The Story of Minglan Episode 58 Recap

It’s too much of a coincidence. Someone is plotting something. In Story of Minglan episode 58, Gu Tingye cannot help but go with Prince Huan for the salt investigation.

But what about Minglan?

Story of Minglan Episode 58 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan shares a pleasant surprise with Gu Tingye
  • Gu Tingye takes off with Prince Huan for the salt investigation
  • Nanny Chang arrives to help out Minglan with household affairs

We’ll start to see more of Madam Kang as she chummies herself with Madam Gu.

Birds of a feather flock together, but man, Nanny Chang is awesome!

Get ready to laugh your socks off in Story of Minglan episode 58!

Multi-layered Trap

General Duan swears he never touched that woman.

Gu Tingye comments that it’s very strange while General Shen thinks on it some more.

Mentioning how he’s heard of a swindling plot like this. Where the husband of a wife was greedy for money and setup his wife with an unfortunate man.

And the husband caught his wife with the unfortunate man.

Gu Tingye comments that if the issue was about money, someone would have demanded money already.

But this matter is very fishy.

General Duan wonders why Gu Tingye didn’t point it out. So General Shen points out that the woman anticipated his questions and had answers at the ready.

Making it difficult to turn the case around.

Gu Tingye tells him to calm down and allow the magistrate to investigate.

General Duan complains that he would have gone with Prince Huan to inspect the salt trade.

Because General Shen was comprised. But now he is too.


General Geng is left.

General Shen complains that they’ve encountered so many issues since they’ve arrived in the capital.

Minglan points out that if that woman commits suicide. The issue would be even worse.

Gu Tingye orders Shitou to go watch that woman.

It turns out she did commit suicide.

Whoever planned this was very invested in this matter.

On the way home, Shitou reports that General Geng became ill. And explains that General Geng was arguing with his wife.

Then argued some more after hearing about their situation.

And then there was one.

Back at their residence, Minglan asks if her husband wants to go support Prince Huan.

Because he’s the only one left.


And he needs to repay the favor back to Prince Huan. Minglan attempts to leave but Gu Tingye hugs her close.

Minglan’s Pregnant

Because he’s afraid to leave her.

Minglan tells him not to hug her so tightly but Gu Tingye wants her to feel pain so she can remember him.

But she smacks his hand and tells him to stop hugging her so tightly.

Because she has one.

Gu Tingye is confused by what she means and releases her.

Minglan clarifies that a physician has come to confirm it.

And Gu Tingye’s expressions change so rapidly.

From shock to realization to extreme happiness.


Gu Tingye gets so excited that he announces it to the world with Minglan in his arms.

While Danju and Xiaotao tell their lord to be careful with Minglan.

As the fetus is not yet stable.

Gu Tingye carefully lowers Minglan into her bed and tucks her in. Then asks if she’s hungry.

Xiaotao and Danju can’t help chuckle in the background

Doting hubby mode activated! So cute!

Because she’s now eating for two.

At night, Gu Tingye comments that they protect this child carefully. Because he remembered Changge again.

While Minglan reassures him she’ll be safe in the manor.

But he tells her that he will leave some guards with her and bring Nanny Chang back to help her.

Everything else will be taken care of when he returns so she must prioritize her health first.

Late at night, Gu Tingye and Prince Huan get sent off by the Emperor before they leave for the salt investigation.

And Minglan watches him leave.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Madam Kang’s Intentions

Minglan visits her grandmother and points out that her grandmother always finds excuses to get her to come.

While Old Madam Sheng retorts that without Minglan, she’s more carefree.

Old Madam Sheng acts so cute in this scene. She’s like a child.

Minglan doesn’t think so and comments how her grandmother has gotten thinner.

So Old Madam tells Minglan that she might as well stick to her grandmother like glue.

And tell her husband to let go.

Meanwhile, Nanny Fang warns Danju and Xiaotao to be extremely careful of everything.

And Old Madam Sheng warns Minglan as well. Then brings up Madam Kang. How she’s very close to Madam Gu.

But she warns Minglan that Madam Kang is not a good person. Even Wang Ruofu has been visiting her lately.

So Minglan doesn’t need to pay attention to Madam Kang if she doesn’t need to.

Madam Gu and Madam Kang have fun chatting until Minglan shows up to greet her mother-in-law.

Then notices Madam Kang and greets her as well.


Minglan takes a seat but Madam Kang lectures her for taking a seat without an elder’s permission.

So Minglan comments that she thought Madam Kang would allow her to sit.

Madam Kang then lectures her for disrespecting her elders and complains how she lacks manners now. Because she married to a higher status.

Minglan counters that her grandmother is also an elder and refuses to let anyone speak badly of her grandmother.

But before the verbal jabs get to far, Xiaotao and Danju come in to report that Nanny Chang is here.

And requests her presence. So Minglan excuses herself.

While Madam Kang complains how Madam Gu is too kind.

Nanny Chang Supports Minglan

Nanny Chang takes a look around Minglan and comments that the child she’s carrying must be an obedient one.

And thanks Minglan for teaching Rongjie so well.

So when she got the summons, she rushed over.

At night, Nanny Chang gets updated by Cuiwei about Madam Kang. Who constantly summons their Big Madam all the time.

And wonders about Madam Kang’s relationship with Minglan’s maiden family.

Nanny Xiang comes over again to call Minglan over to visit Madam Gu and Madam Kang.

While Minglan pukes her guts out. Nanny Xiang tells her she still has to go after vomiting.

When she refuses to be escorted out by Danju. Nanny Chang barges in and lectures her.


Then decides to go visit Madam Gu and Madam Kang on behalf of Minglan. Nanny Xiang tries to stop her but Danju and Cuiwei pull her away for tea.

In a reception hall, Madam Gu and Madam Kang make themselves comfortable.

And Madam Kang brings up one of her concubine daughters, Kang Zhao’er. She wants to find a good family for her.

But Madam Gu thinks it’s better to find a family that are close like family.


Madam Gu is hinting that Kang Zhao’er should marry into the Gu family.

Moments later, Nanny Xiang storms in and gives them a brief curtesy.

Then comments that this must be Madam Kang.

Madam Kang: Who the f*** is this old lady?

Madam Gu explains to Madam Kang that this is Gu Tingye’s wet nurse.

Who flaunts her age.

Madam Gu asks what Nanny Chang is doing here. While the latter explains that she’s here to apologize for her Big Madam.

Her Big Madam (Minglan) is unable to come because it’s inconvenient for her to move around.

Defending Minglan

And since these two are compassionate elders, there’s no way they would force her to come meet them.

Madam Kang retorts that now that “she” is pregnant, she no longer has to respect her elders.

While Nanny Chang lectures them for being elders. Reciting a famous phrase then explaining.

A mother must be kind in order for the child to be filial.

Did Madam Kang really think she’s a direct elder? She’s just family by marriage and not even directly with the Gu’s.

Nanny Chang is awesome!

Madam Kang can’t even argue back while Nanny Chang goes off on a rant.

While Madam Gu comforts her as if she’s the victim.

Madam Kang gets so angry that Madam Gu orders servants to drag Nanny Chang out.

But Nanny Chang doesn’t stop talking. She keeps at it and everyone in the courtyard can hear her.

Even Gu Tingyu’s wife. But Gu Xian tells her mother to ignore what’s happening outside.

Eventually, Madam Kang can’t stand it and rushes out to lecture Nanny Chang but trips.

Oh dear…

OMG this is hilarious. I burst out laughing here. Karma for Madam Kang!

Then orders servants to help Madam Kang.

Madam Kang: 0

Nanny Chang: 1

At night, Cuiwei comes over to explain to Madam Gu that Nanny Chang is old and out of her mind. When her lord returns home, he will reprimand her.

Meanwhile, Madam Gu should be kind and forgiving.

And let the matter pass.

After Cuiwei leaves, Madam Gu comments that she must make a move or otherwise she will be subject to Minglan’s whims.

What’s the point of living then?

Noble Consort Liu’s Intentions

Noble Consort Liu observes while the Emperor tills his secret plot of land.

The Emperor praises Gu Tingye for volunteering to help with the salt investigation.

But Noble Consort Liu thinks differently.

She thinks Gu Tingye is too clever for his own good. And breaks down how Gu Tingye skillfully evaded the court struggles by accepting the beating.

And then when all of the Emperor’s close aides were comprised, Gu Tingye was left to step up to the plate.

Noble Consort Liu then starts gossiping about Minglan’s past with Lord Qi. The youngster who protested so much against him conferring a title to his birth father.

Then she starts pointing out how the alliance of three families are so powerful to help out Prince Huan, no the Emperor.

But the suspicion has already been planted.

Later, Noble Consort Liu tells an eunuch that she has done what the Empress Dowager asked.

Meanwhile, Ronjie and Gu Xian are back at Minglan’s residence to share their research and observations.

Commenting how money makes people greedy. But at the same time, if you don’t check, you allow a crack for people to take advantage of.

Minglan decides to reward the girls for their insightfulness.

Then Danju reports that a Kang Zhao’er is here to apologize on her mother’s behalf.

Kang Zhao’er then begs Minglan to head over to the nearby courtyard for a cup of wine.

Minglan pities Kang Zhao’er because they are both concubine daughters and volunteers to head over to Madam Gu’s courtyard.

Xiaotao and Danju believe this is a trap.

But they go with her.

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And more politics are building up. In Story of Minglan episode 58, Noble Consort Liu plants the seed of doubt into the Emperor’s mind.

Under the Empress Dowager’s orders. They are targeting Gu Tingye who is the favored aide of the Emperor.

While Gu Tingye is off to investigate, Minglan has to fend off Madam Gu and Madam Kang. These women are EVIL.

But I thought Nanny Chang fended them off quite well. I couldn’t stop laughing when Madam Kang got so angry that she tripped and fell.

Madam Gu’s expression was priceless. What is Madam Kang up to now? She’s like a cockroach, you can’t get rid of her until you whack her to pieces.

And it looks like Madam Gu is about to go all out now too. Because if her reputation is already ruined what else does she have to lose?

I hope Gu Tingye isn’t gone for too long. What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 58?

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4 months ago

Nanny Chang MVP this episode definitely. Aunt Kang deserves way more than just falling on her face. Why the he’ll is she still here. Where’s her husband? Quick start dropping receipts round the marketplace. Treating a poor pregnant woman like that. Also that bloody consort, wtf is her deal? Where is the Empress? She’s much smarter. Get rid of this batch already. She’s married to the emperor. What is sowing discord by supporting the Dowager supposed to do exactly? She thinks she can what? Become Empress? Is that her goal? I’m confused.

3 years ago

i can’t believe minglan and GTY are falling into these traps. I felt they were smarter than this!

4 years ago

Gu Tingye laughing with Minglan in his arms was definitely a highlight of the episode for me. <3 So cute!

With him gone and Minglan pregnant and weakened by morning sicknesses, for how long can she fend off the Gu-Kang duo? Thank goodness for Nanny Chang, she remains one of the best characters in the whole series!

2 years ago
Reply to  Ela

Nanny Cheng made me laugh so much. Great comedy in a series thats become too serious. There is too much foreshadowing

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