The Story of Minglan Episode 63 Recap

Minglan has grown so much! It’s like seeing your own kid grow up. In Story of Minglan episode 63, we see Minglan getting justice for her grandmother.

When will Gu Tingye come back? His wifey’s been crushing her enemies left and right.

Story of Minglan Episode 63 Recap Highlights:

  • After capturing Madam Kang, Minglan plans her next steps
  • The Wang family visits and are under the impression Wang Ruofu did something wrong
  • Old Madam Wang makes a decision about her two daughters

Come to think of it, Gu Tingye’s been gone since episode 58, but it feels longer. And we have just 10 more episodes left. (°o°:)

What happens in Story of Minglan episode 63? Let’s find out in the recap!

Next Steps

After Madam Kang gets dragged out, Minglan asks her mother about Sheng Hong.

If he returned.

Wang Ruofu tells Minglan that her father returned but then went back to his study.

Furious about the whole situation.

story of minglan episode 63, wangruofu honesty

Minglan understands where her father is coming from. Because she knows his personality.

She comments that she will ask all the guards to leave.

But once she does, Minglan wants her mother know what to expect and how to prepares.

Wang Ruofu understands and whips out a tale to explain their current situation.

Using Caihuai (the servant interrogated earlier) as the internal spy.

Then Minglan gets up to leave but Wang Ruofu calls out to her.

She wants to let Caihuai off. Minglan explains that Old Madam Sheng selected Wang Ruofu as a daughter-in-law because she’s an honest person.

If only she listened to Old Madam Sheng and stayed away from her vicious older sister.

Minglan leaves while Wang Ruofu considers own actions.

Meanwhile, several servants stuff Madam Kang into a side courtyard.

Nanny Liu heads over to Nanny Qi to grab her two sons.

Using a well crafted excuse.

story of minglan episode 63, nanny qi sons

As soon as the two sons enter the side courtyard, people rush out to capture them.

Minglan interrogates the maids who came with Madam Kang.

She wants them to reveal what they know.

They refuse and Minglan comments that they are such loyal servants.

While Xiaotao believes it’s too early to tell.

Then someone drags in Caihuai.

Madam Kang’s servants shiver in fear. Minglan tells them she has all the evidence she needs but she wants to give them an opportunity to escape their trouble.

Someone reports that Nanny Liu has delivered the men she sought.

Minglan orders them to bring them in.

Interrogating Madam Kang’s Servants

Minglan tells the lead guard to interrogate them. Soldier Tu (lead guard) comments that it will take less than a day to make them confess.

If not, his reputation will be ruined.

story of minglan episode 63, soldier tu
Soldier Tu

Soldier Tu guarded Minglan when she was out for investigations.

Minglan then points out a loyal servant. She believes she will be a challenge. Since she’s so tight-lipped.

Soldier Tu grabs her and heads out while Minglan heads over to Madam Kang.

She has a mouthful of curses to rain down on her. But several servants tie her up to a post and silence her with some cloth.

story of minglan episode 63, human mummy

Oh Madam Kang, you’ve abused so many concubine born daughters, did you ever think about karma?

After Hai Zaoyun prepares food for the other courtyards, a servant reports that they sent a message to her husband.

She hopes he can get the message in time.

Meanwhile, Minglan continues to observe and treat her grandmother with the imperial doctor’s assistance.

Until one day, the Wang family and the Kang family have arrived.

The stage is set.

The Stage

Minglan heads over to the reception hall and bumps into her father.

They head over together. Minglan comments how there’s several people from the Wang family yet just one from the Kang family.

Maybe someone was aware of what was happening.

Minglan continues to share her foresight with her father.

She believes the Wang family is here for one of three reasons:

  1. They heard about Old Madam Sheng’s condition and came out of concern (knowing nothing about Madam Kang’s situation)
  2. They know about the situation and want to discuss how Madam Kang can be spared
  3. Someone has evil intentions and plans on blaming everything on Wang Ruofu and harming the Sheng household at the same time

Minglan wants her father to go see which reason it is. Because she already helped him request leave.

What reason do you think it is?

In the reception hall, Wang Ruofu sobs as she clings to her mother’s robes.

When Sheng Hong enters, his mother-in-law comments that her family has disappointed him.

Because she failed to raise her daughter well.

Wang Ruofu begs her mother to help her but her mother doesn’t believe she can help her.

Old Madam Wang asks Sheng Hong how he plans on punishing her. And Sheng Hong is surprised to hear this.

Because his wife is not the only one involved.

Minglan asks if Old Madam Wang knows the truth. While Old Madam Wang wonders why Minglan is here.

Wang Ruofu tries to explain who the true culprit is when Minglan tells the servants to bring “her” in.

Looks like Old Madam Wang knows how scheming her daughter can be

Madam Kang tells her mother that the Sheng family treated her so cruelly. While Old Madam Wang looks uncomfortable.

Revealing the details

Nanny Qi comforts Madam Kang until she gets yanked to the side by Xiaotao.

Nanny Qi realizes her sons were detained by the Sheng family and Minglan begins her story.

The two sons (aides of Madam Kang) met a daoist in a temple. Who was capable of making certain medications.

story of minglan episode 63 confession

Including a poison that was potent yet undetectable by silver needles.

The method relies on a certain amount of ginkgo sprout juice.

And the poison could kill a person within one hour. Madam Kang shifts her eyes downcast.

However the problem was the quantity. But the daoist was able to find remote shops that had old stock.

Then the daoist spent many nights creating the poison.

Some was used in the pastries for Old Madam Sheng.

After pointing out all the evidence, Minglan stops speaking.

Madam Kang takes this opportunity to blame her sister. And beg her mother to save her.

story of minglan episode 63 scapegoat

Wang Ruofu is shocked at the accusation.

While Uncle Kang’s wife expresses their stance. This matter is between the Kang family and the Sheng family.

Sheng Hong agrees that the Wang family helped him before.

Old Madam Wang speaks up and reasons with Sheng Hong.

But then Minglan cuts in to remind her father that they need to clarify this matter.

Was it Madam Kang’s fault or was it Wang Ruofu’s fault.

Sheng Hong asks his mother-in-law to make a decision.

And the critical act begins.

Two daughters beg their mother to save them.

Old Madam Wang’s Decision

Madam Kang tugs her mother’s robes to save her. Describing how difficult her marriage was all this years. She’s suffered so much.

While her sister will be fine even if she’s punished.

But not her.

Then Wang Ruofu begs her mother as well. But gets shoved to the side by Madam Kang.

Who then blames her mother for arranging this marriage for her.

So she cannot allow others to determine her fate.

Eventually Old Madam Wang decides she cannot protect her oldest child anymore.

Madam Kang attempts suicide but her son and Nanny Qi hold her back.

Then Nanny Qi offers to take Madam Kang home to rest. Since she’s not in her right mind.

Nanny Liu steps up to stop her.

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Oh boy, Madam Kang is doomed now. But it looks like Old Madam Wang doesn’t intend on punishing her eldest daughter.

Because she’s biased.

Poor Wang Ruofu. She has her own share of troubles too. In Story of Minglan episode 63, we see how spoiled children end up growing up.

The Wang family always pampered Madam Kang. Whenever she caused trouble, they would bail her out.

So she never learned. Minglan observes this as well.

Will Minglan get the justice for her grandmother? Or will the Wang family try to sweep it under the rug?

Thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 63? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

They let Kang and her stupid maid screech for sooooo long and it’s not even over.

3 years ago

I thought I saw how ruthless Minglan could be before but that was nothing compared to this episode!

Her cool attitude was epic. Even pregnant she still played everyone so easily.

3 years ago

Episode 63 and 64 are the absolute best. I love how careful and methodic minglan was in compiling the evidence and his ruthless she was about protecting her grandma.

4 years ago

This episode nicely illustrates how kind-hearted Wang Ruofu really is, despite her short-sightedness and impulsiveness. She is in an extremely dire situation yet she is still concerned about a maid who betrayed her to her sister. It’s very clear that she is very sorry for what she caused and that she definitely doesn’t want her mother-in-law to die. I am glad that Minglan sees that and is determined not to let the Kang-Wang b*tch off the hook. Lol at Minglan interrogating people and not hesitating to use torture. Our little girl is truly all grown up! 🙂 Changbai’s wife Hai… Read more »

4 years ago

Our baby is all grown up. Kicking butt and taking names. Will auntie Kang’s mom get her daughter off or will Minglan win out.

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