The Story of Minglan Episode 42 Recap

And just when they thought they could get away from Madam Gu, she sends over servants disguised as spies. In Story of Minglan episode 42, there’s no rest for Minglan as she deals with these issues.

But that’s why Gu Tingye married her right? He knows she’s more than capable enough to handle his stepmother.

Story of Minglan Episode 42 Recap Highlights:

  • Wang Ruofu’s older sister comes to visit when the daughters return to the Sheng household
  • Minglan receives a warning from Gu Tingye that Madam Gu assigned servants to them
  • Minglan starts to manage household affairs

Most of this arc will center how Minglan sorts out Gu Tingye’s internal affairs.

And showcase the skills she’s learned from Old Madam Sheng.

Are you excited? Let’s jump into the Story of Minglan episode 42 recap!

Wang Ruofu’s Older Sister

Molan and her husband, Liang Han greet Wang Ruofu.

While Wang Ruofu asks if Molan gave him any trouble.

Liang Han responds that she hasn’t.

Probably a lie though.

Then Molan and Gu Tingye come in. Wang Ruofu asks the same question.

Gu Tingye gives a very lengthy response of how Minglan is loved by everyone in his family.

Wang Ruofu comments that it’s great how all of her daughters are married now.

Then notices that she has yet to introduce her older sister, Wang Ruoyu.

Wang Ruoyu in fushia

Everyone greets her as Auntie Kang.

And she nods.

Then Wang Ruofu congratulates Liang Han for having a new daughter. But Molan is clearly upset (because it’s not her child).

While Rulan and Minglan share a knowing glance.

Wang Ruofu dismisses them to rest and chat before mealtime and Molan takes off without waiting for her husband.

Clearly upset about mentioning the child that isn’t hers.

Minglan asks Rulan about Liang Han’s child because she remembers that Molan miscarried.

So Rulan explains that the child is from Chunke, Liang Han’s former mistress.

Before he got married. Chunke had a difficult delivery but the child was ultimately born.

Minglan then wonders when Rulan will give birth to a chubby child.


Rulan smacks Minglan’s arm playfully in response.

Wang Ruofu is full of smiles as she watches over them.

While her sister insinuates that Minglan is showing off her status after marrying into a marquis household.

Wang Ruofu doesn’t believe so until her sister convinces her otherwise. Wang Ruoyu then mentions that she’s not afraid to teach Minglan a lesson.

Jeez lady, what did Minglan ever do to you?

Nanny Liu reports to Wang Ruofu that the meal is now ready. And everyone gets up to leave.

But not without following decorum.

Old Madam Sheng Summons Minglan

Wang Ruofu leads the way with her older sister, with Rulan following behind.

Then Molan follows and lastly Minglan and her husband.

Gu Tingye thought they were going to eat a meal at her grandmother’s. But Minglan reassures him that her grandmother will come save her.

During the meal, Minglan gives a toast to Wang Ruofu while Molan looks to the side with contempt.

Wang Ruofu accepts the toast while Wang Ruoyu comments how Minglan’s the most successful one.

The subtly hinting that the family may need to rely on her for future endeavors.

Reminding her not to forget her roots. Minglan thanks her aunt for the advice.

But Wang Ruoyu continues and brings up the husbands of her sisters. Saying how they may need to rely on Minglan’s husband for support.

Across the table, Rulan murmurs how it’s none of her aunt’s business.

While Minglan explains that her brother-in-laws are more than capable.

Because her husband is just a military man.

But Rulan chimes in. Saying that Minglan doesn’t get Auntie Kang’s underlying message. She wants Minglan to help her son-in-law’s future prospects.

Wang Ruofu tells her daughter to be quiet.

Guess Wang Ruofu doesn’t know her older sister that well.

Minglan hides a knowing smile and gives her aunt a toast. While commenting that she knows how to repay her kindness to those who treated her well.

Moments later, Nanny Fang comes in to inquire if Minglan is done eating. Because her grandmother has some teachings for her.

But as soon as Minglan meets her grandmother, she thanks her for the meticulous timing.

Love this grandma! =D

Because she was caught in between Auntie Kang and Wang Ruofu.

Pampered Wife

Old Madam Sheng was waiting for Minglan and was getting hungry.

So she tells her to sit and quickly eat.

Nanny Fang can’t help but wipe a tear from her eyes. Commenting that it’s been awhile since she saw her madam this happy.

But it’s only been two days so Minglan jokes that her grandmother may have developed lovesickness.

Then retorts that it was bound to happen, because she’s just that adorable.

And Old Madam Shang chuckles in response.

But she wonders if she’s been acting this way in the Gu household. Because if she did, the Gu household would criticize her for lack of manners.

Minglan counters that her husband would protect her.

Old Madam Sheng then tests her to see if that’s really true.


Since Minglan doesn’t know the chief steward, or if the manor needs fixing, etc.

Old Madam Sheng believes it’s true.

And sighs how Minglan is so protected that she doesn’t need to use the skills she learned from her.


But Old Madam Sheng warns Minglan that she cannot rely on her man excessively.

Because women need money and trusted people to live happily.

After the meal, Minglan quietly leaves because her grandmother likes to take afternoon naps.

She then bumps into her father who lectures her about showing off.

Moving into Cheng Yuan

On the ride back home, Gu Tingye notices Minglan seems out of it.

So instead of riding his horse, he enters the carriage to chat with his wife.


Minglan tries to pass it off as eating too much so she’s uncomfortable.

But Gu Tingye threatens her. If she does not tell him the truth and he finds out.

He will help her with makeup and rouge everyday. And she cannot leave the house until he’s done with it.

So Minglan reveals that it’s nothing. Just her father lecturing her for coming home in a grand manner.

Making it too showy.

And if Gu Tingye continues to treat her well in front of her family. Everyone would come to her for favors.

So she rather present herself just as normal to everyone else.

Gu Tingye tells her he won’t defend her as much in front of her maiden family then.

Then Gu Tingye changes topics.

He wants to know if Minglan was truly indifferent about the concubine issue.

Or if she wanted to portray herself as a virtuous wife.

But through hearing Minglan’s explanation of how she’s always been grateful to him, he likely concludes the former.

Gu Tingye you’ll have to work harder to get Minglan’s heart to open up.

Madam Gu and her head maid watch as Minglan oversees the moving of furniture and other things into the new manor.

She comments that the new wife is capable and can act.

Not to mention literate and can do accounting. It’s no wonder she was chosen.

Cuiwei notices Madam Gu eyeing them from a distance and warns her miss that her mother-in-law may have evil intentions.

But Minglan knows so she tells them that this was the path she chose.


Preparing to Deal With Issues

Meanwhile, Madam Gu plans on preparing some servants to send over to the new manor.

That evening, Minglan plops onto her bed. The moving procedures were more tiring than she thought.

So Gu Tingye gives her a massage.

While commenting that on the bright side, she doesn’t need to get up early to greet his step mother.

He then contemplates something and tells Minglan he hasn’t had dinner yet. So they should go eat at a fish buffet.

But Minglan is so tired she can barely keep her eyes open.

Gu Tingye tells her that there is something he must tell her tonight.

The main house, the fourth house and the fifth house sent over servants today.

She should be careful.


That jolted Minglan awake.

She wasn’t aware of it but if she was then she could refuse.

So their opponents would rather just give them the servants secretly and silently.

Minglan will need to think about how she will deal with them.

So Gu Tingye proposes they go eat enough to battle it out with them. But Minglan wants to sleep some more.

Gu Tingye gets in to but suggestively whispers something in her so Minglan changes her mind.

They should go eat.

Big Madam of Cheng Yuan

As Minglan gets ready for the day, she tells Xiaotao and Danju to address her as Big Madam from now on.

So she can present herself as someone with authority in this manor.

Since they need to deal with the servants coming from the households.

Nanny Cui on the left – not sure where she came from

Fifth Aunt also came by as well.

Because she wants to help Minglan familiarize herself with the new servants.

That were sent over.

Later, Minglan greets Fifth Aunt before sitting down in front of a crowd of new servants.

Fifth Aunt introduces the nannies from the main household, fourth household and fifth household respectively.

Nanny Lai – from main Gu household

After the introductions, Fifth Aunt suggests they can start assigning work but Minglan thinks it’s too hasty.

They can start with recording and investigating each person before assigning work.

Nanny Lai disagrees but Minglan argues that they should just do what she says.

Then orders for ink and paper.


Cuiwei and Xiaotao are ready at the side to begin recording.

Minglan singles out a young maid for questioning.

Mingyue => Chunyue

Danju comments that Mingyue needs to change her name because it conflicts with the Big Madam’s name.

So her name gets changed to Chunyue.

Danju continues with the questioning. Chunyue reveals she’s Nanny Lai’s daughter and goes off on a tangent until Danju stops her.

Each time Chunyue tries to add something unnecessary, Danju will continue with the next question.

Then when it comes to punishments, Chunyue states that she’s never been punished.

But Minglan points that that the statement will be signed off with their fingerprint so everything must be true.

Otherwise, if she finds out they lied, they will be expelled and never re-used.

So Chunyue changes her statement.

Fifth Aunt Is Made Aware

Minglan continues to clarify that she wants to understand the servants capabilities before assigning them work.

But Nanny Lai argues that it’s fine for the new folks. So there’s no need for the veterans.

Minglan points out that this is the second time she’s refuted her today.

Asking her who has the authority here.

When Nanny Lai answers that it’s Big Madam, she becomes silent.

Fifth Aunt points out that Minglan is so capable, interrogating like it’s a court case.

So Minglan comments that she learnt this method from the current emperor and it can’t be wrong.

Ohhh brilliant move! If Fifth Aunt disagrees, it’s like disagreeing with the current emperor’s methods.

When Fifth Aunt leaves Cheng Yuan and is away from prying ears, she comment show capable Minglan is.

She wonders how a low-ranked official’s concubine daughter is so eloquent and knowledgeable about internal affairs.

Hahaha she doesn’t know that Minglan grew up with Old Madam Sheng who is a marquis’ daughter

Now that Fifth Aunt knows Minglan’s skills, she knows how to proceed carefully.

Meanwhile, Minglan continues with her interrogation of the new servants.

After the interrogation is done, Minglan disperses them until she reviews the statements and assigns them tasks.

Later, Chunyue holds a plate of pastries and starts snooping around in the interior courtyard.

Getting close to Gu Tingye’s study room.

Danju discovers her and reprimands her harshly.

Chunyue then leaves.

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In Story of Minglan episode 42, we are introduced to a few new characters: Auntie Kang, Nanny Lai, Chunyue. Will some of them just stick around for a new episodes or will they last longer?

Guess we’ll find out. But that Auntie Kang bothers me though with the way how she looks at Minglan.

And the way how Minglan described her to Gu Tingye tells me this aunt was never good to Minglan while she was growing up.

I love the small moments between our two leads! Gu Tingye wants Minglan to know that he doesn’t have any intention of getting a concubine. But she doesn’t believe him.

So he has a lot of work to do to convince her otherwise.

Gu Tingye’s been showing her how much he cares for her openly. Telling her he chose Cheng Yuan even before he proposed for her hand in marriage (last episode).

In this episode (Story of Minglan episode 42), he revealed how he has kept the knee guards she made for him in the past, all this time.

OMG such devotion!

I also like how Minglan was exerting her authority in this episode, she didn’t speak much but when she did, it was thorough and to the point.

Each statement is logical and has very few flaws. No wonder Fifth Aunt bailed quickly. She doesn’t seem like the person to fight losing wars.

So she’ll probably watch on the sidelines while Madam Gu and Minglan duke it out.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 42? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I loved this episode almost as much as the wedding episode. Both minlan and tungye have this funny smile they do, right before they decimate their enemies with logic and wit. They’re a real power couple. Can’t wait to see the next few battles!

3 years ago

This is the start of the several episodes long arc that covers Minglan learning to manage the household. Needless to say, she does a great job with her clear thinking and planning long ahead :).
I especially like how she deals here and in the following episodes with some of the spying servants that were sent by the Gu families.

3 years ago

Two episodes! Woot woot! Lol.

I like this episode because it showcases how far Minglan has come up in the world as well as how much she has learned and putting those lessons to good use. Also how far our two main leads still have to go in their relationship. Tingye is starting to realize that his wife doesn’t trust that his affection for her will last

something that he seems to be at turns angry with Minglan about, annoyed with her about, and desperatly trying to prove to her that it will last all at different times. Also all without really talking to Minglan about his emotions and in turn hers. It’s no wonder Minglan later comments that his moods are are mercurial

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