The Story of Minglan Episode 37 Recap

Halfway through the series now. (๑>ᴗ<๑) Story of Minglan episode 37! While Minglan wonders if her marriage with He Hongwen will be favorable to her, Rulan has her own troubles.

Story of Minglan Episode 37 Recap Highlights:

  • Old Madam He explains the situation at the He household
  • Minglan agrees to marry He Hongwen
  • Rulan shares her difficulties with Minglan

We haven’t seen Molan in awhile since the show is now focusing on Rulan and Minglan’s marriage prospects. But anyways, onwards to Story of Minglan episode 37!

Sister Heart to Heart

Rulan shares her thoughts with Minglan in the comfort of her own room. Whenever she sees Molan, she can’t help but grit her teeth in anger.

Because she thought Molan was extremely lucky to get the fortune of having Wen Yanjing as husband candidate.

But then *that* happened to Molan. So Rulan became secretly happy.


Then worried.

Wondering if Wen Yanjing would think the daughters of the Sheng family aren’t good enough.

Ah someone is in love.

Minglan asks if Rulan considered that Wen Yanjing wanted to aim higher. And Rulan counters with her insight.

She knows that she’s not the wisest one. Always leaning on her legitimate status.

Rulan then continues. She knows that she doesn’t possess the noble bearing like her sister Hualan, or fawning skills like Molan.

Heck, even Minglan is cute and everyone can’t help dote on Minglan.


Minglan comforts Rulan and disagrees. Wang Ruofu dotes on her the most.

Then adds that despite living in this household for so long, Rulan is still so straightforward, carefree and honest.

So Minglan tells her that she admires her.

Rulan pats her hand in return, smiling how she’s the only one. But then corrects herself, because now there’s Wen Yanjing.

Then the conversation leads into how Minglan can help Rulan.

She can’t do much but Rulan tells her that she only needs to keep a secret.

Because if Minglan doesn’t, Rulan will feign innocence and then use her as the scapegoat.

Minglan doesn’t care for the threat and comments how the worst thing could happen is she will end up marrying Wen Yanjing.

And since he’s such a good catch, she wouldn’t mind.

XD Minglan is teasing Rulan.

Rulan then takes out her jewelry to bribe Minglan. Telling her she can take whichever one she wants.

Fight for What You Want

But Minglan takes all of them instead.

Rulan agrees but Minglan was just teasing. Then warning her that these bribes never work. She promises not to tell.

While adding in that she’s just worried about her. Because this path won’t be easy.

But Rulan tells Minglan that sometimes you must fight for what you want. She thinks it’s worth it.

Minglan doesn’t think there’s anything worth fighting for right now.

He Household’s Decision

Old Madam He explains the situation when Old Madam Sheng and Minglan head over to visit.

But Old Madam Sheng wonders what her intentions are because she refuses to let the He family bully her granddaughter.

Old Madam He explains that He Hongwen’s mother has just recovered slightly because her sister came to visit her.

And if she mentions refusing the Cao family cousin then He Hongwen’s mother may take a turn for the worst.

And He Hongwen can’t bear to refuse knowing that his mother may suffer.

Moments later, a servant comes over to summon Minglan to visit He Hongwen’s mother.

Because she’s bedridden and can’t get up to greet her guests.

So Minglan follows the servant.

As soon as Minglan enters the room, He Hongwen’s mother reaches out to her. She barely speaks a word before the aunt interrupts.

He Hongwen’s aunt on the left and cousin on the right

The aunt pleads with Minglan, mentioning how her daughter has no other options.

But Minglan apologies for the words she said the other day and then mentions how she has no right to make the decision on behalf of He Hongwen.

The aunt then changes attitudes and sits near her sister. Agreeing with Minglan and then adding that the decision lies with the mother-in-law.

Oh so this aunt is not as gentle as she looks. Dun Dun dunnnn.

Then adding that it’s normal for men to have more than one wife.

Minglan questions how the ranking will work if the cousin marries over because they are also relatives.

Explaining that if the aunt wants to be treated as an elder then her daughter cannot be a concubine. Because the birth mother of a concubine is essentially a servant.

Old Madam Sheng’s Decision

The aunt gets enraged and lectures Minglan for being improper.

Just then, He Hongwen barges in and warns his aunt that they cannot be blackmailed.

Hmm I guess He Hongwen knows how his aunt is and how she has other plans.

The aunt then cries and points out how heartless the cousin is.

He Hongwen’s mother counters that she’s always wanted the cousin as a daughter-in-law.

As the aunt continues to cry, He Hongwen promises to Minglan that he will protect her.

But then Old Madam Sheng walks in and wonders why Minglan is still here.

Because she’s an outsider.

Boom! She drew the line, no more marriage then.

Old Madam He explains that because He Hongwen and Minglan are siblings, it’s fine for her to hear these matters.

And He Hongwen is in shock.


Old Madam Sheng makes verbal jabs at He Hongwen’s aunt before leaving.

And so the marriage talks are ruined.

He Hongwen knows he has lost his chance. And his cousin looks down in shame.

He Hongwen then follows his grandmother into another room and asked what was that earlier.

About siblings.

His grandmother then explains that the marriage is ruined. If Old Madam Sheng doesn’t agree, it’s over.

On the way back home, in the horse drawn carriage, Old Madam Sheng pats Minglan’s hand in comfort.

She knows that her granddaughter wishes that her future husband is only devoted to her. And that’s not a bad thing.

Because even lower classed servants will wish for the same thing.

She then mentions that He Hongwen did promise to not take his cousin as a concubine. But Minglan counters that promises are hard to keep.

And since He Hongwen is soft hearted, he will give in eventually. So Old Madam Sheng agrees to look for other households.

Rulan Needs Help

As soon as Minglan returns, Rulan pulls her into her room to discuss something important.

It turns out Rulan’s maid, Xique overheard Nanny Liu commenting how her mother is arranging her marriage.


So Rulan wants Minglan to think of a plan.

But Minglan doesn’t have any say in front of Wang Ruofu. So then Rulan suggests Minglan help bring it up in front of their grandmother.

And that won’t work either because Wang Ruofu is the main wife. If she can’t make the decisions for her own daughter’s marriage, she may tear the house down.

But when Xique returns, she reports that there’s no mention of marriage. Rulan’s aunt is here to help plan for birthday celebrations.

Rulan’s not convinced though and wonders if her aunt has other motives. She takes out some jewelry and spare change for her maid to bribe others for information.

Minglan then wonders if Rulan will be okay with Wen Yanjing’s mother as a future mother-in-law. Will she truly be happy with a picky mother-in-law?

Rulan comments that life will always have hardships. And you can’t have everything.

When did Rulan grow up this much??? Was it just through observation?

She points out that her older sister’s marriage is fine except for an evil mother-in-law. While Molan suffered a miscarriage.


Rulan believes it’s due to the concubine’s scheming. The mistress Liang Han had before Molan.

A Pitiful Cousin

He Hongwen pays a visit to Old Madam Sheng and apologizes for the mess his family has caused.

It turns out his mother has adopted his cousin but his cousin attempted suicide. After the rescue, He Hongwen found out additional details about his cousin’s hardships.

When his cousin was a concubine in Yangzhou, she was forced to drink saffron soup.

And is no longer able to bear children in the future.

Old Madam Sheng shares this with Minglan.

And Minglan comments that she has changed her mind. Because her grandmother worked so hard to find this good marriage prospect.

She doesn’t mind marrying He Hongwen now.

Old Madam Sheng doesn’t want Minglan to settle just for her sake.

Is this because of Rulan’s advice?

Minglan explains that since He Hongwen and her don’t have each other in each of their hearts, they can live like a couple with a partnership.

An amicable partnership.

But Old Madam Sheng worries that Minglan has already closed off her heart, despite being so young.

That isn’t good at all.


But Minglan reassures her grandmother that she can still live well in the future.

Gu Tingye’s Plans for Marriage

On the way back from battles, Zhao Ceiying mentions how his uncle is going to marry the eldest daughter of Duke Ying.

But he’s also going to marry a daughter from the Zou family as a second wife.

And Gu Tingye fears that trouble is brewing.

Zhao Ceiying comments that things are different now. So even if you don’t want to do some things, you must anyways.

Gu Tingye realizes something and comments that he must get married as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, in front of Gu Tingye’s manor, several people are eagerly waiting to propose marriage.

That’s a TON of people

Shitou addresses everyone and shares that it’s too late. Because his lord has already left to propose marriage.

Gu Tingye asks his servants to bring in several gifts into Changbai’s courtyard.

Changbai thinks Gu Tingye’s been promoted so he’s being generous.

But Gu Tingye tells him it’s all for his family. Changbai realizes that Gu Tingye brought all of these gifts for a marriage proposal.

And explains that he considered the Sheng family because the Sheng family wasn’t like the other families.

During the time Prince Yong was rumored to be the future Crown Prince and heir.


Then after he became promoted and got elevated in status, the Sheng family didn’t even bother to attempt to latch onto him.

Gu Tingye doesn’t believe that there’s better in-laws than the Sheng family.

LOL. Look at Gu Tingye trying to butter up to Changbai so he can pass the news along.

Changbai wonders if he’s truly speaking about his family. Then Gu Tingye clarifies that he’s saying these words so Changbai can pass the message to his father.

But who’s the lucky girl Gu Tingye wants to marry?

Gu Tingye Wants to Marry Rulan

Gu Tingye keeps it vague, responding that of course, it’s the most beautiful with the best personality.

So that night, Changbai tells his parents that Gu Tingye wants to marry Rulan.


Wang Ruofu topples over from where she is sitting while Sheng Hong spits out his tea.

The two of them are in disbelief at the news.

Changbai explains how Gu Tingye has met Rulan several times at the polo events and describes her personality and demeanor.

But Sheng Hong feels like he’s hearing Minglan, not Rulan.

And his wife smacks him. She believes it must be Rulan.

Wang Ruofu believes her daughter will definitely marry Gu Tingye.

But then she faces opposition from Rulan.

Nanny Liu suggests they ask Minglan to help convince Rulan.

Minglan comes over later that night to chat.

Rulan asks for suggestions but Minglan tells her that she was originally sent over here to convince her.

And it’s not like Rulan can elope with Wen Yanjing either. Rulan would never do that.

Because she cares about her family. If she did that, she wouldn’t be considered human.

Minglan suggests Rulan live in separate courtyards once she marries over if she doesn’t like Gu Tingye.

But Rulan thinks Gu Tingye is a scoundrel because he has a terrible reputation.

So Minglan explains that he’s changed now. And how he’s a good person.

Even mentioning how he helped her in the past.

And Rulan wonders why don’t she marry him? But Minglan argues that Gu Tingye doesn’t want her, he wants Rulan.

Rulan argues back she doesn’t even want Gu Tingye, she wants Wen Yanjing.

Then sniffles some more.

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With Story of Minglan episode 37 down, we have three more episodes until we hit the 40s! Rulan in this episode really surprised me.

She has grown so much!

Rulan knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to fight for her own happiness. It seems like she’s learned that marrying up has its own troubles. As evident by her observations of Hualan and Molan’s marriages so far.

She doesn’t want to fulfill her mother’s pride but try to achieve her own happiness.

And I think her insight convinced Minglan to move on with He Hongwen’s marriage.

I thought it was hilarious how there are so many families eager to propose marriage to Gu Tingye that they have swarmed around his house.

Plus on the way back home, I think Gu Tingye is worried that if he doesn’t marry soon, the emperor may bestow a marriage on him.

Lots of juicy moments coming up soon, can’t wait for the next episode!

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 37? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

This whole episode was one big blooper reel. With all the actors stumbling and tripping!

4 years ago

I definitely think he was worried about getting a bestowed marriage which is why next episode he’s gonna make another stop. Such a schemer, but when you see all the people scrambling for his favor you start to understand why he himself can be so underhanded in his own manuvers. Rulan has grown up. She’s making her own way and she’s not gonna consent to a marriage to Gu Tingye easily, she’s ready to fight for her happiness but at the same time she’s not gonna sacrifice her family for her own happiness so what options does that leave for… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Ditto this! Tingye’s scheming is nearly complete, I can’t wait for the insights for the next two episodes!

I’ve always liked Rulan but she is really amazing in these episodes. While we know that she ultimately won’t be forced to sacrifice herself and marry Tingye, it’s cool to see this spoiled, privileged girl to be willing to fight for her love and go against her mother’s wishes. Shame we weren’t privy to details of her love story :).

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