The Story of Minglan Episode 34 Recap

Gu Tingye is back in the Story of Minglan episode 34! Things are getting intense in the capital as well. Who will become the next emperor?

Has the current one made a decision yet?

Story of Minglan Episode 34 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Tingye protects the imperial descendants from Prince Yan’s assassinations
  • Zhao Ceiying and his father decide to return to the capital
  • Things escalate in the imperial palace

Last episode was pretty calm but tensions mount in this episode! Let’s discuss what happens in Story of Minglan episode 34!

Attack on Zhao Zongquan

Gu Tingye hangs out with his buddies and they share drinks.

Turns out Gu Tingye just got promoted recently.

Zhao Ceiying on the right, a descendant of the imperial bloodline

One of his buddies suggest writing a letter to draft Gu Tingye over to this side. But Zhao Ceiying comments that they don’t have the power to do that.

They then chat about their families and Zhao Ceiying secretly asks Gu Tingye to stay afterwards.

In private, Zhao Ceiying wants to discuss something important with Gu Tingye.

His father and him received a secret imperial edict from the current emperor. Asking them to support the next emperor.

And Gu Tingye wonders if the heir has been selected.

Zhao Ceiying’s father has been worrying about this matter for a few days now, unable to sleep. But Gu Tingye doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Because if the heir is already selected, the candidates in the capital must be cleared out. Before they cause more trouble.


As they continue to discuss, Gu Tingye mentions seeing new soldiers.

But Zhao Ceiying has no knowledge of these new soliders.

So Gu Tingye realizes something and rushes out.

He then asks a nearby soldier for the whereabouts of these new soldiers.

Because Zhao Ceiying’s father is in danger.

After getting the location, Gu Tingye rushes outside and takes off on a horse.

Meanwhile, Zhao Zhongquan is strolling in the grain fields. Feeling proud of his work.

Zhao Zhongquan, Zhao Ceiying’s father

He wades into a nearby field and plucks some wheat.

While assassins lurk unnoticed.

Zhao Zhongquan comments that with this field, Yuzhou will be stable.

But then his servants are pulled to the ground and killed.

Zhao Zhongquan then looks up and realizes he’s all alone.

Gu Tingye Comes to the Rescue

All of a sudden, blades rush forth at him and he dodges but he cannot escape.

And closes his eyes for the final strike.

But Gu Tingye blocks the attack with his spear, then stabbing one of the assassins.

Before pulling up Zhao Zhongquan from the ground.

But it’s not over yet.

Arrows fly in their direction and Gu Tingye parries them with his spear.

He continues to defend until extra help arrives.

Capturing one of them for questioning.

That night, he threatens to torture the captured assassin.

With various weapons.

LOL, Gu Tingye is so good at tricking people. Psychological attacks are better than physical ones.

Look at this guy squealing like a pig

The assassin confesses that it’s Prince Yan. He’s the one who sent them here.

Zhao Zhongquan complains that he has nothing to compete with Prince Yan.

He doesn’t even want the throne. But Gu Tingye surmises that Prince Yan believes they received a secret imperial edict that crowns Zhao Zongquan as the heir.

So Gu Tingye advises that they head to the capital to report Prince Yan’s evil intentions.

Zhao Ceiying and Gu Tingye try to convince Zhao Zhongquan but the latter refuses.

Because he believes it’s better to hide in his farm lands instead.

Then leaves.

While Gu Tingye and Zhao Ceiying make plans for the upcoming battles.

They know trouble is coming their way.

Zhao Ceiying believes this is a great chance to start a revolution and Gu Tingye swears to accompany him on this journey.

That night another assassin aims for Zhao Zongquan’s life and Gu Tingye saves his neck again.

Causing Zhao Zhongquan to change his mind. He agrees that they need to go to the capital.

Madam Gu’s Plans

Madam Gu’s head servant complains that they weren’t invite to Consort Rong’s summoning. While the 4th and 5th households were.

But Madam Gu sees it differently. She believes there’s trouble brewing so she doesn’t mind not being invited.

She then changes topics to Gu Tingyu and how he won’t last too long. So only her son will be left to inherit the Marquis title.

Oh Gu Tingyu, do you know you’ve been played?

Madam Gu comments that this is the long term plan. So they don’t need to use Consort Rong as a backer.

Her head maid then mentions Gu Tingye and how the previous Marquis Gu had some plans for him.

But Madam Gu glares at her.

Ohhhh what’s this? Gu Tingye thought it was odd that his name was kept in the geneology book. Was this the reason?

Imperial Affairs

At the Sheng household, Minglan and Old Madam Sheng play Go while Zhaoyun is off to the side embroidering something.

She comments how father-in-law has been stuck at the palace lately. But Minglan teases her, knowing she’s more worried about Changbai, her husband.

Zhaoyun hides a knowing smile but then wonders why father-in-law had to go help with planning the future Crown Prince’s ceremonies.

He’s not part of the rites bureau but Changbai is.

Maybe it’s because it has to be done quick and there’s no enough resources.

Old Madam Sheng shares her insight on how the ceremony works. There are various steps and procedures for naming the Crown Prince.


No wonder the palace is so busy.

But moments later, Old Madam Sheng comments that family members should still be able to visit them.

So Minglan can bring over her fish soup and check on Changbai for her sister-in-law.

And her father.

Hai Zhaoyun (Changbai’s wife)

When Minglan delivers the food to her father and brother in the palace, her father asks how things are at home.

And she replies that everything is fine. While bringing up the fact that her sister-in-law misses Changbai too.

Then an eunuch comes in and Sheng Hong asks him to escort his daughter out of the palace.

And the eunuch agrees but comments that the palace gate is unguarded but locked.

Everyone believes this is odd.

Consort Rong’s Plans

Meanwhile, Consort Rong and various female nobles are stuck in the same room.

Duchess Qi thinks it’s odd that the only ones not here are ones favored by the Rong family.

All of a sudden an eunuch rushes in and reports that several people have entered into the palace using an unmanned gate.

She slaps the eunuch for losing his calm and orders people to drag him off for execution.

It turns out this was planned by Consort Rong.


Consort Rong reveals why they are all detained here. Because they are the main wives of important officials or military men.

If they are here, the men won’t act rashly.

One of the noble women complain that they didn’t do anything against Consort Rong.

But she replies that they gossiped behind her back and now that the current emperor doesn’t have many days left, she might as well risk it all.

Then she turns to Duchess Qi. She hates Duchess Qi for causing the death of her beloved sister.

While her son was enjoying a marriage night, her sister was buried six feet under.

Consort Rong orders people to take Duchess Qi with them.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye’s group are inching closer to the capital.

Consort Rong drags Duchess Qi into another hall where Prince Yan has surrounded Prince Yong and his family.

Prince Yong
Prince Yan on the left

Consort Rong explains that they had it coming. Ever since they caused her sister’s death.

Duchess Qi scampers to a corner.

At the same time, the current emperor is in his own study room while an eunuch reports that the rebels will break in any moment now. He asks if there’s another way out.

Everything is guarded so tightly.

Escaping the Palace

Another eunuch reports to Sheng Hong and his group that there are soldiers killing people.

And there’s no way to prevent the soldiers from coming to this hall.

Because it was made with old wood. So even if you tried to barricade them out the wood wouldn’t hold.

Then Minglan asks the eunuch if there are various dog holes throughout the palace.

And he nods so everyone plans on exiting through the dog holes. But it’s only big enough for someone like Minglan to go through.

So Sheng Hong and Changbai ask Minglan to escape.

Because other things worse than death could happen to her.

So they push her to leave with the eunuch.

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Oh boy, in Story of Minglan episode 34, we see more political affairs. The current emperor refused to name an heir so Prince Yan and Prince Yong have fought neck and neck about it.

Yet it looks like Prince Yan is almost the winner. Because Consort Rong joined forces with him.

She’s held a grudge to Duchess Qi and for family for awhile now. Will Duchess Qi get out of this alive?

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye has done very well in the military (thanks to Minglan showing him how he can’t be roaming forever).

I really like the fighting scenes in this episode. Without Gu Tingye, Zhao Zhongquan would have died like 3 times already.

What are your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 34? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

One more comment. So many good things happened this episode that it almost feels like the end of the series! Yet we’re not even halfway through. So that makes me woiry there’ll be more sad times in store

3 years ago

Gu ting ye is the master of the last minute rescue hahahaha

But my goodness when he opened up that torture chamber door I was like “whaaaaat happened to the schoolboy gu ting ye?” LMBO. He is MUCH tougher than yuanruo!

I thought Prince Yan was supposed to be the good one compared to Prince Yong. I guess there’s no good people when it comes to politics

3 years ago

I couldn’t help but feel a little satisfaction at Duchess Qi’s struggles. She learned that siding with the blackmailers wasn’t the best what she could do and she basically reaps what she sowed.

Consort Rong’s doing is understandable, yes, she is ruthless, but there was a lot of truth in what she said to the aristocratic ladies. They looked down on her, some directly caused her little sister’s death, now she can have her revenge muhahahahaha :D.

3 years ago

3 times. Remember he saved him In an earlier episode them twice this episode. That’s how he got his recommendation for the army, unless you were counting all the attempts this episode as one time.

Poor Minglan talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the guy who is fated to save her when she’s in deadly danger is a bit far to be of help right 🤔.

Gotta feel for the emperor he put off naming the crown prince for so long that it showed chaos in the capital and now he is reaping what he sowed including betrayal from his own consort. I mean I feel for the woman her little sister was kidnapped, assaulted, humiliated and left with no recourse but suicide to reclaim a shred of her honor but still it wasn’t her husband’s fault and she could have chosen a different way to try to coax the emperor to choose Prince Yan over Prince Yong instead of agreeing to help him with his coup. Oh well live and learn

or not learn as the next emperor’s consort basically does the same thing 🙄

Next episode is gonna be so much fun and I can’t wait.

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