The Story of Minglan Episode 55 Recap

Ugh this cold war between Gu Tingye and Minglan seems to be dragging for soooo long. In Story of Minglan episode 55, we see others pitching in to help out.

What will it take to get these two to open up?

Story of Minglan Episode 55 Recap Highlights:

  • Changbai decides to help out Gu Tingye with his cold war with Minglan
  • Madam Zhang becomes friends with Mingln
  • Gu Tingye and Minglan’s cold war continues

Five more episodes until the 60s! Woohoo! Chugging right along. What happens next in Story of Minglan episode 55?

Let’s discuss about it!

Changbai Gives a Hand

Instead of heading to court, Gu Tingye decides to hunt and Changbai heads over to meet him.

Gu Tingye thought Changbai would lecture him about not attending court.

Meanwhile, Zhang Guifen visits Minglan and tells her that she’s pregnant.


Minglan congratulates her. Then Zhang Guifen shares her worries that her husband is back to doting Zou Ping.

So Minglan reminds her to prioritize her child first.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye tells Changbai that Minglan didn’t care for his feelings and eagerly accepted a concubine on his behalf.

Changbai keeps responds with poems.

Until Gu Tingye asks him to stop. So Changbai advises him to speak frankly.

Instead of going around in circles.

Hahaha the cold war is getting to a point where friends and family are worried about them.

But Gu Tingye is worried that if he tells her what he wants from her she will pretend to make him happy.

Changbai tells him to stop being a wimp.

That evening, Minglan tells Xiaotao that in a few months they will see another child.

She wants to hold the child and make some new clothes for him/her.

Then Gu Tingye strolls in with Shitou holding a basket of food.

Minglan tells Gu Tingye about Zhang Guifen’s pregnancy and her plans for making clothes for the child.

She grabs Xiaotao to head into the storeroom to grab the fabrics but Xiaotao comments that she should eat dinner first.

Since she didn’t eat much.

Shitou chimes in saying his lord didn’t eat much either. So Xiaotao suggests they eat together.

A Difficult Opponent

At another polo event, Minglan plays out on the field while Zhang Guifen watches from her booth.

Scoring another point, the gong is rung. And some madams sitting next to Madam Gu comment how well Minglan plays.

Madam Gu then comments that Minglan dragged Madam Zhang over here when she’s pregnant.

But the other ladies feel like Madam Gu meddles too much. Commenting how the Duke of Ying has been praising her daughter-in-law.

Oh how the tides have turned. Gossip can only do so much. =P

Then Madam Gu excuses herself to go change.

When alone with her maid, she comments how everything has changed now. Minglan is now highly regarded by Duke Ying.

Madam Gu worries that the future days will be even tougher.

Because the couple have been enduring hardships together. So she believes there will be an opportunity to separate the couple.

She can wait.

Night Stroll

Minglan and Gu Tingye take a stroll at night.

Gu Tingye shares about General Shen’s past. And then asks Minglan if General Shen’s internal affairs is a mess because he defended the concubine too much.

Minglan thinks that may not be the case.


She believes General Shen knew his women were fighting and was fine with it as long as it wasn’t in front of him.

Causing trouble.

Then comments that it’s important for people to pursue their own happiness. Despite the pain they encounter.

Gu Tingye wonders how Minglan will deal with heartbreak. So Minglan tells him that it will eventually heal.

But then he wonders what if someone can’t get past it?

I think he’s referring to Minglan now.


She assures him that people will.

The conversation then heads off in a different direction with Minglan pointing out how she can’t do anything if Gu Tingye decides to change his heart.

While Gu Tingye wonders if Minglan would marry Yuan Ruo if they could turn back time.

OMG the misunderstanding. *face palm*

Then Gu Tingye tells Minglan that he wants her to hate him. Yet is afraid of her hating him.

Minglan comments that he’s drunk.

And walks back towards the carriage. Gu Tingye admits that he’s been drunk ever since he saved her back then in the water.

He just wants her to show care towards him. And he hugs her tightly, causing the servants to separate the two.

And the two have misunderstandings again. Sigh.

Another Cold War

Nanny Xiang reports to Madam Gu that Minglan and Gu Tingye are having a cold war again.

To the point where Gu Tingye sleeps in the study room.

Madam Gu then recalls that Madam Kang came over to visit so she plans to chat with her.

She may have some good ideas.

Meanwhile, Xiaotao leads a doctor into Minglan’s courtyard. And Shitou wonders who is sick.


He believes Big Madam is sick and rushes over to report to Gu Tingye.

Gu Tingye summons a servant and asks about it. Then orders Shitou to get the doctor to inform him once the examination is over.

Meanwhile, in Minglan’s room, Minglan comments how Danju’s marriage prospect has been investigated.

So Danju can get married.

But Danju doesn’t want to leave Minglan.


Molan refused to let one of her maids marry while Minglan believes everyone is entitled to their own happiness.

Gu Tingye waits for news in his study room but Shitou reports that the doctor didn’t examine Big Madam.

And wonders when his lord will head back to the main room.

Gu Tingye refuses to yield. Then Shitou comments that the kitchen hasn’t been making Big Madam’s favorite foods lately.

Instead they are making her something different.


Mood swings, lack of appetite, change of favorite foods, hmm… is Minglan pregnant?

Gu Tingye doesn’t think much of it and tells Shitou that Big Madam can make whatever she wants.

Then Fengxian strolls over to bring some snacks but Gu Tingye tells her to put it aside.

A servant reports that Prime Minister Han is here to see him.

The Emperor’s Indecision

Prime Minister Han pays his respect to Gu Tingye’s ancestors in the ancestral hall.

Before greeting Gu Tingye.

They head outside to chat. Prime Minister Han brings up Gu Tingye’s birth mother and wonders if she got a title after her death.

Prime Minister Han on the right

Gu Tingye replies that she did thanks to the current emperor. But Prime Minister Han points out that the Emperor hasn’t decided on titles for his birth parents yet.

Prince Shu is the emperor’s birth father while the previous emperor was his adopted father.

Gu Tingye thought the matter was already settled. But Prime Minister Han states that the decision was raised to the emperor instead of going through the ministry of rites.

How Prince Shu shouldn’t be given a title.


Gu Tingye foresees that this matter will be difficult.

So he proposes that he, him, Prince Huan, General Duan, General Shen discuss this separately.

But Prime Minister Han reports that Prince Huan told General Duan and General Shen to inspect military camps.

And Gu Tingye laughs thinking that the timing is just right.

At court, Prime Minister Han proposes the emperor make up his mind about the title for Prince Shu.

The Empress Dowager cuts in before the Emperor can respond. Asking what the Prime Minister thinks the title should be.

So Prime Minister believes Prince Shu should be called Royal Father.

Because the current emperor’s birth father is Prince Shu.

Empress Dowager disagrees and complains that the officials have colluded against a widow like her.

So the Emperor tells her that he didn’t mean to be disrespectful. Then opens the floor for a discussion.

Starting with Gu Tingye.

Adoptive vs Kin

Gu Tingye believes nothing is better than a birth parent.

While Yuan Ruo disagrees, saying that you should treat your adoptive parent better than your kin.

Prime Minister Han wants Yuan Ruo to clarify further. If the emperor treats the previous emperor as his Royal father than what would Prince Shu be?

Yuan Ruo replies that it would Royal uncle.

So Gu Tingye argues that it’s not right.

Commenting how one should show gratitude for one’s birth parents and loyalty towards adoptive parents. If the emperor did what Yuan Ruo suggested, wouldn’t he be biased and unjust?

The Empress Dowager gets upset and orders people to flog Gu Tingye 20 times for his unruly words.


Gu Tingye goes willingly without a fight.

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In Story of Minglan episode 55, we see that other characters are helping out with our two stubborn leads.

First it was Changbai to help convince Gu Tingye to be honest and straightforward instead of going in circles.

Then it was Xiaotao, suggesting that the pastries aren’t good so Minglan should eat with Gu Tingye.

Next was Shitou, reporting to Gu Tingye news about the Big Madam.

No one one wants to see Gu Tingye and Minglan fight for so long. And just when we think they made up (slightly?) they are at it again.

Sigh. Love is not easy. Especially with these two stubborn people who just can’t communicate on the same level.

And of course while this is all happening, there’s more politics at play.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 55? Leave a comment below!

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3 months ago

Changbai and Tingye’s friendship is the best. CB just quoting poetry though. He really earnt his ranking there 😂 I don’t get why this name thing is such a big deal. Or why it even had to be brought up. Poor GTY is gonna be flogged again. Wtf. I thought Yuanruo learnt something from that talk. I guess not. Urgh. Happy news for Danju. I guess. Gimme more Shitou and Xitao

4 years ago

There should be a fanclub for Changbai. Seriously, his responses to Gu Tingye are so priceless, all the time he’s like “that’s my little sister you’re talking about, seriously, don’t drag me into this”. And when Gu Tingye keeps sulking, Changbai recites poetry instead :D.

It’s sort of hilarious how during these episodes Gu Tingye complains to all his friends how his love life is so hard and how cold his wife is and all of them are like “wtf man you love her, your wife is awesome, you have the best marriage, what are you crying about???”

4 years ago
Reply to  Ela

That’s the best part everyone is like you got the best wife wtf are you complaining about.

Poor Minglan is just a confused lil bean who is trying to hard to be a perfect wife not understanding that her husband doesn’t want perfection from her. Sighs you just want to lock them in a closet and tell them to kiss and make up.

4 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Yep, locking them up in the closet would solve a lot of issues! 😀 Sigh, I haven’t finished the series yet, but I do hope that Gu Tingye will get rid of his insecurities and realize that Minglan does love him…

2 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

I actually struggle to see if she loves him. There’s an element of survival and making the most of the situation.

I think 5he weiters so far have not goven any reason to believe shes actually in love. We are constantly hearing conversations about strategy to survive and protect the unit.

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