The Story of Minglan Episode 64 Recap

And we now come to the conclusion of this case. In Story of Minglan episode 64, when Minglan can’t hold on anymore, her husband and brother arrive to help.

Story of Minglan Episode 64 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Tingye and Changbai return just in time to help Minglan
  • Changbai decides his maternal aunt’s punishment
  • Old Madam Sheng wakes up

Old Madam Wang knows how to play her cards right. What happens next? Let’s found out in Story of Minglan episode 64 recap!

Old Madam Wang’s Tactics

Old Madam Wang begs Sheng Hong to allow her daughter to return home to rest.

Since her mind is no longer in the right place. Sheng Hong is about to agree but Minglan cuts in.

story of minglan episode 64 escape

Because she’s worried that Madam Kang will escape. Since she could poison someone, she could do anything.

Old Madam Wang lectures Minglan for being rude to her elders and Sheng Hong gives her the look as well. But Minglan stands her ground.

So Sheng Hong tells Old Madam Wang that Madam Kang can stay in the Sheng manor for the time being.

Madam Kang gets dragged off while she pleads for her mother to save her.

story of minglan episode 64 virtuous son-in-law

Old Madam Wang brings up the past. How she picked Sheng Hong despite others telling her he wasn’t a good candidate.

Minglan rolls her eyes on the side. Because she knows where this is going.

Sheng Hong’s expression softens.

Old Madam Wang then tells Sheng Hong how Old Madam Sheng wouldn’t want them to become like this.

So she wants Sheng Hong to be merciful.

Minglan comments that she never knew the Sheng family owed so much to the Wang family.

And Sheng Hong corrects her. While realizing what Old Madam Sheng just did.

Sheng Hong then tells her that he would never let off his mother’s killer.

So Old Madam Wang tries a different approach.

But gets stopped by Minglan as well.

Old Madam Wang wants to know what the punishment is. Minglan brings up an eye for an eye but Uncle Wang tells her to be merciful.

Since she’s expecting.

Shen Hong comments that if this matter gets out, all three families will have different outcomes.

Minglan murmurs that it’s about time he used his brain.

Hahaha Minglan, well that’s why you’re here!

To Save Madam Kang

Shen Hong proposes they execute Madam Kang and they can put this matter away.

Old Madam Wang refuses and threatens the future of Changbai and Changfeng.

As well as Hualan and Rulan.

Wang Ruofu feels like her mother has abandoned her for her older sister.

Old Madam Wang negotiates with Sheng Hong to put this matter under the rug.

story of minglan episode 64 hidden threats

Old Madam Wang points out if Minglan cares for her siblings and nephew she won’t pursue this any further.

Minglan gets put into a difficult position.

And Gu Tingye arrives to support her.

Changbai arrives as well. So Old Madam Wang tells Minglan to go rest because she has no place here.

Gu Tingye exchanges verbal jabs with Old Madam Wang.

Old Madam Wang can’t win against him so she asks if he’s going to meddle. But Gu Tingye points out that he’s an outsider so Changbai should decide.

And Changbai recites the punishment according to law.

But he points out that it wasn’t his mother but his maternal aunt that did this.

While Old Madam Wang points out that his aunt is his blood relative. Changbai counters that his grandmother is not a blood relative yet treats this family very well.

Then recites how the heavens will punish those who commit wrongs.

Old Madam Wang slaps him.

Then wonders how Changbai will protect his mother from this. Changbai reveals that after the salt taxation case is over, he will submit his resignation.

Wang Ruofu tells her son not to do it because she’d rather accept her punishment. She doesn’t want to ruin her son’s future.

While Old Madam Wang wonders if her life will be enough. So she says she’ll die for her daughter.

story of minglan episode 64 pampered Madam Kang

One’s Own Selfishness

Sheng Hong realizes that this is the reason why his sister-in-law is so audacious.

No matter what she does, her mother protects her. So he proposes they see each other in court.

Uncle Wang and his wife beg Old Madam Wang to save their families. While Madam Kang’s son begs his grandmother to save his mother.

Minglan watches on the side, commenting how someone won’t feel the pain unless they are directly involved.

Gu Tingye comments how Minglan doesn’t look like she’s been eating well.

But Minglan tells him that as long as her grandmother can wake up, she will eat three meals a day.

Nanny Cui rushes in to report that Old Madam Sheng has woken up.

So everyone heads over to see her.

Old Madam Wang makes her way to Old Madam Sheng’s bedside. The comments how happy she is to see that she’s awake.

Mhmm yep, if Old Madam Sheng is awake, you’re not guilty anymore hmm?

Old Madam Sheng notices that Changbai is back.

Who reports that the salt taxation investigation is done. Then she sees Minglan crying.

So she tells her not to cry. Asking Gu Tingye to control her. Who then comments that he cannot so Old Madam Sheng should be better to do so.

Later that night, the imperial doctor leaves while Sheng Hong escorts him out.

He tells them that Old Madam Sheng can eat properly now. So they need to provide her suitable nourishments.

After escorting the doctor out, Minglan heads back to her grandmother’s courtyard and hears that she’s calling for her.

So she rushes over to chat with her.

An Important Lesson

Old Madam Sheng tells Minglan that she knows everything. Because Nanny Cui couldn’t hide it from her.

Then comments how Gu Tingye exhausted two horses to get here on time. So Old Madam Sheng can rest at ease.

Knowing that her granddaughter has someone to rely on.

Because if anything happens to her, she can rest at ease.

Minglan doesn’t want to hear her say depressing things. Then Old Madam Sheng comments how Gu Tingye will eventually take Madam Kang’s life.

Because of how she was bullied today. But taking a life is easy.

Did Minglan think about what would happen afterwards?

The former Lord Wang has many connections and if one drives one into a corner, they would perform a desperate attack.

Minglan doesn’t want to let Madam Kang go because if she could choose, she would make that woman pay.

story of minglan episode 64 paying back debts

Meanwhile, Old Madam Wang wants Changbai to release her eldest daughter. Because Old Madam Sheng has woken up.

But Changbai wants her caned and then sent to prison.

Minglan strolls in with Gu Tingye supporting her.

Madam Kang’s son retorts that they were so eager to punish his mother but what about his aunt? He then glances at Wang Ruofu.

Changbai comments that his mother will go back to Youyang to reflect on his actions.

Wang Ruofu doesn’t want to but Changbai believes this is the best way for her to reflect on her actions.

Because she won’t have anyone to rely on. So she must learn to be humble.

Wang Ruofu then asks how long she will be there for?

Changbai issues her sentence. 10 years.

Wang Ruofu becomes so furious that she walks off.

While Minglan and her husband head back too.

Changbai orders Dongrong to enact the punishment.

Being Protected

Back at home Minglan lays on the bed while contemplating what she’s done recently.

Gu Tingye wonders why she was so reckless this time.

Minglan wonders if he’s scared of her now.

But Gu Tingye tells her that he was only thinking of how to protect her.

So she gives him several kisses in response.

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Ugh I felt like Minglan in this episode. I get what Old Madam Sheng is saying but Madam Kang went too far!

If only you could do what you wanted without the consequences. But Old Madam Sheng is right, they can never cut the family ties completely. And now is a dangerous time to have even more enemies.

Thank goodness Hai Zhaoyun sent a message to Changbai. Gu Tingye was able to get back in time too due to that message.

Old Madam Wang was very sneaky, tugging on Sheng Hong’s heartstrings like that. I feel Madam Kang got that cleverness from her.

And of course, Sheng Hong has no idea he was being manipulated until Minglan pulled him out of it.

So did Wang Ruofu get her honesty from her father? Hmm very interesting.

I gushed and aww’ed when I saw Minglan show her affection for her hubby. Hope he knows that Minglan missed him!

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4 years ago

The thing I enjoy about Minglan, especially in the last third of the show, is how done she is with everyone’s bullshit. Seriously, she would give Sansa Stark a run for her money with those facial expressions XD. Sheng Hong: The outcome for the three families will be different! Minglan: Glad your brain finally arrived, we’re saving it a spot. In other news: Me when Gu Tingye arrives and puts his hand around Minglan’s waist: ♡♡♡♡♡!!!!! When he says that Minglan is a complete lamb: sure, jan, totally plausible, LOL 😀 I think that by now, Minglan’s feelings for Tingye… Read more »

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