The Story of Minglan Episode 44 Recap

After some meticulous planning, Minglan gets to show the servants who’s boss! In Story of Minglan episode 44, Minglan shows her mother-in-law that she’s not to be underestimated.

What will Madam Gu do next?

Story of Minglan Episode 44 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan asks Nanny Chang for assistance to deal with the nannies the other households sent over
  • Madam Gu decides to abandoned her servants
  • Minglan tells Gu Tingye she plans to inspect his properties

And then there were two! Watch how skillfully Minglan eliminates the servants with reasoning in Story of Minglan episode 44!

Let’s discuss the details.

Pitting Them Against Each Other

At night, Nanny Chang treats two other nannies for food and drinks. These are the ones sent over by the fourth and fifth households of the Gu family.

And may have something against Nanny Lai. From the main household.

Nanny Chang makes small talk as she serves the two of them wine.


Nanny Chang recalls how she went to the kitchen the other day to request eel meat for her young miss and overheard Nanny Lai speaking.

She thought Nanny Lai’s choice of words were extremely foul. So she wonders if she’s truly from the main household.

And one of the other nannies chime in. Out of all the nannies that came with Madam Gu, Nanny Xiang was left.

The others left or passed away naturally.


So rumor has it that Nanny Lai was taken under Nanny Xiang’s wing.

Nanny Chang then concludes that Nanny Lai isn’t someone who has much of a backing.

And suggests that these two nannies sitting with her aren’t that bad either. What gives Nanny Lai the authority to step over them?

Then explains how Gu Tingye got to his current position. If he had stayed in Yuzhou just to preserve his life instead of taking a risk, then he wouldn’t have obtained his position today.

The two nannies from the fourth and fifth household understand the underlying message.

So Nanny Chang suggests that these two help the Big Madam take care of Nanny Lai.

In return for more prestige and ranking.

The two nannies then toast to Nanny Chang, considering her words carefully.

Kitchen Fight

Minglan and a young woman are out in the backyard fishing.

General Shen’s sister

The young lady eagerly fishes up a fish and comments how Minglan is the only one who doesn’t mind.

When it comes to doing unladylike things. Like fishing, being loud and boisterous, etc.

So Minglan tells her that she should come more often.

She believes they get along well since she is so similar to one of her cousins.

Then proposes that when her cousins come, they can meet up with her.

But the young woman believes she’ll die of suffocation before then.

Minglan understands her sentiments because that’s the standard for all aristocratic households.

Then she proposes they take a stroll because the garden is so large. While asking Xiaotao to take the fish to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Nanny Lai faces opposition as she makes an excuse to steal some veggetables.

As Nanny Lai argues that it’s not her money so she shouldn’t care, another kitchen work comes up off to the side and throws something at Nanny Lai.

Then a fight starts.

When Minglan and the young woman take a brief break they overhear a fight occurring.

The young woman wonders if Minglan should intervene.

Back near the kitchen, Xiaotao comes over and sees the fight.

It gets so bad that ladies wrestle each other out onto the floor.

Shitou rushes over to report to Gu Tingye that the maids in the kitchen have started fighting.

Then realizes he has a guest and bows to greet him.


When Gu Tingye asks why his wife isn’t taking care of this, Shitou explains that these are maids sent over by the Gu elders.

Clearing the Household

Then Gu Tingye shrugs it off while his guest wonders if that’s okay.

Gu Tingye tells his guest that it’s fine because he can always fix the kitchen.

He asks his performers to start the drums and prepares to spar with his guest.

General Shen, Brother of the current emperor

That night, Gu Tingye mentions how General Shen and his sister left happily today after visiting them.

During dinner time, as Minglan serves him a bowl of soup.

He wonders if it was a good idea to show these siblings that their internal affairs are so messy.

And Minglan didn’t mind because no one would take the Shen lady’s words seriously.

Because she comes from a lower family background just like her. So Gu Tingye promises her that one day no one would dare to look down on her.

Minglan reassures him that it’s fine.

Then Gu Tingye reminds her that there are still the servants to be punished.

Minglan orders Danju to pass her words along.


Cuiwei address the servants involved with the fight in front of her.

They will be reassigned to the farmlands outside of the capital.

Instead of being expelled. As they were all former servants of the marquis household.

One of the nannies argues that they wanted to get justice for the Big Madam.

So Cuiwei counters that they could have sorted it out peacefully instead of using violence.

Meanwhile, Nanny Lai is injured and groaning from the pain.


Cuiwei comes in to check on Nanny Lai. Then tells her that the ones who injured her have been sent out of the city.

To perform manual labor.

Nanny Lai wonders if she needs to hire new people.

Another Loss

But then Cuiwei mentions that since Nanny Lai is now injured, she won’t need to worry about household affairs.

Because she will be moved outside of the city to rest and recuperate.

Two guards show up to escort her.

And Nanny Lai realizes she’s lost.

Minglan praises the remaining loyal servants and has Danju assign them keys and badges.


That evening, Minglan works on Rongjie’s hair. And complains how Gu Tingye did such a terrible job.

While revealing that it has nothing to do with your hands but how you practice.

Gu Tingye then teases that he will use Minglan’s hair for practice.

And Rongjie assists with her father to tease Minglan.

But then Xiaotao interrupts just as Gu Tingye has his arms around Minglan.

Hahaha, Xiaotao has impeccable timing


Xiaotao reports that Madam Gu has arrived.

Gu Tingye tells Minglan that he will wait on the sidelines and observe. If she needs support, he will come out to support her.

But Minglan passes a hairpin into his hands and tells him to worry about fixing Rongjie’s hair first.

While she heads off to deal with Madam Gu.

Minglan tells Madam Gu that she assigned Nanny Lai to the city outskirts so she could focus on recovering.

And punished the others.

Madam Gu comments that she sent them over because they were veterans. And she didn’t think they would rebel.

Because they were all so obedient while at the marquis’ manor.

So Minglan explains that it’s likely due to her being young and inexperienced.

Gu Tingye lingers outside while listening in.

Such a doting hubby! Minglan told him she doesn’t need his help yet he couldn’t help but come here anyways. ^^

Abandoned Chess Pieces

Madam Gu then mentions how at least there’s a few left that are still capable.

Like Mingyue and Rongyue.

Minglan agrees with her about the two of them and plans to use them.

Then Madam Gu mentions that if there are more unruly servants in the future, she will help her deal with them.

If I didn’t know any better, I would believe these two are on such good terms

Madam Gu then leaves by carriage.

On the way back, Nanny Xiang comments how capable Minglan is. Out of 10 servants they sent, two remain.

But Madam Gu doesn’t mind. She knows Gu Tingye used to frequent brothels.

Two is plenty to tempt him.

There’s two left but Minglan has a plan for them. She tells them to visit Nanny Lai since it’s getting cold.

At the outskirts of the city, Nanny Lai asks her daughter if there’s been any word.

But she shakes her head.

Her only hope is to tempt the lord of the manor. But she can’t get a chance to get close to him.

Mingyue (Chunyue) doesn’t know what to do because the lord of the manor is too fierce. She doesn’t want to be his concubine but Madam Gu won’t let her off either.

So her mother proposes she plead with Big madam.

Mingyue(Chunyue) begs Minglan to take back her family’s slave contract from Madam Gu.

So she and her family can return to their home town. Because their lives were in another’s hand, they had no choice but to obey.

If Minglan agrees, both sides will be happy.

Mingyue(Chunyue) can leave safely and Minglan will have all servants under her control.

So Minglan agrees.

Can’t Lean on One Forever

That evening, Gu Tingye volunteers to help Minglan get the slave contracts back.

He then gets a report that Manniang showed up recently but she left before Shitou’s acquaintances could capture her.

On his way back to Minglan, he overhears Minglan mentioning how his feelings won’t last.

So she doesn’t expect to lean on him for everything.

Aww poor Gu Tingye.


When Gu Tingye returns, he tells Minglan that he may leave her here if he needs to chase after Manniang.

To get his son back.

And Minglan understands. Then Gu Tingye recalls Minglan wants to perform inspections of the nearby properties.

So he tells her that he doesn’t need her to tire herself. If she doesn’t want to do it, then she doesn’t need to.

But Minglan argues that it must be done. So Gu Tingye promises to assign her some guards.

Then he brings up Changge and how he would leave everything to her to go find him.

He wonders if Minglan would be unhappy but Minglan comments that she’s not. Instead, she wishes she could be his child in another lifetime.

Considering how much care he shows for his children.

When Minglan leaves him to prepare the bath water, Gu Tingye wonders what he can do to make her trust him.

Performing Inspections

Minglan takes off to perform the inspections while Gu Tingye arrives a little late to the army grounds.

He tells his buddies that he wanted to take a few days off for personal matters but his buddies warn him not to.

It turns out the emperor wants to perform some inspections.

Minglan arrives at one of the farmland properties and a manager comes out to greet her.

Ba Fu, the property manager

Ba Fu greets Minglan.

He informs her that her living arrangements have been prepared. And she thanks him.

Then Minglan tells him she will inspect the journal books tomorrow before she takes off to rest.

One of Manager Ba’s aides comments how the Big Madam has such an imposing air.

As expected from a scholarly family. But Manager Ba believes she’s just a young, naive girl.

So they’ll proceed as planned.

Pretty soon this will be over with.

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And Bam! Nearly a total wipeout! Madam Gu didn’t see that coming. In Story of Minglan episode 44, she lost to Minglan yet again.

But it looks like she’s not giving up.

She’s in for the long haul.

Minglan continues to keep her husband at a distance and Gu Tingye knows. But he wants her to rely on him.

He wants her to know that she can ask anything of him but Minglan is hesitant to do so. She doesn’t realize Gu Tingye’s feelings for her are genuine.

Gu Tingye just hang in there! Your wifey is stubborn so don’t give up!

Now that the servants are dealt with, Minglan needs to sort out his properties.

Because they bring in a source of income. And if they don’t inspect, the managers will become greedy and oppress the weak.

Lots to do for Minglan!

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Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago

I dont understand why would nanny lai make mingyue beg for minglan to let them out of gu tingye’s manor? Why?

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