The Story of Minglan Episode 38 Recap

Oh my next favorite moment is here! In this Story of Minglan episode 38, Gu Tingye explains himself to Minglan.

How he schemed against everyone in the Sheng household to get them to marry Minglan off to him.

Story of Minglan Episode 38 Recap Highlights:

  • Rulan and Wen Yanjing are seen meeting up secretly
  • Yuan Ruo passes the exam and asks his mother for a favor
  • Gu Tingye’s plans bear fruit when Wang Ruofu suggests they marry Minglan off instead

This episode highlights why Gu Tingye is our male lead! He put in so much effort to get his wife. ^^

Without further adieu, let’s jump into the Story of Minglan episode 38 recap!

Securing His Marriage

The newest emperor is tilling away his secret field while his closest aids and family members watch.

When the seeds sprout and grow, it will become a bountiful wheat field.

The emperor offers some to his brother while Gu Tingye volunteers to have some as well. Commenting how he’s planning to get married soon.

To the Sheng family’s legitimate daughter.

So the emperor reluctantly promises him some wheat too.


Meanwhile, Wang Ruofu wonders why Rulan hasn’t given up yet.

Despite Minglan going over every day. It’s gotten to the point where Minglan practically lives there now.

Then Nanny Liu reports that people out in the streets are gossiping about the marriage between the Gu and Sheng family.

And Wang Ruofu wonders who leaked it. But the more pressing matter is that the rumors mention the emperor acknowledges this marriage.

Rulan becomes frustrated and refuses to eat.

She then tosses the bowls onto the floor and Wang Ruofu happens to walk into her room.

Wang Ruofu informs her daughter that if she doesn’t marry, the whole family will get eliminated.


Rulan refuses to believe that the emperor would force his citizens to marry.

So Wang Ruofu mentions how disobeying an imperial order is punishable by death.

And it’s not just their family but anyone related to their family.

Rulan suggests they find her a fake husband, like that scholar they found for Molan. But her mother thinks that won’t do either. And even if that worked, Gu Tingye would hold a grudge towards her and her husband’s family.

With no way out, Rulan plops down and starts to cry again. Complaining how her life is so cruel.

And Wang Ruofu comforts her but is secretly happy her daughter agrees.


What is Love?

Wang Ruofu enters her room with a smile on her face while Nanny Liu comments how Rulan is a lot different than Molan.

Rulan prefers to put the family’s interests above her own. So even if she will be unhappy, she wants the family to be safe.

Wang Ruofu believes the gods were secretly helping her because with this marriage, her daughter will be in a higher position than Molan.

Wang Ruofu shares the good news with Old Madam Sheng when she gets a chance.

And Old Madam Sheng doesn’t have any opinion.

Meanwhile Minglan asks her sister if she’s finally decided. And Rulan nods.

Because she would rather suffer with Gu Tingye then allow Gu Tingye to harm Wen Yanjing.

Rulan’s such a great character too!

Minglan wonders if Rulan can’t be with anyone else. And Rulan tries to explain that when you love someone, you are always thinking about them.

No matter what you’re doing.


But Minglan doesn’t understand. She advises Rulan that they must keep going forward.

And eventually she will forget about Wen Yanjing.

Rulan doesn’t seem to think so.

So Minglan tries to get her to think happier thoughts. Like how she will be ranked higher than Molan.

And how her mother will be so elated. But Rulan wonders how her mother could be this heartless.

Then she starts to think back to Wen Yanjing and what he could be doing now.

Poor girl. Rulan is so smitten with Wen Yanjing.

A Secret Farewell

Gu Tingye and Changbai are at the monastery on a rainy day.

Then Gu Tingye suggests they stop by a flower garden to check out some flowers.

Because the flowers here change with the seasons. And Changbai wonders why he has time to do so.

But then Gu Tingye tells him that he wants to get some for his sister.

As a gift.


The two of them take a stroll and end up overhearing someone crying.

But Changbai seems to recognize the voice.

And appears downcast.

But the conversation mentions the Sheng family and Changbai heads over to see who it is.

It’s Rulan and Wen Yanjing.

Changbai struggles to voice out his frustration and Gu Tingye follows behind him.

Noticing the situation.

Well what a coincidence.

Back at the Sheng household, a servant flogs Rulan’s servant while Rulan kneels in front of her father.

He’s holding a white cloth and threatens to hang her. While Wang Ruofu yanks it out of his hands.

Sheng Hong thought Rulan would be better than Molan yet she was seen with another man.

He walks off with anger.

Old Madam Sheng hears about it and wonders if Rulan was planning to elope. But Zhaoyun explains that Rulan met up with the man to say farewell.

However, whoever encountered them would think differently.

It was just bad luck.

And Gu Tingye didn’t say anything at the time. But Zhaoyun worries how Gu Tingye would act against them.

Old Madam Sheng believes he won’t do anything rash. However, she won’t be able to use her status to reason with his mother.

Since Gu Tingye and his mother are at odds with each other.

Using a Substitute

Meanwhile, Xiaotao reports to Minglan that Xique was almost killed from flogging if it weren’t for Rulan covering for her.

So she sent over some medicine.

Minglan blames Gu Tingye for being an unlucky influence. Why did he happen to see when it was just a farewell?

Xiaotao comments that her marriage to the He family may be ruined. But Minglan doesn’t care.

She will leave it up to fate.

Early in the morning, Old Madam Sheng refuses to let Sheng Hong use a substitute to save the marriage.

But Sheng Hong believes there’s no choice.

He shares how Changbai went over to Gu Tingye to discuss the matter. And it would have been fine to cancel the marriage.

But the emperor knows about it so they still have to proceed.

However, Old Madam Sheng wants her son to tell the emperor that Minglan is going to become a nun.

Wang Ruofu tries to convince her mother-in-law that this could be a great plan.

Because Gu Tingye never mentioned who exactly he was going to marry. So Minglan can marry him, Rulan can marry into the Wen household.

All three families will be happy and safe.

Old Madam Sheng refuses to agree and slams her teacup in anger.

I love this grandma!

Complaining how whenever there are good things, Wang Ruofu will reserve them for her daughters. But when it’s something bad, she wants Minglan to help cover.

Wang Ruofu then mentions how Hualan’s husband also serves under Gu Tingye. So if Gu Tingye gets angry, Hualan may suffer as well.

Old Madam Sheng complains that when Molan caused trouble, she had to consider Hualan.

Then when Rulan caused trouble, she also has to consider Hualan.

Minglan and Gu Tingye

If she asked for Hualan’s opinion, she’s sure that Hualan would consider Minglan’s position instead.

At least Hualan would dote on Minglan more than these two parents in front of her.

Old Madam Sheng heaves with anger but Sheng Hong tells her to consider her health.

Meanwhile, Minglan overhears the conversation in the hallway. And her sister-in-law tells her not to panic.

Minglan wonders if she misheard.

Gu Tingye wants to marry her?

Yuan Ruo looks for his name on the exam results and sees that he has passed.

With a smile on his face, he rushes home to inform his mother.

Duchess Qi can finally hear some good news and tells the servants to light some fireworks for celebration.

But Yuan Ruo wants his mother to do a favor for him. And she understands.


She will make sure the marriage talks with the Sheng family are a success.

Meanwhile, Minglan is out visiting her sister Hualan. Her sister pours her some homemade wine, courtesy of her husband.

It’s called Snowflake wine and Minglan comments how it’s worth of its name.

All of a sudden, a servant reports that Hualan’s son is crying a lot and no one can get him to calm down. So Hualan leaves to comfort her son.

While telling Minglan to stay here.

She lets Xiaotao try some fish and comments that the taste is not as good as she hoped.

But then Gu Tingye chimes in. He tells her that if she wants fresh fish, he can get her some from Youyang.


Minglan sits back down and Gu Tingye helps himself to a seat as well.

She stares at Gu Tingye in shock and then realizes that her sister invited him here.

The Truth

Gu Tingye comments that he’s here to visit his nephew while Minglan retorts that his nephew is currently crying.

Minglan is clearly unhappy with him here. Hahaha

He wants Minglan to change how she addresses him.

Because they’re about to get married. But Minglan refuses because her grandmother hasn’t approved yet.


Gu Tingye believes they resolve everything because keeping things buried inside would be bad.

Minglan sits down again and asks Gu Tingye if he was planning to target her from the start.

Gu Tingye is amazed at her insight and comments that’s why he wants her as his woman.

Then continues with how he saved her in the water. In return she gave him advice about Rongjie needing a proper education and family.

Instead of roaming out in the wild.

From that moment on, he wanted her as his wife.

At the Sheng household, Duchess Qi passes by Wen Yanjing and his matchmaker.

Wondering if someone else is here to propose marriage.

Her maid assures her that no one can compete with her son.

Gu Tingye continues to explain himself to Minglan. Because he was worried that her grandmother would refuse.

It’s easier to reject a marriage than to propose.

Minglan mentions how she was about to get married to the He household but Gu Tingye tells her they weren’t meant to be.

Because of the cousin. And Minglan realizes he planned that as well.

Look at him so happy to scheme to get Minglan’s hand for marriage

Marriage of Two Daughters

Meanwhile, Wang Ruofu sees the gifts Duchess Qi has brought. Duchess Qi brought them over to thank the Sheng family for helping Yuan Ruo with his studies.

And shares that Yuan Ruo has passed the exams.

Then Duchess Qi extends an invite for a celebration but Wang Ruofu comments that they cannot attend since marriage is underway for two daughters.

Wang Ruofu reveals that both Minglan and Rulan are getting married.

She doesn’t hesitate to rub it in the Duchess’ face huh? For dashing their hopes last time

After describing in detail how Gu Tingye personally proposed to the Sheng family and the reasons why he did so, Wang Ruofu invites Duchess Qi for dinner.

But Duchess Qi is clearly uncomfortable and excuses herself.

Wang Ruofu smirks in victory.

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We see how much effort Gu Tingye put in to secure his marriage to Minglan. Did he ever think it may fail?

In Story of Minglan episode 38, we see how the pieces come together.

When Gu Tingye found out that the He family was going to propose for Minglan, he got Shitou to perform a task for him.

Which led to the cousin showing up and bothering the He household. Somehow he also knew about Rulan and the scholar? And planned to accidentally bump into them?

And to make the risks higher, he informed the emperor that he was going to marry the legitimate daughter of the Sheng family.

So if Rulan backed out, it wouldn’t be too difficult for Sheng Hong to substitute Minglan for her. While at the same time, make it look like Gu Tingye is getting the short end of the stick.

He knows that if he proposed normally, it wouldn’t have worked. Because Minglan is a concubine’s daughter and he’s from a marquis household.

This way, despite playing everyone, he gets what he wants. I wonder if Minglan is awed or scared at how good he is at scheming.

The wedding is coming up soon! What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 38? Leave a comment below!

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15 days ago

Grandma indeed has Minglan’s best interest in heart. She wants her to life and easy and smooth life in the He Family.

However, what Minglan actually needs isn’t an easy life, but someone like Tingye who will endure hardships alongside her and take any risks to protect her — a person that she never finds in her father.

Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago

Gu tingye should have asked minglan first if she were agree to their marriage. Well I can say that we both have two scheming masters as our main leads

3 years ago

This show reminds me a lot of Pride and Prejudice. Tingye is the roguish Mr Darcy, and Minglan is our smart and clever heroine.
The focus of almost every episode is on marriage too, just like regency England lol.

4 years ago

The episodes 38/39 are seriously so good, among the bests to the date! It’s terrible to see how Sheng Hong and his wife are ready to sacrifice Minglan and her happiness only because they are afraid to go against Gu Tingye. With Wang Raofu, I get it, she was never too fond of Minglan, she couldn’t afford it, she had her own daughter to consider. But watching how the father keeps failing Minglan again and again, it’s so frustrating. I hope that one day he’s going to pay for his unfair treatment in some way. The conversation between Tingye and… Read more »

4 years ago

You gotta feel for Minglan in this episode. Is she supposed to be his wife or an animal he snared and hunted? Being trapped is not a nice feeling but at the same time no one has ever gone to that much effort just for her. Tingye is so pleased with himself he doesn’t seem to realize that from Minglan’s point of view his actions may not have given him much ground to work with in regards to wooing his new bride. Disappointment alert. Yuanruo is not going to be happy when mama returns and reports to him that Minglan… Read more »

15 days ago
Reply to  Coco

It’s interesting to note that Minglan promised to stay loyal to him as long as *Yuanruo didn’t disappoint her*, which he eventually did. I can almost feel his grief and regret, but he had no one to blame but himself.

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