The Story of Minglan Episode 59 Recap

Madam Kang weaves an intricate trap for Minglan that centers on Kang Zhao’er. In Story of Minglan episode 59, Old Madam Sheng steps in to assist.

Because it not only involves Minglan but Gu Tingye.

Story of Minglan Episode 59 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan walks into a trap and barely gets out unscathed
  • Old Madam Sheng steps in to help her granddaughter
  • Madam Kang starts giving ideas to Wang Ruofu

Who’s worse? Madam Kang or Madam Gu? Madam Kang doesn’t seem to realize that Madam Gu is using her.

What happens next in Story of Minglan episode 59? Let’s jump into the recap!

Offering a Second Wife

When Minglan walks in, she sees that Madam Gu and Madam Kang are in the middle of a meal.

With the other Gu elders.

A sister-in-law tells Minglan that this meal is to celebrate Minglan’s pregnancy. But Madam Kang mentions that there’s more celebratory news on the way.

While Kang Zhao’er reminds her mother to toast to Minglan.

What are these two up to? Hmmm


Minglan refuses because she still has morning sickness. So Madam Gu tells her to eat more vegetables instead.

Then Fourth Aunt asks Fifth Aunt about their new household member. Because one of the sons added another concubine.

While Madam Gu comments that she feels envious.


Fourth Aunt reassures her that in time her household will be lively.

Oh gawd, this two faced buddha.

Madam Gu believes Gu Tingye is the pillar of the Gu household. So he must have more descendants.

Otherwise, she won’t have the face to report to her deceased husband. And then she sniffles a bit.

While Madam Kang tries to comfort her so Madam Gu tells her to do her a favor.

Madam Gu admits she likes Zhao’er and wants her in her household.


So she’ll make the decision and help her second son (Gu Tingye) marry Zhao’er as his second wife.

Madam Kang looks ecstatic but then comments that her niece may not agree.

Madam Gu then comments that Minglan will never do that because she’s a virtuous wife.

Which puts Minglan in an awkward spot. When Madam Gu tells Minglan to accept Kang Zhao’er, Minglan comments that if it was other families’ daughters it may be fine.

But not the Kang family.

Madam Kang asks Minglan what she means by that.

While Madam Gu warns Minglan that this is her legitimate aunt.

Kang Zhao’er

Minglan comments that if it weren’t for her mother-in-law, she wouldn’t even bother seeing her aunt.

Explaining that she dirties her eyes. Everyone thinks she’s spouting nonsense so she brings up Madam Kang’s dirty laundry from her own household.

Mentioning how five years ago, someone was poisoned to death. Then two years ago, someone was caned to death.

And lastly, a year ago, two lives were taken.

Madam Kang gets up to slap Kang Zhao’er for whimpering and crying on the side.

But this triggers the women nearby to realize that maybe this is all true.

Then Madam Kang argues that Minglan is slandering her elders which is a crime.

Fourth Aunt realizes this is getting out of hand and excuses herself to leave. But Madam Kang yanks her back down.

And lashes back out at Madam Gu for hinting at marriage talks.


Madam Kang then tells them she doesn’t care what they do with Kang Zhao’er and leaves in anger.

While Madam Gu comments that this is her sin.

At night, Kang Zhao’er kneels in front of Minglan’s residence and pleads for mercy.

She begs Minglan to take her in otherwise she will die.

Minglan comments that she wanted to help her earlier and then how did she repay her?

Kang Zhao’er promises to serve her and her cousin-in-law faithfully.

But Minglan sees that she still doesn’t understand.

So she orders Nanny Chang to get some servants to escort her back.

Before they can do anything, Kang Zhao’er pulls out a weapon and stabs her self in the neck.

Thankfully, Nanny Chang was close to her and can help stop the bleeding. But Minglan is in shock at how desperate this woman was.

True Motive

So Minglan decides to take the woman in for now. Because she doesn’t want to add any more trouble on her husband’s plate.

When visiting Madam Gu on another day, Madam Kang relishes in the fact that Minglan accepted Kang Zhao’er.

She knew that using force would get her to accept. While Madam Gu double checks that Kang Zhao’er is an obedient one.

Madam Kang nods and tells her that she would obey anything. Because her birth mother is in her hands.

What a vicious woman! Why is Wang Ruofu so honest and this woman so cruel???

Madam Kang proposes they have this girl kill herself so they can blame Minglan for being a jealous and vicious woman.

Madam Gu doesn’t want to get involved.


The former retorts that she’s so gutless and walks off.

After she walks off, Madam Gu is elated. She comments that Nanny Chang helped infuriate Madam Kang so now this woman is not afraid to go all out.

Which is exactly what she wants.

The best part is she’s not directly involved.

Borrowing a knife again. Madam Gu never gets her hands dirty.

Nanny Xiang then reports that Minglan’s servants requested help from the maiden family.

When Minglan wakes up, she sees her grandmother in her room and wonders who tattled on her.

It was Cuiwei but Old Madam Sheng tells Minglan that it was for her own good.

Because this matter is more than just about taking in a concubine.

So Old Madam Sheng requests they summon the woman in question.

While Minglan wonders what’s going on.

When Kang Zhao’er is brought before them, Old Madam Sheng recites the current available bachelorettes in the Kang household.

But why was Kang Zhao’er chosen?

Hidden Dagger

Old Madam Sheng asks Minglan for her insight.

Minglan guesses it’s because Kang Zhao’er has no backer.

Old Madam Sheng continues to question Kang Zhao’er, asking her to tell the real motive.

But Kang Zhao’er sobs that she has no choice.

After convincing her, Kang Zhao’er confesses that Madam Kang wanted her to die in this household.

So she can collect her corpse. But before her death, she must create scars on herself.

To make it look like she was horribly abused before dying.

Then Madam Kang can use her dead body to sue the Marquis household and drag her Minglan’s husband down with her.

Minglan throws a teacup in anger.

This was the reason why Old Madam Sheng had to step in.

But Old Madam Sheng asks Minglan to decide.

Minglan offers Kang Zhao’er two choices:

  1. She stays in the Marquis household and serve her and her husband faithfully OR
  2. She goes with her grandmother disguised as a servant and gets sent off to Youyang to marry someone else as a main wife (but they cannot guarantee her the family is wealthy)

With the latter choice, Madam Kang will think Minglan forced her to leave. So her birth mother won’t be in danger.

Kang Zhao’er tells Minglan that she never wants to be a concubine. She’d rather die than be a concubine and makes her choice.

When Old Madam Sheng returns to the Sheng manor, she lectures Wang Ruofu on her sister’s misdeeds.

Devil’s Whisper

So Wang Ruofu heads over to her sister’s to complain.

But with a few sentences, Wang Ruofu’s anger subsides. And Madam Kang redirects her attention back to Minglan.

How Minglan only respects her grandmother. If she lets Minglan secure her footing in the Gu household then Wang Ruofu will be subject to her whims later on.

Madam Kang tells her sister that she put her concubine daughter into the Gu household to help her out.

Because if she can control Minglan, she can have a handle on her mother-in-law.

Wang Ruofu thinks about it some more.

Meanwhile, Old Madam Sheng tells Sheng Hong about Madam Kang’s latest actions.

And then comments how she will take Kang Zhao’er to Youyang to settle the marriage arrangements.


Shen Hong agrees with his mother and comments how Minglan is such a great daughter.

Riiight, sure. When you want to use her, she’s a great daughter. When she points out the ugly things in your household, she’s ruining the Sheng household.

Old Madam Sheng warns him that when the Kang family returns the capital, Madam Kang will become even more haughty.

But Sheng Hong scoffs because the Kang family doesn’t have any successful descendants.

While the Wang household is a different story.

Then Old Madam Sheng comments that Lord Kang asked him for a favor the other day.

And gives her son a look. Sheng Hong realizes that she wants him to refuse the favor but he already agreed.

Old Madam Sheng convinces him to head over to the Kang household to settle this.

And Sheng Hong reluctantly heads over.

While Old Madam Sheng comments that these parents don’t really care about Minglan.

This is why Minglan has you grandma!

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In Story of Minglan episode 59, we start to see Madam Kang’s true nature. She’s a vicious, scheming woman. With no regard for the daughters in her household.

Even Minglan didn’t see it coming until her grandmother pointed it out.

And then Madam Kang is so skilled at manipulating her younger sister, Wang Ruofu by her weakness.

She knows Wang Ruofu doesn’t like being lectured by her mother-in-law. So she explains how this would help her in the long run.

Grandma Sheng is going to be danger!

I love the bond between Grandma Sheng and Minglan, it’s so endearing. Grandma Sheng has been supporting Minglan for so long and it’s part of the reason why Minglan has come this far.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 59? Leave a comment below!

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3 months ago

I miss hubby but grandma is a good gift in the meantime. This aunt is bitter, vicious and murderous. Where are all the scandals because of those deaths? Grandma better stay safe. If anything happens to her Imma crack it. Wang Ruofo is such an idiot. Don’t want to keep your happy life? Dad is still an ever disappointment. Alas.

4 years ago

Ahhh, this is when Minglan strikes back. If Madam Kang can spread information about the Sheng household, two can play the game. And it ain’t gonna be pretty. Funny to watch how quickly the majority of the Gu family wash their hands of Madam Kang, seeing how uncontrollable she is.

I loved how Grandma Sheng stepped in again to help Minglan, the interogation of Kang Zhao’er was such a great scene. And Minglan becoming truly angry only when Zhao’er talked about bringing her husband down? Shame Tingye isn’t here to witness that!

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