The Story of Minglan Episode 41 Recap

After the wedding is over, what lies in store for Minglan as she navigates the Gu household? In Story of Minglan episode 41, she experiences first hand as she battles with Madam Gu.

Madam Gu thinks Minglan is a pushover, but she’s a tigress with claws.

Story of Minglan Episode 41 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan greets the Gu household matriarch and aunts and gets put in a difficult situation
  • Gu Tingye and Minglan move into a separate manor
  • Minglan returns to her maiden family for a visit

Oh another note, we’re in the 40s! The series is a little more than halfway done. What’s next in Story of Minglan episode 41?

Let’s find out!

Sleeping In

It’s bright and early in the day and Gu Tingye practices his spear arts.

Danju greets him and then heads over to Minglan’s room with a pan of water.

But before she can enter, Gu Tingye orders her to let Minglan sleep some more.

Despite Nanny Cui’s earlier orders.

So Danju leaves.

Later, Nanny Cui enters Minglan’s room and asks her to wake up. Because she needs to greet Madam Gu.

Xiaotao and Danju help with Minglan’s makeup while Minglan nods off to sleep.

Until Gu Tingye comes over and gives Minglan a hug from the back.

He takes this chance to kiss her ear too and Xiaotao drops something in shock. While Danju looks away.


The two maids bolt away to give the two of them some privacy.

Gu Tingye helps Minglan with her makeup. Convincing her that he gained experience by frequenting brothels.

So she leaves it up to him.

As Minglan stifles another yawn, Gu Tingye tells her that she doesn’t need to go.

But it’s a matter of reputation so she cannot help but go. So Gu Tingye warns her that his stepmother will use others to verbally attack her.


Madam Gu loves to pretend she’s kind and benevolent.

Gu Tingye then continues how everyone loved to frame him back then.

No matter what it was.

It’s like a being bitten by a snake. Minglan argues that when he told her his family situation the first time, it wasn’t like this.

So Gu Tingye tells her that they will find some reason to move out.

Then Cuiwei comes in bringing snacks and sees the makeup on Minglan’s face. She shouts in horror.

Minglan checks the mirror and Gu Tingye bolts away.

Greeting the In-laws

When Minglan finally gets prepared and visits her mother-in-law for the morning greeting, she notices there’s a whole crowd.

Minglan wonders if there’s any orders for her and Madam Gu suggested they share a meal together.

So Minglan offers to serve her mother-in-law and her aunt-in-laws.


Madam Gu tells the servants to serve the meal and one of the aunts bring up a matter.

It’s just day one and the schemes begins. Sigh.

Aunt from the 4th Gu household

The fourth aunt believes they should take care of this matter before things get worse.

And Minglan wonders what it is.

So Madam Gu summons Hongxiao.

After much discussion back and forth between the fourth aunt and Madam Gu, Minglan wonders if Madam Gu wants her to accept this servant as a concubine.

Madam Gu comments that she thought it’d be best if this girl was accepted because she has no other way of survival.

And the fourth aunt believes that it doesn’t make sense of a man to not have additional wives.


Then Hongxiao begs for mercy. Pleading with Minglan to grant her a path for survival.

OMG another Manniang moment. Jeez Minglan’s always being tested

Minglan replies with Gu Tingye as a shield.

She tells them her husband told her last night that he wasn’t interested in concubines at the moment.

While the fourth aunt scoffs. She comments that the Sheng family claims to be all scholarly and that. But they ended up raising a daughter like this.

Minglan endures while the fourth aunt goes off on a rant.

And Madam Gu just watches from the sidelines.

Gu Tingye warned her…

Fifth aunt on the left in maroon

Fake Bodhisattva

The servant Hongxiao threatens to kill herself and escalates the situation. So Minglan kneels in front of her mother-in-law and volunteers to accept punishment.

Because she has offended her elders and cannot make decisions for her husband.

Later, Minglan kneels at the ancestral hall while Danju wonders why her miss accepted the punishment so easily.

Minglan explains that she might as well take the punishment now instead of later. Since the opponent wants her to kneel anyways.

But since the mother-in-law is a fake bodhisattva, she won’t let her kneel too long.

Otherwise, she will be gossiped as a harsh mother-in-law. Because it’s just the first day of the bride marrying in.


Meanwhile, the fourth aunt lectures Madam Gu for being too kind. First it was Gu Tingye and now it’s the new bride.

The fourth aunt refuses to bring the new bride back from kneeling.

While Madam Gu takes off to apologize to the new bride. The fifth aunt explains that the fourth aunt ended up being the bad guy.

And Madam Gu is the good guy.

The fourth aunt doesn’t realize that she’s been played.

Madam Gu calls out to Minglan as she arrives to the ancestral hall. Telling her that she didn’t blame her earlier.

Minglan refuses to get up while Madam Gu forces her to get up.

Madam Gu tenderly pats Minglan’s head and tells her to leave with her.

Saying that she will take care of Hongxiao’s matter.

And the two of them leave while portraying an amicable atmosphere.

Minglan returns to her room and sees Gu Tingye leisurely waiting for her.

She throws a fuss, pretending to be mad. While Gu Tingye comments that he did warn her.

Future Concubines

Minglan can’t help but compare Madam Lin to Madam Gu. Madam Lin may cry and faint at the drop of a hat but Madam Gu truely portrays herself as a gentle saint.

But Minglan thinks Hongxiao is actually quite pitiful so suggests Gu Tingye take her in.

Because eventually he’ll take in concubines as well. And as long as she can get along with them, she’ll be fine with it.

But Gu Tingye looks at her strangely causing Minglan to ask if she said something wrong.

He praises her as a virtuous wife.

Then changes the topic and decides to take her out to eat.

Hahaha someone is clearly unhappy about someone agreeing to let him have concubines.

Moving Out

When fourth uncle and fifth uncle come over, Gu Tingye announces that he’s moving out.

Fourth Uncle on the left and Fifth Uncle on the right

Fourth and fifth uncle think it’s ridiculous but then Gu Tingye brings up how Madam Gu and his aunts bullied his wife.

At least someone got something out of it.

After some discussion, Gu Tingye tells them his decision is final. He’s moving out no matter what.

If he doesn’t move out then Madam Gu will be mislabeled as a woman greedy for his wealth.

Because Gu Tingye has gotten a lot of gifts from the emperor.

Madam Gu tells Gu Tingye that if he wants to move then go ahead.

And Gu Tingye thanks his mother for her generosity. Before taking off for military duties.

Fifth uncle lectures Madam Gu for being too soft while she comments that he’s grown now.

So he won’t listen to her. But Fifth uncle feels wronged because he wanted to help her out.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingyu comments to his wife that Gu Tingye hasn’t change much.

Clarifying that Cheng Yuan is a manor that is just next door. It’s not that far at all.

So Gu Tingye’s ruse of moving out to separate himself from the main manor is not really a separation.

Besides, the emperor wouldn’t allow Gu Tingye to truly separate from the main manor. Since he’s ultimately still part of the family and will need to inherit the title.

Gu Tingyu then comments that there’s going to be a show to watch. Because he knows his stepmother won’t just sit aside and do nothing.

He knows that if anything happens to him, the title will naturally go to Gu Tingye.

But his wife doesn’t want him to say depressing things.


Cheng Yuan

Gu Tingye takes Minglan on a walk throughout Cheng Yuan, their new manor.

Which was bestowed to Gu Tingye for his valiant merits.


As the two of them take a tour, Minglan notices that this manor has a lot of great scenery.

Compared to others she’s seen before.

So Gu Tingye explains that he picked this one when the emperor offered him a choice.

Because he knew Minglan would enjoy the layout of this manor.

Then Minglan realizes that he chose even before he proposed to her household.

If Gu Tingye was living by himself, he wouldn’t care. But now that he has a family, he wants to make sure the living arrangements are worthy of her.

He will take care of external affairs while all interior affairs will be managed by Minglan.

Minglan is intimated by the responsibility but will try nonetheless.

If she doesn’t want to handle it, she can pass it to her servants. Gu Tingye just wants Minglan to be comfortable as his wife.

Awww. So cute! Such a doting hubby.

Minglan can call the shots when it comes to arranging the moving. He will give her as much money and resources as she needs.

But this is all after they visit her maiden home tomorrow.

And if Madam Gu wants to interfere, she should ignore her.


Returning to Maiden Family

Minglan steps off of her carriage and greets Rulan and her husband.

While Molan quietly steps off of her carriage in the back. Obviously displeased about something.

Then Minglan greets Molan and her husband before greeting Changbai and his wife.

She heads into the Sheng manor with Rulan in tow.

While Molan and her husband hang back for a bit. She complains that someone is showing off while being humble.

Then Liang Han argues that they didn’t need to come. Yet she wanted to and is now complaining.

What was the point?

Meanwhile, Minglan greets her grandmother who eagerly gives her a hug.


Old Madam Sheng comments that after she visits today, she doesn’t know when she will see her granddaughter again.

But Gu Tingye offers to let Minglan come visit any time she wants. And he could stay as well to prolong the visit.

Old Madam Sheng wonders if he can bear to and Gu Tingye says he can.

Because she allowed him to marry such a great wife.

Nanny Fang, Old Madam Sheng’s head maid, comes in to report that Sheng Hong cannot return on time for the meal.

So they should proceed without him.

Which also reminds Old Madam Sheng that Minglan and her husband should visit and pay respects to Wang Ruofu as well.

Afterwards, they can share a meal here.

Minglan and Gu Tingye agree.

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Oh boy, Minglan doesn’t get much of a break after her wedding before dealing with Madam Gu.

In this Story of Minglan episode 41, it’s just the beginning. I felt like the first appearance was a testing of the waters. Because Madam Gu doesn’t know Minglan personally.

However, she does want to probe to see who she’s dealing with. And of course, Gu Tingye marries someone who is not that easy to deal with.

Did she really think Gu Tingye would marry someone who is less capable? Considering that he’s been away for so long?

I mean, she dealt such a heavy blow to him before so if she thought he wouldn’t grow and learn from that is dead wrong.

Well Minglan is going to have her hands full dealing with these messy issues. The least Gu Tingye can do is treat her to more delicious foods. XD

I’ve been wondering about Gu Tingyu’s condition, is it just from being frail or is there something else at play?

In Nanny Chang’s flashback, we saw Gu Tingyu as a child and he didn’t seem that sickly.

Did Madam Gu manipulate something when he was younger? I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

Considering she’s always been plotting for her son to succeed the Marquis’ title.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Molan and she hasn’t changed at all. Still so haughty and it looks like Liang Han is barely tolerating her.

How long will this marriage last?

What did you think of Story of Minglan episode 41? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

40 episodes in and I neve realized until now that the main couple of this show are married in real life! No wonder they sizzle together!

4 years ago

Thank you for the new summaries, awesome work as always!

And so it starts, Madam Gu finally found her match in Minglan. I am surprised that Minglan wasn’t rolling her eyes at Hongxiao’s dramatics, it was like “here we go again” moment for her XD.

It’s interesting to watch the dynamics between Madam Gu and the other elders of the Gu family. It seems she has been manipulating them for quite some time…

And as one comment in later episode suggests, they might back her up only because she has leverage on them, maybe they participated in some of her dirty deeds?

4 years ago

This was an interesting episode because it was really the first time you see Minglan and Madam Qin go toe to toe and Madam Quin came out the worse end. 1, she didn’t get to put a concubine in the household, a potential spy and a good source to sour the marriage, 2 she gave Tingye all the ammo he needs to seperate houses and 3 it seems like 5th Aunt is starting to get smart and catch on to Madam Qin’s ways and tricks. It also gave Minglan a good feel for how Madam Qin manipulates the situation to… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Ha, yes, Minglan is totally clueless about what a nice and loving marriage can look like and that it doesn’t have to be normal for the husband to have a concubine or more. But to be fair to her, she’s always been learning by observing the others and it’s not like she has seen any examples of truly devoted couples. Poor Tingye, he just wants Minglan to be more demonstrative in her affection 😀

I am at like EP 53 and they still need to clear this up, it’s getting slightly annoying….

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