The Story of Minglan Episode 65 Recap

So Madam Kang is punished but she still gets to keep her life. Now that Gu Tingye is back, what’s next? Back to the cold wars? In Story of Minglan episode 65, we feel the stirrings of another storm.

Story of Minglan Episode 65 Recap Highlights:

  • Minglan reminds Gu Tingye to head back before the Emperor notices
  • Madam Kang remains in the Shen manor
  • Sheng Hong makes an interesting observation

Five more episodes until we reach the 70s, I can’t wait! But for now, let’s see what happens next in Story of Minglan episode 65!

Catching Up

Gu Tingye holds Minglan in his embrace. And Minglan updates him on what’s happened since he’s left.

She comments how Wang Ruofu had to kneel for punishment.

Which caused her to hold some resentment against her grandmother. So when Madam Kang suggested the pastries, Wang Ruofu was sorely tempted.

story of minglan episode 65, catching up

But Minglan couldn’t stand for the way others treated her grandmother.

So she had to stand up for her grandmother.

Wang Ruofu cries in her room while Nanny Liu tries to convince her to see reason.

She comments that if she leaves to receive her punishment, then everything will be cleared.

Besides, she cannot let Changbai resign from his position. Wang Ruofu retorts that her son can do whatever he wants.

story of minglan episode 65, favored official

She refuses to let him use that to threaten her. But Nanny Liu explains that Changbai is highly favored by the emperor.

Everyone is relying on him.

So she should go to Youyang and recuperate. If anyone tries to snub her, she should brag about her son and daughters.

But Wang Ruofu worries that she’ll be all alone. So Nanny Liu tells her that she will go with her.

Wang Ruofu regrets not listening to her aide’s advice. And cries some more.

Nanny Liu tells her not to cry anymore because it’s such good weather.

And takes her outside for a stroll.

Meanwhile, Minglan wonders if her husband is done with the salt tax investigation.

Gu Tingye explains that when Changbai read the letter her sister-in-law sent over, he went to get him.

So he knew something was wrong.

This is punishable by death. If the Emperor finds out and holds it against him.

Gu Tingye smiles, seeing that Minglan is anxious.

Not Trusting Him

On the way home, Gu Tingye comments that he was thinking about just one thing.

Why Minglan never asked for his help.

Minglan explains that things happened too quickly. But Gu Tingye points out that she doesn’t really trust him.

Or trust that he would protect her no matter what.

And Minglan admits it.

story of minglan episode 65, not trusting Gu Tingye

Gu Tingye complains that Minglan treats him like an outsider.

Because she doesn’t trust him.

Minglan counters that it’s because it wasn’t easy for him to get this far so she didn’t want to give him trouble.

Isn’t it fine that she thinks about him and he thinks about her?

But Gu Tingye wants Minglan to fight with him. Minglan comments that she doesn’t understand him.

And wonders if Prostitute Wei treats him like this.

Someone is more than eager to explain himself but the other party doesn’t care. Hahaha

Minglan gets back on topic and tells her husband to leave the city quietly so the emperor doesn’t hear about this.

When it’s just her and Xiaotao, Minglan wonders what Prostitute Wei looks like.

Xiaotao doesn’t know and recommends asking the men about her.

But Minglan would rather book some time with her so she could see what she looks like.

Xiaotao wonders if she’s serious.

Then realizes that Yu Yanran knows Prostitute Wei. So Minglan comments that she can write a letter to Yanran.

story of minglan episode 65, letter to Yanran

Minglan and Sheng Hong Play Chess

Minglan discusses with her father over a chess game.

About getting the Kang family’s signature to put Madam Kang into prison.

Initially, Sheng Hong doesn’t plan on going to the Kang family for the signature.

But Minglan tells him what to say so Lord Kang would agree.

Because she knows the internal conflicts of the Kang family. And Sheng Hong wonders why she knows so much.

Then tells her that he finally realized that she was always this smart and calculating.

Her previous behavior was just an act.

After he pours her some tea, Minglan tells him that she will always remember who treated her well.

And who treated her poorly. For those who treated her well, she will do everything in her power to help them.

Then asks if he remembers her birth mother. If he remembered what she liked and didn’t like.

Sheng Hong turns around and comments that he was so busy back then.

Minglan comments that she knows him very well. And that he will only do things that benefit him.

Or his family.

Minglan then gets up to leave.

Why bother with these questions? They should just continue to live their days in a muddled manner.

After Minglan leaves, Sheng Hong tries to reach for a go chess piece then sobs quietly to himself.

Does he regret now? The one daughter that understands him the most is the one he neglected the most.

Over at Old Madam Sheng’s courtyard, Old Madam Sheng comments that having Madam Kang in the Sheng manor to recuperate is a burden.

She must be closely guarded in case she tries to escape.

So it’s best to have Madam Kang get sent to prison. But right now she’s injured.

And can’t be moved to prison.

The Emperor Knows

Later at night, Minglan and some members of the Sheng family send off Changbai and Gu Tingye.

Along the way, Gu Tingye comments that Changbai must have mentioned Prostitute Wei to his wife.

And quickly explains that there’s nothing between Prostitute Wei and himself.

Changbai counters that Minglan will get anxious then. Wouldn’t that be great?

Gu Tingye gets scared that his relationship with Minglan will get messy.

Meanwhile, Xiaotao recites facts about Prostitute Wei to Minglan. While Minglan worries that Gu Tingye will find out she researched her.

Xiaotao doesn’t understand why Minglan is worried.

Because Gu Tingye will find out anyway.

In the palace, a eunuch reports to the Emperor that Gu Tingye and his party have left the city.

After returning without permission. He paces back and forth with anger.

The Empress is also at his side and reminds him to stay calm.

Hmm so was that eunuch a spy?

The Emperor then dismisses the eunuch.

Sister Zhou Meets Madam Kang

In the back of the Sheng manor, a kitchen maid complains about a woman held in the back courtyard.

Who swears at her all the time, even though she delivers the food. So Sister Zhou decides to go in her place instead.

OMG, we haven’t seen Sister Zhou, Madam Lin’s trusted aide in so long. Since episode 33!

Sister Zhou walks with a limp as she heads over to the rear courtyard.

She delivers the food to Madam Kang who’s imprisoned in the rear courtyard.

But Madam Kang throws it aside.

Complaining that the food is only fit for animals.

Sister Zhou picks up the food scraps and stuffs it in her mouth. While Madam Kang just watches.

story of minglan episode 65, sister zhou

Looks like the proud Sister Zhou has fallen so low and adapted to survive

Sister Zhou comments that pretty soon she won’t get to eat.

Because she’ll go to prison.

Then takes the food container away and leaves.

While Madam Kang shouts that she’ll never go to prison.

Catching Up with Her Sisters

Hualan and Rulan visit Minglan at her own manor. And hear that their grandmother was poisoned by Madam Kang.

They think the punishment was too light and wonder why they just heard about it now.

Minglan tells them that they didn’t want to expose the issue to the public.

Rulan worries about giving birth and wonders if her mother can stay for a few more days.

She asks Minglan but Minglan differs it to Changbai.

But then Rulan wants Minglan to ask on her behalf.

So Minglan brings up her grandmother. Maybe asking her would help. Hualan then changes the topic.

While Rulan looks disappointed.

Minglan praises how Rulan’s husband went through so much effort to select midwives for the delivery. And comments how her days are going so well.

While Rulan remarks that as long as her mother-in-law doesn’t bother her too much, she’d be happy.

Rulan comments that Minglan should be careful too.

And Hualan chimes in. Stating that she should have left Danju’s wedding to her.

But Minglan doesn’t mind. Since everything was planned half a year ago.

Then it’s time.

Minglan burns her slave contract and gives her a residence deed.

story of minglan episode 65, danju
Danju’s so pretty in her wedding gear!

Then Danju reminisces about the past with Minglan.

Before giving her three bows.

Cuiwei and Xiaotao lead her out to the outside carriage.

Where her groom picks her up.

Minglan wipes a tear away. Rulan wonders if it would have been better to keep Danju by her side.

And Hualan wonders who would take care of her if all her trusted aides left her.

Simple Happiness

Molan heads home to visit while her servant reports that her other sisters visited Minglan.

And they stayed overnight.

She doesn’t believe it was to send off a servant so she complains that she gets left out of everything.

Including affairs of her maiden household.

story of minglan episode 65, molan

Molan complains to Hai Zhaoyun that she hasn’t had the fortune of bearing a child. And wants to ask a favor.

To summon Madam He to take a look at her.

Because none of the concubines in the Liang household are able to carry a concubine to term.

And if they do, the children don’t survive long.

Hmm, is Molan involved with this?

Hai Zhaoyun counters that even if the concubines give birth, they are still her children. Because she’s the legitimate wife.

And besides their grandmother is sick. Molan tries to inquire further but Hai Zhaoyun excuses herself after telling her to visit her brother.

Molan visits her brother and wonders if he knows about their grandmother being sick.

Changfeng doesn’t think much of it.

While Molan thinks it’s odd. Because their mother went home to Youyang as well.

Molan complains that only she doesn’t know. But Changfeng disagrees. Since there’s him and his first daughter.

Molan refuses to let go of the matter.

But Changfeng continues to dote on his daughter. Commenting that he’s already satisfied with this daughter.

While Molan thinks there’s nothing to be happy about.

Changfeng retorts that she’s not happy even after becoming a count’s wife.

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In Story of Minglan episode 65, we see that some of the sister dynamics have changed slightly.

Hualan is still on good terms with Minglan. But Rulan may start to feel that Minglan’s different now? She wanted Minglan to help so she can have her mother stay for a few days.

And Minglan used to never say no, I guess she’s not used to this? Sheng Hong realizes his daughter is actually very intelligent and calculating.

But Minglan has make it clear she doesn’t plan amending her relationship with him.

The Emperor puts an act for a servant, is he going to pull the rug under the Empress Dowager? Hmm, the final political battle is coming up.

Meanwhile, Molan is being nosy. She’s going to end up stirring some trouble. She will take any opportunity to drag Minglan down.

Sigh. More troubles on the way.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 65? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

Can I just say weird timelines strike again. Rulan was the first pregnancy we learned of way back after Changbai’s wife had her baby before Minglan befriended General Shen’s wife and she got pregnant. But now General Shen’s wife has given birth and Rulan is still pregnant with Hualan commenting that she wasn’t sure before but looking at them now she’s sure that Rulan will give birth first. Like what happened? Is Rulan’s pregnancy the longest ever did she have a miscarriage that was never mentioned on the show, is this her second child? It was a moment that struck… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Oh my, you’re probably right with the weird timeline, I need to check this over the weekend! BTW Have we even seen Changbai’s wife being pregnant in ANY episodes?

It would make sense if Rulan miscarried…would explain why she says her husband has been personally selecting the midwifes, worried for his wife’s safe delivery. But if that’s right, they should have mentioned it….

3 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Rulan did gave birth. It was mention a few episodes ago when Old Madam Wang was using the older siblings to threaten Minglan. She said, “ You have carried both Rulan and Hualan’s child.” So this should be her second pregnancy.

3 years ago
Reply to  Krystal

Rulan in this episode said, “ We [Rulan and Hualan] are both mothers…..” which means that this is definitely her second pregnancy .

3 years ago

Aaaand we’re back to MinglanxTingye little wars, but things are changing now. Minglan is getting more direct with him, although she still fails to understand why he’s angry when she just wants to spare him trouble. She is also starting to get more jealous of other women in his life, which is something he enjoys tremendously. Or usually does, lol at him being suddenly anxious about his relationship with Minglan while Changbai’s like *wtf, do u even know what you want?*. Btw, I do think that Tingye is being a bit unreasonable with being angry at Minglan for not writing… Read more »

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