The Story of Minglan Episode 51 Recap

Manniang creates a ruckus in the capital and it ends up affecting the imperial court. In Story of Minglan episode 51, Gu Tingye lets go of Manniang to find his son.

And the truth is shocking.

Story of Minglan Episode 51 Recap Highlights:

  • Yuan Ruo files a complaint against Gu Tingye
  • Manniang gets expelled out of the capital
  • Gu Tingye finds out the truth about his son

After so many years of searching, Gu Tingye discovers the truth. But at least Minglan is there to support him.

What’s the truth? Let’s discuss the Story of Minglan episode 51!

Gu Tingye’s Dirty Laundry

Manniang gathers up a crowd in the capital as she criticizes Gu Tingye for using her and throwing her aside.

The guards are no help either. Because the crowd want to watch for their amusement.

They can’t help but pity her too.


During the court assembly, Yuan Ruo files a complaint against Gu Tingye. Explaining that he has tainted the reputation of the government.

By exposing his messy internal affairs for the public to see.

Later, in the Emperor’s private study, the Emperor lectures Gu Tingye for exposing his matters to the public.

Prince Huan defends Gu Tingye and explains how the evil woman stabbed him.

And Gu Tingye didn’t want to drag the woman to the courts because the Empress Dowager would hear about it.

Leading to trouble for the Emperor.

The Emperor then retorts that the current situation is not any better. So Prince Huan proposes they kick the woman out of the city.

After leaving the study, Prince Huan warns Gu Tingye that they must be careful nowadays.

Because the Empress Dowager is observing them for weaknesses. And they cannot let her get ahold of them.

Gu Tingye agrees. But he still needs to find his son.

Prince Huan then wonders if his son would turn out like his mother. Since he was exposed to her for so long.

But Gu Tingye reasons that it’s never the child’s fault.


So he wants to make up for his mistakes and save his son.

Prince Huan also advises him to say some good words to the Qi household.

To maintain the relationship.

A Visit to the Qi Household

Nanny Xiang reports to Madam Gu that the Emperor didn’t criticize Gu Tingye for his errors.

Madam Gu prepares to make tea. Then tells her that Gu Tingye was harshly reprimanded in private.

And the one who brought the news was her son, Gu Tingwei.

Madam Gu points out that the Empress Dowager gets more irritated if Gu Tingye gets more favored.

Nanny Xiang comments that it may be a good idea to ally with the Empress Dowager.

Because they both share a common enemy.

Instead of agreeing, Madam Gu comments how tea must be patiently prepared. And how the brush and ingredients must be aligned.

Nanny Xiang then mentions that the one from the Qi household will also cause troubles for Gu Tingye.

Madam Gu secretly smiles and sips her tea.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye makes a trip to the Qi household.


After he finishes his spear dance, he wonders why Yuan Ruo hasn’t come out to see him.

Duke Qi explains that Yuan Ruo has been busy lately because he’s favored by the Emperor.

So Gu Tingye offers to help with those documents and Duke Qi blocks him.

Gu Tingye tricks Duke Qi and runs off to find Yuan Ruo.

Past Regrets

Gu Tingye arrives in Yuan Ruo’s room and takes a seat.

Then comments how time flies and now they both work for the government but are on different sides.

Yuan Ruo argues that he just wants to point out misdeeds in the government.

Aside from personal matters. And Gu Tingye wonders what personal matters he’s referring to.

Gu Tingye comments that he doesn’t understand the current Yuan Ruo at all.


Yuan Ruo counters that he doesn’t understand him now either. They used to study together.

And now the word of his “good” reputation has spread everywhere.

Gu Tingye then gets to the point. No matter what Yuan Ruo does to drag him down, Minglan is already married to him.

Eventually she will get buried in his ancestral tomb.

Yuan Ruo’s current actions are just making it difficult for her.

Yuan Ruo gets up and slams his table to disagree. Claiming that he filed a complaint because Gu Tingye’s actions were wrong.

After tiptoeing against the main underlying reason, Gu Tingye tells Yuan Ruo that it was him who chose.

Chose to not step up and propose to Minglan when he had a chance.

Then refusing Gu Tingye’s help when he offered it.

So Gu Tingye tells Yuan Ruo that not everyone will wait for you. And leaves. Yuan Ruo swipes his books to the ground and argues that he complained against him for the government.

Not for personal matters. But he knows deep down he did.

Because he can’t let go of Minglan.

Yep, sure so why are you crying Yuan Ruo?

The Truth about Changge

On the way home, Gu Tingye gets called out by Shitou who has a message for him.

He reports that his men have followed Manniang to a tomb.

Uh-oh, is it Changge’s?

Gu Tingye believes it’s impossible and Minglan gives him some calming tea.


Gu Tingye continues to rant that Manniang must be lying to him.

He refuses to believe his son is dead.

But Minglan offers to go with him and support him if it’s really true.

They can go there tonight.

In front of a crudely made tomb, Manniang burns papers and comments how “he” was not destined to enjoy bliss.


His father is now a marquis and his sister is the daughter of a marquis.

While him? He became ill and died.

Manniang then complains that he called out to his sister while he was dying. And what was the point of that?

Then Gu Tingye shows up and pulls her aside. Claiming that his son isn’t dead yet.

Minglan checks the soil while Manniang realizes this was the plan all along.

Minglan realizes that the soil is old and looks to Gu Tingye with a disappointed expression.

Gu Tingye orders his guards to help him dig.

Manniang starts to speak again but Minglan slaps her and tells her to shut up.

Moments later, Gu Tingye sees his sons bones.

He gets up and jerks Manniang to face him by the collar of her clothes. And tells her not to see Rongjie ever again.

Then orders his guards to put her in a remote village under house arrest.

As Manniang gets dragged away, she admits she’s wrong.

Gu Tingye turns around and collapses to the ground, grieving. While Minglan comforts him.

Poor Gu Tingye. After all this time, his son was dead. T_T

Madam Kang’s Intentions

Minglan visits the Sheng household and she holds an adorable chubby baby in her arms.

It’s her nephew and Hai Zhaoyun’s first child.


Minglan gives a gift to the child while Molan looks away uncomfortably.

Wang Ruofu comments that out of all these daughters, Minglan has done very well.

Despite the rumors of the slandering woman from Gu Tingye’s past, Minglan received the trust of her husband and obtained the right to manage ALL of his assets.

But Rulan chimes in saying that Molan has done well for her husband too. She helped him get 4-5 new concubines after one lost her child due to a miscarriage.

So Molan is definitely more virtuous than Minglan. Wang Ruofu bursts into laughter and Molan grimaces.

Minglan changes the topic and suggests they head up to hot springs to enjoy the scenery but Rulan declines.

Mentioning how she’s pregnant now. Wang Ruofu then explains that her fetus isn’t stable.

So suggests Minglan network with other ladies more. Like her Aunt Kang who’s apparently good friends with Madam Gu.

Old Madam Sheng has had enough and suggests Molan visit her father. After Molan leaves, she tells Minglan to check on the dishes.

Then Hai Zhaoyun excuses herself to help Minglan.

So it’s just Wang Ruofu, Rulan and Old Madam Sheng.

Old Madam Sheng comments that she never allows Madam Kang to visit her.

And advises Wang Ruofu to stop accepting her visits too.

But Wang Ruofu refuses because Madam Kang is her biological sister. No matter what she does, she’s still her sister.

Bringing Up the Past

Old Madam Sheng slams her teacup, clearly upset and explains. Minglan has yet to stabilize her footing in the Gu household.

Because the household is a mess and there are enemies everywhere.

Yet this relative keeps harping on being family. When in reality she wants to ride on the coattails of another.

Rulan diverts the topic to her own family and mentions how her mother-in-law treats her unfairly.

So Old Madam Sheng tells her that at least her husband supports her.

And lastly reminds Wang Ruofu to remember her advice. Wang Ruofu agrees eagerly.

While Rulan and Old Madam Sheng shares a look.

It’s like the two of them know Wang Ruofu won’t remember. Hahaha.

Then a maid reports that the meal is ready.

During the meal, Liang Han brings up how the Emperor paid respects to Prince Shu (who is his biological father).

Molan comments how Liang Han reminded her of her mother’s death.

She asks her father to perform a ritual for her birth mother’s death. And requests her mother’s tablet to be placed in the monastery.

So she can pay her respects.

Wang Ruofu tells her to shut up.

But Molan continues saying that her birth mother has been crying in her dreams.

Wang Ruofu retorts that it’s better not to bring up these ugly matters.

Liang Han wants her to clarify but she evades.

Then it looks like Sheng Hong will agree to put Madam Lin’s tablet at the monastery but Minglan reminds him that her mother’s tablet is there.

Liang Han, not knowing the underlying context, comments that family can be together then.

But Minglan retorts it’s better not to.

Molan continues with her pitiful act, saying her mother is so lonely in the underworld.

Minglan’s Bottom Line

And Sheng Hong comments that it’s not such a big deal. But Minglan cuts in and serves him some fish.

So Sheng Hong comments that Minglan is showing off her status and rank now.

Molan continues to act and kneels in front of Minglan, causing her husband to stand up for her.

Unable to stand it anymore, Minglan flings her chopsticks aside. When her father lectures her for being arrogant now, she points out that a murderer has no right to have their tablet in the monastery.

Sheng Hong feigns ignorance.

So Minglan tells her father and Madam Lin was the murderer who caused her birth mother’s death.

Sheng Hong believes it’s nonsense. Because Madam Lin was so gentle.

Minglan suggests they go to the courts because she has irrefutable evidence.

While Sheng Hong thinks Minglan is trying to ruin the Sheng reputation.

He orders all servants to leave.

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Just when we close one issue, another one pops up! In Story of Minglan episode 51, everything so far was related to Gu Tingye.

Now we’re coming back to Minglan’s matters.

It’s sad to here that Gu Tingye’s son has been dead for so long. But at least Minglan is around to support him.

Because it looks like everyone is starting to target him for having the Emperor’s favor.

Yuan Ruo claims to helping the government but he’s actually using the excuse to condemn Gu Tingye for ruining his hopes with Minglan.

Not that Minglan would give him another chance anyway. He needs to grow up.

And I think Gu Tingye’s words will help him get there. Yes, it hurts but you need to face the pain and move on.

Ah and then the family meal. Molan’s up to her old tricks and Minglan doesn’t want to endure anymore.

Sheng Hong is still in the dark or refuses to bring up the past. Which irks Minglan to no end. Minglan’s birth mother was his wife and yet he cannot spare a glance for her.

While closing an eye to everything that Madam Lin did. The gap is just so large.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 51? Leave a comment below!

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3 months ago

Rulan!!! I’ve missed you so much! She looks so cute in green! And she’s with baby too! Can’t wait to see her bouncing baby boy. Why does she have a shitty mother-in-law too? Of the three it would’ve been nice if she got the peaceful life she was after. srsly. Also why is only the 4th’s hubby there. where’s everyone else? Seeing Ming Lan slap Manniang was very satisfying. And when minglan was like lets go now, that was really sweet too. Poor Tingye. Happy Ming Lan is finally standing up for herself. Considering how indifferent her dad is, he’s… Read more »

3 years ago

I think this is the first episode where Aunt / Madam Kang is mentioned? Because she becomes an important figure in later episodes, I tried to trace back where she first appears in the story. Why does Madam Kang have a different last name from Madam Wang, if they are biological sisters? In later episodes, Old Madam / Grandma Wang is clearly the mother of both… so did the sisters have different fathers and therefore grew up in different clans?

3 years ago

I loved that moment when Minglan finally snapped. She’s been so quiet and calm through everything. Imagine having to live with Molan and her mother constantly scheming and plotting and having to pretend to be dumb just to survive. I think a big part of the reason that she finally stood up for her mother in this episode is because she knows that she has her husband’s support, maybe only on a subconscious level but still. She would never have been bold enough to do anything like this before. Also, on a separate note, I think that Yuanruo is a… Read more »

3 years ago

My heart really broke. I’d hoped so badly that the son was still alive!

yuanruo is such a loser now. Can’t believe I was once rooting for him!

4 years ago

This must be one of the most dramatic episodes to the date. First Tingye discovers that his son is truly dead, which is such a heartbreaking moment… Thank gods for Minglan who comforted him and prevented him from killing Manniang on the spot. Meanwhile, Yuanruo accuses Tingye of tainting the government’s reputation. Like, wtf, boy? You were still friends with Tingye when he was with Manniang all those years ago, you know their history and what she’s like. Not to mention that if Yuanruo claims to be so impartial and wants to stand up for the poor woman, he could… Read more »

4 years ago

Erg Yuanruo can you hurry up and grow up already. I swear watching these episodes really make me dislike him alot. It’s not his fault, he has no underlying intentions, it’s all for the emperor blah blah blah.

I know he eventually get’s there in regards to growing up and getting over Minglan but the growing pains stage is tough

Minglan comforting her hubby. I don’t think Tingye realizes that Minglan is exactly what he needs, calm when he’s turbulent, soft where he’s hard. She’s the yin to his yang and while yes he wants her to show more emotions that’s more about him and reassuring himself about how she feels about him. Minglan learned in the school of hard knocks that showing her emotions is never a good thing so it definitely is going to take more than a couple of months of marriage during which you’ve already had several people try to shove concubines down your throats for her to feel comfortable showing you her innermost feelings especially when you yourself have such a quicksilver personality that your wife can’t seem to get a good read on you.

Manniang is gone again. Hopefully for good this time? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Molan stirring trouble up again while Minglan is not taking it because while the initial conversation is about Molan’s mother it definitely involves Minglan’s mother and if there is one person guaranteed to get Minglan’s dander up its going to be her mother. What will happen next will Sheng Hong listen or sweep it under the rug again? Anyone wanna take a sucker bet cause we all know exactly which way Sheng Hong is gonna go.

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