The Story of Minglan Episode 68 Recap

Ohhh boy, from here on out, the plotting and scheming are going to get complicated. In Story of Minglan episode 68, we see various families get involved. But they have one main underlying goal.

To get rid of Gu Tingye.

Story of Minglan Episode 68 Recap Highlights:

  • Old Madam Wang heads into the palace to request the Empress Dowager’s help
  • Yuan Ruo makes up with Gu Tingye
  • Noble Consort Liu makes a difficult decision

I feel like if I even blink, I’m going to miss something. So keep your eyes peeled! These last few episodes are going to be a blast!

As everything starts to come together.

Without further adieu, let’s jump into Story of Minglan episode 68 recap!

A Visit to Empress Dowager

Old Madam Wang and her son, Lord Wang head to the palace.

They’re not here to visit the Emperor, but the Empress Dowager.

Old Madam Wang complains about her sorrows to the Empress Dowager. But the Empress Dowager is unmoved. She’d rather have the two of them just chat.

Like two lonely old women.

story of minglan episode 68, pleading

A eunuch helps Old Madam Wang to a seat. Then the Empress Dowager tells Old Madam Wang that she’s luckier than her.

Because she was able to have children. Even a son.

While the Empress Dowager didn’t have any children.

Old Madam Wang begs for forgiveness but the Empress Dowager tells her to get up.

She didn’t mean anything by it.

Or did she?

Then comments about the candle wick on her table. She snips it too much and it goes out.

story of minglan episode 68, underlying message

While the eunuch at the side comments how if one snips too much, the candle goes out. But if you don’t snip it, the candle cannot burn longer.

Hmm I feel like the Empress Dowager is telling them that if they want to risk suing Gu Tingye, they should be prepared for the consequences.

The Empress Dowager dismisses them for the night. So Old Madam Wang and her son leave.

On the way home, they stop by for some noodles. And have a chat. Old Madam Wang knows that their prestige is not like before.

Because if her husband was around, her daughter could get away with any crime. No matter how grave it was.

Aren’t you just bragging that you’ve spoiled your daughter too much?

story of minglan episode 68, waning prestige

Lord Wang counters that he’s done his best to uphold the Wang family.

He couldn’t replicate what his father did, but he did the best he could.

Gu Tingye Visits Yuan Ruo

Then Old Madam Wang comments that whatever her son decides, she will follow him.

After eating the noodles, Lord Wang makes his decision.

When Lord Wang and his mother visit the Empress Dowager again, she tells them that the Emperor is wise and magnanimous.

But he’s led astray by officials like Gu Tingye. Who tells him that he can build his army and expand his troops despite being in a peaceful era.

Who tells him that he can have two fathers: Prince Shu and his adopted father.

The Empress Dowager then comments that the Emperor cannot rule justly because of evil officials.

Lord Wang and his mother bow in agreement.

At the Qi household, a servant reports to Yuan Ruo that Gu Tingye barged into his room.

Yuan Ruo strides in, believing that Gu Tingye is here to reprimand him. So he rushes to explain.

But instead, Gu Tingye thanks him for helping.

story of minglan episode 68, gratefulness for saving Minglan

Yuan Ruo comments that he didn’t do much. But Gu Tingye thanks him nonetheless.

And tells him that the past is the past.

Then excuses himself to leave as there are family matters to attend to.

However, Gu Tingye leaves Yuan Ruo another piece of advice. He wants Yuan Ruo to know that the Empress Dowager signed the edict with her seal (the one that allowed the Emperor to give Prince Shu a title).

So when it comes to court matters, he shouldn’t be so stubborn.

Because he can hurt himself.

Yuan Ruo notices his wife coming out from behind the screen and wonders why she was hiding there.

It turns out she was worried for his safety. So she held a short sword in her hands just in case.

Yuan Ruo, you should really give your wife a chance.

A Chance

He takes the sword away from her and tells her to sit down. After some contemplation, Yuan Ruo tells his wife that he originally wanted to marry Minglan.

Shen Hezhen, his wife, wants to hear the backstory but then changes her mind. Because it’s better to let the past stay in the past.

She then leaves while Yuan Ruo gazes down on the sword she left and sighs.

Nanny Xiang gets sent to summon back the man from the Bai family. The one who provided information on Manniang.

She tempts him with the assets of Gu Tingye. Because there’s a great opportunity now.

Since Gu Tingye has killed the wife of an official.

The man gets up, he’s ready to take back what is his.

Meanwhile, Noble Consort Liu is visiting the Empress Dowager with her son.

And the latter proposes to raise her son.

story of minglan episode 68, yong'er

Noble Consort Liu looks shocked and doesn’t answer. So the Empress Dowager bestows her some wine.

Noble Consort Liu returns to her courtyard, looking clearly distraught and uncomfortable.

She needs to think about something. But she ends up wasting the whole day drinking.

And doesn’t reveal her thoughts easily. She picks her son up and walks off, looking like she’s made her decision.

Noble Consort Liu leaves her son with the Empress Dowager. Then when she returns to her residence, she tells her sister that her brother-in-law got the military promotion he wanted.

Even though she’s reluctant to let her son be raised by the Empress Dowager, she knows it will be good for his future.

She’s planning for her son to be Emperor one day, and needs the support of her brother-in-law. Hmmm…

Eating Vinegar (aka Jealousy)

Nanny Chang comes in while Minglan is eating and passes her son back to her.

Commenting that he drank milk very well. Then mentions how Gu Tingye has been meticulous with taking care of his son.

And Minglan can’t help but mention the other matter he’s meticulous about. Helping the concubine Fengxian fix her courtyard.

Fengxian was the girl Gu Tingye’s aunt brought over to be a concubine. And she’s been neglected since.

story of minglan episode 68, minglan gets jealous
Do I sense jealousy here? O.o

Gu Tingye takes a look around Fengxian’s courtyard. Which has been damaged so badly.

He orders Shitou to investigate the cause of the fire but fails to address his concubine’s living arrangements.

Gu Tingye also wonders if Shitou is afraid of the coming storm. But Shitou tells him that it’s perfect weather for killing people.

Fengxian on the right

Gu Tingye returns to Minglan’s residence but Minglan turns away from Gu Tingye.

And ignores him subtly. Using various excuses to get him not to touch her son.

Then Gu Tingye realizes that she’s jealous. And fans the flames a little more.

But when he points it out that he’s been jealous of Yuan Ruo for years so he wants her to be more jealous, Minglan gets irritated.

And tells him to use his own servants to help him dress.

Oh Gu Tingye, don’t poke a sleeping tigress XD

Xiaotao stops helping Gu Tingye dress and shoves the clothes to Shitou.

Who wonders what’s going on as he helps his lord dress.

Assembling the Pieces

Madam Gu makes a trip to the monastery to pray for good fortune.

Or maybe the success of her scheming.

While she’s in the temple praying, Nanny Xiang meets up with Fengxian for the latest news.

story of minglan episode 68, fengxian's report

Nanny Xiang lectures her for being useless and reminds her that they rescued her from the life of a brothel.

While Fengxian tells her that her hands are tied. She can’t investigate anything in Gu Tingye’s room because there are soldiers guarding it.

Even when there weren’t soldiers, Gu Tingye would place the items elsewhere.

But Nanny Xiang doesn’t want to hear her complaints, she wants results. So Fengxian shares how Minglan has been angry at her husband lately.

Yet, Gu Tingye has been smiling a lot. And anytime he hears that Minglan is upset about him, he rushes home.

Madam Gu overhears and stops by. Then reminds Fengxian where her true home is.

Before walking off, but then a servant reports to her that Noble Consort Liu sent over some gifts.

At the main Gu manor, Madam Gu thanks the eunuch for delivering the gifts. She invites him for a meal but the eunuch excuses himself.

Because there are several matters in the palace to take care of. However he does mention that the Old Madam Wang has been visiting the Empress Dowager lately.

Madam Gu wonders about Old Madam Wang’s intentions.

She believes she should make a trip to the palace and visit Noble Consort Liu.

In the palace, Prince Huan reports to his father that the salt taxation investigation went well.

Then takes the opportunity to mention that they should tidy up their borders.

Because the country’s warehouses are full and supplies are plenty. But the Emperor wonders if these are his words or Gu Tingye’s.

Plans In Motion

Prince Huan falls to his knees and explains to his Royal father.

That the words were sincerely from his heart. And the Emperor chuckles but reminds him not to listen to Gu Tingye’s words all the time.

Meanwhile, Madam Gu takes the eldest son of the Bai family with her to visit Noble Consort Liu.

She accompanies Noble Consort Liu as she plays arrow toss. Then as they drink tea, Noble Consort Liu comments how you must be careful when whisking tea.

If you prepare whisk it too quickly, the water can spill to the side.

Ugh, in the palace, women always speak within riddles or words with hidden meanings.

Then Noble Consort Liu mentions how the Empress Dowager is most experienced with preparing teas.

Meanwhile, the eldest son of the Bai family sits somewhere waiting for someone.

And the head eunuch of the Empress Dowager strolls in.

They talk about his salt business. And the head eunuch comments how he should bring some to the imperial concubine.

On the way back to the Gu manor, the eldest son of the Bai family tells Madam Gu what that eunuch said.

And she tries to analyze those words. While also thinking about Prince Yong being raised by the Empress Dowager.

story of minglan episode 68, prince yong raised under empress dowager

When they arrive at the Gu manor a servant reports to Nanny Xiang that the fourth household is here. Then Nanny Xiang passes the message to Madam Gu.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye makes a stop to Prostitute Wei’s brothel and asks to borrow a room.

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In Story of Minglan episode 68, so many pieces are moving around. We have the Emperor continuing to retort how annoyed he is with Gu Tingye. Madam Wu and Old Madam Wang both make visits to the palace.

But visit two different people.

Since Noble Consort Liu helped the Empress Dowager with inciting the Emperor against the Empress, are those two on the same side?

And then we have Old Madam Wang. Whose side is she on? I’m guessing she supports the Empress Dowager.

With thoughts of getting rid of the “evil” officials like Gu Tingye.

The storm is brewing and Gu Tingye knows things are coming. Which is probably why he asked Shitou if he’s ready. Who do you think Gu Tingye is visiting at the brothel?

The brothel is the place to meet inconspicuously.

What are your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 68? Leave a comment below!

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eastern star
eastern star
2 years ago

.. the side comments how if one snips too much, the candle goes out. But if you don’t snip it, the candle cannot burn longer.. My thought was: Snip a little means If they only pursue for Gu Ting Ye to be eliminated, the thrones and power of the Emperor still remains, the lost of Gu Ting Ye’s figure is just a temporary impact to the Emperor’s power. The situation will soon be restored. Snip the candle out, total means Why don’t they just take the entire Kingdom, if they can win the battle and bring the Emperor down, the… Read more Β»

eastern star
eastern star
2 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Thanks for your wonderful recap, Coco.
Your recap is awesome.

Found your website days ago after finished watching TSOM.
There were some parts which I need to verify, and here I am with the recap master. 🀟🏼😎

Do you have any recommendation for other series like this one, TSOM and Nirvana in Fire ?

Thanks you Coco.

eastern star
eastern star
2 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Thanks Coco for your fast response and recommendation.

It’s odd, I had check your response through smartphone for several days after your actual date of response, and I didn’t see any. However, I did receive your response notification via email which I am replying now.

I also have been searching for the similar series like NIF, been read and viewed many articles and videos plus their enthusiast comments.

Actually, I have been watching Rebel Princess since a week ago and 10 episodes remain to be completed. πŸ˜€

Have a good day and stay happy and enthusiast! πŸ™‚

3 years ago

Never realized Fengxian was from a brothel originally

3 years ago

Lol at Minglan being jealous XD. Tingye shouldn’t make her mad so soon after all the traumatizing events, he’s enjoying himself way too much! πŸ™‚

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