The Story of Minglan Episode 52 Recap

Do not piss off people who seem the calmest. In Story of Minglan episode 52, Minglan shows why she’s not to be underestimated. If you hit her bottom line, she will eat you up!

Story of Minglan Episode 52 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Tingye protects Minglan from her father
  • Liang Han becomes suspicious of Molan’s motives of marrying him
  • Minglan takes in a concubine for Gu Tingye

Sigh, more troubles for Minglan to handle while being in the Gu family. Gu Tingyee needs to back up his wife again!

Without further adieu, let’s discuss Story of Minglan episode 52!

Defending Minglan

Old Madam Sheng doesn’t have the appetite to eat anymore. So Nanny Fang suggests she eat a bit more.

But then a maid reports that Minglan and her father are arguing. Because Molan wants her birth mother’s tablet be placed at the monastery.

So Old Madam Sheng gets up to head over.

Nanny Fang reassures Old Madam Sheng that Minglan is sensible when it comes to matters.

And Old Madam Sheng agrees with one caveat. Anything you mention something about Madam Lin in front of Minglan, she will become ferocious.

Meanwhile, Sheng Hong lectures Minglan for using her status to make a scene.

While Molan cries off to the side.

Minglan reminds him of the time when she asked him to participate in her birth mother’s ritual.

He chose not to participate because he was busy.


Sheng Hong looks like he’s grinding his teeth. He doesn’t want to hear Minglan mention the past. Ugh this man loves his reputation more than anything.

Minglan also questions if her father ever considered why her birth mother died from child labor. And why Madam Lin sent over so many heavy foods.

But her father refuses to listen and tells her to shut up.

Sheng Hong wonders why Minglan is bringing up the past.

Minglan argues he forced her hand. Then points out Molan’s adultery with Liang Han.

Did he forget?

Yep, he did. Sheng Hong is always forgetful when it comes to his favorite daughter.

mmhmm, yes it never happened, but your husband can’t say the same

Molan argues that no such thing happened. While Rulan disagrees.

Liang Han tells Minglan to watch her words while Sheng Hong moves forward to discipline her.

Then Gu Tingye calls out to him.

Minglan’s Two Sides

He steps over to Minglan’s side and wonders if this is a good time to bring her home.

Wang Ruofu comments that it is.

Gu Tingye suggests that Sheng Hong remove Madam Lin from the geneology book because it would look bad on the Sheng family.

Using Changfeng’s future prospects as an excuse.

Molan disagrees but Sheng Hong tells his daughter to shut up.

Meanwhile, Old Madam Sheng is just at the doorway and leaves. Telling Nanny Fang that her granddaughter has someone to protect her now.

On the carriage ride home, Gu Tingye shows Minglan some new pastries that he bought for her.

But Minglan wants to save it for Xiaotao and Danju.

Seems like Minglan, Xiaotao and Danju are all gluttons. XD

Gu Tingye comments that he’s never seen his wife like this. Because usually she’s calm and collected.

But he likes her gentle side and her ferocious side.


Especially her ferocious side.

He could tell that her feelings for her mother are quite deep. And laments how he couldn’t do much for his mother.

But Minglan disagrees because he’s already done the thing his mother wanted most.

Gu Tingye agrees, saying how he’s gained a title for her. However Minglan points out that it’s something different.

What his mother wanted the most was to see Gu Tingye grow up safely and healthy.

Because Minglan’s mother wanted the same for Minglan. That’s why she went over to live with her grandmother.

Minglan explains that she lived cautiously for several years is to fulfill her mother’s wish.

Gu Tingye remembers seeing her for the first time in Yangzhou. When she needed help for her mother.

And he thought that she was so similar to his younger self.

So he wanted to help her.

Molan and Liang Han

Minglan tells him that she was always grateful for that.


Aww these two have found each other! Despite hardships growing up, they have someone who truly understands them.

Molan continues to complain how Minglan has been so arrogant lately and sniffs.

While her husband tells her to eat.

But Molan continues to complain about how her mother is so pitiful. So Liang Han puts down his chopsticks.


Guess Molan never learned from Madam Lin and what is a suitable amount of crying in front of your lover. If you do it too much, he might think you’re annoying.

Then Molan reminds her husband to pass the exams. So he could show Gu Tingye his place.

Liang Han tells Molan to shut up. And asks if Molan’s encounter with him at the monastery was a coincidence.

Or was it planned?

Molan responds quickly that it was coincidence.

But Liang Han wants her to think on it before responding.

So he has his own suspicions as well? Hmm…

Molan reconfirms her response but Liang Han wonders if Molan and her mother are really that vicious.

A New Mistress

When Minglan and Gu Tingye return to their manor, Cuiwei reports that Gu Tingye’s aunt is here.

And she’s waiting for him in the reception hall.

So Minglan heads over first to meet the aunt.


On the way there, Cuiwei informs Minglan that the aunt is not alone.

There’s a young maiden with her too but she doesn’t seem like a relative.

Xiaotao wonders if the aunt wants to give the lord a concubine.

The Aunt tells Minglan that it was her great fortune to marry into the Gu household.

Despite her lower status but she wonders why there’s been no news after a year.

So Minglan responds that maybe it’s not her fate to have one yet.

The Aunt continues on, lamenting how the Gu household has so few heirs.

Since Minglan is so busy and doesn’t have the time, she brought over a person to help.

She introduces Fengxian.


The Aunt tells Minglan that Fengxian can cook, sew and make good soup.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye finishes up changing and Shitou reports that his aunt brought a young lady with her.

So he rushes over to the reception hall.

But bumps into Danju and Cuiwei escorting a new woman.


Cuiwei informs Gu Tingye that this is his new mistress, Qian Fengxian.

Because she already served Big Madam some tea (the concubine acceptance ritual).

Gu Tingye is shocked to hear that Minglan has already accepted.

He couldn’t even get to her within the time it takes for the tea ceremony.

Then continues to head over to the reception hall.

The Aunt is about to leave and Gu Tingye observes that Minglan addresses his new mistress by her name.

While the Aunt praises Minglan for her virtuousness.

Old Debts

Later, Gu Tingye escorts his Aunt out but pauses to inform her that his father didn’t have his first son until 10 years after marriage.

And his older brother didn’t have his daughter until 15 years after marriage.

So he wonders why he’s getting a gift. Then points out how his Aunt took out her anger on his birth mother.

And later on him.

He hasn’t forgotten.


So the Aunt speaks bluntly too.

Commenting how she thinks Minglan has been dragging on the consolidation of the houses.

Gu Tingye counters that if he consolidated the houses, Madam Gu may end up taking his life.

Because she wants her own son to become the marquis.


Later on, Gu Tingye escorts his Aunt of his manor and urges his Aunt to help convince his stepmother.

To let go of the past.

Meanwhile, Madam Gu is surprised to hear that Gu Tingye and Minglan accepted the woman.

She knows that Gu Tingye and Minglan are hard to deal with. So she wants to sow discord between the two of them.


Having that concubine in that manor has multiple benefits. She can be an extra pair of eyes and help sow discord between the couple.

Because once they fight, they can’t cover for each other. And she can take care of them separately.

Suspicions About Molan

At the Liang household, Molan sees her maid secretly reading a letter and takes a look.

It turns out the maid’s family requests her to return so she can get married.

But Molan scoffs that staying here is better than going home.

The maid seems upset because Madam Lin promised her she could go home after half a year.

But it’s been two years. Then Molan orders her to inform Liang Han that she’s not feeling well.

So the maid heads over to Liang Han’s study room.

Liang Han refuses. Then he decides to close the doors and question her.

Asking why Molan didn’t bring her maids that were closest to her.

In return, he will dote on her and give her the stability she needs.

Since Molan won’t release her.

The maid reveals that the former two maids were beaten to death. Because they colluded with Madam Lin to let Molan sneak out to meet him.

And then spread rumors that raw rice was cooked (aka Molan lost her virginity to Liang Han).

And he knows

First Night with Mistress Qian

Gu Tingye finds out his wife is helping the new mistress settle in.

And heads over to Shuixian Pavilion.

Minglan adds a few more maidservants and then leaves Gu Tingye to spend the night here.

While she leaves.


Gu Tingye stays up late and refuses to rest.

Fengxian is clearly uncomfortable that Gu Tingye doesn’t want to sleep with her.

Meanwhile, Minglan prepares to go to bed.

Danju mentions that Changfeng’s wife got him some concubines because she can’t service him.

So Minglan realizes the wife is pregnant.

Danju then wonders why Minglan agreed to setup a concubine for their lord. When she’s not even pregnant yet.

But Minglan tells her that she had no choice.

While Danju mentions that it’s better if she picks someone from this household instead.


Gu Tingye, you need to show Minglan that you care for her and no one else!

Minglan comments that she cannot treat concubines like a sister. And if one day her husband wants someone else, she will need to guard her heart tightly.

Back at Shuixian Pavilion, Gu Tingye asks Shitou for the time again.

Then he wants Shitou to see if there’s any news from the other side.

Shitou chats with Xiaotao for an update.

There’s no news other than eating honey cakes before going to bed.

So Shitou reports that back to Gu Tingye.

Gu Tingye is frustrated that she didn’t ask about him.

And retorts that he can sleep with the lights off too.

But later that night, he secretly heads back to Minglan’s courtyard.

While Fengxian wakes up suddenly and sees him gone.

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Protective hubby against awful father! And protective hubby wins!

In Story of Minglan episode 52, Gu Tingye supports his wife against her awful father. Who like usual doesn’t care about Minglan.

But at least now, she has her husband to protect her.

As for Molan, I think she’ll get her own karma. She refuses to let her maid return home to get married.

So I think the maid will return the favor using her husband. What goes around comes around.

Liang Han hasn’t changed at all.

Despite fending off all the concubines that are sent her way, Minglan ends up giving one to her husband anyway.

Because she had no choice. However, Gu Tingye doesn’t want the woman and waits for Minglan. But when she doesn’t, he comes back himself.

Hahaha, such a devoted hubby.

Madam Gu, your plans are all for naught. What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 52?

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1 month ago

I find it strange that they can just shove some random lady and be like here’s ur new wife. They don’t even meet her? Like wtf. The other time she’s like ‘i gotta ask my hubby’ but now she just ‘yep sure, welcome fam’.

Tingye standing up for her was sweet. And now we get to see Molan’s fall out so I’m happy about that. I want more Rulan tho. Her and new bb pls.

3 years ago

that scene where grandma realized Minglan had someone else to defend her now was really meaningful

I can’t believe they forced a concubine in. Just awful. I hated watching those scenes. Why didn’t Minglan just resist more!!!

3 years ago

OMG, Liang Han’s expression on the third screenshots says it all! 😀
I think that Molan will get what she deserves sooner or later.

Minglan is being very rational here again; her husband is not happy but accepting the concubine might mean the support of this one aunt against Madam Gu. Might be useful for future dealings…
Lol at Gu Tingye getting stuffed in one room with an unwanted concubine by his own wife!

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