The Story of Minglan Episode 54 Recap

Let’s hope Yuan Ruo moves on so Minglan can focus on other things. In Story of Minglan episode 54 we see underlying politics at play. Starting with General Shen’s latest marriage issues.

Story of Minglan Episode 54 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Tingye gets frustrated when Minglan fails to show feelings for him
  • General Shen’s two wives are just the starting point of imperial politics
  • Minglan and Gu Tingye step in to assist

So we’re getting to the last two arcs of this series: dealing with politics and enemies in the the meantime.

If I was Minglan, I would be exhausted by now. But nope, she trudges on! Let’s discuss what happened in Story of Minglan episode 54!

Zhang Guifen vs Zou Ping

When Minglan returns to the banquet, she sees a huge crowd and hears a large argument at play.

Danju rushes over to announce that the opening banquet has started.

So all the ladies can head over there to enjoy.


No one moves so Minglan has to step in.

But Zhang Guifen thinks Minglan is using this chance to show off her dominance and arrogance.

So she refuses to let this go. While Zou Ping doesn’t help either, commenting how she shouldn’t be lecturing Madam Sheng.

Zhang Guifen goes off on a rant and General Shen’s sister comments that she’s drunk.

And attempts to lead her away but Zhang Guifen doesn’t budge.

Zou Ping is ready to go at it again too. So Minglan has Danju help Zou Ping go rest.

But Nanny Fan rushes forward to attack her and a brawl starts.

Molan watches from the sidelines and Gu Tingye shoves her aside to help.

Breaking up the fight.

Right behind him is General Shen who takes Zou Ping into his arms.

Gu Tingye mentions a play that Minglan likes and asks if she wants to see it.

She uses this as a chance to lead people away from this scene. Telling everyone to go see the play.

So everyone disperses.

Madam Kang and Madam Gu

Meanwhile, Madam Kang complains to Madam Gu about the scene. Mentioning how ridiculous it is for concubines to attend official banquets.


Madam Gu counters that Minglan (who was an illegitimate daughter) became the wife of a marquis, so why can’t this happen?

These two women irritate me so much, can’t wait until Minglan deals with them. ლಠ益ಠ)ლ

Then she follows up that she’s used to this by now. While Madam Kang tries to comfort her.

So Madam Gu comments how they get along so well.

Then Madam Kang mentions how Molan can get along with them as well. But Madam Gu refuses to be acquainted with another concubine born daughter.

Since they all cause trouble.

She then asks about the concubine daughters in Madam Kang’s household.

uh oh.. here we go again

How many times is this? Gu Tingye is getting another mistress again. T_T

Madam Gu comments how they don’t have many male heirs nor children. So it’s not as lively as Madam Kang’s household.

Madam Kang understands her meaning and offers to bring a daughter over for Gu Tingye.

Meanwhile, Minglan thanks Gu Tingye for helping her earlier. But he takes off ahead of her.

It appears as though he’s upset about something.

Then Shitou tells Xiaotao that they witnessed Big Madam discussing matters with Lord Qi.

Xiatao panics and explains that nothing happened.

Cold War

During an evening meal, Gu Tingye appears to be ignoring Minglan. Even when she brings out his favorite dish.

And then when he washes up before bed, he ignores Minglan’s help.


Telling her to just mind herself.

The next morning, before Gu Tingye leaves for court, Minglan asks him if there’s anything he wants to say.

But he replies that there’s nothing.

Then asks if she has anything to say.

Who also says nothing.

These two are so stubborn!

Gu Tingye heads off to leave again and Minglan calls out to him.

Saying that she knows what he is mad about. But she clarifies that there was nothing between Yuan Ruo and her.

And he agrees.

So Minglan wonders what he’s mad about.

Gu Tingye finally points it out. He wonders why Minglan accepted a concubine on his behalf if she told Yuan Ruo to treasure the person by his side.

While she will treasure hers.

Is accepting a concubine for her husband treasuring her husband?

For other husbands yes, but Gu Tingye is unlike other husbands. XD

Gu Tingye argues that she did it for the marquis household but not for him. He’s not just marquis gu but also Zhonghuai and her husband.

Has she ever considered his feelings?

Minglan doesn’t understand.

**face palm** Minglan still doesn’t get it

Gu Tingye turns around and leaves.

Palace Summons

Minglan ends up being summoned to the Empress’s palace.

The Empress narrates how Lady Zou (General Shen’s first wife) was attacked because the assassins mistook Lady Zou for the Empress.

And to add insult to injury the assassins beheaded Lady Zou for merit.


So the Empress owes Lady Zou a debt.

Which was why General Shen was allowed to marry Zou Ping as a concubine.

To help return the favor between the imperial family and the Zou household.

But then because General Shen became the Royal Uncle (Empress’ younger brother), only he was worthy enough to help bridge the gap with old aristocratic families.

Such as the Duke of Ying’s family.

So General Shen married Duke Ying’s only daughter, Zhang Guifen.

Ming’s like “great, now I’m being pulled in to help with these matters”

Empress continues to share her woes and Minglan volunteers to help with Zhang Guifen’s matter.

Which was exactly what the Empress wanted to hear.

So Minglan pays a visit to the Shen manor.

She continues to wait and Zou Ping hears about it. Zou Ping decides to greet Minglan so it’s less embarrassing for her.

While Nanny Fan believes Minglan came here to ridicule her madam.

Nanny Fan attempts to get Minglan to leave but Minglan decides to stay a bit longer to enjoy the tea. While Zou Ping comes in to greet her.


Minglan decides to leave because she doesn’t want to be seen as someone who doesn’t understand the regulations.

Concubines never greet the guests, that’s the job of the main wife.

But Zou Ping wants to escort her out.

On the way out, Minglan gives Zou Ping some advice.

As a concubine, she shouldn’t have attended the banquet.

Minglan’s Advice for Madam Zhang

Then when Madam Zhang decides to stay in the household to “recuperate”, Zou Ping is out and about managing household affairs.

This is not the proper attitude for a concubine.

But Zou Ping doesn’t listen and walks off with arrogance.

Nanny Fan then comes over to invite Minglan for tea at her Madam’s living quarters.

Zhang Guifen lies in bed with a defeated expression. She explains how she had a headache so she couldn’t greet Minglan.

Zhang Guifen explains her difficulties and complains that if she could choose, she wouldn’t have married into this family.

But Minglan tries to get her to think positively. And narrates how her grandmother’s trusted aide used to tell her how one can be successful in life.

And it depends on two out of three things.

Nanny Fang worked hard and eventually became a high ranked servant.

Earning her freedom. Then got married and had children.

Zhang Guifen comments that this nanny was very fortunate.

Minglan then comments that Zhang Guifen was fortunate to have been born in a prominent family.

So why can’t she think positively? Instead of staying in this gloomy room and watching the clouds float by?

Minglan suggests Zhang Guifen strive to move forward.

Zhang Guifen’s expression looks brighter and she comments how the rumors outside don’t do her justice.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye chats with General Shen and they share each other’s woes.

The Empress Dowager hears about this too and believes Prince Huan got a great deal. Because with Gu Tingye, he also got Minglan to help out.

Buy one, get two.

Such a steal! XD

Battle of the Couples

At a polo event, Minglan plays a match with Zhang Guifen while her husband teaches his mistress how to ride a horse.

But General Shen can’t help but look at his wife.

Then when Gu Tingye steps in and makes a goal, Zhang Guifen complains that Minlan is cheating.

General Shen heads over to support his wife too.

Ditching Zou Ping. Hahahaha

Gu Tingye retorts that General Shen was never able to beat him at polo. Even back at Yuzhou.

General Shen rises to the challenge and asks for the wager. So Gu Tingye offers his spear.


But Minglan participates too.

So it’s battle between couples.

General Shen and his wife versus Gu Tingye and Minglan.

As the match proceeds along, the score is neck and neck. No one can give an inch.

When it’s down to the final minutes, Gu Tingye causes Zhang Guifen to nearly fall.

But General Shen helps his wife back up, who then scores a point.

Then the gong rings. General Shen and his wife wins.

Looks like someone finally sees the good points of his wife

General Shen comments that he didn’t know his wife was good at polo. While Zhang Guifen retorts that there’s a lot of things he doesn’t know about her.

Gu Tingye and Minglan sharing a knowing glance.

The couple’s relationship has been mended.

Lonely Room

Two months past and Minglan and Gu Tingye still have their cold war.

Gu Tingye decides not to go to court and takes off. While Minglan ignores the issue even though Danju suggests asking her grandmother for advice.

Minglan refuses because last time she went home, she fought with her father.

Danju wonders what Minglan thinks of this situation.

And she comments that the room feels lonely.

Xiaotao agrees as well. Because Gu Tingye doesn’t bring over snacks anymore.

But before Minglan can dwell on it further, a servant reports that Madam Zhang came to visit.

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Yay! Made it through 3/4 of the series with these recaps! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

In Story of Minglan episode 54, we see that the best way to get rid of gossips and rumors is to show the person who you really are.

And Zhang Guifen discovers that Minglan is not like the rumors. I feel like they can be best friends. Because Zhang Guifen is a straightforward person just like Rulan.

Minglan is getting pulled into imperial politics through the relationship of General Shen and his wife. And she has no choice but to help. Because the Empress is close to her husband.

Sigh. Just more work for our awesome female lead!

Molan complains that she married up but does she know how much work she has to deal with?

Love how Minglan helped General Shen and Zhang Guifen patch up but she’s so ignorant about her own matters with Gu Tingye. It will take more patience I guess.

What were your thoughts about Story of Minglan episode 54? Leave a comment below!

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1 month ago

Polo match was definitely cute. I’m glad the shen zhang relationship looks like it’s getting better. Who the hell is this Zou Ping country bumpkin rando acting so uppity for? She’s her sisters leftover? What a horrible personality she has. Remind me of early day Rulan with Molan’s crappy simpering skills. I hope our main ship gets better. I want some lovey dovey cuteness already..

Kay Hasdorff
Kay Hasdorff
2 years ago

Someone please tell me that Ming Lan will wake up and cherish the man she has!! She’s getting so irritating that I’m about to drop this drama. ☹

Kay Hasdorff
Kay Hasdorff
2 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Coco…thank you so much for your reply! I will do as you suggested. And thanks to all who contribute their comments! I am relatively new to Cdramas, and totally dependent on translation, so all the insightful comments have boosted my understanding immensely!

3 years ago

for such a restrictive society, it’s nice to see that women could play some sports (assuming this is a historical depiction)

Ah minglan. What can be done to knock some sense into her?

3 years ago

Hurray for being 3/4 done with the recaps! Congrats and thank you for your hard work! Sigh, Minglan’s cold war with her husband is so frustrating to watch. She is so clever when it comes to other people’s relationships but she is completely clueless when it comes to her own marriage! To be fair, Gu Tingye is not without fault either: he wants her to be emotional, jealous and unreasonable – all those things are against her character and her upbringing. She is struggling to be the best possible partner to him while she’s slowly falling in love with him,… Read more »

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