The Story of Minglan Episode 57 Recap

It goes to show that the women in this show are not damsels in distress. In Story of Minglan episode 57, we see that the Empress Dowager laid a trap so hidden that no one saw it until it was too late.

Story of Minglan Episode 57 Recap Highlights:

  • The Empress Dowager claims she’s old and backs out of politics
  • Gu Tingye asks for advice about his wife
  • Another scheme is afoot

Another lesson for Yuan Ruo to swallow and force him to grow up. I’m getting tired of how naive he is.

Duchess Qi coddled him too much. What happens next in Story of Minglan episode 57? Let’s find out!

Empress Dowager Backs Out

The Empress Dowager kneels before the Emperor and sadly comments that she’s old.

And tired. She already signed the scroll. Then comments that she won’t meddle in his affairs anymore.


What more does he want?

Prime Minister Han steps in and claims the Empress Dowager is sick. So the Emperor asks people to lead the Empress Dowager back to rest.

Before Yuan Ruo can question further.

He doesn’t understand that this was all a ruse. But at the moment he has lost.

So he pleads with the Emperor to demote him.


Because he was unable to fulfill his duty and correct the Emperor for his mistakes.

The Emperor wonders if Yuan Ruo wants to quit his position because things didn’t work out in his favor.

Instead of answering, Yuan Ruo asks the Emperor to demote Prime Minister Han, and General Shen for taking advantage of the Empress Dowager.

Several officials kneel to support Yuan Ruo or Prime Minister Han.

Then the Emperor makes his decision and demotes Yuan Ruo.

The rest of the officials in Yuan Ruo’s department asks to be demoted too.

So the Emperor demotes all of them.

Minglan’s Lessons

At night, Minglan gets a visit from Rongjie and Gu Xian (Gu Tingyu’s daughter).

For some lessons.

Gu Xian on the right

They put some heavy journals on the ground before sitting.

And admit they’ve read the assigned ledgers.

Minglan asks them who wants to start. So Rongjie starts.

Minglan is such a great mother figure to these two girls!

Rongjie wonders why the prices in the books don’t match. And Minglan smiles at her observations.

Then asks Gu Xian for her opinion.

Gu Xian thinks one shouldn’t nick pick on the small differences when managing a household.

Then she shares her observation that waterlogging damage on crops can last up to three years.

And waterlogging on crops can drive up the price.

So this should be factored in as well.


Minglan asks them if they’ve investigated this while they wonder how to do so.

Since it’s been years.

So she asks them to think about how they could investigate this.

Rongjie and Gu Xian excuse themselves but Rongjie heads back to ask Minglan about her father.

How he’s been odd lately. But Minglan reassures her that everything will be fine. He just got punished by the court and is embarrassed by it.

Then orders Xiaotao to escort Rongjie to bed.

Danju advises Minglan to sort out matters with her husband. Instead of letting sleep in the study room all the time.

Because even her grandmother knows.

Gathering Information

Madam Gu summons Gu Xian and her mother to sit at her place. And asks what Gu Xian has been doing over at Minglan’s residence.

Then wonders about the situation over there.

So Gu Xian tells Madam Gu that she’s been learning to read ledgers. Then Madam Gu wants to know if Gu Tingye returned to Minglan’s residence.

Gu Xian keeps it vague but comments that her second uncle was there when she read the ledgers to her second aunt.

Madam Gu then dismisses the two of them to rest.

On the way back to their own residence, Gu Xian advises her mother to pretend that she doesn’t know anything about her second uncle’s residence.

Gu Xian is so smart!

So they can stay out of the way.

At least Gu Tingyu can rest in peace, knowing that his intelligent daughter will keep his wife safe.

Meanwhile, Minglan heads over to the study room at night.

And sees Gu Tingye asleep.

She squats down beside him and strokes his brows.

Minglan’s feelings for Gu Tingye are definitely growing!

The next morning, Gu Tingye decides to head off to court in a carriage.

And notices a pillow in the carriage.

Shitou points out that Xiaotao embroidered it and Gu Tingye refuses to use it.

But then realizes that it’s probably his wife who ordered Xiaotao to make it.

So takes it back.

Riling Up Minglan

The Emperor wants to assign someone to investigate the salt taxation but no one wants to step up to the task.

Because the other officials are still hung up on the title of Prince Shu. But the Emperor stresses the importance of the salt taxation.

As the funds goes towards the wellbeing of the country.

Prince Huan then steps up to the plate and offers to lead the investigation.


After court is dismissed, the Emperor gets a visit from Yuan Ruo’s father in law. Who uses the discussion of salt taxation as an excuse.

Back at his residence, Gu Tingye comments how Yuan Ruo is fortunate enough to have in-laws defend him.

Then commenting how Yuan Ruo’s wife is gentle and virtuous. Minglan retorts that if Gu Tingye thought she was undesirable, then he may as well not marry her then.

And she attempts to walk out.

Gu Tingye realizes she’s really angry.


Minglan thinks her husband is acting weird as usual. While Gu Tingye tells her he loves it when she’s angry.

Because this is her true self.

Battle of Old Officials vs New

At court, someone files a complaint against General Shen for being corrupt.

Snatching farmlands and accepting bribery.

And General Shen’s sister shares her concerns with Minglan. The allegations are false but there’s something else that’s true.

But the Zou family borrowed her nephew’s name to set up a high-interest loaning business outside.

Which is illegal because the imperial family regulates interest loans.

General Shen’s sister then reveals that someone couldn’t pay back the high interest and committed suicide.

So she’s worried that something will happen to her brother. But Gu Tingye advises her to stay calm and wait for news.

Seeking Advice

Later, Gu Tingye gets a visit from his buddies and they invite him to a brothel.

Because it’s to comfort General Shen and if Gu Tingye doesn’t show up, the ladies won’t bother with them.

So Gu Tingye tells one of the servants to inform Minglan that he won’t be back for dinner.


At the brothel, Gu Tingye asks Prostitute Wei for advice.

The last time we saw Prostitute Wei was in episode 16, omigosh it’s been so long!

Using a hypothetical situation when he’s really asking about himself.

He wonders why a husband would be discontent with a wife who was docile and obedient.

But Prostitute Wei wonders if this is truly someone else or Gu Tingye himself.

Gu Tingye counters that of course it’s someone else. Prostitute Wei gives him a look and responds.

That it’s likely the husband is bored of the wife.

But Gu Tingye responds immediately.

Pfff so much for this “other” person you are asking this for! Hahahaha

Prostitute Wei asks him what makes his wife so interesting. And Gu Tingye goes off on a rant before realizing he exposed himself.

While Prostitute Wei tells him that she already knew from the moment he started.

General Shen walks over and comments as well. Mentioning how Gu Tingye is making a mountain out of a molehill.


Gu Tingye complains that he wants someone who is sincere to him.

Not a virtuous wife.

Then General Shen wonders where General Duan went. It turns out he got drunk and went to sleep.

But Gu Tingye checks in on him and sees General Duan passed out next to another woman.

He then leaves and advises his friends that there’s a lot of things happening in capital.

So it’s better to be careful now more than ever.

A Visit

Minglan visits Zhang Guifen and Minglan gets to listen to the child in her stomach.

Commenting how she’s surprised that there’s movement.


Zhang Guifen then playfully smacks her in return.

These two are such good friends now. Despite starting on the wrong foot due to cough Madam Gu cough.

Then comments that as long as she can safely deliver this child to the world, she doesn’t care what happens in the Shen household.

And then she tells Minglan not to pity her.

Because she’s accepted it. Zhang Guifen then wonders how the Zou family gave birth to two entirely different daughters.

Minglan comments that not every child is born the same. Then brags how no one else in her family is as smart as her.

Zhang Guifen playfully smacks her again, mentioning if Hualan heard her words, she would smack her too.

Zhang Guifen then sighs and hopes her child could be successful like Changbai.

While Minglan disagrees and shares Wang Ruofu’s own complaints.

Wang Ruofu married a man who’s not a husband but like a lord. Then gave birth to a son who’s not a son but like a father.

LOL Changbai is really stiff and wise though

Then Zhang Guifen asks if Minglan plans on having a child because she and her husband are still in a cold war.

Since the news have been spread all over town. But Minglan tells her that they’ve made up recently.

So Zhang Guifen points out that someone is purposely spreading the rumors. And as long as Minglan knows who it is, then she can rest assured.

Meanwhile, General Shen rushes to his guest room to wake Gu Tingye up.

General Duan is in trouble.

Shitou reports to Minglan that Gu Tingye and General Shen left to settle General Duan’s matter.

Hidden Trouble

But it’s not a big deal. So she can rest easy and enjoy Madam Zhang’s company.

At one of the city’s official’s office, a young woman begs to have an official give her justice.

Because she was raped by General Duan.

General Duan

That night she was delivering goods, and she claims General Duan pulled her into a room and did unspeakable things to her.

While General Duan furiously shakes his head in denial.

General Duan questions the lady if she saw any scars on him and when she answers correctly, he gets mad.

And starts to throw things.

While the young woman in question continues to cry and plead.

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I love how Rongjie and Gu Xian are learning from Minglan! They may need these skills in the future considering their own messy households.

In Story of Minglan episode 57, we see that the Emperor wants to investigate the salt taxation. Which is a huge deal. But once Prince Huan offered to investigate it, his closest aids start to have issues.

Is it just a coincidence? It started with General Shen and his wife’s family then General Duan.

What is going on here??

Gu Tingye is at his wits now and has to ask Prostitute Wei for advice but he didn’t get much.

Minglan is subtly showing more feelings towards him though. She just doesn’t show it in front of him.

Ugh so many little things happening underneath the surface, our two leads never get a break! What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 57?

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2 months ago

Rongjie and Xian are so cute. Happy they have a playmate and are learning useful things for life. Yuanruo got off SOOOOOOO lightly. He needs to grow up. Doesn’t get his way so he quits? Daddy has to bail him out? Even the Emperor knows he’s an idiot pawn. If the whole thing was a ruse though then why did so many people resign as well? Does the Empress Dowager actually want to give back power? Arguing over a title for months versus Salt taxation for the country.. priorities amirite?

3 years ago

Very confused what happened at court, please explain.

3 years ago

man the dowager empress has played her cards quite well!

4 years ago

Rongjie and Xian are a team we never thought we needed! And Xian subtly protect herself and her mother against Madam Gu’s scheming, gotta love this girl!

Ahh, I loved the moment when Minglan went to check on her husband. And he has no freaking idea and continues to provoke her in the morning!
And then goes to brothel to find more people to complain to, since his friends refuse to listen to him anymore. XD

4 years ago

Getting into the build up for that final big political battle. Taking out the emperor’s closest allies one by one who could be behind this. Hmm.

Tingye still complaining about Minglan and Prostitute Wei is like well maybe you’re bored cause any other man would be elated with a wife like yours. Tingye gets all affronted of course he’s not bored he just wants her real feelings lol even his friends aren’t buying it anymore the only one who listens to him is Changbai lol.

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