The Story of Minglan Episode 66 Recap

Nothing is good when old enemies collude with each other. In Story of Minglan episode 66 recap, Molan sticks her nose into something that she shouldn’t.

Story of Minglan Episode 66 Recap Highlights:

  • Molan devises a plan to release Madam Kang who hides with Madam Gu
  • Changbai returns but Gu Tingye is not back
  • Minglan enters pre-labor

As the series narrows to the ending, will the enemies get their punishment? Let’s continue on to Story of Minglan episode 66 recap!

Former Glory

Sister Zhou comments how low her fourth miss has fallen. While Madam Kang just listens.

If it was in the past, she’d be welcomed back home in glory. Madam Kang comments that concubine born daughters should be grateful that they are not stuck serving tea or working in the kitchens.

But Sister Zhou explains further. How when Madam Lin was around, the whole household was under her control.

story of minglan episode 66, enemies chat

Wang Ruofu couldn’t even hold a candle to her.

Then Madam Kang retorts that her sister is weak. If it was up to her, Madam Lin would have died at least a thousand times.

Sister Zhou comments that she’s even worse off than her because she will go to prison soon.

Madam Kang gets offended and stops eating. She doesn’t believe she’ll get sent there. But Sister Zhou tells her that the notice arrived.

Sister Zhou then gets up to leave but pauses when Madam Kang brings up Molan again.

Should she share some of the joy with her by taking her under her wing?

Yet, Sister Zhou is stuck here doing menial work. While Molan gets to enjoy the life of a count’s wife.

Sister Zhou looks back for a bit before leaving.

Madam Kang is good at putting ideas into people’s heads. Sister Zhou takes her advice into consideration.

Meanwhile, Molan heads to her father’s study.

And offers him tea.

Sheng Hong accepts but continues with what he’s doing.

Molan silently offers to grind the ink for him.

Then asks about the robbery in the Sheng manor recently. If the robber was caught.

Sheng Hong shrugs it off as nothing major.

Molan then brings up how she heard Minglan ordered torturing of people. But Sheng Hong comments that it was to catch the thief.

A Secret

After hearing her go around in circles, Sheng Hong cuts in. Asking her what she wants to know.

But instead of asking, Molan takes a different approach. And plays the pity card. Pretending to be a neglected daughter.

Sheng Hong almost lets down his guard but then remembers that his son told him to be extra careful.

No one else should know what happened.

So Sheng Hong tells Molan that she’s overthinking it.

Reminding her to pay more attention to her husband’s household instead. Molan continues to press her father for answers. But it doesn’t work.

Instead Sheng Hong gets flared up because the Liang household is such a mess.

And she doesn’t even help sort it out.

Molan wonders why the topic switched to her.

But Sheng Hong complains that Molan seeks gossip too much. It’s not a good use of her time.

Besides, she’s not his only child. His other children have done well yet she spends most of her time with gossip.

Molan tries to explain that she’s not that kind of person but Sheng Hong dismisses her.

After Molan leaves, she turns to a corner to cry. And Sister Zhou rushes into her.

Molan flings her away not knowing she’s her mother’s previous aide.

story of minglan episode 66, sister zhou

Molan cannot hide her disgust at how long this servant has fallen. Sister Zhou then begs her to take her.

Molan refuses.

When begging doesn’t work, Sister Zhou uses blackmail.

Then Molan shoves her to a corner and threatens to break her other leg.

And leaves. But before Molan goes too far, Sister Zhou mentions the incident in the manor.

In return for spare change.

story of minglan episode 66, molan wants to know

Molan reluctantly gives up one of her hairpins.

Madam Kang Escapes

Sister Zhou takes Molan to the rear courtyard to visit Madam Kang.

Disguised as a servant.

Molan thinks it’s amusing that her aunt is in this predicament.

When she’s laughed enough, Madam Kang tells her to scram. But Molan wants to hear the story.

Madam Kang refuses to tell the whole story until she’s out of here.

Molan then tells her to wait and see.

In the kitchen, Sister Zhou subtly adds a piece of wood into the burning fire. That causes the flame to flare out.

And when everyone rushes to deal with the fire, Sister Zhou sneaks out.

To free Madam Kang. Who sneaks out when servants rush to refill their water buckets.

story of minglan episode 66, madam kang escapes

After Madam Kang escapes she heads to a nearby carriage and gets a set of belongings.

Then tells the story to the person in the carriage (Molan’s servant) before taking off.

That night, Solder Tu reports to Minglan that Madam Kang has escaped. And based on what he observed, there must be someone who helped her.

So Minglan orders him to keep an eye on the Wang family members.

At the Liang household, Molan’s servant reports back to her.

But Molan wants to guess what happened first.

She narrates it exactly how Madam Kang told the servant. With Wang Ruofu as the true culprit.

But Molan knows that can’t be true. Otherwise, she and her mother wouldn’t have survived that long.

Now that Madam Kang is hiding with Madam Gu, she will surely target Minglan.


Sheng Hong observes the damages from the kitchen fire.

Before a servant reports that members of the Wang family are here.

He meets his brother-in-law and wonders why they didn’t speak up to save her. Instead of burning down his kitchen and a good portion of his manor.

story of minglan episode 66, madam kang's brother

Madam Kang’s brother thinks Sheng Hong is an idiot.

If she really escaped to the Wang manor, he wouldn’t be here to speak with him.

And he leaves in a huff. While Sheng Hong wonders if he should believe him.

At the main Gu manor, Madam Gu reads a secret message. And comments that Gu Tingye encountered another assassination attempt.

Madam Gu wants Madam Kang to stay as long as she wants.

But in the meantime, she wants to know how Madam Kang got out of the Sheng manor.

So Madam Kang whispers into her ear.

Minglan, Hualan and Hai Zhaoyun greet Changbai as he returns.

But he tells her to be careful of her health since she’s heavily pregnant.

So they will discuss at home.

Minglan shares her concerns about her husband so Changbai reassures her.

That everything is fine.

But Minglan comments that she’s been having nightmares recently. However, Changbai tells her to go home to rest.

Aww poor Minglan

In her own courtyard, Minglan hears her servants gossip about the latest rumors.

How Gu Tingye died from blocking an arrow to save Prince Huan.

Minglan rushes over to confront the maids and stumbles.

And screams in pain.

Because her labor has started.

Nanny Xiang reports this news to Madam Gu.

Madam Gu wants to take this opportunity to get rid of Minglan.

Causing Trouble

While Minglan struggles to give birth, Cuiwei wants the maids to guard the courtyard closely.

Madam Kang and Madam Gu wait for news.

Nanny Xiang comes in to report that Minglan safely gave birth. While Madam Gu tells her to light up some lanterns and pray to the gods in gratitude.

Madam Kang doesn’t believe it.

Madam Gu knows she has grudges against Minglan so she fans the flames.

While the latter walks out in anger. Then Nanny Xiang chuckles at how ironic it is to use the same tactic on Minglan.

The one that Molan came up with.

Madam Kang walks out in the courtyard complaining that being too nice will get you killed. While the servant nexts to her mentions the nearby courtyard and how she knows to get around.

So Madam Kang has other ideas.

Then in the other Gu manor (Chen Yuan), a sky lantern drops down on a courtyard.

It catches on fire as Minglan continues to give birth.

Even Minglan notices how bright it is but Xiaotao tells her that it’s just extra lanterns.

Great thinking Xiaotao! She’s not that dumb after all.

So Minglan continues to push her child out of her.

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And just when we thought Madam Kang would be securely put away, Molan just had to get involved.

With the assistance of Sister Zhou. But how would Minglan know that Sister Zhou is still around?

Based on what happened, it looked like Sheng Hong got rid of the servants from Madam Lin’s courtyard.

Ugh Madam Gu, you evil woman! She was so clever to use the sky lanterns to light the nearby courtyard on fire.

Despicable! And meanwhile Madam Kang has ideas to deal with Minglan.

Gu Tingye, you must come back to protect your wifey!

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3 years ago

Keeping around any of Madam Lin’s servants is just asking for trouble. Never mind her most trusted one. Sheng Hong is such an idiot for not getting rid of her earlier, Minglan would never have made such a mistake. Poor Minglan having to give birth while stressing for her husband. I know Gu Tingye is doing an important task but is it more important than his wife and child? Couldn’t he have asked for a month off or something? Especially since he knows how many enemies he and Minglan have and considering the fact that Minglan’s own mother died during… Read more »

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