The Story of Minglan Episode 47 Recap

In Story of Minglan episode 47, whoever loses their patience is the first to lose.

Since begging with the Qi household didn’t work, the fourth and fifth households will go back to Gu Tingye. And bother him until he’s willing to help. Who will yield first?

Story of Minglan Episode 47 Recap Highlights:

  • Yuan Ruo continues to investigate and captures another Gu son
  • Minglan wonders if Gu Tingye will step in to help
  • Gu Tingye lays out his conditions if Gu Tingyu wants him to step in

In these past few episodes, we learn more about the inner workings of the Gu household as Minglan supports her husband.

At what point do you still need to support your family? Despite what they done to you?

Let’s find out in Story of Minglan episode 47 recap!


Minglan greets Fourth and Fifth Aunt as they visit Chen Yuan again.

They don’t believe they can’t wear Minglan down with their persistance.

Minglan tells them that they are just in time for tea so she attempts to leave to prepare.

But Fourth Aunt refuses to let her go because she tricked them once. And starts lashing out at her.


As Fourth Aunt continues to rant, Fifth Aunt tugs her robes. Implying that they are here to ask for a favor.

Not to incite trouble.

But Fourth Aunt continues on, suggesting that they have Gu Tingye divorce Minglan.

Because of Minglan’s previous ugly matters. And Minglan is curious as to what she means by that.

So Fourth Aunt brings up the He family. Minglan and the He family had a previous marriage arrangement before she married into the Gu family.

Minglan disagrees and clarifies. There was no previous marriage arrangement.

Fourth Aunt then intervenes to douse the fire.


She mentions the gossips outside about Minglan.

But that just makes the situation worse. So Minglan gets up and leaves.

Gu Tingye sees Minglan and calls out to her. But she ignores him and continues to walk towards her room.

Shitou comments that Xiaotao glared at him as well.

Then Gu Tingye wonders what could have made his wife so made. And heads to the reception hall.

Seeing his two aunts, he understands. The two aunts mention the He family and his wife but Gu Tingye clarifies how he had to snatch his wife back.

Otherwise, she would have married into the He family.


He then thanks the two of them for caring so much about him. Despite struggling with their own matters.

Shitou snickers behind him.

Even Shitou knows his lord is being sarcastic. XD

Dealing with the Aunts

When Gu Tingye returns to Minglan’s room, he sees that she’s still mad.

So he offers to go beat up his cousins in return. But Minglan pulls him back.

As for the aunts, they can ignore them until they give up.


In the meantime, there’s no problem feeding them. The aunts can stay for as long as they like.

But Minglan requests people who can write as well.

And Gu Tingye wonders about the use of those people.

Back at the reception hall, Fourth Aunt fumes and yells out loud. She refuses to believe this couple won’t yield.

While Fifth Aunt tells her sister-in-law that her attitude is unacceptable.

Then several servants come in. Bringing a table and then serving some dishes.

A servant reports that they can eat before they go. And if they insist on staying, rooms will be prepared.

When Fourth Aunt starts to eat, a screen gets put up and another servant sits nearby.

Introducing himself as an accountant and is here to record every part of their conversation.

In case the Emperor questions this issue.

The two of them then decide to leave.

And Shitou reports to his lord and madam.

Gu Tingye comments that his aunts haven’t changed. Before it was his father taking care of them and they’ve gotten spoiled.

But Minglan counters that he likes having them beg him.

He agrees and wants them to beg him more by raising the stakes.

Ah so Gu Tingye is taking this chance to get something he wants from the Gu household. Yuan Ruo is indirectly helping him here hahaha.


However, Minglan knows that he just wants the Gu family to admit their wrongs.

Because he felt injustice growing up.

Yuan Ruo’s Past Relationship

Shen Hezhen and her maid are ironing out Yuan Ruo’s clothes at night. Then she notices the time and requests tea and snacks be sent to the study room.

Even if her husband doesn’t eat them, she must send them over anyway. Otherwise her in-laws will nag her for being careless.

So her maid tells another to handle the request.

Shen Hezhen finishes ironing a few robes and then starts to organize Yuan Ruo’s things.

When she notices a box with dolls.

One of them has characters written on the underside, while the other does not.

She realizes that these may be love tokens as tears fall down her face.

Her maid comments that she finally knows the answer to her question. And Shen Hezhen agrees.

So now, she plans on snatching back her husband.

Jade Seal

The Empress Dowager summons an official to request the jade seal back. Because it was needed for the rain ceremony.

But instead of responding, the official explains that the current Emperor is doing very well.

And has decided to keep the jade seal because he cannot bother her for it every time he needs it.

Empress Dowager realizes she’s been swindled.

She asks her servants to summon Gu Tingye. Because he’s the only one who could come up with such a method.

When Gu Tingye kneels in front of the Empress Dowager’s reception hall, the Empress Dowager lectures him.

For learning such underhanded tactics. And then using them on her.

She helped him when he was younger and helped him get to an honorable military position.

And this is how he repays her?

So the Empress Dowager orders her servants to beat him.

When one of them hesitates, she takes the cane into her own hands. But sees all of his scars.


She remembers how he has saved her and the previous Emperor before.

And lets him go.

During mealtime, Minglan wonders if that was a good idea. Gu Tingye swindled the Empress Dowager.

But he responds that the worse she could do to him is beat him and he’s used to beatings anyways.

Minglan cautions him that if Yuan Ruo were to side with the Empress Dowager, the court may change.

And if he continues to stick out like this, he will get in trouble. Because Minglan learned the hard way.

However, Gu Tingye promises to protect her if anything happens.

Minglan’s not afraid for herself but afraid for Gu Tingye. He then smiles thinking that they’ve gotten a little closer.

Justice for the Past

Trouble comes to Madam Gu’s doorstep as her son gets captured for questioning.

Gu Tingwei’s wife cries while Madam Gu lectures her.

Since when did Gu Tingwei get married? It wasn’t shown in the show O.o

Madam Gu wonders how her son got involved and the daughter-in-law responds.

There were some women sent over from the fourth and fifth households. And since they were beautiful, her husband accepted them.

Just from this association, Gu Tingwei became implicated.

So the daughter-in-law pleads with Madam Gu to save her husband.

Later, Gu Tingye and Minglan make a trip to the main Gu household. Minglan knows that Gu Tingye will step in but only if his conditions are fulfilled.

Once Gu Tingye and Minglan arrive, Gu Tingwei’s wife pleads with her brother-in-law to help her.

Gu Tingye sighs and takes a seat.

The other household’s daughter-in-laws are present too. And they argue back and forth about who’s at fault.

Gu Tingyu then smashes a cup on the ground to quiet them.

He gets up and asks the sole person who has the authority and status to help them.

Gu Tingye.

Madam Gu closes her eyes in dismay. It’s her lost this round.

Gu Tingyu knows it’s not for free. So Gu Tingye wants his brother to use his authority and add his birth mother to the geneology records.

Detailing how she married into the Gu household and how she saved them in the past.


Gu Tingyu refuses.

That night, Madam Gu and Gu Tingyu meet with the Fourth and Fifth Uncles.

To discuss Gu Tingye’s conditions.

Lady Bai’s Justice

One of the Uncles comments that they have no choice but to accept.

So Madam Gu volunteers to tell Gu Tingye that they agree and to explain that they were too emotional earlier to refuse.

But Gu Tingyu refuses to do so. If they accept this behavior this time, Gu Tingye will continue to put demands on them.

He believes that as long as they can endure this, Gu Tingye will eventually step in to save them in the end.

Based on what though? You guys abused him for years and expect him to save you? On filial piety?

Back at Cheng Yuan, Xiaotao and Danju serves the evening meal. But Minglan notices that her husband is not in the mood to eat.

And heads over to comfort him.

Gu Tingye tells her that he’s not afraid of blood or bodies as long as it’s the battlefield.

But in the households it’s different.

Gu Tingye was already notified that his branch households would get in trouble. The crimes are not that serious so the punishment would be exile.

However, the details of the exile can be negotiated.

And so knowing this, he wanted to make the branch households submit.

Because he wasn’t content with them living in luxury that came from his mother’s funds.

Lady Bai saved the Gu household and there was not a peep about her death. Gu Tingye comments that if he didn’t come back in glory, the elders may have thrown away his mother’s mortuary tablet.

He just cannot swallow his anger for his mother’s injustice.

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Is it wrong to get justice? In Story of Minglan episode 47, we see that Gu Tingye has not forgotten his mother’s injustice.

It was constantly a thorn in his heart. He brought it up to his father but his father did nothing.

And now that the rest of the Gu household is in trouble, he wants to take this opportunity to get justice for his mother.

I think it’s personally reasonable. But back then, there was a strong insistence on filial piety and clan cohesiveness.

Everything is for the good of the clan and household. But Minglan understands where Gu Tingye is coming from.

And supports him. I think Gu Tingye was also secretly worried that this would cause a rift between them. But I think he’s reassured that she won’t mind.

Madam Gu’s hold on the other households is backfiring on her as well. It started with a slight crack and now it’s crumbling.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 47? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

i didn’t really understand what the consequences of the two concubines were. I just couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about

4 years ago

I feel kind of bad for Tingwei. Like Changfeng he kind of gets lumped with his mother without really getting a chance and what’s more we’ve seen evidence that Tingwei really does care about his brother and family at least so far.

Those of us who have seen to the end know he doesn’t care about his mother’s schemes and doesn’t take part in them, denounces them when he does find out about them
but he gets lumped in with the rest of the abusive Gu’s without seemingly a second thought from our ML.

Finally Tingye gets his own chance for justice I just wish it didn’t come at the expense of his baby brother who seems to worship him.

4 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Excellent point! And the parallels don’t end with the scheming mothers either – e.g. they both at some points implicated their families in trouble with authorities (Changfeng’s recklessness caused his father to be detained in the palace).

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