The Story of Minglan Episode 46 Recap

We start to see some politics at play again! In Story of Minglan episode 46, the Emperor sits uneasy as the Empress Dowager makes decisions on his behalf.

If he were just a child that would be fine, but he’s a grown man! It’s just the start of troubles that are simmering beneath the surface.

Story of Minglan Episode 46 Recap Highlights:

  • Empress Dowager assigns Yuan Ruo to investigate people involved with the rebel prince
  • Members of the Gu branches are captured for questioning
  • Yuan Ruo’s new wife wonders about her husband’s past history

Minglan starts to learn that managing a family is not as easy as it seems. Let’s jump into the Story of Minglan episode 46 recap!

Empress vs Empress Dowager

General Shen’s sister points out the various buildings as Minglan and her stroll through the imperial premises.

Then the Empress Dowager’s head eunuch greets them. And reports that the Empress Dowager wants to see them.

General Shen’s sister mentions that they are off to visit the Empress so they cannot comply.

But then the eunuch comments that the Empress is with the Empress Dowager.


It looks like they are not getting out of this.

General Shen’s sister hesitates and comments that the Empress Dowager doesn’t like her or her sister.

And Minglan wonders if she’s doomed too.

At the Empress Dowager’s palace, the Empress Dowager wants to keep her maid servants at her side.

So she proposes gifting them to the Emperor.

That way, they can visit her frequently AND be useful to the Emperor. The Empress faintly smiles.

The maid servants are old enough to leave the palace unless they get married to someone here.

And responds how the Emperor is old now so he would just waste the maid servant’s youth.

Then follows up with how the Emperor is cutting back on expenses so they won’t be able to feed them.

Empress Dowager looks at General Shen’s sister and Minglan. She proposes they take some.

Especially Minglan because her husband’s harem is empty.

Without waiting for Minglan’s response, the Empress Dowager attempts to leave using tiredness as an excuse.

But she sees Minglan smiling. And wonders what’s the reason.

Minglan replies that it’s such a coincidence. Because she has to plan marriages for several military men.

That are going to guard the border.

The Empress Dowager is reluctant but the Empress supports Ming’s suggestion. And in Minglan’s opinion, being a wife is much better than being someone’s concubine.

A Storm is Brewing

When Minglan leaves the palace, she sees her husband waiting for her. All of the Empress Dowager servants line up behind Minglan as well.

So Minglan tells her husband that she may have brought trouble to him.


But they talk on the way back home and Gu Tingye counters that Minglan has helped him earn more honor instead.

Then Minglan explains that she understands they are in this together.

Gu Tingye appears extremely happy to hear this and volunteers to take the hit from the Empress Dowager willingly.

Minglan wonders why the Empress Dowager is deliberately causing trouble. If it weren’t for the current emperor, she would have been in danger back then.

Indeed, the imperial people tend to forget quite easily.


So Gu Tingye explains. Empress Dowager wants the current emperor to rule like the previous one.

Using benevolence and generosity but the current emperor is resolute and steadfast.

Minglan comments it’s due to Prince Huan’s influence.

Prince Huan is the former Zhao Ceiying.

Because Prince Huan has high aspirations and wants to enact change.

So the Empress Dowager wants to target people closest to him. Including Gu Tingye.

But Minglan is more than capable of fending him.


Gu Tingye purposes they go eat at a restaurant. Because they may not have time in the future.

He explains that the Emperor and Empress Dowager will continue to fight.

Then in the distance, thunder rumbles.

Gu Tingye comments that the skies will change.

Clearing the Rebels

At court, an official proposes to the emperor the matter of clearing out the rest of the rebels.

When the Emperor asks who should handle the investigation, the Empress Dowager cuts him off.

She mentions Qi Heng (Yuan Ruo) has an interesting take on how to investigate these rebels. So she asks the Emperor to summon him.

Yuan Ruo arrives, greeting both the Emperor and the Empress Dowager. Then shares his thoughts.

Proposing to investigate the remaining ledgers of the former rebels and using the flow of funds to see who could be suspicious.

Then investigate each suspicious person. Someone argues that this is inappropriate and will cause unrest.

While Yuan Ruo counters that being safe is better.

As the officials continue to bicker back and forth, the Empress Dowager chimes in and assigns Yuan Ruo to handle this.

Without consulting the Emperor.

Court ends.

On his way out, Gu Tingye comments how the current situation is very difficult. Because the power struggle between the Emperor and Empress Dowager.

They must get the jade seal back from the Empress Dowager. Prince Huan know and he’s been trying with various officials.

It’s not like they can steal it though. So Gu Tingye suggests they steal it intellectually.


Prince Huan thinks it’s a brilliant plan and walks off with him.

Yuan Ruo begins his investigate and captures a son from one of the Gu branch households.

While the elders plead mercy. But Yuan Ruo tells them that he’s just following protocol and following investigations on the former rebels.

Gu Branch Households Request Help

The wives of the Gu fourth and fifth families request help from Madam Gu.

But she believes she’s powerless. Then points them to Gu Tingye for help.

At Cheng Yuan (Gu Tingye’s manor), Minglan helps Gu Tingye dress.

While he tells her that sons of the fourth and fifth branch have been captured for investigation.


He then comments that it’s Yuan Ruo leading the investigation.

And he would never take personal revenge.

However, Minglan will hear from the fourth and fifth households about this. So Gu Tingye warns her to be careful.

Fourth and Fifth Uncles came to plead Gu Tingye to help them but Gu Tingye refused.

Yuan Ruo’s new wife, Shen Hezhen

Yuan Ruo’s new wife wants Yuan Ruo to take a rest as it’s getting late. But Yuan Ruo treats her coldly.

She then mentions how he hasn’t slept in her room for over a month.

Yuan Ruo responds that since they’ve already married, he won’t disappoint her.

But he hasn’t gotten over Minglan yet either. Poor wife. Will she change from jealousy when she finds out?

When Shen Hezhen returns to her room, her maid reports that Yuan Ruo is a respectable man.

And has a clean record. But Shen Hezhen feels like they are too formal with each other.

Her maid then reports that there’s a concubine daughter he had feelings for.

So Shen Hezhen asks her maid to investigate his woman.

On another day, Fourth Aunt and Fifth Aunt come to visit Minglan.

Requesting her help.

Minglan coments that she can’t help because her husband is busy with other matters.

They refuse to let her go and want her to help convince Gu Tingye to step in.

While Fourth and Fifth Aunt continue to plead with Minglan, Xiaotao reports that Rongjie is missing.

Pleading with the Qi Household

Minglan asks if Xiaotao checked everywhere. Then takes off to leave with her.

While the rest realized that she left just like that.

Minglan enters her room where Gu Tingye observes Rongjie practicing her words.

She helps herself to a seat and then drinks some water.

Gu Tingye thought her move was brilliant. Because who would object her looking for a child?

Then Minglan comments that she strolled around the backyard for awhile to make it look real.

And returned through the back door.

Which is why she’s so tired.


So Gu Tingye gives her a shoulder message. While warning her that the other households won’t give up.

The Fifth Aunt of the Gu household heads over to the Qi family and meets up with Shen Hezhen.

She brings a gift because she couldn’t attend her wedding. But has other motives for being here.

Shen Hezhen explains how she cannot accept her gift. Because some may gossip that she’s accepting a bribe.


So the Fifth Aunt speaks frankly and asks Shen Hezhen to help speak some good words on her behalf.

To make it easier on her son in the prisons. But Yuan Ruo doesn’t deal with the prisons.

And throws it back to Gu Tingye.

A while later, Shen Hezhen escorts Fifth Aunt back into her carriage and returns to the Qi household.

Her maid reveals that Minglan played polo with their young lord. And was the reason why Buwei, a former servant of their lord was canned to death.

She wonders what kind of skills this temptress had.

But Shen Hezhen tells her servant to be quiet and never mention this woman again.

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In Story of Minglan episode 46, a storm is indeed brewing. We have the imperial politics which can involve Gu Tingye and Yuan Ruo on opposite sides.

There’s Shen Hezehn investigating her husband’s past history with Minglan as well.

Imperial family members are always paranoid about something. They seem normal until the enter the royal palace. Is it just the atmosphere and the stress? Not sure what it is, but man it turns normal people into power hungry people.

Or forces people into survival mode.

Empress Dowager, did you already forget how Gu Tingye saved you and the previous emperor?

You have nothing better to do than to scheme against Gu Tingye now? Sigh.

And meanwhile, Minglan fends off the Gu branch families from pulling her into their matters.

She doesn’t need another person snooping into her past. If Yuan Ruo could clear the air, that would be great. But as of right now?

He’s not that much help.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 46? Leave a comment below!

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Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago

I’m glad that empress dowager turned out this way, it’s normal for people with power and different principle in ruling

Last edited 3 years ago by Prim Keene
4 years ago

The great scheming starts again with the stakes higher than ever and our leads find themselves in the middle of the power sturggle between the Empress Dowager and the current Emperor. Yay, congrats to making it so far with your recaps! <3 All love! The thing that I still fail to understand is the motivation behind the old Empress's actions (I am at cca ep 58 and I am still at loss). Her displeasure with the new reforms is mentioned at one point but nothing too specific? The new Emperor seems to be a fair and wise man, even though… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Wow, keep up in a good work, fingers crossed, so you manage to fulfill your resolution!

You might be right, maybe the Dowager Empress ultimately just wants to challenge the current government, testing the loyalty and will of the Emperor and his supporters. Even if she’s not doing it deliberately, if the current Emperor can fend off her opposition and unite the noble families, he can withstand anything! 🙂

4 years ago

I just love how the first thing people do to try to cause trouble for Tingye is to give him a Concubine. Apparently the rumours about his tigress of a wife have done more for him than he thought. The empress dowager can’t seem to let go of power and seems to have found an accomplice in Yuanruo who also cannot seem to let go. Will his grudge with Tingye affect his judgement?

The honeymoon stage is over as our lovebirds now have to deal with politics and other plotting.

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