The Story of Minglan Episode 49 Recap

Now that Madam Gu can’t pass the Marquis title to her son until Gu Tingye dies, what will she do next? In Story of Minglan episode 49, we see another familiar face.

Manniang is back and Madam Gu plans to use her against the power couple.

Story of Minglan Episode 49 Recap Highlights:

  • The Gu family members get their punishments
  • Madam Gu makes other plans
  • Manniang shows up in front of Gu Tingye

Looks like we’re getting a brief pause on politics to sort out more family issues. What’s next in Story of Minglan episode 49?

Let’s find out!

The Favor of the Emperor

In a private study, the Emperor lectures Gu Tingye for getting involved.

Because he was planning on offering leniency away. But now that Gu Tingye brought it up, it makes it look like the Emperor favors him a lot.


Prince Huan(Zhao Ceiying) and Gu Tingye share a knowing look before Prince Huan advises Gu Tingye to kneel for forgiveness.

The Emperor is angry at Gu Tingye for taking matters into his own hands.

But Gu Tingye explains that he did this way to make it look like he’s forcing the Emperor to act.

So the officials believe Gu Tingye is the bad guy. Not the Emperor.

Hmm, what is Gu Tingye and Prince Huan planning?


The Emperor then wonders if disharmony between him and officials would be a good thing.

Gu Tingye comments that as long as the Emperor is aware of his loyalty, it doesn’t matter what others think.

Then follows up on his earlier request.

The Emperor agreed in front of the court so he has no choice but to fulfill it.

So Gu Tingye leaves with Prince Huan.

Then one of his consorts stroll in with a dish for him to try.

Noble Consort Liu on the right

Noble Consort Liu comments that General Gu (Gu Tingye) has merit for helping him obtain the jade seal.

But then retorts that he’s likely more loyal to Prince Huan than him. The Emperor slams the table in anger and orders her to get out.

So Noble Consort Liu leaves.

Meanwhile Gu Tingwei leaves the prison and gets welcomed by Nanny Xiang. Who escorts him to his mother’s carriage.

Gu Tingye’s Position


Gu Tingwei tells his mother that he heard his eldest brother has died. And wonders if he cause it with his troubles.

But his mother switches the topic back to his own well-being.

Gu Tingwei thanks his second brother for his relatively ok treatment in the prisons.

At least he wasn’t beaten.

While the one from the fourth household has been sentenced to exile.

After getting in the carriage, Madam Gu tells her son that he needs to focus on his studies now. Instead of frequenting brothels.

While she will network her connections to get him a job. Because Gu Tingyu is gone now, there’s no one else to help.

Gu Tingwei comments that his second brother must be so sad over the eldest brother’s death. But Madam Gu cuts in that he must pretend.

However Gu Tingwei argues that even though they may pretend, his second brother never pretended.

So even Gu Tingwei observed that his other two brothers wanted to get along? T_T

During his eldest brother’s funeral, Gu Tingwei escorts Yuan Ruo and his wife out.

And the two return home in their carriage.

Shen Hezhen comments how Gu Tingyu could have lead his clan far if he was still alive.

But Yuan Ruo isn’t listening. He observes that the weather is nice and wants to walk home.

And Shen Hezhen offers to go with him.

When they take a break on their stroll, Yuan Ruo talks about Gu Tingye bringing up his family matters in front of the Emperor.


The Emperor wanted to use these criminals to warn the others but he failed with Gu Tingye stepping in.

So the Empress Dowager gets one leg up on the Emperor.

Unable to Forget

Shen Hezhen comments that the Emperor must be mad at Gu Tingye and his wife.

But Yuan Ruo corrects her.

The Emperor is only mad at Gu Tingye. Yuan Ruo then proposes that they have some tea before going home and starts walking ahead.

Because it’s such great weather.

So Yuan Ruo is in a good mood not because the weather is great but because Gu Tingye is now in a precarious position.


Shen Hezhen knows her husband cannot forget Big Madam Sheng. But at least he was able to vent his frustrations out on Gu Tingye.

Justice for Lady Bai

Nanny Chang burns paper for her deceased miss.

She sits in the ancestral hall and speaks to her miss. Commenting how she had a hard life. But fortunately, she gave birth to Gu Tingye.

Who helped her get a posthumous title.

Gu Tingye looks from a distance as Nanny Chang continues to weep in joy.

Minglan lightly jabs Gu Tingye with her elbow. He didn’t tell her about getting reprimanded by the Emperor.

But Gu Tingye reassures her that he has saved the Emperor many times. It’s nothing to get his mother a conferred title.

Minglan then comments that historically, arrogant officials have been punished by their emperors.

So Gu Tingye tugs her closer and promises to protect her no matter what.

Meanwhile, the Fourth Gu household bid farewell to their son. As he gets escorted to exile.

Fourth Aunt thinks Gu Tingye did this deliberately but her husband refuses to bow down to Gu Tingye.


Gu Tingye and Minglan kneel in front of an eunuch as he narrates a royal decree.

Promoting Gu Tingye to be Marquis of Ningyuan (his father’s title) and conferring a title to Minglan.

Minglan stares in shock so Gu Tingye nudges her. And they both bow in gratitude for the Emperor’s graces.

She then wonders why she got a title. So Gu Tingye clarifies that it’s because she married him.

Xiaotao heads over to report something but Shitou comes up from behind and shoves her.

He reports to Gu Tingye and Minglan that people from the “other” household have come.

Shitou loves messing with Xiaotao, another ship in the making!

Fifth Uncle lectures Gu Tingye for allowing his cousin to be exiled. And Gu Tingye clarifies that it’s not him but the Emperor.

Then he wonders if it’s better for Tingdi to go instead.

Gu Tingdi is Fifth Uncle’s son.

So Fifth Uncle gets even angrier while his wife tries to calm him down. Meanwhile, Madam Gu mentions how Gu Tingye has done his best. But Gu Tingye comments how she’s such a good actress.

It’s a shame she’s not showing off her talents in an acting troupe.

Fifth Uncle thinks Gu Tingye is disrespectful while Madam Gu cries pitifully.

Gu Tingye then wonders why his Fifth Uncle is protecting his stepmother so much.

And Fifth Uncle starts another barrage of lectures. While Madam Gu attempts to leave.

She comments how she raised such a son.

But then Gu Tingye loses it and smashes a vase. Silencing everyone.

Minglan: Mother-in-law, you are taking this acting too far

He then tells them that he won’t keep them for a meal.

And Xiaotao, Danju and Shitou can barely hold in their laughter.

Marquis Title

Fifth Uncle leaves in a fury with Madam Gu in tow.

After Fifth Uncle leaves, Gu Tingwei wonders why she even bothered coming. Because now, even his brother is mad at him.

And he was hoping to have his brother help him get a job.

But his mother retorts that they are bitter rivals. Then wondering if he’s truly her son.


On the way back home, inside the carriage, Madam Gu shares that Gu Tingye may not be favored by the Emperor anymore.

Because rumors has it that he was reprimanded by the Emperor. And news traveled very quickly.

So she believes that Gu Tingye will no longer be favored. But Gu Tingwei doesn’t care and wonders why his mother changed.

What was wrong with his second brother being the head of the household?

Mother and son glance away from each other and sigh. Each for their own reasons.

Then Madam Gu comments that there are plenty of enemies willing to drag Gu Tingye down. And Gu Tingwei has heard enough.

He orders the carriage to stop and jumps off.

That night, Gu Tingye comments that his stepmother won’t sit idly.

While Minglan responds with a monotone, she’s not paying attention as she has calculations to check.

Then Gu Tingye wonders why Minglan still addresses him as husband. So Minglan suggests addressing him as second uncle.

And Gu Tingye refuses. Proposing to have her call him darling.

Minglan diverts the topic back to Madam Gu but Gu Tingye stresses the importance of addressing him as darling.

Gu Tingye’s like bright eyed and sparkling. Please address me as darling!

So Minglan meekly compiles.

And Gu Tingye chuckles with joy.

A Ghost from the Past

Madam Gu and Nanny Xiang swapped roles as they get off the carriage.

They are here to meet someone.

Someone comes up to them and proposes they see someone before buying some incense.

This individual’s family name is Bai.

Oh great now Gu Tingye’s maternal family relatives are trying to pull him down.

One of Gu Tingye’s maternal uncles on the right

The three watch from a distance as Manniang comes out from a carriage.

Nanny Xiang (disguised as Madam Gu) tells the Eldest son of the Bai family to wait for good news.

When Gu Tingye sets off to court on horseback, his stepmother calls out to him.

And asks they head off together because they are going in the same direction.

Before long, Manniang pops out in front of Gu Tingye.

And Madam Gu comes over as well.

Back at Chen Yuan, Madam Gu advises Minglan to be tolerant and merciful.

While Gu Tingye sits off to the side, clearly upset that his stepmother is trying to ruin his marriage.

Madam Gu then continues, suggesting Minglan to let Manniang enter the household as a concubine.

And Manniang chimes in, commenting how she’d never thought Minglan would be the main wife.

Because last time, she lectured her back at the Yu manor.

Madam Gu thinks this is so very interesting. But Minglan diverts the topic. While Gu Tingye has his servants escort Madam Gu out.


Manniang refuses to let Gu Tingye see his son until he allows her to enter the household.

Gu Tingye and Minglan discuss privately. But she seems too calm so Gu Tingye wonders if Minglan has anything else to say.

So she tells him the conditions right now are easy to fulfill. But later on, it might not be so easy.

Hidden Truth

Gu Tingye becomes furious and hurt by her words.

She thinks it’s easy for him to sleep with another woman?

Minglan thought it would be a good idea to get some information from Manniang in private.

And Gu Tingye stares at her in disbelief.

So Minglan meekly retorts that it’s his son at risk, not hers. But Gu Tingye slams the table and walks out.

Oh Minglan, you just didn’t understand.

That evening, Gu Tingye heads over to where Manniang is staying and has servants put dishes on the table.

When they both sit down at the table, Gu Tingye asks about her life after she left him.

It turns out she had to endure harsh labor to raise Changge so Gu Tingye suggests she bring him here.

But she counters by asking about the marriage arrangements. So Gu Tingye mentions they will marry the day after tomorrow.

Thrilled with happiness, Manniang drinks the wine he serves her. Gu Tingye brings up Changge again.

Wondering if she could bring him here to witness their wedding. And with more urging, Manniang comments that Changge would never be able to come.

No matter how many days they give him.

But she won’t talk until she’s officially married into the Gu household.

Gu Tingye threatens to not marry her until she reveals Changge’s location.

She tells him to come closer and pulls out a hidden knife. That she stabs him with.

After stabbing Gu Tingye, she laughs manically. Revealing that Changge has been dead for a while.

So long that the grass on his tomb has grown up to three meters high.

Gu Tingye’s men arrive to take her away.

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Oh man, Story of Minglan episode 49 started out fine and then boom! Manniang reveals the truth.

Changge has been dead for so long. But is he?

Ugh, poor Gu Tingye. Searching for YEARS and then finding out his son is dead. But I don’t think he believes her.

After all, Manniang tricked him before.

So what will they do next to have her spit out the truth?

Then Minglan’s reaction to all of this disappoints Gu Tingye. He probably thought she would be jealous. But she’s so calm.

Poor Gu Tingye. He’s feeling frustrated and disappointed that she cares so little for his feelings.

In the meantime, Gu Tingye’s enemies are starting to believe that he will get disposed by the Emperor.

The Bai family are working with Madam Gu and there may be others.

Shen Hezhen appears to be a reasonable woman. She may feel jealousy at Yuan Ruo’s inability to let go of the past, but I think she’s strong enough to not do anything reckless.

Like conspiring against Minglan. Or at least I hope not.

Meanwhile, Yuan Ruo is acting petty. With him being in a good mood over Gu Tingye’s shortcomings.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 49? Leave a comment below!

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Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago

Didn’t yuanruo wish for minglan to find a good husband? Why was he being petty right now :((

3 years ago

I think Minglan IS jealous but she’s just good at hiding it. Because she thinks that it’s a normal thing, and of course it’s going to happen sooner or later, so she’s just telling her herself not to show any emotion or reaction because of how well Gu Tingye treats her already.

Also the fact that “second darling” or is it “darling second”(?) is Manniang’s name for Gu Tingye has got to burn. At least a little because of how hard he was trying to get Minglan to call him that.

Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago
Reply to  Sareh

I believe that minglan had long closed her heart because of trust issues (including the one with her father and yuanruo)

4 years ago

Oh, Minglan, you are a piece of work when it comes to your husband and other women XD. Minglan: Just sleep with her and get her to talk! Tingye: *scandalized* YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!! Minglan just doesn’t get it, men sleeping around with other women is a norm in the society she grew up in, so she never even contemplated that her husband would actually be faithfull to her. Besides, she knows that there is no love between him and Manniang, so she doesn’t understand why she should be jealous of her… Poor Gu Tingye! Between him and… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Ela

I know right. For her it’s like what’s the deal if it’s the only way to get answers just go for it and Tingye is just like beyond shook cause he wants her to be angry or jealous for it even being suggested and she’s just completely unruffled.

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