All pretense was gone. Really solid acting! Poor huaer. Life… Read more »

4 years ago

Wow, this was really intense! I have to wonder how far ahead Minglan planned this, because this could have been the beggining of the end of the Sheng family. On the other hand, Concubine Lin and Molan really brought it on themselves. If they weren’t caught by the main wife, Molan would have been seen by someone else and the result would have been much worse, at least this way the situation got more or less under control. Poor Grandmother had to do damage control again though! I miss Tingye! I feel like we haven’t seen much of him for… Read more »

4 years ago

Alright so I’ll be honest these episodes kind of run together in my mind for whatever reason I thought the entire climax all happened in this episode nope one more episode. Lol then we get back to some other good stuff action with our ML etc. love it thoug

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