The Story of Minglan Episode 56 Recap

Aaaand the Emperor needs to make a decision. In Story of Minglan episode 56, we see matters at the court escalate. But Gu Tingye gets to rest at home.

While Yuan Ruo gets dragged into it.

Story of Minglan Episode 56 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Tingye continues to stay in the study room
  • But he takes this chance to have Minglan pamper him
  • Yuan Ruo leads the charge on having the Emperor address Prince Shu as Royal uncle

At least Gu Tingye can get a break from politics while he’s resting at home! All he needs now is Minglan to dote on him more. ^^

Let’s discuss what happened in the Story of Minglan Episode 56 recap!

Leveraging his Injuries

Servants carry Gu Tingye on a cot and enter his manor.

He orders them to head to the study room.

While Shitou wonders if it’s better to go to the main room.


Gu Tingye refuses to let Minglan see it and orders the servants to take him to the study room.

Meanwhile, Minglan hears about it and rushes over.

She pauses at the doorway and sees Shitou holding up bloodied clothes as he bows to greet her.

Then she inspects Gu Tingye’s wounds personally and sees the bloodied mess.

Which wakes up Gu Tingye from his brief rest. He reveals a big smile on his face when he sees Minglan.

Someone is happy to see that she shows concern for him ^^

Minglan suggests he recuperate at home and not attend court until he heals.

Then Gu Tingye complains that it hurts so Minglan helps him fan it.

While she’s fanning it, he then tells her a place that isn’t injured is also cold.

But Minglan doesn’t get it so she gets up to get ice.

Causing Gu Tingye to reach out for her and wincing in pain.

So Minglan turns back to help support him.

Gu Tingye orders Shitou to get ice while basking in Minglan’s care. Mumbling that this beating was worth it.


But commenting that this was all the Emperor’s plan. And then observes that Minglan’s eyes are red.

While Minglan denies it.

He clutches onto her arm and smiles.

Empress Dowager’s Intentions

Back in the palace, the Empress Dowager gets a visit from Prime Minister Han.

But she refuses to see him, so Prime Minister Han passes a scroll to one of her servants to sign.

In the city, Eunuch Li sits at a restaurant and is getting ready to leave. But Gu Tingwei happens to come across him.

Gu Tingwei greets Eunuch Li and asks for some news about the palace. When Eunuch Li looks reluctant and gets up to leave, Gu Tingwei passes over a hefty bag of coins.

Then asks about his brother being reprimanded in the palace.

Eunuch Li tells him that the Emperor favors him so the Emperor would never blame his brother.

However, the Empress Dowager is a different matter.

So Gu Tingwei comments that it’s his household’s wish to serve the Empress Dowager faithfully.

Then reports backs to his mother. Gu Tingwei thinks nothing much of the matter. But his mother thinks there’s an underlying meaning.


Madam Gu tells her son to go back to studying.

Then asks how Nanny Xiang thinks of it. Before she shares her own thoughts.

Madam Gu believes that they need to act fast before someone dies during this “slow” cooking.

So both eunuchs (Empress Dowager side and Emperor side) share the same information that Gu Tingye is favored. Is Madam Gu under the impression that Gu Tingye is untouchable?

That evening, one of the Empress Dowager’s eunuchs reads the scroll that Prime Minister Han passed over earlier today.

Then comments that the demands are outrageous.

But the Empress Dowager reluctantly agrees to give him what he wants. Issuing orders to have the kitchen prepare a meal for the Prime Minister to celebrate.

Pampering Injured Husband

Minglan sees Gu Tingye struggle to eat as he weakly lifts up a spoon.

Please help me wifey

After a few moans and groans, Minglan can’t help but take over and feed him.

With watering eyes.

Man, Gu Tingye is really milking this for all it’s worth, taking Shitou’s advice. Hahahaha

Minglan complains how the Emperor didn’t step in to save Gu Tingye. While Gu Tingye mentions how this was the plan.

And if he doesn’t attend court, there’s still General Shen and General Geng.

Minglan doesn’t believe the Emperor will get what he wants. Because even commoners need to respect their adoptive parents.

Then realizes that it’s good for Gu Tingye to get beaten. So he can at least avoid the struggle that’s currently happening.

Gu Tingye comments that he brought her into this mess and wonders if she’d be happier in a normal household.

Living carefree. So he tells Minglan that he’s happy she came here to see him.

Minglan believes that she was in the wrong too while Gu Tingye disagrees. So she asks what his ideal wife is like.

But he tells her that she cannot fake it. Because she can’t even fake being jealous of a concubine.

Minglan argues that he doesn’t even care for Fengxian so why should she be jealous?


But when he reaches out to her and winces in pain, Minglan shows pain too.

Gu Tingye comments that this is good. But she needs to feel even more pain.

LOL, Gu Tingye I don’t think this is how you should tell your wife that you want her to care for you.

A Hidden Trap

The Empress Dowager and Prime Minister Han share a meal with the former agreeing to sign the scroll.

Then after the meal, Prime Minister Han excuses himself for the night while Empress Dowager looks very tipsy.

In court the next day, Yuan Ruo refuses to back down. So Prime Minister Han pulls out the scroll he had.


Emperor reads it and then passes it around for all the officials to view it.

Yuan Ruo questions it and asks why the Empress Dowager never attended court.

The Emperor pauses for a moment before dismissing the court.

Madam Gu hears from Nanny Xiang that Minglan and Gu Tingye are still sleeping in separate rooms.

So she believes they are not as close as they were before. And is thrilled things are going in her direction.

Meanwhile, Yuan Ruo assembles various officials to discuss the matter of conferring Prince Shu as the Royal father.

He refuses to believe that the scroll the Empress Dowager signed was legitimate.

And upon further investigated, he reasons it was forced.

So he plans on bringing this up to the Emperor in court.

While his parents listen in and believe this would be a learning lesson for their son.

They know what’s going on but Yuan Ruo doesn’t and he’s caught in the middle of these politics.

Yuan Ruo reveals that the scroll was signed by the Empress Dowager when she was drunk. And Prime Minister Han took advantage of it.

So he denies its legitimacy.

Then the officials plead with the Emperor to summon the Empress Dowager for confirmation.


Prime Minister Han also pleads with the Emperor to summon the Empress Dowager.

While General Shen wonders why he’s doing this. Prime Minister Han wants to show his innocence.

A Play Act Must End

Meanwhile, Minglan enjoys watching the polo matches with Zhang Guifen. And various people around them gossip about how Duchess Qi is fraught with worry.

Because her son has been rash in the matters of the court.

Minglan and Zhang Guifen overhear them but they know how the court matters will end.

Because there’s always a winner.

At court, Empress Dowager shows up looking very frail and weary. The Emperor apologizes for summoning her when she’s feeling ill.

Then sits down beside her. Prime Minister Han brings up how she willingly signed the scroll.

And the Empress Dowager tries to skirt around the question but he pushes her for an answer.

So she agrees.

Prime Minister Han and General Shen realize the trap too late.

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In Story of Minglan episode 56, Minglan appears to be more vocal to her feelings to Gu Tingye. And he appreciates it but it’s just a start.

It was hilarious how he actively sought her caring. Moaning and groaning in pain with the right look in his eyes.

And then smiling like a fool when she feeds him. Happily eating like child who just got their treat.

So cute! I loved that moment.

Gu Tingye was able to dodge the struggle in the court with his injuries but Yuan Ruo is stuck in the middle of it.

Was this all an act like Zhang Guifen said? An act between the Empress Dowager and the Emperor?

But various officials are now dragged into it. Hmmm.

The Emperor intended to give his birth father a title while the Empress Dowager thinks that is disrespecting the previous Emperor for adopting him.

So the Emperor needs to do it in a way that doesn’t directly slap the Empress Dowager’s face. And the Empress Dowager gives him a chance using the officials as a way.

But in doing so, now the officials are in disarray. Prime Minister Han and Yuan Ruo are caught in the trap.

One realizes it but does the other? How will they get out of this?

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 56? Leave a comment below!

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1 month ago

If Yuanruo is supposed to be so upright and traditional how can he not see that the Empress Dowager ruling when there is currently an Emperor in power nit absurd? Also this emperor sure seems to be a lot more censored compared to all the other CDramas I’ve watched. These officials are all ready to complain, maybe he needs to start chopping heads. GTY is such a masochist, lol. He’s happy when wifey is hurt (for him). Hope this era stays peaceful.

2 years ago

Can someone explain the trap? When did Empress Dowager start siding with the Emperor? Thought they were at odds?

Last edited 2 years ago by delosdinh
3 years ago

Yuanruo was being so foolish in this episode acting all self righteous and not realising what is actually happening. It just highlights again how he and Minglan would never have suited. Yuanruo is no match for Minglan’s intelligent.

3 years ago

Gu Tingye is really too much in this episode – rejoicing at his wife’s worry and pain XD. When Minglan said that, strategically, it’s a good thing that Tingye got injured, I laughed so hard at his hurt expression! Even when being concerned, Minglan can’t completely let go off her practical side :). In other news: Empress Dowager: 1 Prime Minister Han: 0 Such a simple yet effective little trap, Empress Dowager played her cards right again. Poor Yuanruo seems to be (yet again) the only person who doesn’t get what’s up and naively “protects” the former Empress. He seems… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Ela

Yeah Yuanruo totally misses the byplays going on and is used as a dupe by the dowager empress.

Thankfully he’s gonna wise up soon enough 🙄

Gah the Minglan/Tingye stuff was golden this episode. Of course Minglan is going to be thinking of long range effects and it’s Tingye’s own fault for advising her to keep looking forward way back when Yuanruo sent him to break things off with her he really shouldn’t complain now that his wife keeps looking towards the future as opposed to living in the moment with him.

3 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Good point, Minglan is always thinking ahead. That is also why it makes no sense to her when Tingye keeps asking whether she regrets marrying him or whether she would rather be with anyone else. For her, she already made her choice and accepted the consequences. Besides, it’s not like she couldn’t refuse him – it wouldn’t be easy, but it would be possible, especially with her Grandmother’s support. (and if he saw that she really doesn’t want him, he would totally back off himself and device some excuse for her) Maybe she didn’t always love him romantically, but marrying… Read more »

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