The Story of Minglan Episode 39 Recap

This is the episode before the wedding! In Story of Minglan episode 39, we see what Gu Tingye does to convince Minglan to marry him.

Because she has the final say.

Story of Minglan Episode 39 Recap Highlights:

  • Yuan Ruo confronts Gu Tingye about the marriage with Minglan
  • Minglan shares what Gu Tingye schemed with her grandmother
  • Gu Tingye makes a promise to Minglan

Meanwhile, someone has regrets but there is no medicine for regrets.

Let’s go over what happened in Story of Minglan episode 39 recap!

Feeling Trapped

Minglan retorts that she could have tolerated the cousin and accepted the marriage.

But Gu Tingye knows better. He comments that he’s not a person without flaws. And so is she.

Despite how obedient and easy going she looks, she’s actually quite stubborn.

So he played this move to let the cousin do her own thing.

Gu Tingye was also busy fighting the battles at the borders. And he didn’t want to lose his chance so he did this to give him more time.

Minglan complains that he got lucky because Wen Yanjing became involved.

And Gu Tingye shares that he was so happy to hear her sister liked Wen Yanjing.

Because he was determined to have Minglan as his wife. He the comments that he’s never worked this hard to obtain something.

He went as far as using the military tactics he knew to plan this marriage.


Minglan warns Gu Tingye that this could have gone wrong in so many ways. But Gu Tingye shares how he did a background check on Wen Yanjing.

Because they would eventually become in-laws.

So Gu Tingye had all bases covered.

Even factoring in the personalities of everyone involved. Including Rulan, Wang Ruofu, Sheng Hong and Changbai.

Minglan can’t heard this anymore and takes off. But not before complaining that he shouldn’t have treated her as a wild pig or a fish to be caught.

Shitou wonders if his lord took the wrong approach. But Gu Tingye reassures him that this method worked very well.

Making Minglan mad is very well? Hahaha

After Minglan leaves, Gu Tingye recalls that the Spring examination results were posted today.

He then tells Shitou that they need to keep their energy up.

Someone may visit them later.

Being Too Late

Duchess Qi reports back to her son and Yuan Ruo smashes a bowl to the ground.

He refuses to believe that Minglan is marrying Gu Tingye.

His mother tries to comfort him, saying that he was just a step late. So he should forget about Minglan.

Yuan Ruo refuses to forget and takes off.

With his mother calling after him.

At a nearby restaurant, Yuan Ruo sits and waits until Gu Tingye shows up.

He comments that Gu Tingye is late. He must be a very busy man nowadays.

Gu Tingye sits down and drinks something before asking why Yuan Ruo is unhappy.


Then Yuan Ruo starts off with saying that he knew his feelings for Minglan.

Gu Tingye responds that he didn’t know Yuan Ruo was still thinking of Minglan.

Because after Yuan Ruo lost his wife, he’s been diligently studying ever since.

So Gu Tingye tells Yuan Ruo that he can’t blame him for all the freak accidents that happened.

But Yuan Ruo counters that Gu Tingye originally wanted to marry the legitimate daughter of the Sheng family, not Minglan.

If he doesn’t like Minglan, he should let her go. Gu Tingye then argues that Yuan Ruo was the one who let her go first.

Stating that Yuan Ruo was a coward and didn’t step up. Even though he offered to help.

So Gu Tingye believes that Yuan Ruo gave her up.

Yuan Ruo explains that he wasn’t giving her up. He wanted to wait until he had enough face to ask for marriage.

But Gu Tingye tells him that Minglan needed face too. Almost everyone in the city was gossiping about her when Yuan Ruo chose to marry the second-ranked princess.

Love how Gu Tingye defends Minglan here!

Never Look Back

After all this bickering back and forth, Yuan Ruo concludes that it’s not like Gu Tingye can’t marry anyone else besides Minglan.

But Gu Tingye surprises him.

He answers his question with his own question.

How do you know that I can’t?

Yuan Ruo then realizes that Gu Tingye had feelings for Minglan too.


Yuan Ruo doesn’t believe Minglan will marry Gu Tingye and he takes off.

Shitou wonders why Gu Tingye let Yuan Ruo take off to ask Minglan.

Gu Tingye replies that he was worried Minglan would choose He Hongwen but he’s definitely sure she won’t choose Yuan Ruo again.

Because she never looks back.

Yuan Ruo waits outside of the Sheng household off to the side.

Moments later, Xiaotao reports to Yuan Ruo that Old Madam Sheng won’t see him.

Because Old Madam Sheng knows he’s here to ask for help in convincing Minglan.


Xiaotao refuses to let him in. Frustrated, Yuan Ruo shouts that he had no choice.

And Xiaotao snaps back at him in return. She lectures him for being so persistent back then. Giving her miss hope.

Then when her miss relented, he gave up on her.

Xiaotao then shares how so many people criticized her miss for having wishful thinking.

Because the status gap was so large.

Yuan Ruo refuses to leave so Xiaotao slams the doors in front of his face.

Meanwhile, Minglan is looking out the window while Danju wonders if her miss could consider Yuan Ruo again.

But Minglan tells her maid that you should never look back.

Old Madam Sheng Lets Minglan Decide

Minglan reports to her grandmother about Gu Tingye’s grand scheme.

And then reveals how he saved her life several times.


Minglan didn’t want to tell her grandmother in case she would lecture her about it.

So Old Madam Sheng doesn’t blame her.

But wonders what Minglan thinks of this.

Minglan comments that at first she was elated because it’s the first anyone spent this much effort for her.

Then angry.

And lastly anxious.

Because what if his feelings change for her and if he could spend this much effort getting her, would he spend just as much effort to get rid of her?

Old Madam Sheng worries as well.

So she leaves the decision up to Minglan.

If she’s not willing, Old Madam Sheng won’t let her go.

Changbai reports to Gu Tingye that it’s not looking so good. Because Minglan won’t agree.

Gu Tingye tells him that they should wait a few days.

Changbai wonders if Gu Tingye has some evil thoughts now.

Gu Tingye tells him that he asked the empress to organize a polo event. And invited all the noble ladies in the capital.

He just wants Changbai to inform his older sister to invite Minglan.

Polo Event

Hualan brings Minglan to the polo event despite Minglan’s reluctance.

Because Minglan explains that she still has a lot of needlework to do. But Hualan comments that she will be a Marquis’ wife soon.

Minglan argues that she hasn’t agreed yet.

Then Minglan sees Gu Tingye on the field and wonders why he is here.

So Hualan explains that he was the one who organized this event. Just so he could chat with her a bit more.

Is Minglan flattered now? Hahaha.

Gu Tingye walks over and greets the empress. While the latter wonders why he isn’t playing on the field.

He explains that there’s no prize worth winning so he’s not playing.

The empress is intrigued and wonders if he wants something out of reach like the stars in the sky.

But Gu Tingye requests the empress bestow him a gift for his future wife. To express his sincerity.

The empress can’t help look around for who would be his future wife. Even Molan looks around with envy.

Then the empress takes out one of her hairpins to be a prize. It’s the one she wore when she became the empress.

But Gu Tingye can only get it if he wins the next polo match.

He then looks at Minglan before she bolts away.

A Promise

Gu Tingye stops her and asks for a bit of her time. If she refuses him again, he will no longer chase her.


The two of them get some privacy to speak without disturbance.

Gu Tingye wants to know why Minglan won’t marry him.

And he wants the truth.

Minglan comments that his family is complicated and is a mess. She won’t be able to handle it.


So Gu Tingye explains that they will be living in a separate manor.

If she wants to live in the main manor, they can. If not, they can live in a separate manor.

He cannot promise that marrying him will bring her endless happiness but he can promise her this.

He will never let her experience hardships or suffer such that she has to keep things to herself.

Minglan retorts that she grew up in a distinguished household. So when has she ever felt aggrieved?

Then comments that she doesn’t need a hero to rescue her.

Gu Tingye knows that she is lying and says she’s always been an eloquent little liar.


Then Gu Tingye reveals his observations of her.

She’s been suffering grievances ever since she was born. But she had no choice but to keep it to herself.

He points out that she hates the segregation between legitimate and concubine born. Because she must always consider her identity.

If she’s good at something, she has to pretend she’s not.

He continues pointing out her sufferings.

Then concludes that he doesn’t want to continue seeing her like this.

So he makes another promise.

As long as he is a man among men, he wants her to have an equally strong position.

He’s admired her for so long and wants her to be his wife.

Minglan’s Accepts

After Gu Tingye makes his formal plea for Minglan to be his wife, Liang Han calls out to Gu Tingye for a match.

But Gu Tingye tells Minglan to ignore him.

Minglan has made up her mind. And offers to play in the polo match with him. Wondering if the two of them would be too powerful.

Omigosh! She’s accepted!

The two of them head back to the polo event event with smiles on their faces.

Gu Tingye comments that he’s never been this happy before.

Hualan sees the two of them and comments how it’s a success.

While Molan silently grips a piece of fruit.

Someone’s jealous. hohoho

When Minglan returns to visit Rulan, Rulan appears to be frustrated about something.

It turns out Rulan’s future mother-in-law may be someone she can’t get along with.

She’s afraid that Wen Yanjing would abandon her one day. And she’s also afraid that her future mother-in-law would bully her.

While they continue to chat, Rulan warns Minglan to be careful because the Gu household may down on her for being a concubine born daughter.

Minglan tells her it’s fine if she doesn’t look at them.

Prepared Betrothal Gifts

That night, Old Madam Sheng takes out some of her property deeds. And pulls out some for Minglan’s dowry.

Old Madam Sheng also tells her that the gifts Gu Tingye sent over could fill up a whole courtyard.

Which shows that he’s been planning this for awhile. While Minglan believes it’s the same gifts from proposing to Yanran.

Old Madam Sheng comments that it’s not since she has seen Yanran’s betrothal list.

Minglan wrote a letter to Yanran telling her she’s marrying Gu Tingye. She then got a reply that asked her if she was forced.

She her told that she wasn’t. But now she thinks she may be.

Old Madam Sheng then shows off a box with property deeds.

These are all hers now.

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Ahhh now that’s why Gu Tingye is our male lead! In this Story of Minglan episode 39, he defends Minglan AND shows how much he knows about her.

I felt like all Yuan Ruo did in this episode was complain. Complain how things didn’t go the way he wanted, how ashamed he was, etc.

It was all about him. He never considered things from Minglan’s point of view.

And Minglan already knew his struggles which is why she gave up. It was the end for her and Yuan Ruo.

But Yuan Ruo is naive to think that he could still get her back. This was a harsh lesson in love for him.

On another note, I love how Gu Tingye persists and makes a promise to Minglan.

He’s been observing her for so long that he wishes to protect her and to allow her to live freely.

“I can’t promise you that marrying me will guarantee you endless happiness but I can promise you this. You will never need to feel aggrieved or suffer in silence.” – Gu Tingye

Next is the wedding! What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 39? Leave a comment below!

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Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago

I forgave gu tingye already. I also love rulan she’s sincere to minglan

3 years ago

I love how tingye is pursuing her tbh. Totally swoon worthy!

3 years ago

Gu tingye said EVERYTHING on my mind to yuanruo. You gave her up first. You chose to be a coward. How is that my fault? How many years were you going to wait before proposing to Minglan? Don’t blame a latecomer like me for surpassing you! In short – Don’t blame the playa, blame the game! hahahaha Tingye was so right! He’s the only one who’s actually risked his life for Minglan. All her other suitors are just soft hearted cowards. Xiatao really gave it to him straight too. But I wish Yuanrao could at least tell them about prince… Read more »

4 years ago

Seriously, this must be one of the best episodes ever, I already rewatched the scenes from it several times :D. First, Tingye defends Minglan and basically tells Yuanruo that she’s the only one for him (*swoon*). Then Xiaotao adds to it and completely destroys Yuanruo with her arguments. You go, girl! Does anyone feel sorry for him? I don’t, he had it coming for a long time. What was he even thinking? He “broke up” with Minglan, got married to another and after his wife’s death, he concentrated on his studies, ignoring her again. But somehow Minglan is supposed to… Read more »

4 years ago

This episode made me not like Yuanruo for a while.

His behavior for several episodes after this didn’t help matters
He was such a whiny little boy in this episode. It wasn’t his fault, he didn’t have a choice, it’s Gu Tingye’s fault for taking her when he knew his feelings for her etc etc. He just can’t seem to see that he did have a choice and he made it when he decided to not take up Tingye on his offer to fight the battles needed to make the marriage possible. His focus is always on himself and what makes his life easier, what he wants. I know that’s not necessarily the case but this episode certainly makes it seem so. He loves Minglan and life conviniently got rid of his unwanted wife clearing the way for him to marry Minglan easily without a fight how dare Tingye mess up his nicely laid plans. Once again Yuanruo is being shown that live isn’t fair or convienient and where before he had ground to stand on to fight for Minglan’s hand now he has nothing to stand on.

Grandma Sheng for the win again. MInglan is only getting married if that’s what she wants to do. It doesn’t matter how much manipulation, emperor approval, scandal mongering is going on. It’s going to be Minglan’s choice. Tingye’s just lucky enough that he’s got a good enough read on Minglan’s character to build on the friendship they’ve developed over the multiple times he’s rescued her to convince her that marrying him would be a good deal for her.

of course he’s going to find out that he really likes it when she’s angry and annoyed with him so he’s gonna spend the majority of their marriage scheming up ways to ruffle his wife’s normally serene feathers as Minglan tries to understand a marriage far different from any she’s ever seen displayed before her

I love this conversation between them because gah the chemistry for one. The moment when he steps out and stops her from running at the polo match, their following conversation then the pair of them returning together ready to take on the game and perhaps the world as a team.

Once again I gotta give whoever is in charge of music a lot of credit. Everything fits so perfectly especially the music that alludes to humor as Changbai is taking Tingye to task about using him in TIngye’s manipulations and that whatever schemes he has cooked up they might not work. GAH!!! The wedding episodes are coming up. Such gorgeous episodes love them!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

he really likes it when she’s angry and annoyed with him so he’s gonna spend the majority of their marriage scheming up ways to ruffle his wife’s normally serene feathers ^^This SO accurate :D. I love this about Tingye, most people want Minglan to be this calm and obedient epitome of virtues, but Tingye loves her emotional and riled up! It’s interesting to watch in the following episodes how they are slowly getting to know each other’s behaviors and moods; Tingye observed her for a long time, so he has some idea about what to expect from her, but Minglan… Read more »

15 days ago
Reply to  Ela

Can’t help but thinking that Tingye had been tricked by many two faced people (his stepmom, Manniang, etc) that he doesn’t feel at ease when people acts kindly to him all the time. That’s part of the reason why he is not satisfied with the Good Virtuous Housewife Minglan.

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