The Story of Minglan Episode 61 Recap

Whoever created the mess must resolve it. In Story of Minglan episode 61, Minglan steps in to give some advice to the Empress. Who knew that trying to get a title for Prince Shu would leave to all of these issues?

Story of Minglan Episode 61 Recap Highlights:

  • The capital is in the middle of a storm and the Shen family must placate it
  • Minglan shares some advice with the Empress
  • Old Madam Sheng then becomes ill

It feels like Gu Tingye has been gone for soooo long! What’s next in Story of Minglan episode 61? Let’s find out!

Empress Dowager’s Edict

An eunuch slaps Zou Ping several times while General Shen kneels on the side.

He continues slapping her until she can’t stand the pain and dodges the next one.

But the eunuch grabs her face and tries to continue. General Shen steps in after hearing Zou Ping plead using her sister’s name.


The eunuch orders servants to escort General Shen to the side but a small scuffle occurs.

Then the eunuch slips and falls off the platform.

Looking disoriented.

General Shen apologizes but the eunuch demands to see the Empress Dowager.

On the way back to the palace, the eunuch reports back to the Empress Dowager that General Shen acted just how they predicted.

So the Empress Dowager wonders if he was hurt.

But it turns out he slipped himself so he wasn’t.


At court, an official pleads the Emperor to punish General Shen because he allowed a concubine to throw his household in disarray.

And tarnished the reputation of the Emperor.

Later, in the Emperor’s private study, Duke Ying and the Emperor have a chat.

Emperor comments how he was the one to arrange the marriage and now that the marriage has gone awry, it’s his fault.

Duke Ying tells the Emperor that if it was the battlefield, his men wouldn’t mind shedding blood for the country.

But for the women, he shouldn’t need to worry about it.

Duke Ying is subtly telling the Emperor not to get involved. Hahaha

Even the Empress Dowager chuckles when she hears about it. Because the Zhang family have served three generations of Emperors so they are more than capable of exerting their dominance.

But the eunuch at her side doesn’t think there’s anything word with those words.

While the Empress Dowager thinks he’s too short-sighted.

Visiting Zhang Guifen

Meanwhile, Minglan visits Zhang Guifen and her child.

Zhang Guifen thanks Minglan for her help and comments that in the future, her child must call Minglan as godmother.

Then remembers that Minglan used a sword to help her. Minglan explains that no matter what she wanted to help ensure her safety.

Thinking she brought up bad memories, Zhang Guifen changes the topic.

Saying she must be careful of her own little one.

Minglan brings up the Shen family, wondering what her thoughts are about them.

Zhang Guifen comments that her husband will always be friends with Minglan’s husband.

Minglan actually wants to ask if General Shen ever stopped by to show that he cared. But Zhang Guifen comments that the Empress Dowager has shown her a lot of care.

story of minglan episode 61, empress dowager, cares

Even punishing Zou Ping on her behalf.

Minglan realizes something since the Empress Dowager is now involved. On the way back home, Minglan orders her servants to head over to the palace.

And pay a visit to the Empress.

Giving the Empress some Advice

But when Minglan arrives, she’s not the only one there.

Several ladies from noble families are there to give advice to the Empress.

The Empress listens quietly then later disperses them. But keeps Minglan behind.

Then tells her that her brother offended the Empress Dowager’s eunuch.

But the Empress Dowager didn’t mention it. As the Empress continues to chat, she mentions that Gu Tingye stopped two assassin attempts against Prince Huan.

Minglan rises from her seat in shock. It’s the first she’s heard of this.

The Empress warns her to be careful of the child in her womb. So Minglan sits back down.

story of minglan episode 61, shocked about news

The Empress mentions how the Emperor has very few trusted aides. So there was no choice but to send her husband.

Then the Empress wonders what’s the best way to resolve the current issue between the old officials in Bianjing.

So Minglan recites the history of how Cao Cao from the three kingdoms punished himself so others would follow his example.

After narrating her story, the Empress understands what she must do.

When Minglan tells her grandmother what she told the Empress, her grandmother was shocked.

Because it was a risky move.

But Minglan comments that she took that risk because she could tell the Empress didn’t like the answers of the other noble ladies.

Old Madam Shen is amazed at her foresight and asks when she thinks the storm will end.

Minglan believes that since the Shen family started it, they must be the ones to end it.

The Empress Makes Her Decision

After staying up the whole night, the Empress makes her decision.

She tells her maid to remove her makeup and adornments.

Then asks another maid to bring other one of her headdresses. The Empress removes the largest pearl and tells her trusted aide to deliver it to the Ying household.

As an apology for pampering Zou Ping to allow her to act like she did.

This is a parallel to how Cao Cao cut his hair to appease someone. The Empress is presenting this gift to appease the Ying family.

Then the Empress heads out in simple white robes, no makeup and no headdress.

To punish herself.

story of minglan episode 61, empress, no makeup

In the Emperor’s private study room, Prime Minister Han reminds the Emperor to make a decision.

Because the Empress Dowager has already made her move.

And wonders if the Emperor will shelter his relatives from the law.

Prime Minister Han tells the Emperor that he does not regret support the idea of naming Prince Shu as Royal father.

Despite being ridiculed and harassed. So he wants the Emperor to stand by his decisions as well.

Not forgetting his own aspirations when he ascended the throne.

story of minglan episode 61 recap, aspirations to the throne

As the two continue to discuss the matters of the Shen and Ying families, they hear the Empress announcing her own presence outside the hall.

Commenting how she has sinned. And is here to accept punishment.

The Emperor heads outside to check it out and sees his Empress kneeling before him.

Pleading with him to punish her because she couldn’t control her family.

But he lifts her up with a smile on his face. He was in the wrong too. So they will go to the Empress Dowager for punishment.

Accepting Punishment

Meanwhile, Noble Consort Liu reports to the Empress Dowager how the Empress humbled herself to everyone.

Wearing nothing but simple robes and no makeup.

The Empress Dowager wonders who taught her that move.

Then a eunuch reports that the Empress and the Emperor are kneeling outside to see her.

She heads over and sees them kneeling to accept punishment.

The Empress Dowager lifts the Emperor up and comments that they are all here to support the country.

Later, a eunuch recites the punishment for General Shen.

He will be caned 20 times and not have a year’s worth of pay. And must stay indoors to reflect on his actions.

While Zou Ping will suffer 50 face slaps, lose her title and locked in a simple room.

And cannot serve her husband from here on.

Then the eunuch recites the punishment for the rest of the Zou family.

It’s not light either.

After the eunuch leaves, General Shen ignores the pleas of Zou Ping and the other Zou family members.

Meanwhile, Duke and Duchess Ying wonder if their daughter wants to go back to the Shen family.

If she doesn’t, she can go to a daoist temple to live for a few years before they can reunite again.

That way, the Emperor can’t complain.

But Zhang Guifen has other plans.

Planning for the Future

After some time has passed by, several officials visit the Shen household to celebrate.

An eunuch reports to the Empress Dowager that several officials have gone despite their earlier reluctance to accept General Shen.

The Empress Dowager sighs, knowing that the winds have changed. Old officials will change their loyalties or get replaced by new officials.

Meanwhile, Zou Ping gets tied up while Shen Yuzhen (General Shen’s sister) watches in shock.

She rushes over to report to her brother who’s entertaining guests with his wife, Zhang Guifen.

But Minglan interrupts her. Minglan knows Shen Yuzhen is angry with her but she cannot interrupt her brother’s important event.

Later, in a private room, Shen Yuzhen wonders if there’s any way to save Zou Ping.

But General Shen replies that this was the best outcome. If he indulged her any further, things could have been worse.

Minglan excuses herself but Shen Yuzhen refuses to let her leave. Because she believes Minglan was involved.

And starts lashing out at her. General Shen pulls his sister back and is about to hit her when Minglan stops him.

So General Shen slaps himself.

Minglan has Shen Yuzhen sit down and comments that General Shen loved someone too much and caused these situations to happen.

general shen commited wrongs

And breaks down what he did wrong.

Since he considered Zou Ping as a sister, he should have helped her marry into a family where she was the legal wife. Instead of taking her as a concubine.

And because he took her as a concubine, she indulged in her status and power. While the rest of the Shen family didn’t restrict her actions because of a debt.

So the Empress had to make a hard decision, it was painful but it HAD to be done.

For the future.

Future of the Shen Family

Because Prince Huan will eventually become the…

Emperor. Can’t say it out loud because that’s dangerous.

General Shen knows it in his heart.

But Shen Yuzhen worries about Zou Ping. Minglan instead directs her attention to her nephew and his sisters.

Her sister-in-law’s real children and the ones who matter.

Since the concubine is gone, these children can be raised by the legitimate wife.

Which would help them in the future. No children benefits from being raised by a concubine (because Minglan knows perfectly well what that is like).

It’s tough to swallow but Shen Yuzhen knows that this is for the best.

When Minglan leaves the Shen manor, Zhang Guifen personally escorts her out. Telling her to be careful.

Then Nanny Cui rushes over to her. Reporting that her grandmother isn’t doing that well.

story of minglan episode 61, nanny cui reports old madam sheng is sick

General Shen orders his servants to request an imperial doctor on Minglan’s behalf.

Old Madam Sheng is Sick

Minglan rushes into her carriage while Nanny Cui reports how Old Madam Sheng was feeling unwell in the afternoon.

Despite being okay in the morning.

Old Madam Sheng didn’t want her granddaughter to worry so she didn’t send servants over to inform Minglan.

But Nanny Cui figured that if Old Madam Sheng was on her last breath, she would want to see Minglan.

That night the imperial doctor inspects the Old Madam Sheng’s pulse and reports that she must nourish her body.

But asks to speak privately so Sheng Hong leaves the way into a separate room.

The doctor doesn’t want to reveal the root cause because it’s unpleasant.

However he informs them that Old Madam Sheng will be fine if they follow his instructions.

And writes his prescription.

Sheng Hong thanks the doctor for his health while Minglan questions the doctor.

Her grandmother has been healthy for quite some time, how did she get sick so easily?

Wang Ruofu looks uncomfortable with Minglan’s questioning and lectures her for the interrogation this late at night.

It looks like Wang Ruofu knows something? Omg, was she involved? Noooo

story of minglan episode 61, imperial doctor writes prescription

The doctor doesn’t mind but he seems to be hinting at something.

Because he tells Minglan that it’s hard to say and he must investigate further.

While also commenting that Old Madam Sheng is getting old so this was bound to happen.

Minglan catches the words “hard to say” with interest but Wang Ruofu cuts in again.

Complaining how her servants were so quick to report to her. While Sheng Hong lectures his wife.

He knows Minglan is filial.

Minglan then requests the doctor to stay for the night, in case anything changes.

And requests her father to allow her to watch over her grandmother.

Sheng Hong then thanks the doctor for his trouble.

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And that takes care of the pampered concubine Zou Ping! In Story of Minglan episode 61, we see Minglan giving advice to the Empress who ultimately helps resolve the issue that General Shen was stuck with.

Yes, the Shen family owes the Zou family a life.

But they shouldn’t have allowed them to do whatever they wanted. And each time they made a mistake, they wanted the Shen family to bail them out.

Using their former sister’s life saving grace as an excuse. When the issues escalated where another noble family is involved, someone had to take the blame.

Minglan just helped the Empress see the bigger picture. Whereas the Empress Dowager pushed them a bit more.

It seemed like she was taking advantage of the situation to cause further unrest between the old officials and the new.

Since Duke Ying is one of the older officials. Hmm, but I still see it as a teaching lesson. While Noble Consort Liu has other thoughts.

Now that Old Madam Sheng is sick, Minglan doesn’t trust anyone else to take care of her. Except for herself.

So of course, she’s going to stay the night.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 61? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I could be way of base, but I I think Minglan’s grandmother might have been poisoned by what’s-her-name, that aunt of hers, who a few episodes back promised to get revenge. And she did it through use of her sister, Wang Ruofu who kept interrupting the doctor maybe because she did something. She doesn’t seem like that kind of person but she does keep listening to her awful sister who could have persuaded her, plus when you add the fact that she was recently punished by Old Madam Sheng……

3 years ago

Goodness, maybe it’s just me but it would have been more satisfying to see General Shen (and maybe some other family members too) personally apologize to Zhang Guifen and admit that they were wrong for over indulging in the concubine. She had nothing to do with their little situation in the first place, but because he and his family couldn’t get their priorities straight, she and her child almost died. Had that been me, I don’t think I’d want to stay in a household where my partner can’t even stand up for,consider my feelings, or help me (especially when I… Read more »

3 years ago

The Empress was so cool in this episode! The actress is so beautiful and regal I had no trouble believing she’s royalty!

I miss Gu Tingye so much in these episodes! He’s missing out some great Minglan’s moments. And she is going to have her hands full for the next few episodes, dealing with her Grandmother’s “sickness”…

I managed to finish the series last night, can’t wait to discuss the final episodes with you guys! 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Ela

So good right!!! Lol. I love the last two episodes but no spoilers for any newbies who might be reading these lol.

3 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Seriously, this was one of the best series I’ve ever watched, period. So amazing! 🙂

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