The Story of Minglan Episode 35 Recap

Story of Minglan episode 35! Two more episodes until the halfway point!

As the tensions within the imperial palace reach the peak, who will come out victorious in the end?

Story of Minglan Episode 35 Recap Highlights:

  • The current emperor requests for help and writes a blood stained edict
  • Minglan ends up bringing the edict to Zhao Zhongquan
  • Gu Tingye joins the fray and helps rescue the current emperor

Ready for more political intrigue? Let’s jump into the Story of Minglan episode 35 recap!

Duchess Qi’s Fate

Back in the palace, Prince Yan looks over the dead bodies of Prince Yong and his family.

They’re all dead now.

While Consort Rong comments that Duchess Qi has blood on her hands. Her sister’s blood.

So she offers her a choice of how she wants to die.


But Duchess Qi appears to have gone crazy.

She keeps laughing manically and commenting how it’s snowing now.

Prince Yan wonders if she has gone crazy and Consort Rong thinks it’s fake.

Ordering people to drag Duchess Qi out in the streets to let everyone observe her craziness.

Meanwhile, Minglan and the eunuch head to the hidden dog hole. The eunuch, Qingyuan, advises Minglan how to escape from here before taking off.

He can’t leave because he’s lived in the palace all his life.

At the same time, the current emperor cries out in frustration, commenting how he should have deposed Prince Yan.

To prevent this from happening. But the Empress Dowager advises that it’s too late for this. It’s better for him to request help.

Someone has a sensible mind on their shoulders. Jeez.

The emperor realizes that Zhao Zhongquan is the closest one nearby who can help.

He tears cloth from his robes and writes an imperial edict with his blood.

Ugh so unsanitary

And then wraps the military tiger seal within it.

The tiger seal, usually in two pieces represents the right to move the military on behalf of the emperor. Because normally, you cannot bring the army into the palace with good reason.

He has chosen Zhao Zongquan as the Crown Prince. Now they need someone to deliver this notice to Zhao Zongquan.

Out of all the servants in the same room, a young girl of 13 volunteers to help.

Entrusting the Blood Written Edict

To help repay the emperor’s favor from the past.

The fate of the emperor rests on this girl’s shoulders

As soon as the girl leves with the letter, soldiers burst into the emperor’s study room.

Minglan walks along the palace walls, trying to stay hidden from sight.

And finds the next dog hole.

After Minglan passes through, she sees someone trying to follow her and questions her identity.

It’s the palace maid delivering the edict for the emperor. The palace maid explains herself and Minglan helps her get through the hole.

The two of them take off together.

Meanwhile, one of the soldiers drags an eunuch from the emperor’s studying for questioning.

And he reveals that there’s a palace maid who has a blood written edict.

A general orders soldiers to chase after her.

Minglan and the palace maid are now out in the streets of the capital.

The palace maid tells Minglan that she needs to deliver something to Yuzhou.

But Yuzhou is too far so Minglan suggests she bring the palace maid to her house so they can arrange a carriage to Yuzhou.

Then the palace maid becomes suspicious because something doesn’t add up.

So Minglan explains that she’s in disguise. She’s an official’s daughter that came to deliver food today to her father working in the palace.


During the conversation, the two of them wander out into the open streets and the enemy soldiers discover them.

The chase is on.

Minglan pulls the palace maid so they can run from the soldiers, but the palace maid gets injured behind her head in the process.

The two of them end up on the balcony of a building.

She knows she won’t be able to make it so entrusts the edict to Minglan.

Delivering the Blood Written Edict


Minglan leaps off from the balcony of the building and ends up landing on a carriage full of wheat.

She takes off with pursuers right behind her.

But before she gets too far, the pursuers on horses quickly catch up to her.

And discovers she’s a woman.

One of them complains that if they didn’t have orders on hand, they would have their way with her.

Minglan fights off one of them with her hands and ends up clawing his face while the others laugh with amusement.

She tries to run off and scream for help but the soldier chases after her and is about to slit her throat.

Gu Tingye and his group are nearby and overhear her.

At the crucial moment, an arrow flies and kills the soldier.

She runs as the rest of the soldiers take after her.

Gu Tingye jumps into the fray and rescues her.

When he approaches her, Minglan tells him she needs to go to Yuzhou to find Zhao Zhongquan.

But Gu Tingye points out that he’s just over there.

So Minglan rushes over to Zhao Zhongquan.

After he reads the letter, Zhao Zhongquan hesitates to take action. He doesn’t want to be the Crown Prince.

Minglan stresses the importance of saving the emperor but Zhao Zhongquan thinks that assuming this position will be more trouble in the future.

Gu Tingye stresses that it’s too late now because Prince Yan will eliminate all threats anyway.

He was paranoid enough to send assassins after Zhao Zhongquan even when it wasn’t an edict about inheriting the throne.

So does he think that he can escape if Prince Yan knows about actual crowning edict?

Zhao Ceiying then brings up his children as well.

Gu Tingye pleads again but Zhao Zhongquan has already made his decision.

Saving the Emperor

They will enter the capital.

Moments later Gu Tingye helps Minglan treat her ankle. He comments how they always seem to encounter each other when Minglan needs help.

So Minglan promises to make an honorary tablet of him for her to bow to.


And then Minglan mentions that she will pay him back with her life.

But he doesn’t want her life.

Haha he wants her to spend the rest of her life with him.

Minglan comments that she doesn’t offer her life to just anyone. So far, it’s been for her birth mother, her grandmother and now Gu Tingye.

Gu Tingye then tells her that if he succeeds, he will release two sets of fireworks.

Before Gu Tingye leaves, he asks Minglan to say something auspicious. So Minglan tells him she will wait for him.

And then takes off, leaving Shitou to guard her.

Shitou comments that he’s here to accompany her so his young master can rest easy.

Even Shitou knows there’s something going on between the two!

Gu Tingye leads his group to the front gates of the imperial palace. And when they are barred from entry, he suggests they use Prince Yan’s name.

Meanwhile, Prince Yan wants the emperor to write an edict to pass the throne to him.

However, a soldier reports that they are being attacked.

Prince Yan grabs the emperor as a hostage but Gu Tingye shoots an arrow into Prince Yan’s chest.

Killing him immediately.

Then Gu Tingye orders his soldiers to rescue the emperor.

It’s not long before the battle is won.

Zhao Zhongquan apologies for coming to the emperor’s rescue late.

The emperor remembers Gu Tingye used to perform a spear dance in front of him.

The Emperor’s Favor

And exposes his true name and background in front of Zhao Zhongquan.

So Gu Tingye explains his motive for doing so.

Then Gu Tingye questions the emperor why he barred his chance for becoming an official.

The emperor explains the reasoning then realizes that Gu Tingye put aside his private affairs and rescued him.

So he believes he owes Gu Tingye an apology. But Gu Tingye tells him that it’s not needed.

Henceforth, the emperor tells everyone including Zhao Zhongquan to not mistreat the Gu household.

Gu Tingye later releases the fireworks and Minglan is thrilled to see that they succeeded.

Afterwards Gu Tingye escorts Sheng Hong and Changbai into a carriage to go home.

But pulls Changbai aside to explain how Minglan was the MVP for this rescue. If it weren’t for her delivering the letter, Gu Tingye wouldn’t have arrived to rescue them.

However, he didn’t mention it to the emperor because it could affect her reputation. Since she was out and about during these turbulent times where soldiers were killing and raping people.


And Gu Tingye reminds Changbai to inform Minglan not to tell anyone, including her grandmother.

Changbai thinks it’s odd that Gu Tingye would nag so much about this.

Days later, the emperor passes away.

And Zhao Zhongquan gets crowned and recognized by the court following after.


Out in the crowd, Yuan Ruo views an imperial notice on the wall and rushes back to report the news.

With a smile on his face.

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We’re now going to enter another arc of this series now that there’s a new emperor on the throne.

In Story of Minglan episode 35, we see the new emperor on the throne with the Empress Dowager in the back. So it seems like she will help him rule until he stabilizes his position.

I thought it was so cute for Gu Tingye to tell Minglan that he will surely come back if she’s waiting for him. He knows she didn’t mean it that way but he wanted to tease her nonetheless.

Gu Tingye looks at her so tenderly when he’s helping her with her ankle. Omigosh, it’s like he’s trying to tell her to marry him because he’s saved her so many times.

And it’s like fate because they bumped into each other so many times.

We’re getting closer to their wedding! I can’t wait.

What were your thoughts on this Story of Minglan episode 35? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

what an exciting episode! but i can’t believe the writers pulled yet another “gu tingye to the last minute rescue” plotline!

i will say though, gu tingye looked super masterful when he was bidding farewell to minglan and got on his horse

I’m glad imperial consort rong got her revenge on that awful Prince Yu family

that palace maid was so cute. just like the kind and gentle emperor. RIP to both

It’s crazy how minglan’s reputation still has to be safeguarded, even in the midst of fighting a rebellion! what a society!

4 years ago

This was such an amazing episode! The fighting, the chase, the rescue (does anyone keep count of how many times Tingye saved Minglan? was it 3 times?) and the exchange between our leads! Omg, that was so precious!

He looks at her so adoringly and he’s not even subtle about his interest in marrying her. But our quick-witted heroine doesn’t catch it all!
(or she does and thinks he’s teasing her because he couldn’t possibly be interested in her? girl, are you blind??)

4 years ago

Not the exam results, its the notice that the exam is being offered again so he has a chance to redeem himself. Also I think more time than a day passes for the rebellion, the emperor passing away and the new one being crowned in his place. After all they make a big deal about mourning periods and if Yuanruo thinks he can offer for Minglan after he passes the test, really dude just offer for her before taking it you’re the son of a duke you don’t need to pass the test to have merit, then some time has… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Coco

So much goodness coming, especially between our main pair love love love it!

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