The Story of Minglan Episode 62 Recap

Minglan decides to investigate what happened to her grandmother. In Story of Minglan episode 62, we find out what happens when you mess with Minglan’s family.

Story of Minglan Episode 62 Recap Highlights:

  • The imperial doctor reveals the true origin of Old Madam Sheng’s illness
  • Minglan starts her investigate and refuses to let anyone off
  • Wang Ruofu reluctantly reveals who it is to save her own life

Ohhh I can’t wait until a certain evil woman gets what she deserves! Without further adieu, let’s jump right into the Story of Minglan episode 62 recap!

Revealing the Truth

Minglan tells her sister-in-law, Hai Zhaoyun to rest for the night because she has kids to take care of.

While Nanny Cui chimes in, reassuring her that Minglan will have servants supporting her.

So Minglan won’t really pull an allnighter.

story of minglan episode 62, late night watch

Hai Zaoyun leaves and it’s just Minglan, the imperial doctor and Old Madam Sheng’s servants in the room.

Minglan orders Nanny Fang to restrict access to her grandmother’s courtyard. Nanny Fang understands that something’s wrong so she does what she asks.

Then Minglan asks the imperial doctor again for the root cause.

Because this was the same doctor that helped Zhang Guifen with her delivery.

And this is the doctor General Shen trusts.

story of minglan episode 62, trusted doctor

The imperial doctor describes the symptoms that Old Madam Sheng had throughout the day.

And comments that it is odd.

Minglan then wonders if it’s not an illness.

So the doctor clarifies that these symptoms are similar to being poisoned.

Minglan stumbles backwards as she takes in this information. While Xiaotao comforts her.

Poor Grandma Sheng!

Minglan questions Nanny Cui on what her grandmother ate recently and wonders if there’s anything different.

Nanny Cui answers that Old Madam Sheng tends to eat the same things.

Except recently, she was craving for something sweet.

So she heard about a chef who makes lotus cakes in the city.

Except this chef is old so he only makes cakes twice a month. If one wanted to buy them, they would have to wait in line.

Then Nanny Cui pauses while thinking about something. So Minglan asks her to continue.

It turns out Wang Roufu has been sending the cakes over recently to show her respect.

But it’s been happening for months with no issue. She recalls something else as well and leaves for a bit.

Vicious Scheme

Only to return with the remaining cakes that weren’t eaten today.

The imperial doctor takes a silver needle to check.

But the needle doesn’t change color. Which means there’s no poison.

However the imperial doctor smells it and wants to check something else with Old Madam Sheng.

Confirming his findings, he walks back to the table. While Minglan wonders what is wrong.

He comments that this scheme was very vicious and clever.

Ginkgo sprout.

The doctor explains that ginkgo is edible while ginkgo sprout is not. But it’s not consider poison, so it’s undetectable by the silver needle.

However, if you squeeze the ginkgo sprout to obtain the juice, it can be poisonous in high concentrations.

Minglan stumbles back again in shock and sits down to control her emotions.

Then asks if there’s a cure. The doctor comments that it’s fortunate her grandmother didn’t eat much.

Otherwise it would have been fatal.

He proposes making a concoction that would induce vomit. And then his prescription earlier would get rid of the remaining poison.

Minglan believes there’s still hope. But the doctor warns her that it may not be the case.

Since Old Madam Sheng is elderly and frail.

But he would do his best to assist.

story of minglan episode 61, preparation

The doctor leaves with Nanny Cui to check on the items her grandmother ate earlier in the day.

Minglan needs to do her part too. She orders Xiaotao to take her badge and ask her guards to come here.

To seal off the manor. She won’t let anyone escape.

Xiaotao takes off to do what she asks.

Now all alone, Minglan sniffles with tears while cursing.

She won’t let these bastards get away with this.

Whoever it is, Minglan is going to track them down!

Investigating the Culprit

That night she feeds her grandmother the medicine with meticulous care.

In the morning, Nanny Liu complains in front of her grandmother’s court. Because Minglan has sealed off the complete manor.

But her father needs to go to court.

So Xiaotao reports to Minglan.

Minglan gets up from her cot that’s next to Old Madam Sheng and prepares to head over.

She sees Nanny Liu who comments how there are several men guarding the gates of the manor.

But Minglan heard that Wang Ruofu stayed at her father’s place. So she heads over to confront them.

story of minglan episode 61, confrontation

As soon as Minglan enters, her father lectures her for sealing off the manor. When he still has to attend court.

But Minglan tells him that she has him covered. Because she had someone help him request a day off under the excuse of helping his ailing mother.

Which takes care of his reputation. So Sheng Hong wonders what she’s up to while Wang Ruofu sits down with a downcast expression.

Minglan tells him that she’s locked down the manor to prevent news from going out.

Because there’s the issue of poison. Sheng Hong connects the dots and thinks it’s impossible.

Since they are all family.

Minglan then gestures for Xiaotao to bring the food container over. While Wang Ruofu starts to panic.

As Minglan holds up a pastry to her father, he wonders what the poison is. And starts to guess.

But Wang Ruofu explains that of course it’s not arsenic it’s….

Sheng Hong and Minglan wonder what Wang Ruofu was going to say. So Wang Ruofu finishes up by saying Old Madam Sheng was just getting old.

Minglan then continues to explain.

Telling her father that it was ginkgo sprout juice. In high concentrations, it would have killed her grandmother.

Putting Her Foot Down

If she ate enough of it.

Wang Ruofu then gasps in shock.

So she wasn’t aware.

Both Minglan and Sheng Hong look at Wang Ruofu with disgust in their eyes.

What a carefully crafted scheme.

Sheng Hong drops the food container and walks over to her.

Yelling at her to tell the truth.

Wang Ruofu refuses to admit and stubbornly refutes their arguments.

It’s Wang Ruofu vs Minglan’s statements and Sheng Hong teeters back and forth.

Minglan threatens to sue Wang Ruofu with civil court while Sheng Hong threatens to beat her if she does.

Even when his mother’s life is on the line, Sheng Hong still cares about the reputation more than anything.

Sheng Hong realizes Minglan won’t budge so he reasons with her.

Since they are all family.

But Minglan points out that her grandmother isn’t related to them at all.

Then highlighting the things her grandmother did for him.

Old Madam Sheng cut off all ties with her maiden household for him. And then Minglan sarcastically comments that this is such a small matter.

Her father slaps her.

She tells him that she had this manor sealed to protect the Sheng reputation.

Why else would she do this?

Sheng Hong wonders if she’s prepared the consequences.

Minglan tells him that she doesn’t care if he refuses to acknowledge her or if she loses her maiden family’s support.

She just wants one thing.

Justice for her grandmother.

Shen Hong prepares to slap her again but Minglan stares him down. So he pauses.

Then turns to Wang Ruofu with a cold stare.

He tells Wang Ruofu to confess or he will divorce her.

Wang Ruofu calls his bluff so Sheng Hong asks Xiaotao to prepare paper and ink.

While Wang Ruofu threatens him with her maiden family.

The True Culprit

Then Nanny Liu rushes in to convince her madam to stop being stubborn.

Because this will affect her son and her daughter’s future.

Minglan comments that Nanny Liu was well aware of it. As she is the trusted maid.

Nanny Liu answers that even though she came from the Wang family she must tell the truth.

She narrates how her madam refused to cut ties with her older sister even though Old Madam Sheng told her to do so.

But Wang Ruofu wouldn’t listen.

Nanny Liu overheard the conversation outside and knew that Minglan wanted Wang Ruofu to expose the true culprit.

Because if it was truly her madam, she could have enacted punishment today instead of urging her to confess.

Minglan praises Nanny Liu for being the only one able to see through her statements.

Wang Ruofu is a straight forward person, she would never think of a scheme like this.

Even Sheng Hong agrees and starts to consider something else. But Wang Ruofu refuses to confess and reveal the truth.

Until Nanny Liu urges her some more.

It’s Madam Kang.

Madam Kang told Wang Ruofu that if Old Madam Sheng would get sick every so often, she won’t have the energy to control the household and lecture Wang Ruofu.

So Wang Ruofu followed along, thinking that the pastries were fine.

Both Sheng Hong and Minglan lecture her for being so foolish. Minglan then follows up that her grandson frequently visits her grandmother, if he accidentally ate it, he would be in danger too.

Wang Ruofu refuses to believe her older sister would do this to her.

Nanny Liu argues that it could happen because that’s her grandson not her sister’s grandson.

Plan to Reel in the Culprit

Minglan then breaks down Madam Kang’s plan in detail.

If Old Madam Sheng truly died from the pastries, Madam Kang would use this as blackmail against Wang Ruofu.

story of minglan episode 62, true motive

Because only the two of them know the truth.

Then whatever Madam Kang wants, she would get. If she can’t get it from Wang Ruofu, she can get it from Wang Ruofu’s son or daughter.

Either way, most of the Sheng household would be subject to Madam Kang’s whims.

Meanwhile, someone wanted to escape and release some news.

story of minglan episode 62, servant attempts to escape

Xiaotao tells him to bring her in.

Wang Ruofu sees the servant and wonders if she’s working for her older sister.

The servant pleads innocent, saying that she needs to go home because of her mother.

And Wang Ruofu sees through her lies because the servant’s mother died two years ago.

The servant refuses to confess and Minglan doesn’t want to waste any more time. So she asks the guard to do something to help.

He twists her arm in a painful way and the servant confesses.

Madam Kang paid her more silver to report what happens in the manor.

So Minglan orders her guard to keep a watch on her. Then asks what her father plans to do next.

Hearing an unsatisfactory answer, Minglan comments that she will make the decision for him.

She wants Nanny Liu to invite Madam Kang over. Then later explains to her father that if Madam Kang is in their hands, they can punish her as they see fit.

Sheng Hong is appalled to hear his daughter talk about killing people and walks off.

story of minglan episode 62, justice for old madam

When Minglan eats breakfast, a servant reports that Old Madam Sheng’s complexion looks better but she hasn’t awoken.

Then Nanny Liu strolls in to report that Madam Kang has arrived with several servants.

Confronting the Culprit

But then comments that her most trusted servant isn’t here. So Minglan has her run another errand for her.

Then Minglan heads over to Wang Ruofu’s courtyard.

story of minglan episode 62, confronting the culprit

Minglan overhears their conversation.

Madam Kang tells her younger sister that she was the one who harmed her mother-in-law.

And that they are doomed.

Because Minglan enters.

Madam Kang is surprised to see her here. And wants to kick her out but Minglan makes herself comfortable.

Then she asks servants to drag him another servant. Who confesses that it was Madam Kang who tempted her. Telling her that she would never get promoted if Nanny Liu was around.

Look how Madam Kang squirms in her seat.

Minglan orders two older nannies to drag Madam Kang to a place under watch.

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Minglan’s just so amazing in this episode! Gu Tingye would be so proud to see his wife bearing her teeth and claws.

To find the true culprit who harmed her grandmother.

In Story of Minglan episode 62, the moral of the story is do not mess with Minglan’s close family.

Minglan’s latest actions show that she’s now able to protect what she holds dear. Maybe she knows that she is reckless and could bring trouble to her husband.

But Gu Tingye has told her multiple times that he supports her. So she feels enabled to act.

Despite Sheng Hong’s reluctance to pursue this matter, Minglan put her foot down. Because her grandmother is her true family. Even though they are not related.

Sheng Hong as usual, cares more about his reputation than dealing with the root of the problem. Has he never considered that Madam Kang would attempt to do this again? Or do something worse?

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what happens next in the following episode. What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 62?

Leave a comment below! P.S. Happy Memorial Day everyone to those in the U.S.!

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2 years ago

Sheng Hong is the most infuriating POS father. This show makes me angry beyond belief, due to the injustices that happen like him slapping Minglan.

Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago

I hope in later episode Minglan’s father would learn about her scheming to get rid of Concubine Lin

I juat hate Sheng Hong so much

3 years ago

My favourite moment, or at least one of them, from the whole drama so far is when Minglan casually tells her father not to worry that she’ll take Madam Kang out of the house before killing her. The shock on her father’s face! It was hilarious. He’s only now beginning to realise how ruthless Minglan can be. I rewatched that moment several times.

Too bad Gu Tingye is missing all this. He’d have loved to see Minglan like this, all calm and capable.

4 years ago

Minglan is so cool during the poisoning investigation episodes! You’re right that by now, she trusts her husband’s support enough so she can act firmly and confidently. Pity that Gu Tingye is missing most of this incident! Sheng Hong is being quite shameless again. Not even the life of his mother (adoptive) is enough for him to endanger his reputation and his quiet family life?! I’ve seen him being likened to Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice several times before (maybe it was here or other forums). Mr. Bennet, while he might not fundamentally change his character or behaviour, did… Read more »

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