The Story of Minglan Episode 60 Recap

When push comes to shove, what will Madam Kang do? In Story of Minglan episode 60, Madam Kang stews with her anger while Minglan deals with other issues.

Story of Minglan Episode 60 Recap Highlights:

  • The Wang family and the Sheng family share a meal
  • Minglan assists Zhang Guifen with a difficult labor
  • Madam Gu shares her inner thoughts with Nanny Xiang

Omigosh we’re at episode 60 now! Only 13 more episodes to go before this series end T_T

What happens next in Story of Minglan episode 60? Let’s find out!

Punishing Wang Ruofu

Wang Ruofu reports to Old Madam Sheng that she’s unable to convince her sister so Old Madam Sheng tells her not to interfere anymore.

But Old Madam Sheng is still clearly unhappy about something. And orders Wang Ruofu to stand at a distance.


Then explains that Wang Ruofu still allows her sister to come visit behind her back. Even though she told her not to stay in contact with the Kang family.

So she orders Wang Ruofu to kneel there for the whole day.

As punishment.

If she allows Madam Kang to visit her again, the next time Wang Ruofu will kneel outside in the courtyard (for all to see).

Wang Ruofu complains that this punishment is too harsh because she manages the household affairs

Grandma Sheng puts her foot down!

Old Madam Sheng tells her to complain to her husband if she won’t concede.

And the next time she won’t concede, she can return to her maiden family instead.

Wang Ruofu forgot that she still has a mother-in-law to obey.

Old Madam Sheng then leaves. And the servants open up the doors so everyone can see Wang Ruofu kneeling.

After a whole day of kneeling, Nanny Liu comes over to help her madam head back to her courtyard.

Wang Ruofu’s pride is hurt.

Madam Gu’s Thoughts

Nanny Xiang reports to Madam Gu that Kang Zhao’er has been escorted to Youyang as soon as possible.

Without even waiting for good weather.


They didn’t think Minglan could be this capable. Despite how frail and delicate she looks.

So Nanny Xiang wonders if they should quit now. While Madam Gu believes there’s two paths she could take.

Let Gu Tingye decide her ending or make her own ending.

Madam Gu gets up from where she’s sitting to pay her respects and comments how her former husband used to pray to a buddha statue everyday.

Did she know what her husband wished for? Nanny Xiang thinks it’s the prosperity of the Gu household.

But Madam Gu shakes her head. It’s actually to encounter his first wife in another life.

Because he really loved her older sister. Despite the other women that came into his life.

And she could tell that Gu Tingye is similar to his father in that aspect.

So if Minglan dies, Gu Tingye will become an empty shell.

Madam Gu believes this is the perfect opportunity while Nanny Xiang believes they should wait.

If Gu Tingye dies while handling things in the South that would be great. Or if he does come back, he would see Minglan’s corpse.

And once he marries another woman, that woman would be easier to deal with.

Or if Minglan’s child survives, he/she would be raised by a stepmother, and that would be entertaining as well.

Madam Gu laughs manically.

And then collapses into the embrace of Nanny Xiang.

Sobbing that she’s getting old.

Wang and Sheng Family

Hualan rushes home to comfort her mother.

Because Wang Ruofu suffered a setback.

Hualan tries to explain to her mother that Auntie Kang doesn’t have good intentions.

But Wang Ruofu counters that she’s all alone in this household and her sister is the only one who listens to her.

Then mentions that her maiden family is coming back so she’ll have a backer.

The Wang family arrives in the capital so the Wang family and the Sheng family share a meal.

Madam Kang asks about Minglan’s child, but she’s actually asking about Rongjie.


However, Wang Ruofu directs the topic back to her child, Rulan.

But Madam Kang continues to ask about Rongjie, commenting if she brings Rongjie she would be known as a virtuous mother.

Sheng Hong mentions how Rongjie is home sick and didn’t come. Because girls are fragile and delicate at that age.

Then Madam Kang starts to retort that girls aren’t that fragile before her mother, Old Madam Wang, cuts her off.

Then Danju comes in to report to Minglan secretly.

Minglan comments that Zhang Guifen requested her presence because she’s having a difficult birth.

So Old Madam Sheng tells her to be careful while Old Madam Wang comments that women giving birth are always one foot in the grave.

Minglan excuses herself.

Later, Madam Kang tells her son that she requested his uncle, her brother, to help him find a post outside the capital.

But the son tells her that they can’t keep relying on his uncle’s help nor others for favors.

Madam Kang doesn’t get it and comments that as long as her mother exists, they can leverage their position.

But then Lord Kang comes in to speak to Madam Kang.

Selling the Daughter

He tells his wife that he was the last to know about his daughter.

So Madam Kang explains that this was done to help them.

But Lord Kang tells his wife that she failed.

Because Kang Zhao’er was sent to Youyang for marriage.

Sheng Hong pulled him aside to tell him.

And Lord Kang tells Madam Kang that if it weren’t for her three years of mourning his dead father, he would have divorced her by now.

Madam Kang scoffs while taunting him.

As if he could divorce her.

He relies on her maiden family for money.


As Madam Kang goes off on a rant, Lord Kang slaps her.

She promises not to let them all off.

Who’s them? Minglan?

Birthing Complications

Nanny Fan greets Minglan at the entrance of the Shen household. Minglan thought that the expected delivery date was in the next ten days.

But Nanny Fan reports that Zou Ping came to greet her madam and then a tug of war happened and the two bumped into each other.

Minglan then asks if a doctor was called and a midwife.

Both were already arranged. So Minglan heads over to support Zhang Guifen.

At her side, Zhang Guifen tells Minglan not to notify her parents. Because they had her late and are now elderly.

But Minglan can’t do this alone.

Zhang Guifen wants her to handle the other matters for her. Minglan agrees and asks Zhang Guifen to follow the instructions of the midwife.

While she handles the other affairs for her.

She asks Nanny Fan to help summon the Duke and Duchess of Ying back. As well as General Shen.

If Zhang Guifen gets mad, Minglan will take responsibility.

Then Minglan hears the doctor was detained by Zou Ping.

Someone is purposely causing trouble during this crucial time.

Minglan orders the maid to invite the doctor back while she checks on Zhang Guifen.

Who’s not looking so good. Because the fetus position is unfavorable for birth.

If only they had a doctor to help.

Minglan tells the midwives that she will go fetch the doctor. And the servant who went out earlier returned with a wounded face.

So Minglan decides to take matters in her own hands.

She’s already seen her mother die from childbirth. She can’t bear to have her good friend die from child birth too.

She unsheathes a sword and asks the servant to lead the way.


Minglan calls out for the physician the whole time until she encounters Zou Ping and her uncle.

Zhang Guifen Gives Birth

Who claim there is no such doctor. Minglan decides to hold the sword to Zou Ping’s neck while she orders the servants to search.

And they found the doctor in the backyard drinking tea under their watch.

Minglan and her group take the doctor back while Zou Ping’s uncle chases after them.

Until Minglan accidentally swipes at his arm. Because he tried to grab her.


They return back to Zhang Guifen’s residence.

At night, Minglan observes from the outside as Duchess Ying lashes out at General Shen for putting her daughter into this situation.

Because Duchess Ying just has this daughter. She believes the deities above blessed her with a daughter despite how old she was to have her.

She decides to save General Shen by distracting Duchess Ying with some fruit snacks.

Duchess Ying sees Minglan come in and thanks her for the help.

Despite being pregnant herself.

Duchess Ying

Moments later, Nanny Fan reports that her madam isn’t doing too well.

So Minglan and Duchess Ying head over to support Zhang Guifen. Zhang Guifen screams in pain as she tries to birth the child.

Duke Ying rushes over but he overhears his daughter lamenting how she can’t show her filial duty to him anymore.

He pauses in shock.

But then he hears that his daughter successfully gave birth.

Duke Ying

And the cries of the child.

Since Zhang Guifen was able to give birth successfully, her parents help take care of other matters.

They order General Shen to kick Zou Ping out of his household. But General Shen refuses because of his former wife.

So instead Duke Ying and Duchess Ying ask for an amicable separation. Because if it weren’t for Minglan, this situation would have ended with a dead body.

The Emperor Knows

But General Shen doesn’t want to separate and promises to treat her well going forward.

It’s too late now.

Then Nanny Fan reports that the carriage is ready so they get up to leave.

On the way out, Duchess Ying promises to visit Minglan another day for her help. But Minglan tells her that nothing is more important than Zhang Guifen’s health.

While General Shen continues to beg his father-in-law to let his wife stay here.

But he eventually gives up so his wife could get help.

In court, the Emperor asks for updates from both General Shen and Duke Ying. However both took a day off.

So an official explains how General Shen’s wife had a difficult time giving birth and how Duke Ying wants an amicable separation for his daughter.

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In Story of Minglan episode 60, we see more parallels of how spoiling the concubine and neglecting the main wife can have disastrous consequences.

Zhang Guifen was having a difficult child birth and Zou Ping detained the doctor who could save her life.

Which reminds Minglan of the day Madam Lin did something similar to her birth mother. So she couldn’t stand by and watch this happen in front of her.

Back then she was just a child who couldn’t do anything, but not anymore.

Madam Kang doesn’t have an amicable relationship with her husband and she’s going to take her anger out on someone.

Sigh. At least her son is an honest person.

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1 month ago

Im so disappointed in this general shen. What a drop kick. How can a concubine detain an imperial doctor for the main wife?!? She’s literally caught red handed and he still didn’t want to punish her?! Thank god for ming lan. Zhang is lucky hey parents cherish her and can back it up. Mama gu has gone absolutely crazy. Literally at the pinnicle of wealth and prestige. Instead of living an easy life wants to cause even drama for sights she caused. So bizarre.

3 years ago

Minglan grabbing a sword to save the life of Madam Zhang was really poignant. You can tell she wishes she’d been able to do that in order to save her own mother when she was dying in childbirth. So she wasn’t about to let another death happen again

3 years ago

the scenes with Madam Gu speaking her darkest thoughts were really something! The cinematography on those scenes were well done too. Dark shadows and dark lighting constantly playing against her face to really set the dark tone!

3 years ago

I nearly forgot: I know that Minglan doesn’t need fighting skills to be a total badass but that doesn’t change the fact that she looked like a freaking goddess of revenge with that sword!

(Poor Gu Tingye missing out a great show again!)

3 years ago

The attention to detail in the whole series is flawless. I especially love how the situations in the early episodes have their counterparts in the later ones – only with different outcomes. General Shen fucked up and allowed his household turn into a one big mess. His concubine just tried to murder his wife and his kid and he still won’t kick her out? Thankfully there is Duke and Duchess of Ying to back their daughter up. It makes you think: Sheng Hong was similarly unwilling to get rid off Concubine Lin, even when it cost Minglan’s mother’s life. Minglan’s… Read more »

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