The Story of Minglan Episode 69 Recap

Things are brewing, will Gu Tingye and Minglan know what hits them? In Story of Minglan episode 69, enemies come out from the dark to attack one common opponent.

Gu Tingye. And they seem to want his death.

Story of Minglan Episode 69 Recap Highlights:

  • Old Madam Wang files a complaint against Gu Tingye for killing her daughter
  • Madam Gu and several others come out as well to support the claim
  • Nanny Xiang finds something odd in Minglan’s medicine

Omigosh, I can’t believe there’s just FOUR episodes left until the end of the series! Hang tight!

What happens next in Story of Minglan episode 69? Let’s find out!

Preparing Alliances

At the brothel, Gu Tingye tells Prince Huan that he killed Madam Kang. Because if he didn’t, his wife and son would have died.

But Prince Huan tells Gu Tingye that he hasn’t heard any news yet.

Then Gu Tingye comments that his enemies may be waiting until they have enough strength to knock him down.

story of minglan episode 69, powered fist

But either way, he doesn’t believe the Wang family can sue him.

Meanwhile, Madam Gu gets a visit from the fourth household.

Because their son, Tingbing murdered someone and they need help.

Madam Gu tells them that she can’t help them.

She lectures the fifth household for siding with the other side. As if that would save them.

Everyone here harmed Gu Tingye. Did they really think he would forgive them after all they’ve done?

story of minglan episode 69, madam gu says they are idiots
She’s like a snake ready to strike at any moment.

Madam Gu then tempts them with Gu Tingye’s death. If he dies, then all debts are erased.

Fourth Uncle wonders if the Empress Dowager will help get rid of Gu Tingye.

Madam Gu hints at it and leaves them to wonder what could happen if Gu Tingye dies.

Maybe Tingbing would be released from exile and get conferred a title.

During a court session, various officials and the Emperor hear the sounds of a drum.

An Official Complaint

Outside, Old Madam Wang beats a drum with fervor.

It’s the drums outside of the palace for those who have complaints against officials.

Prime Minister continues to report to the Emperor his proposal but a servant chimes in. Reporting that Old Madam Wang is beating the Dengwen Drums outside.

There are grievances she wants to share with the Emperor. So the Emperor calls for Lord Wang.

Asking him why his mother is beating the drums.

Lord Wang steps out from the crowd of officials and kneels. Then reports that he is filing an official complaint against Gu Tingye.

story of minglan episode 69, suing Gu Tingye

For murdering his sister.

The Emperor summons Old Madam Wang and she pleads the Emperor to investigate the case carefully and pass down judgement.

When the Emperor asks for evidence, she presents a document for him to review. But Prince Huan chimes in to let Gu Tingye explain his side.

However, before Gu Tingye can speak, Old Madam Wang requests to summon her witnesses.

Madam Gu and Madam Kang’s son show up.

Then Gu Tingye starts with his explanation of the events leading to Madam Kang’s death.

Saying that he killed Madam Kang in defense. To protect his wife.

But Madam Gu and his Fourth Uncle state that he killed the woman for no reason and used the fire to cover his tracks.

Old Madam Wang wants Gu Tingye to state the reason why her daughter would want to kill Minglan. Since they are aunt and niece.

Gu Tingye retorts that an evil woman doesn’t need a reason to kill.

While Changbai wants to explain, but his father refuses to let him get into this mess.

The Emperor has heard both sides and decides to let the judiciary department handle the case.

Gu Tingye’s Plans

After court is dismissed, Changbai wonders what Gu Tingye is doing. But Gu Tingye doesn’t want to involve him.

So after a brief chat, he knocks out Changbai and tells his father-in-law (Sheng Hong) to keep an eye on him.

Gu Tingye ends up returning home late, but Minglan waits for him. Because she knows about the complaint.

She also knows that he wants to protect Changbai’s future while Changbai also wants to protect him.

story of minglan episode 69, protecting her

Minglan tells Gu Tingye that he should have told the truth. But Gu Tingye refuses.

Since it could harm the Sheng household. Her, her brother and everyone else.

So he didn’t. Minglan believes that she dragged him down. Gu Tingye disagrees, telling her that it’s his relatives who won’t rest.

Until he dies.

But they are in this mess together. Minglan refuses to believe that it wasn’t her fault.

However, Gu Tingye tells her that if it weren’t for her, he won’t be in this position. He would just be a regular citizen.

He’s content waking up every day and seeing her beside him.

So he reassures her that everything will be fine.

The Emperor has his back.

Case of He Said, She Said

In the Emperor’s private study, the official in charge of the case reports his initial findings.

The servants at the main Gu manor state they saw Madam Kang heading over to save Minglan.

While the servants at the other Gu manor state they saw Madam Kang attempt to kill Minglan.

And because the servants are the trusted aides of each side, they cannot be used as witnesses.

The Emperor realizes this is a complicated case of each person’s own testimony. The only way to solve it is to get irrefutable evidence.

Several different officials come to his study to voice their thoughts and opinions.

The other generals who fought with Gu Tingye believe he should be pardoned even if he did do it.

Because the Empress Dowager wants to cut off whoever is loyal to him. While the official who investigates wants the Emperor to be unbiased.

Because the prosecutor is the wife of an old official and the defendant is a new official.

While each official awaits in front of the palace gates before court begins, Gu Tingye leisurely strolls in.

And heads to his proper place. But then Yuan Ruo comes to his side to confess that he saw Madam Kang attempt to kill Minglan.

So he could be a witness.

But Gu Tingye tests his testimony and tells he that he won’t be able to lie in front of the one trialing the case.

Gu Tingye thanks Yuan Ruo for volunteering to help but it won’t do. So Yuan Ruo asks what his plans are.

Instead of replying, Gu Tingye comments that he has the merit of saving the Emperor.

Then the gates open.

Court is in session.

Medicine Dregs

Xiaotao brings medicine for Minglan to drink. It’s for her post-delivery recovery.

But Nanny Chang tells her not to drink it. Because there’s something wrong with the medicine dregs.

She examines closely while commenting that her family used to run a pharmacy.

So she can recognize medicine herbs.

story of minglan episode 69, medicine dregs

One of the herbs will make her frail and weak. Over time, she will become so frail that any sickness can take her life.

Xiaotao wonders how the herb was snuck in because she never leaves the medicine brewing pot.

And has a needle to poke herself whenever she attempts to fall asleep.

So they need to investigate but Minglan wants to do it on her own. Instead of relying on her husband.

There are too many vultures circling around him. She cannot give him any more trouble.

So she decides to head home for the time being.

To let the culprit show some weaknesses.

Meanwhile, at court, the complaint against Gu Tingye becomes even more complicated.

With the addition of two more individuals.

A woman who claims he left her after she had her child.

And someone from the Bai family who claims he stole all of his assets.

Minglan heads back to her grandmother’s place to rest.

Claiming that she’s here because she misses Nanny Cui’s teas and soups. But Old Madam Sheng gives her that look.

So Minglan clarifies that she’s here rest because there are so many troubles outside.

Then comments that she’ll need her second brother to feed and house her for the time being.

Old Madam Sheng reveals that her brother, Changbai, has been stuck at home for awhile.

Since her father refuses to let him attend court.

But jokes aside, Old Madam Sheng notices that Minglan’s attitude towards her husband has changed.

Twisting the Testimonies

Manniang and the eldest son of the Bai family walk into court. The one from the Bai family immediately kneels but Manniang makes a scene.

Until Prime Minister Han tells her to kneel.

She tells the Prime Minister that Gu Tingye is a heartless man. He harmed her brother and forced her to give birth to his children.

After giving birth to two children, she claims he kicked her out and then killed their son.

story of minglan episode 69, changge's death

Gu Tingye calls Manniang a crazy woman and tells the Prime Minister not to believe her.

But Lord Wang comments that anyone is possible. Since he caused his own father to die.

Madam Gu steps out to tell the tale. How Gu Tingye caused his father to become so upset that he vomited blood.

story of minglan episode 69, madam gu's testimony

Gu Tingye counters that she sowed discord because his father and him. They both suffered because of her.

Prince Huan steps in and volunteers to personally investigate this case. Because these are all shameless accusations.

General Shen volunteers to help as well.

Manniang gets up to attack Gu Tingye. Telling him that he should pay for killing her son.

And a large scuffle occurs. With various officials trying to pull Manniang off of Gu Tingye.

The matter gets so out of hand that the Emperor shows up.

He looks clearly displeased but asks the one from the Bai family to speak up.

The eldest son of the Bai family wants to sue Gu Tingye for stealing assets using fake documents.

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In Story of Minglan episode 69, we see the households of Gu, Wang, and Bai conspire to bring Gu Tingye down.

And an individual named Manniang. I thought she was sent away but somehow someone brought her back?

Madam Gu is counting on Gu Tingye’s temper to cause a scene so big that the Emperor can’t help but put Gu Tingye down.

Because otherwise, the Emperor’s credibility is on the line. If he is biased towards his officials, he loses his support of the old officials as well.

It already happened once when the court was debating on the issue of naming Prince Shu as the Royal father.

No wonder Zhao Zongquan didn’t want to be the Emperor at the time, he knows that being an Emperor is not an easy job. And right now, it looks like his hands are tied.

But Gu Tingye looks like he has a plan. It’s just that he’s hiding it from everyone. Changbai, Minglan and even us the audience.

Is this a ruse? Guess we’ll need to watch more to find out.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 69? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

It doesn’t feel like GTY has a plan at all. I’m on the edge of my seat here!

4 years ago

Shitou knocking Changbai out was seriously one of the most hilarious moments in the whole series XD.
Gu Tingye always has a plan, I believe that to us, the audience, that’s pretty clear, we know how smart he is and he is also surprisingly calm during the majority of this mess. The big question is, what his plan is and who else is on it?
The other generals? Prince Huan? Or even the Emperor himself?
The time will soon tell…

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