The Story of Minglan Episode 67 Recap

To attack a woman after she gives birth, Madam Kang is really vicious! In Story of Minglan episode 67, we see Gu Tingye coming back in the nick of time! But who spread those rumors?

Story of Minglan Episode 67 Recap Highlights:

  • Madam Kang sneaks into Minglan’s room and attempts to kill her but Gu Tingye kills Madam Kang first
  • Gu Tingwei decides to leave his mother’s residence because he can’t stand her schemes anymore
  • Minglan starts experiencing hallucinations

One enemy down and another to go. Let’s see how Gu Tingye handles Madam Kang in Story of Minglan episode 67!

Gu Manor is on Fire

Shen Hezhen and Yuan Ruo are enjoying some time together until Shen Hezhen notices something in the distance.

Yuan Ruo then looks in the same direction.

And sees the Gu manor on fire.

Yuan Ruo believes it’s Cheng Yuan (Minglan’s manor).

story of minglan episode 67, desperate to go

So he calls for his servants while his wife attempts to run after him.

Minglan is almost done giving birth. But she wonders what is happening outside.

Xiaotao has a feeling but she distracts Minglan so she can finish giving birth.

Meanwhile, Yuan Ruo wants to help rescue Minglan. But his mother stops him.

Because it would be bad for Minglan’s reputation.

Yuan Ruo just loves to be the hero rescuing the damsel in distress.

Duke and Duchess Qi refuse to let Yuan Ruo go. While Yuan Ruo pleads with them.

story of minglan episode 67, rescue of fire

Then takes off to help with the fire.

Shen Hezhen saw the whole interaction and shuffles away.

Meanwhile, Madam Kang sneaks in as all the servants are busy with getting rid of the fire.

She takes off a certain direction with a motive in mind.

Minglan ends up giving birth to a baby boy.

Minglan smiles at her child while Xiaotao comments how cute he is.

She then praises everyone for their hard work and offers a pay bonus.

Then Madam Kang strolls in from the back.

She shoves Xiaotao off to the side and tries to stab Minglan. But Minglan pushes her away.

However, Madam Kang is not done yet and attempts to stab Minglan who hovers over her child to protect him.

At the very last minute, someone stabs Madam Kang from the back.

Gu Tingye drops his sword to embrace Minglan.

Meanwhile, Yuan Ruo sneaks in and sees that Minglan is with her husband.

So he leaves.

Family Time

Back at the Liang household, Molan sees that there’s a big fire in the distance.

She wonders if her sixth sister is doing well. Then a servant reports that her sister gave birth safely and it was a baby boy.

Molan is shocked that she could give birth safely in the middle of a big fire.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye observes his newborn son.

Both Minglan and him bicker on who the child looks like the most. Then Gu Tingye tells Minglan that he thought about it already.

How he will get martial arts masters for his son, if his son ends up liking martial arts.

And if his son ends up liking studying, he will let her brother, Changbai, educate him.

Minglan doesn’t like the idea because her brother is too strict. While Gu Tingye thinks it’s best that someone else is strict.

Since they can’t bear to be strict with their child.

Gu Tingye then tells Minglan he was on his way home when he saw the fire in the distance.

So he rushed over.

Now that Minglan is more clearheaded, she can think about the fire. Which happened out of nowhere.

And how Madam Kang snuck in. But it was fortunate that Gu Xian helped out.

Summoning servants to help put out the fire.

Minglan nestles in Gu Tingye’s embrace. He will stay here with her so she can rest.

Gu Tingwei Has Had Enough

After the fires get snuffed out, Madam Gu realizes that it wasn’t just Chen Yuan that was burned.

Her son’s courtyard was affected as well.

story of minglan episode 67, gu tingwei

She rushes in to check on him and he’s perfectly fine.

But he tells his mother that he wants to move out.

Madam Gu doesn’t understand why he’s saying this.

He tells her that she and his second brother can fight it out as much as they want.

And since he can’t stop them anyway, he won’t care anymore. Then leaves with his mother calling after him.

Gu Tingwei’s wife explains how the fire started. It came from the nearby courtyard.

Then wonders if Madam Gu really loves her son. It seems like it because she goes through so much trouble to scheme for her son.

Yet at the same time, Madam Gu doesn’t know what her son wants.

Gu Tingwei’s wife continues. Telling her that her son doesn’t want the nobility title, he wants to have harmony with his brothers.

So he’s had enough.

Madam Gu complains that they have no aspirations and she schemed all of this for them.

But Gu Tingwei’s wife counters that her son is not a dog. She can’t mold him to whatever she likes.

Then walks off. While Madam Gu stews with anger.

story of minglan episode 67, madam gu stews with anger


Minglan jolts awake from bed and cries out for her child.

Gu Tingye was in the middle of a discussion with Shitou but heads back inside to comfort her.

Minglan comments that she had a bad nightmare. Where she couldn’t find her child.

Guess yesterday night’s events shocked her.

Gu Tingye comforts her.

Telling her that he’ll be here to protect her. Meanwhile, a eunuch is outside the manor.

He’s here to escort Gu Tingye back to the palace to give a report on the salt taxation case.

story of minglan episode 67, summon back to palace

Shitou reports that his lord cannot leave his madam’s side at the moment.

While the eunuch wonders if they are refusing an imperial decree.

Shitou counters that they can inquire the details with Prince Huan. Then excuses himself to leave.

The Emperor works on his secret field while the Empress wonders where Gu Tingye is.

The Emperor appears anxious and upset. When a eunuch comes in to report that Chen Yuan was on fire, the Emperor asks about Gu Tingye.

He didn’t return so the Emperor yells at the eunuch. And then the Emperor walks off in anger.

I can’t tell if the Emperor is really angry at Gu Tingye or pretending to be angry. Because this eunuch is a spy.

Meanwhile, at Chen Yuan, Minglan is asleep with Gu Tingye watching over her and their child.

Gu Tingye tells his son that the world isn’t easy. Despite how warm this room is, outside is cold and windy.

Which is what the true world is.

But no matter what he will have family to support him.

Arrogant Gu Tingye

Meanwhile, the Emperor complains about Gu Tingye in front of his Empress. He’s been waiting for the report.

The Emperor explains that he’s already being benevolent by handing over some men to help with the fire.

While patiently waiting for the report. But he believes he’s done enough.

The Empress tells him to calm down because Gu Tingye has contributed a lot to them personally and to the country.

story of minglan episode 67, Gu Tingye's arrogance

The Emperor reluctantly states that they will have to rely on Gu Tingye for now.

But once that’s over, he’ll take care of him.

Then the Empress comments about the Emperor’s headache. And the Emperor explodes.

He wonders if the Empress hopes that he will die sooner so her son can become king. With Gu Tingye supporting him.

The Empress kneels to beg for mercy. And then Noble Consort Liu announces herself.

She comes over to deliver fruit snacks and then she comments that the Empress is here.

The Emperor dismisses the Empress and Noble Consort Liu smirks at her.

We don’t know the origin of Noble Consort Liu. Was she a woman sent over by the Empress Dowager? Hmm

After the Empress leaves, Noble Consort Liu tells the Emperor to not be so angry. And offers him her snacks.

Meanwhile, Madam Gu lectures Gu Tingye for being a terrible brother.

She blames him for the fires in her son’s courtyard.

Then threatens to report him to the Emperor. Asking for Madam Kang so they could compare statements.

But Gu Tingye’s had enough of her pretenses.

I’m going to rip off that fake buddhavista mask off your face!

Then tells Madam Gu that it’s such a pity she’s not in a acting troupe.

She knows how Madam Kang came over and he’s had enough of her acting.

Killing Madam Kang

Then Gu Tingye tells his stepmother that he killed Madam Kang for attempting to kill his wife and child.

Madam Gu gasps in shock.

story of minglan episode 67, madam kang's death

Gu Tingye seems unfazed and walks off. After telling his stepmother that she needs to explain to the Wang family why she died.

It’s her responsibility not his.

Madam Gu takes the corpse back to the Wang family.

Madam Kang’s brother wants to beat up Gu Tingye for killing his sister.

Old Madam Wang comes over to take a look too and collapses to the side.

And asks her son to send off Madam Gu.

Madam Gu taunts Old Madam Wang for not stepping up to sue Gu Tingye before she leaves.

Old Madam Wang and her son discuss Madam Kang and Madam Gu’s involvement. She knows that Madam Gu is not as benevolent as she seems. Because she could have notified them about Madam Kang staying at her place.

story of minglan episode 67, old madam is suspicious

Instead she waited until she delivered a corpse to their door step.

Lord Wang (Madam Kang’s brother) now realizes that his sister was used to deal with Gu Tingye.

Old Madam Wang is smart and doesn’t fall for Madam Gu’s kind acts.

Meanwhile, Madam Gu realizes she’s on her own now. No one else will help.

Either she defeats Gu Tingye or becomes defeated by him.

However, with the Wang family in the mix, she may get attacked by the Wang family. Because they may investigate how she instigated Madam Kang to attack Gu Tingye and his family.

She’s fine with dying but she can’t let her son suffer for this.

Then why did you go so far woman! Your son actually has a good relationship with Gu Tingye.

Madam Gu then orders Nanny Xiang to summon the one from the Bai family in Yangzhou.


In Story of Minglan episode 67, another storm is brewing. We have the Emperor who becomes increasingly intolerant of Gu Tingye’s arrogance.

Madam Gu who feels like she’s cornered. And the Wang family.

How will this all play out? Can Minglan and Gu Tingye get out of this alive?

Madam Gu is planning something again. But then again she’s always planning. Until the day her son becomes the Marquis.

Noble Consort Liu is the Empress Dowager’s spy I believe. She wants the Emperor and Empress to be odds with each other.

But I wonder if the Empress Dowager wants to use her and then wash her hands clean. Because I still don’t think the Empress Dowager is actually an enemy, she’s constantly testing the Emperor to be on his toes.

What do you think? And what are your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 67?

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3 years ago

I only realized after watching the next episode, that Yuanruo actually tried to sneak into Minglan’s room. He wasn’t content to just fight the external fire….I wonder what he hoped to accomplish by heading straight to the inner chamber?

4 years ago

“I bet that flicker is very tall and named Shitou” was such a good line though XD. Tingwei’s wife tells it as it is! Lol, Krystal is so right, Tingye wanted Minglan to be more emotional and now when she is, he looks like he’s freaking out! 😀 No wonder, she’s been through a lot: her Grandmother was poisoned, she heard her husband was killed, her house was on fire, she gave birth and survived an assassination attempt. btw, I guess that Minglan’s tearful line “I thought my heart has shattered [when I thought you died]” is the most direct… Read more »

4 years ago

Yeah the baby is here but now the biggest drama of the series starts. Ugh old madam Wang and Madam Gu are two pieces of the same cloth. She seems intelligent and reasonable now but next episode….. Sometimes I get so confused about who’s scheming who and even after the last episode I’m still not sure which side the Wang family falls on. So much drama starts next episode. Our beloved pair have faced drama but not like this. They were on the outskirts of the storm but now they are the center of the storm. I wonder if Tingye… Read more »

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