The Story of Minglan Episode 50 Recap

Gu Tingye has been searching for his son for YEARS. He refuses to believe that his son is dead. In Story of Minglan episode 50, Minglan suggests a different way to discover Changge’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Madam Gu believes Manniang will cause more turmoil in Gu Tingye’s household.

Story of Minglan Episode 50 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan and Gu Tingye search for Changge’s whereabouts
  • Rongjie hears her mother is here and asks about her brother
  • Minglan proposes a different plan

We’re getting to the bottom of Gu Tingye’s son. Where is Changge?

In Story of Minglan episode 50, we get more clues. Let’s discuss about it in the recap!

Interrogating Manniang

Shitou finishes up wrapping his lord’s wounds and Minglan walks in. She sees his bandage wraps with spots of blood and tears up.


Minglan blames herself for not checking Manniang for hidden weapons.

But Gu Tingye reassures her that it’s not her fault.

Then he shares with Minglan what Manniang told him.

That Changge is dead.

He refuses to believe it because Manniang has tricked him for several years.

The two of them check in on Manniang. And interrogate her.


Manniang responds with the same words.

She blames Gu Tingye for kicking her out and she couldn’t live with the money she had.

Then her child got sick and died in her arms.

Manniang wails with grief and continues to blame Gu Tingye for Changge’s death.

And the next statements she say hit Gu Tingye straight in the heart.

“When you became the marquis, your son was buried deep in the ground. Bugs and rats were gnawing on his skin and bones. ”

Gu Tingye smashes his cup on the ground and gets up to deal with her but Minglan holds him back.

And escorts him out of the room. Minglan comments that Manniang won’t be able to tolerate a few floggings.

So they need another plan.

Since they cannot ask Manniang, they will ask someone else.

Later, Minglan draws a picture of Manniang so Gu Tingye can have his soldiers ask around.

To see if anyone saw Manniang interact with anyone.

Gu Tingye tells her there’s no need to have her draw those pictures personally. But Minglan feels that the less people know about this the better.

Especially since the Empress Dowager has eyes on everyone.

Including Gu Tingye.

But if Gu Tingye pities her, he could lose to her in the touhu games (arrow toss).

Tracking Manniang’s Trail

And Gu Tingye tells her that he will always lose to her.

So cute! Gu Tingye’s so lucky to have her support him in this crisis.

Shitou takes the lead in spreading the pictures and tracking Manniang’s trail.


Eventually, Shitou finds out that Manniang met up with someone who was selling incense candles.

So he sends people to capture and interrogate that person.

Gu Tingye tells Minglan that Manniang was tracked by the Bai family.

And they had an arrangement. In return for killing him, they promised her some of his properties.


Then the plan was to use Changge as a puppet to control the household. Because Gu Tingye has no heir and Changge is his only son.

However, Gu Tingye is thrilled to hear that his son may be still alive.

Since he’s involved with the plan.

Shitou sends a message to his connections and gets people to raid the Bai family’s salt ships.

They confess that they’ve never seen Gu Tingye’s son.

Minglan teaches Rongjie how to accurately throw arrows in touhu when Shitou walks in to report news.

Reading the slip of paper, Gu Tingye appears disappointed.

Rongjie overhears and volunteers to ask his mother about her younger brother.

But Gu Tingye doesn’t want her to.

That night, Gu Tingye tucks her in bed to sleep.

Mother and Daughter

Rongjie makes a decision to visit her mother secretly.

She tells the guards that her father asked her to question her mother.

Rongjie is so bold!

Ronjie greets her mother but her mother wants her to leave.

Manniang comments how her daughter was enjoying luxury while she was experiencing hardships outside.

Rongjie tells her mother that she’s willing to give it all up. But Manniang spouts hateful words.

Telling her to stay so she will always remind the Big Madam that Rongjie is not hers.

Poor Rongjie. She’s probably shocked that the mother in front of her doesn’t match the one she remembers.

Ronjie then pleads her mother to tell her where her little brother is. She responds that he’s dead.

Rongjie refuses to believe it and asks to see her brother.

So Manniang gets up and starts to choke Rongjie.

The doors burst open and Minglan struggles to pull Ronjie away from her mother.

Then Gu Tingye comes in and attempts to beat Manniang but Minglan tugs him away.

Asking him to focus on Rongjie first.

Gu Tingye takes Rongjie away to rest while Minglan is left with Manniang.

Minglan lectures Manniang for taking Changge away. If she didn’t, he would have been raised here like Rongjie.

And have all the resources at his disposal. To be successful.


Minglan tries to convince Manniang to reveal Changge’s whereabouts.

But she retorts that she loved Changge the most.

Minglan comments that if parents love their children, they will help plan for their future.

And leaves Manniang to think about it. On her way out, Manniang tells her to go look for Changge in the underworld.

Minglan realizes that Changge might be hidden very tightly.

Getting to the Source

Minglan believes there’s another way they can find Changge. So she convinces Gu Tingye to let Manniang go.

While they assign people to secretly follow her.

Until she heads back to check on her son.

Gu Tingye thinks it’s a great idea.

However Minglan worries that Manniang will continue to linger in the capital. But Gu Tingye has a plan for that.

He lifts Minglan up in joy and puts her back down.

Then puts his plan into action.

Nanny Xiang reports to Madam Gu the latest news on Manniang. And Madam Gu comments that he’s changed. He would never be this careful on his own.

So they must be split up to be killed.

Manniang lingers in the streets without any money and steals a bun to eat.

Guards show up to escort her out.

Then when Manniang tries to find a place to stay, she gets kicked out by a store owner.

So she tries to use her singing skills to convince him.

But then guards show up warning the shop owner that Manniang committed a crime.

So Manniang finds a random street corner to sleep for the night.

Then the next day, Manniang tells the public that Gu Tingye is an unfaithful scoundrel.

And Madam Gu hears about it. Because she knows this tactical is beneficial to Manniang and harmful to Gu Tingye.

If he asks guards to silence her, people will think it’s true.

Madam Gu asks Nanny Xiang to send people to help out Manniang.

And continues her stroll in the flower garden.

Commenting how the flowers this year have bloomed so beautifully.

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Ugh Manniang is such a pain in the ass! She was the one who wanted to run away with Gu Tingye’s assets and son.

And now that Gu Tingye wants his son back she tells him that he’s dead?

While also hurting Rongjie? What kind of mother is she?

It looks like her journey has made her into a crazy woman. But she brought it upon herself.

If she didn’t leave with Changge and stuck it out with Gu Tingye, would Gu Tingye be a successful marquis now? Probably not, but he would do everything in his power to make sure they are fed.

And have a roof over their heads.

Madam Gu knows that Minglan and Gu Tingye are stronger when they are together. So she plotted to use Manniang to drive them apart.

This Madam Gu gets on my nerves, argh!

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3 months ago

Actress who plays Manniang does it very well. That lady is badshit cray cray. It’s really fun/funny to watch. Poor Rongjie, she’s such a cutie doesn’t deserve any of this. I too am getting invested in the side ship that is Shitao and … urgh that maid. (very bad with names). I love how strong this couple is together. They balance each other so well. Now for Ming Lan to just be a bit more demonstrative. Gu Tingye is whippppped.

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